Q&A: Is it safe to put food in my vagina?

Q&A: Is it safe to put food in my vagina?

Hi Sh!

OK, this may seem like the weirdest/dumbest question of all time, but is it ok to put things like fruit or chocolate in my vagina? I’ve played around with it before. But are there like guidelines? Would fruit have pesticides? What is safe for me to put in my vagina? I don’t even know who to ask.

Love L.

Hey L,

The good news is that there are no dumb questions!

In fact, any A&E nurse will tell you people put all sorts of things inside themselves, without first considering if they’re safe, so this is actually a great question. 

Admittedly, the main reason peeps find themselves at A&E is because they’ve lost something up their bum, as toys, fruit and household implements can get lost up there and cause harm, if not, ahem, ‘extracted’.

Using items from the fresh produce aisle vaginally won’t necessitate any pink-cheeked trips to hospital but you are right to be cautious about pesticides and chemicals.

You can remove the chemicals and pesticides that are so freely sprayed over our fresh food these days by soaking in a vinegar solution (10% vinegar/ 90% water) and then rinsing again in fresh water.

It’s never a good idea to risk disrupting the delicate PH balance of your vagina and whilst rinsing is likely to remove all vinegar residue, fruit & veg have their own inherent alkaline and acidity levels, so there is a safer and easier option to ensure your lady garden blossoms rather than wilts, with culinary attention.

Fruit and vegetables are probably the first sex toys known to women and certainly the smooth, cool shape of a cucumber has caught many a women’s eye, so we’d say cover with a condom and go for it!


Food as ‘foreplay’ is clearly a brilliant love triangle of mouths, taste and sex (who can forget the 9 1/2 weeks food scene) and we carry a whole range of edible delights such as body paint, massage oils and even candy nipple tassels to satisfy this.

Body paint, barring any allergies (they are likely to be made in factories that also work with nuts, so best avoided if you’re sensitive to this allergy) is safe for use on external areas, especially if it’s going to be licked off quickly (though not too quickly- eh!?) rather than be allowed to linger.

But you’re right that you have to be a bit more careful when it comes to what you put in your vagina.

Acidity in some foods can also be a problem and cause irritation. And it’s a bad idea to using anything spreadable because it might be hard to remove… When you start looking into it it seems like food may not be the safest thing to put in your vagina after all.

There are issues around putting anything sugary inside your vagina because sugar, including natural fruit sugars, can upset the natural balance and help create an environment where yeast infections such as thrush can spring to life.

We guess the best, most simple advice is to differentiate what goes on your body and what goes in.


Body paint, whipped cream, honey or whatever you fancy can make for some sensational fun, but be cautious about putting anything on the delicate skin on your vulva and clitoris.

Anything going inside, either cover with a condom or stick to sex toys made of non-porous, body safe materials, such as silicone and ABS plastic, glass or metal (check out or advice about using sex toys safely too).

Thanks for the thought provoking question. If anyone has any questions about sex and relationships please contact us at advice@sh-womenstore.com.

Hope that helps!

Best Wishes, Team Sh! 

advice bondage

Bondage Safety Advice

Bondage can be hot stuff!

If you’re the one tied up,  you get to surrender to one-way attention. In bondage, you are totally free to enjoy your own pleasure without any pressure to ‘bat back’.

Or if you are the one doing the tying-up, you get to be totally in charge of your lover’s pleasure and to feast on the vision of them splayed out in front of you…

It can be hot stuff indeed.

When you think about it many erotic activities; massage; oral sex; hand-jobs – involve some sort of exchange of trust and power, with one partner performing and the other receiving.

Bondage is simply intensifying and ritualising this power dynamic by tying-up your lover and controlling the pace of their pleasure.

It can be sweet surrender all round.

Advice for Playing Safely with Bondage

•  Establish boundaries  before you start. Not just the physical boundaries, but also emotional ones.

• Establish & honour ‘safe words’ that instantly halt the game or ease up on the action should it become too intense.

• Study. There are some great guides about bondage  that will advice and inspire you. The net is also a great resource for bondage information and safety.

