It’s International Rabbit Day

We are rabbit lovers here at Sh! So to celebrate International Rabbit Day we’ve got a quiz to guide you to the perfect rabbit for you.


Win yourself the cutest sex toy for International Rabbit Day

Win yourself the cutest sex toy for International Rabbit Day

September the 24th is International Rabbit Day, so this month we’re giving away a super Cute Rabbit Silicone Vibrator.  It’s small and sweet, as well as waterproof and USB rechargeable. This little rabbit has been flying off the shelves so this is a not to be missed opportunity to win one!

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And, whilst you’re here, why not read a quick guide to choosing the perfect rabbit toy for you?

Clitoral or Dual Stimulation?

There are two main types of rabbit vibrators. What makes a rabbit a rabbit is the long ‘ears’. These aren’t just a cute design feature. They deliver stimulation to the sides of the clitoris, many women find this more enjoyable than direct stimulation. A clitoral rabbit just has the lovely fluttery ears, so if it’s all about the clit for you then this is the way to go.

A dual stimulation rabbit is probably more what you think of when someone says ‘rabbit’ as well as the ‘ears’ they feature added G-spot stimulation. The Cute Rabbit Silicone Vibrator we are giving away is one of these, it has a little internal shaft that you can use for G-spot pressure. Some ‘Jessica’ style rabbits will also have a rotating shaft, this adds stimulation for the opening of the vagina. There are all sorts of fancy variations (some of which we will discuss below) but these are your basic rabbit options.

Some Advanced Rabbit Options

Recently we’ve had an influx of what we’re going to call ‘fancy’ rabbits because that makes it sound like we’re at some sort of rabbit show. We’re talking about rabbits with whiskers, clit-ticklers, G-spot massagers, come hither motions and clit contact technology.

Below are a few of the best options if you crave new sensations.

The Rabbitthe-rabbit-company-come-hither-rabbit-vibrator-wave-motion (1) Company: Come Hither Rabbit Vibrator


This is a rabbit with a whole lot going on. It has bunny ears, a ‘wave’ motion G-spot simulator (imagine the shaft is waving at you, back and forward, like ‘hi I’m here to give you an orgasm’) and also micro ‘whiskers’ on the clit simulator. It’s a bit of a luxury option but it also offers toe-curling pleasure.



Embrace embrace-massaging-rabbit-vibrator-g-spot-pleasure-ballMassaging G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator


This features a three speed roller-ball for an intense G-spot massage. It also has a slim flexible shaft and lovely long rabbit ears.




We-Viwe-vibe_nova_get_morebe Nova Luxury Rabbit Vibrator


This is kind of fun. The clitoral arm bends with you so that no matter how you move it never loses contact. It also has a fancy smartphone app that means it can be controlled from anywhere. It’s body safe (like all our toys) and also rechargeable and manufactured in a carbon neutral process. So it’s good for the environment too – save all the bunnies!





Q&A: Help! What’s a Good First Vibrator?


I wondered if I could ask for some advice –

I would like to buy a vibrator but I have no idea which one to buy.

I have never used one on myself (only a partner on me during sex)
Is there a particular one that’s good to start with? I also am not sure
if there are ones that also penetrate?
I appreciate your advice!



Hi L,

This is a very common question, sometimes when you start looking at toys it’s a little hard to know where to start. We do have a ‘My first’ section on our website and a beginners sex advice section – both are good resources if you’re stuck for ideas.

How to Pick a First Vibrator

In the end though, it all comes down to what you enjoy! Take some time to think about what kind of stimulation you enjoy, something intense or something more delicate? Direct or indirect?

It’s also important to think about safety, cheap toys might seem attractive but you should always go for high quality, body safe, non-porous toys. You’re always safe with us, otherwise look out for silicone and ABS plastic, which make for nice, safe, vibes.

sh-rabbit vibrator

It’s a good start that you know you’re interested in something that incorporates penetration.

