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A beginners’ guide to anal play

Anal play is one of those things that most people don’t talk about but have a quiet desire to try. It’s sort of taboo, which is a huge turn on, but it’s also something that many people love, making it curious for those who have never tried it. Is in not just painful and messy?

Well, it can be but it shouldn’t be, if that makes sense. Anal play, when done right, is intensely pleasurable and you can orgasm from it.

The trick is to take it slow and steady – it’s not a swimming pool. Don’t throw yourself into it.

Anal play requires preparation, time and lube. Lots of lube.

A common concern about anal sex is the potential for mess, so let’s start there.

The anus and rectum are designed to expel, so if you are going to play in the area, you and your partner need to be prepared for coming into contact with faeces. This is the reality of anal play.

However, there are a few ways of ensuring you get as few surprises as possible:

  • Make sure the person on the receiving end has been to the loo; this is essential and will allow you both to relax.
  • Showering together will start the erotic build-up. Soap up their bottom and rinse off – shower jets over the anus feel very sexy. Dry off gently, and kiss their buttocks.
  • Some people prefer to use douches to feel extra clean. Douches are bulbs that you fill with water and insert into the anus, before expelling the lukewarm water into your body. Using cold water will be painful, and using hot water will scald; body temperature is perfect. The water will flow out in its own time so if you are going to douche, make sure to do this a few hours before play begins.


Lube for Anal Play

A silicone-based lube is great for skin-on-skin anal play. It’s long-lasting and won’t dry up, and typically doesn’t have any scent or taste. Add a drizzle to your fingers before stroking onto your partner’s butt.

If you’re planning on using silicone toys, or toys with a soft surface, you’ll need to stock up on water-based lube. Water-based lube will sink into the skin so you will need to re-apply, or add some saliva to reactivate lube that’s already been applied.

For extra hygiene, as well as safer sex with or without toys, you might want to get some condoms for anal sex too. If you have long or sharp nails, get some latex gloves to make them smoother – tushies are delicate and you don’t want to snag the thin membranes.

Warming Up

Just like a session at the gym, you need to warm up properly or you could do yourselves an injury.

Take the time to massage your partner’s buttocks, lower back, and upper thighs; the skin is one large erogenous zone, and kneading, touching and stroking will help get you both in the mood for more.

Using your thumbs, glide along the crease from the inner thigh to the outer side and repeat. Next, put your hands in a prayer position on your partner’s tailbone and glide up and down between the buttocks for a sensual and relaxing start to anal play.

Add a little lube to your fingertips and stroke gently around the anal rim. Explore the anal opening without penetrating it.

If you both feel comfortable with it, rimming is a fantastic way to get the anus ready and waiting. Licking, kissing and sucking on all the nerve-endings in the area may make your play partner feel like their brains are melting… Just saying.


When your partner starts pushing back for more attention, it’s time to ramp it up a bit.

The Happy Hiney Anal Comfort Cream gently relaxes the area, which is perfect for first-timers. Containing no numbing agents, Happy Hiney delivers a tingling sensation, which helps relax tense, nervous muscles and reduce sensations of extra friction.

Note: We don’t recommend using numbing creams for any kind of sexual activity, especially not anal play. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and overriding this function can have dire consequences. 

If you’re totally new to any type of anal adventure, it’s best to start small. Our Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads are an ideal beginner’s toy as the beads start off small and gradually increase in size, so you can go at your own pace and just enjoy the delicate vibrations.

A butt plug is a small toy that gets inserted for a sensual ‘full’ feeling. Leave the plug in place so they have something to squeeze against. You can wiggle it a little, or slowly move it in and out so the anus pops open and closes again; many peeps enjoy this sensation.
Butt Plugs

Any toy used for anal sex needs to be safe for this type of play; i.e. they must have a flared base or a handle. Using unsafe toys for anal play often ends badly and we don’t want this to happen to you.

This might be as far as you go on this first occasion, but it’s plenty. You want to leave the brain thinking of anal play as something pleasurable, as that’ll make it easier for it to relax the next time.

Many couples who are embarking on anal sex for the first time are keen on getting ‘stuck in’ as soon as possible, but this is often a mistake. Rushing it makes for an uncomfortable or painful experience.

If you’ve decided to go for full penetration, you’ll still need to start as above; building it up slowly helps the body relax and welcome the penis or dildo.

The inside of the anus is a lazy S-shape, so make sure you’re familiar with your partner’s internal curves before dipping in. Visualize their insides and move to accommodate this; this is especially important if you’re using a dildo as you won’t be able to feel resistance or any dry areas.

