Rope Bondage 101 Erotic Class

Attending an erotic class can feel exciting and daunting at the same time: What happens? Who attends? How do I know if it’s for me?

The first thing to know is that our educators are all super-friendly, professional and keen on passing on tips & advice to ensure you have great fun both in class and once you get back home.

Our classes are designed to build confidence, give a solid understanding of safety and encourage creative thinking (slapping a pair of handcuffs on someone is the easy part. The harder part is working out what you’re going to do with your willing submissive once the cuffs are on!).

What to Expect at Our Rope Bondage Class

Before the class starts, we’ll offer fizz and French Fancies to help settle any nerves.  However, rope play is best enjoyed with a clear mind, so we’ll cut off the alcohol supply before anyone gets too merry!

Our rope bondage class is suitable for beginners, and our friendly team will start with safety (what kind of rope to use, safewords and positioning) before moving on to the planning of a scene.

After this, there’ll be a practical part, where guests will learn to tie basic knots. For this segment, guests will need to work in pairs: if you’re attending with a partner, you’ll practice on each other. If you’re attending on your own, we’ll pair you with another guest (female) or a member of our team (depending on availability).

This class doesn’t include a lot of bending or moving, and there won’t be any floor work.

There will, of course, be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the class.

After the class ends, guests will be invited to make the most out of the whopping 20% discount that’ll be offered.

In case you are wondering – because many do – the class is fully dressed at all times, including during the practical.

Sounds like fun? Then book a ticket (or several, as we offer discounts for group bookings) for the Rope Bondage 101 Class here: Sh! Rope Class

Please note: this class is for women & couples only. If you are a lone male wanting to attend, we ask that you come along with a female friend.