Handcuff B&W

Fun ways that you can play with handcuffs

If you enjoy the feeling of being dominated and restricted during sex, you should definitely consider investing in a pair of handcuffs.

Not only are they fun and relatively easy to use, you can also use them in a number of different ways to spice up your bedroom activity.

Read on for our top suggestions of games you can play whilst being handcuffed.

Handcuff your wrists in front of you

If you still want to have an element of access and control, ask your partner to cuff your wrists in front of you. This will allow you to still reach down and play with yourself while your partner is penetrating you or giving you oral sex. Stroking and playing with your clitoris during penetration is brilliant, because it’ll likely help you to reach orgasm much more easily. For this, we recommend a pair of soft silicone restraints as they’ll feel both comfortable and safe. Try it!


Handcuff your wrists to your partner’s wrist

This one is great for those times when you’re feeling super-hot and experimental. Once you’re handcuffed to each other, see what new and exciting positons you can try out. Being restricted makes it challenging in the best way possible. You never know, you might just find a new position that you can’t get enough of!

If you want a little bit more movement, you can easily attach rope to the D-rings of these leather cuffs.


Leave them on the bedside table

We know what you’re thinking. What’s the point in having beautiful satin restraints if you aren’t going to use them? Bear with us: restraints can be a great way to tease and tempt your partner. When you are getting into things, try climbing on top of them and telling them that if they don’t do exactly as you say, you’re going to tie them to the bed and have your wicked way with them. They might beg you to do just that, but either way the mental image of being dominated is enough to get both of you going…

Satin Ties with D-Rings

Handcuff your partner to a chair

Ensure that they have no way of getting away, and then perform a sexy striptease for them in lingerie that makes you feel and look amazing. They’ll be begging you to free their hands so that they can run them all over you.

You could even handcuff your partner to the sink while you take a shower. The image of you with water running all over your body is sure to get their heart racing. Once you get out of the shower, take the handcuffs off and tell your partner that you want them to take control. Wowzers!

Steel cuffs