Our recommendations for a beginner’s vibrator

Lots of vibrators incorporate penetration,
for example this Sh! Waterproof Rabbit has bunny ears that stimulate the sides of the clitoris, which many women prefer to dead on stimulation, and a roatating shaft for penetration, it’s only about 4.5 inches penetrable length and fairly slim.
We’d advise not going to all out on your first toy because you don’t
necessarily know what you want yet. The Desire is one of our best sellers and can be used for clitoral or g-spot stimulation, it has a range of settings if you’re not sure what you’ll like.  It is a good all rounder but it is a little more expensive than some other options. There’s also toys like the Mini Pink Vibe or this G-Spot Dual Vibrator, so it stimulates your g spot and clitoris at the same time, it’s pretty small and discreet and could make a nice beginner toy.


Always remember to use lube and keep your toys safe and hygienic, wash after use with toy spray or hot water and soap.

If you have any questions please send them to advice@sh-womenstore.com, if you’d like advice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Team Sh! xxx


It’s our Spring Giveaway: Find out more about the History of The Rabbit and Win your own!

It’s our Spring Giveaway: Find out more about the History of The Rabbit and Win your own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s time to put some spring in your step and what could be better than one of our fantastic Jessica Rabbit Vibrators.

The Rabbit was a revelation and has been described as “one of the most visible contemporary signs of active female sexuality”. It was the first toy which delivered simultaneous internal and clitoral pleasure and a marked improvement on the medical looking cylindrical types or ‘realistic’ models that were popular at the time.

Why a Rabbit?

You might have wondered why the rabbit the mascot of sexual pleasure, maybe you thought it had something to do with the phrase ‘at it like rabbits’ and rabbits fabled fecundity. The truth is rather different. The original Rabbit vibrators were made in Japan – but Japanese culture frowned upon ‘realistic’ vibrators, so manufacturers made them in cutesy animal shapes and bright, fun colours.

So how come we ended up with the rabbit rather than the kitten or the pony?

Before the rabbit there really were a variety of weird and wonderful animal vibes including the beaver, the kangaroo and the turtle. The rabbit was partly chosen because rabbits are considered a lucky animal in Japan.

However, rabbits also had one winning advantage. The special way the rabbit ears stimulate the sides of the clitoris, where most women experience most clitoral pleasure, rather than directly on it, which often can feel  too intense to be pleasurable. Add to this the massaging sensation of the beads, which stimulate the most sensitive area inside and POW! – many women experience an amazing ‘blended orgasm’.

Sh! named the ‘Jessica’ Rabbit

In 1992, long before Rampant or Jack hopped into the world and before the Vibratex rabbit was known in the UK, we discovered a rabbit vibrator gathering dust on a back shelf of a sex toy warehouse.  It was called ‘Roger Rabbit’ ( in true sex-industry double entendre!) but we renamed it ‘Jessica Rabbit’ and started telling the women of the UK about this amazing double stimulation vibe – Sh!’s Jessica Rabbit has been featured in hundreds of women’s magazines and TV shows.

The Rabbit had already developed a cult following by the time it appeared on Sex and the City in 1998. The Sex and the City producers visited a sex shop in New York to find out which was the best-selling vibrator of the time – the Rabbit Pearl was the runaway favourite, and it featured in one of the most popular episodes of the series. The particular genius was having Charlotte being the one to stay home with her rabbit rather than go out for cocktails. That was a real permission-giving moment, enabling all women, even the shy, romantic or slightly prudish ones who’d say, ‘I’m SO a Charlotte’, to feel fine about buying a sex toy. The Rabbit had gone mainstream!

Still not everyone was a fan, in 2008, the Attorney General of Alabama announced he was going to enforce a sex toy ban across the entire state – yikes! He believed it was immoral to use a sex toy, and he suggested that anyone caught should be arrested. In response, thousands of women began mailing their vibrators to the Attorney General’s office, and the bid to ban the Rabbit faded into obscurity.

In fact the rabbit has gone from strength to strength. It’s estimated that  over five million dual-action vibrators are sold every year. Which makes it the best selling vibrator of all time!

So follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to win your own now!