Keep checking in with your partner. Make sure they’re having a great time, and keep the bond going by kissing and touching.

We tend to recommend the receiving partner is on top when anal play is new for you both. This gives them the freedom to rock, wiggle or just sit still if that’s what feels best. You can get all adventurous and try out different positions later when you both feel more confident.

Prostate Play

The butts of male-bodied peeps have an additional part that enjoys gentle stimulation: the prostate.

The back-door area has long been shrouded in shame and denial, especially for straight men, but we’re delighted to say that the P-spot and its pleasure potential is finally out in the open (about bloomin’ time!).

The prostate has the ability to make its owner multi-orgasmic, and this is well worth exploring. The best book on the subject, in our opinion, is The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Play by Charlie Glickman & Aislinn Emirzian. It covers everything from hygiene to maintaining prostate health to illustrated tips and techniques about achieving supercharged orgasms.

The rules for stimulating a butt with a prostate are the same as the rules for stimulating a butt without a P-spot: Take your time, use lashings of lube, ensure your nails are short & smooth and make sure the person on the receiving end is having the time of their lives!

By following our advice, your bum-fun should be nothing but(t) a good time!


Men’s Health Week: Guest Blog from Pleasure Solutions on Sex After Prostate Cancer

Men’s Health Week: Guest Blog from Pleasure Solutions on Sex After Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can have a devastating effect not just on men’s health but also on their sex lives. People often forget the importance of sexual function in the lives of cancer survivors, male and female and the severe impact this can have on quality of life, self esteem and intimacy.

This week is Men’s Health Week so we asked Hilary Belcher of Pleasure Solutions to talk to us about some of the sexual consequences of prostate cancer and treatment.


“We believe everyone living beyond cancer has the right to return to a quality of sex life they’re satisfied with.”

To achieve an erection, a man needs to have healthy nerves to transmit pleasure messages, veins that can transport the blood that fills the penis to make it hard, vital tissues in the penile muscles that keep the erectile response and the desire to have sex which is a process involving both the brain and penis.

Prostate cancer and treatment can affect each of these necessary functions.  Pelvic Radiotherapy can cause cell and tissue deterioration, including damage to nerves and veins that are required to flood the penis with blood to create the hardness. Similarly non-nerve sparring surgery to remove the prostate gland can damage the nerves that relay pleasure message for sexual function.  Finally many men are required to take androgen deprivation treatment resulting in reduced production of testosterone and therefore impeding normal erectile function.

Statistics show that 60-80% of men recovering from Prostate Cancer still have erectile dysfunction (ED) even 2 years after finishing treatment.


These messages around erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer are important for men to understand fully before they enter treatment.  Many clinicians report that in the early stages of diagnosis the focus is on survival and messages about erectile dysfunction get lost.  It is only after treatment that the late effects of the treatment become important.  If men realised these long-term impacts earlier then they could take steps to rehabilitate their penis to keep its vitality and increase their chances of maintaining erectile function as a result.  In the stark but real words of Prostate UK charity “use it or loose it”.


Despite these disturbing statistics and the realities faced by many there are solutions available for men recovering from cancer and its treatment. Pleasure Solutions is a company that provides advice, information and scientifically designed products to help people respond to life-altering changes to their sex lives.

There are several products that can be helpful for men suffering from the after effects of prostate cancer treatments.

One of these is the innovative TENGA egg  uses a super-stretchable material that can be used on a non-erect penis.  Using an egg regularly will keep blood flowing into the tissues of the penis – te-loverskeeping it strong, healthy and less likely to shrink in size.

The hope is that individuals or couples using these TENGA eggs will maintain intimacy during a difficult time and even if an erection is not achieved the pleasure provided by these tools could lead to an orgasm.  It is important to demystify the association that a man needs an erection to climax.

Therefore, the diagnosis of prostate cancer does not need to mean the likely loss of erections. With the right attention and advice men ought to be encouraged to play with their prize organ, even when they don’t feel like it.  This is the sure way to learning that intimacy and pleasure might be different after a prostate cancer diagnosis, but they don’t have to be over’

Q&A: How do I have a prostate orgasm?

Q&A: How do I have a prostate orgasm?


I know you’re female focused but I thought you might be able to help me. I’m interested in ‘exploring’ if that’s the right word, my prostate. It’s not something I’ve done before but the idea is growing on my I guess. I’d just like some advice on where to start and what to expect?


Hey J!

This week is Men’s Health Week so we’re really happy to be able to answer one for the boys.