Bondage advice for the person doing the tying up…

Always be alert to, and immediately honor, your partner’s use of ‘safe words’ whether in physical or emotional scenes.

Many couples employ two words; one for, ‘lighten-up I’m finding this a bit difficult to take’ and one that means, ‘Stop Now’.

Having trusted safe-words established, means that, as the ‘Top’, you are free to throw yourself into a scene, tease mercilessly and get ‘em moaning, groaning and begging for more…
Always use wide, strong bondage cuffs.

Silk scarves may seem less scary or serious than leather wrist cuffs but actually, they can sneakily tighten to pinching point and even cause permanent nerve damage.
Your lover’s bliss is entirely in your your hands, but remember to keep them safe!

Check their fingers regularly for signs that blood hasn’t stopped flowing to the area (signified by numbness, coolness or blueness). If extremities turn this way untie immediately and rub the area until restored.

Physical Safety in Bondage Play

Never enclose both nose and mouth. 

  • If you gag your partner, they can’t clearly use their safe-words so find an alternative means of communication; a marble to drop that says ‘stop’ for instance.

• Never tie-up your lover face down on soft furnishing.
• Never leave your lover tied-up in bondage alone.

Bondage advice for the person being tied up

• Only allow yourself to be tied up by someone you know well and TRUST COMPLETELY.

•Never allow yourself to be talked into something you don’t want to do.

• Never think that using your safe-words makes you a wuss – they are there to give you FREEDOM, so feel free to throw yourself into an Oscar-worthy performance, secure in the knowledge that you can halt play instantly if you need/want/wish to
• Being helpless, you’re free to relax and relish every sensation. In these decision-overloaded times, you don’t have to think – just feel…so let performance anxieties take a back seat.

Anal Sex Toy Safety Tips

Anal Sex Toy Safety Tips

We want your tushie to stay safe so here are the 3 rules for anal sex toys to be safe to go near your delicate nether regions.

  • Anal toys must be smooth
  • With an anal-safe base
  • And be an anal-safe size.

All anal toys at Sh! meet this criteria (as we reject all that don’t) so  you can be confident of that. But we’ve all heard tales of emergency visits to A&E, so if you’re thinking of improvising ( please don’t!) or have any toys you’re unsure of, please check them against these 3 safety rules;

Anal sex toys MUST be absolutely smooth and seamless

Anal tissue is very delicate (much more so than the vaginal tissue) so always check toys for any rough edges that could scratch or cut the skin there.

Cheaper toys made with hard plastic can have a seam running through them where the 2 parts are joined together – check that yours doesn’t before letting it anywhere near your precious bottom.

You must be able to keep a firm grip on any anal toy

An anal toy must feature either a:

  • large or flared base
  • safety ring/ loop
  • very long handle.

This ensures that you can keep a a firm grip on the toy. These safety features prevent your anal toy from slipping all the way inside.

Unlike the vagina, sex toys lost up the ass really can stay lost and could cause damage ( as well as an embarrassing trip to the A&E dept!) so this is not advice to take lightly.


Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads feature a a loop handle to keep a grip on...
Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads feature a a loop handle to keep a grip on…

Sh! Silicone Butt Plug featuring a wide base to prevent it slipping inside
Sh! Silicone Butt Plug featuring a wide base to prevent it slipping inside



Crystal Flex Wand Vibrator features a long handle to keep a tight grip upon.
Crystal Flex Wand Vibrator features a long handle to keep a tight grip upon.

Anal sex toys 10cm (around 4 inches), or longer,  MUST be flexible

This ensures that they are able to  bend with the natural curves of the anal canal, which loops back, inside your body around 4 inches inside.

Other than this, only you can judge the best size of anal toy for you so experiment with fingers and don’t be afraid to think small!

If your just starting out, read our beginners guide to anal toys and rest assured that at Sh! we stock a wide selection of anal-safe sex toys and safe butt plugs, (the vast majority of them in silicone which is soft, sensual and easy to keep clean) so there is anal toy to suit everyone.