If you still want to find out some more about our springtime friend read our blogs on how to choose a rabbit and how to make the most out of your rabbit.


Q&A: Help, I haven’t had sex in 8 years and now I want to try a vibrator.

Q&A: Help, I haven’t had sex in 8 years and now I want to try a vibrator.


I have been happily married for 37 years but am currently undergoing couples sexual counselling. I am 58 yrs old, have only had one sexual partner and have never used any sex toys or vibrators. I have not had sex for 8-9 yrs and my counsellor has suggested that using a vibrator might be helpful as we try to reignite our physical relationship. I have looked on your site but do not know where to start. Advice would be really appreciated.



[All names have been changed for the purposes of anonymity]

Hi Penny

Many thanks for your email!

A vibrator is a great way to help reignite sex drives that have taken a dive. And we agree – it can be really difficult to choose; there are so many different types…

Let’s see if we can break it down for you.

Sh! Easy Egg Vibrator (£19) Strong and quiet, with stimulating soft sleeve, 3 speeds + pulse settings.

Clitoral Vibrators

These vibes are usually small, but can still be very powerful. Their main use is to stimulate on and around the clitoris. They can be stroked, wiggled or just rested in place – try all of those moves to see what you like best.

The egg-shaped vibrator shown in the picture is called the Sh! Easy Egg, and is very popular with our customers. The vibe is covered in a sleeve with nodules on it, and these soft nodules offer extra stimulation. For women who need or like a harder vibration, the sleeve can easily be removed as and when.


G-spot Vibrators

These vibrators are designed for internal use (but they can also be used on the clitoris), and the built-in G-spot seeking curves will help find and stimulate the sensitive area just inside the vagina. It takes a while to coax the shy G-spot out, but it is definitely worth investing some time in exploring this area – you may find it creates fireworks!

For this, you could also try using a G-spot enhancing gel. The gel works by drawing blood to the G-spot, making it firmer, easier to find and much more sensitive to stimulation.


Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator £25
Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator £25

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have got a lot going on: a shaft for internal pleasure and a clitoral simulator for external play at the same time. They look a little tricky to use, but actually, rabbit vibes take care of all your pleasure zones at once – all you need to do is lay back and relax!

Rabbit vibes are the most popular vibrators of all times – it’s a favourite sex toy in millions of bedrooms across the globe. Many, many, women say they’ve had their very first orgasm with the help of the cleverly-designed rabbit ears.



Discreet Vibrator £12 - Quiet, Mini Black Vibe with Single Speed Vibration
Discreet Vibrator £12 – Quiet, Mini Black Vibe with Single Speed Vibration

Choosing the Right Vibrator

Which ever style of vibrator you choose, we’d recommend a opting for a smaller-sized vibe for your first sex toy. It’s been some time since you last had penetrative sex, and it’s not impossible that the sensations will feel “odd” to start off with. Anything too girthy could feel uncomfortable and put you off further exploration. It’s better to go small, as you can always add lengthier or girthier toys when you feel more confident.

Something like our Sh! Discreet could be just the thing for you. This vibe is a tad bigger than an average-sized finger, and it can be used both on the clitoris and internally. It has only one speed, but it’s a really good one… This little marvel can be rested length-ways along the labia, or stroked around the clitoris and also inserted if and when you feel ready.


Add Lubrication

Lube will enhance sensitivity and sensuality - we highly recommend it!
Lube will enhance sensitivity and sensuality – we highly recommend it!

Adding lube is essential for any kind of  sex play.  At 58, your vaginal membranes will feel drier and tighter – this is normal and natural. To avoid chafing or tearing of sensitive areas, adding a generous drizzle of our Pure Plus lube will be very helpful. Pure Plus is thicker and adds a lovely padded layer on delicate membranes. It’s paraben-free, and it has no taste or scent – just very clean, lush lubricant for more comfortable sex.

(Names Have Been Changed for the Purposes of Anonymity)

If you have any other questions please contact us at advice@sh-womenstore, include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’ if you’d like your advice from our new sex and relationship expert.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

Love, Team Sh! xx