You sound a bit hesitant but it’s great that you’re looking to explore new things and prostate play can add a new dimension to your sex life. It can make your orgasms more intense and some men can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone.

The prostate is sometimes compared to the male G-Spot and it does have quite a lot in common with the G-Spot. Like the G-Spot it swells and hardens as you become aroused which makes it easier to find.

It can be stimulated by inserting a finger or toy two or three inches inside the anus, it’s important to go slowly, use lots of lube and stop and warm up some more if you feel any pain. You should also try using a specialist anal lubricant which will be thicker and longer lasting than regular lube.

You should make sure you are already aroused before going for the prostate, and again, if it hurts you’re doing it wrong. Add more stimulation and lubrication.

It might take quite a lot of time and stimulation (and a lot of lube, remember the anus isn’t self lubricating) to get you there so be patient.

Here’s a handy guide to show you where to find your prostate:

His Prostate


It might be a good idea to try a specially designed prostate toys such as Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager. Which is slim, almost silent and perfect for beginners, it also stimulates your perineum for even more pleasure. If you’re playing with a partner you might want to try using latex gloves or finger guards, they can prevent nails from snagging and help if you’re worried about cleanliness.

Rocks Off Prostate Massager

If you’d like to find our more you might want to look at the Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, which is a veritable compendium of useful information.

If you have any questions please send them to, if you’d like advice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Best Wishes,

Team Sh! xx

All names have been changed for the purposes of anonymity.

Discover Double Dildo Review

Glass Dildo Questions

Many customers are intrigued by toys and dildos made of glass, being drawn to their glittering smooth forms in-store, like magpies…

Not only are glass dildos beautiful to look at, but they are also amazing to play with. Glass delivers uniquely sleek and weighty sensations that many G-Spots & Prostates respond to with aplomb!

But glass, as a sex toy material, also raises a lot of queries and some worries around their use, so, here, we answer the most common questions we are asked about glass dildos.


Are Glass Dildos Really Safe?

The number 1 question we’re asked about toys made out of glass, is whether they’re 100% safe to use as sex toys – little wonder, as putting anything that could cut or hurt your most delicate area is an understandably scary notion.

Rest assured peeps, glass toys are perfectly safe and will not crack inside you, no matter how passionate your moves become.

Any glass dildo you purchase from Sh! is extremely tough and durable and will not break when used to massage your soft areas.

But saying that you do need to handle glass dildos carefully, away from the body. Even toughened, Pyrex glass is will chip or break if bashed about.  Handle carefully around hard surfaces, such as taps,

Glass G-Spot Dildo (£37) Our Best-selling Glass Dildo
Glass G-Spot Dildo (£37) Our Best-selling Glass Dildo

when cleaning. Be careful not to drop it, especially onto a hard floor. Store your glass dildo in its padded bag after use. With careful handling and safe storage, you should have no problems at all with your glass toy.

However, for your own peace of mind, we recommend checking your dildo before and after every use.

Run your hands and eyes over it, examining for any chips or cracks, before getting down to play. In order to fully enjoy any toy, you need to be confident that it couldn’t possibly hurt you, so checking your glass dildo is still as strong, tough and undamaged as the day you bought it,  is important physiologically as well as physically.


Are Glass Dildos Hygienic?

Any sex toy or dildo made out of glass is super-hygienic and body-safe.  Glass is 100% non-porous, which means it won’t absorb any body substances or lube residue, making these toys very easy to keep clean.

You can even sterilize a glass dildo, which is useful if you plan to share your toy with a partner or play with it anally, as well as vaginally ( you can go from vag to bum in one session, but never the other way around in the same session)


Do I Need to Use Lube with Glass Toys?

We always recommend using a good lube with any toys, including those made from glass. Even though it’s sensually sleek to start with, a drop of lube will transform your glass dildo into a divinely silky plaything, quite unlike any other…

Because glass is non-porous, you can use any lube type like; water-based lube or silicone based.

Just a small amount will go a LONG way; turning  your glass dildo into a super-slippery pleasurer provider AND making your lube bottle last a long, long time!


Glass Eggs for Kegel Exercise

Kegel Glass Eggs £20
Kegel Glass Eggs £20

Love balls made of glass can be used for your daily PC Muscle Exercise with great effect. Glass is heavy, and you have to do extra-tight squeezes to keep these weighty balls in.

These love balls, in a beautiful teardrop shape, are also great fun for sexy pleasures – pop them in, squeeze in time with masturbation or clitoral stimulation, and you may well find you hit that orgasmic peak sooner than usual.


Glass Dildos for G-Spot Play

Flower Glass Dildo £39
Sh! Flower Glass Dildo £39

Glass dildos are versatile toys and you can have great fun with them. Glass dildos are amazing for G-Spot stimulation, for example. The G-Spot tends to prefer the firm pressure that hard toys deliver, so glass is perfect.

Choose a glass toy with a gentle upwards curve or a bulbous end for more accurate stimulation, and use a ‘juicing’ motion (round and round constant massaging) rather than an in & out motion.


Glass Toys for Anal Play

Sh! Rose Glass Butt Plug
Sh! Rose Glass Butt Plug £34

Glass Butt Plugs clearly have been designed for delivering anal pleasure.

Glass dildos, too,  can be used for anal play, as long as they have a flared base or long handle to hold on to, for safe anal play.

Even with these safety features, it’s still important to be very careful keeping a very firm grip on a glass anal toy, simply because they can become SO super slippy, so much so that they can slip away from you.

Wipe lube from fingers and the base of the toy before play and keep extra vigilant on your grip…

As toys made of glass are firm and inflexible, they may feel a little overwhelming for anal play newbies.  We would recommend beginners to anal play start with something softer and more flexible, like butt plugs made of silicone.


How Should I Clean & Care for My Glass Toy?

Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner £5
Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner £5

Most glass toys will come in a soft, padded pouch – it’s best to keep your glass dildo safe and protected in these, when not playing.

The padding offers extra protection just in case you should happen to drop your toy or knock it about in your drawer…

Glass dildos are super easy to keep clean.

For instant bedside cleaning, you can give it a spitz of Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner and wipe off.

Or wash your glass dildo thoroughly with soap and hot water. Use an old, soft toothbrush if it has any nooks and crannies.  Rinse and either air-dry or polish dry with a lint-free cloth.

Only when absolutely dry should you store away in its padded bag.

Some glass dildos can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher ( without soap or pots and pans!) but probably the easiest way to sterilize is to drop it in a plastic bowl of boiling water. Be very careful when taking it out though – glass will become very hot! Take it out carefully and allow your glass dildo to cool down fully before play.


5 Glass Dildo Sex Tips

  • On a hot day, why not pop your glass dildo in the fridge before use – this is sure to cool you down!
  • If it’s cold and you need to warm up, run your glass dildo under warm (not hot) water for a couple of minutes.
  • Add a vibrating ring for additional clitoral stimulation during play. Simply slide the ring over the shaft of your toy and voila! You have a new, exciting toy to play with.
  • Glass dildos have two ends, both of which are for use. Experiment with both ends – you may find one end more exiting than the other!


Beginners anal advice

How to Choose an Anal Dildo

Many peeps make the mistake of buying a butt plug, when what they really want is a dildo for anal sex.

A dildo has a regular girth (though it can be slightly flared or ribbed for pleasure), which delivers smooth anal penetration.

A butt plug has a sphincter-stop at its base, which makes it stay-put, so whilst it offers special anal pleasures, it’s not designed for sliding in-and-out moves…

Choosing an anal dildo is all about size, with width being more important than length…

Unless you are totally confident you know the perfect size for your anal dildo, it’s best to start off with a slim dildo. The width is the most important dimension to consider, as you  can always control how deep a dildo goes, but one that is too wide, will make relaxing anal musclean uphill, if not impossible battle!

The anus is a delicate flower where everything, particularly size, feels magnified. So choosing a first dildo for anal sex for is not the time to be greedy or have your eyes bigger than your bum!

The flower metaphor works perfectly for anal pleasure because the bum-hole starts out as a tight bud, but with lots of gentle and loving cultivation, slowly opens up ….  Certainly as you become turned on, you may desire more and slight ‘stretching’ might feel good,  but for most of us, whopping anal dildos are the stuff of fantasy and porn films, rather than reality. Wide dildos can, in real life, be difficult to take, even for experienced anal-players.

If you plan to use your anal dildo in a strap-on, however, you may need a longer dildo than than you think. Once a dildo is slipped into a harness, a couple of centimetres of insertable length is lost, plus tummies can get in the way…

A slightly longer anal dildo is also good for pleasuring your guy’s prostate gland.


Any dildo destined for your bum needs to be ‘anal-safe’

Body-safe, easy to clean & wide bases makes all Sh! silicone dildos 100% safe for anal play
Body-safe, easy to clean & wide bases makes all Sh! silicone dildos 100% safe for anal play

That’s why the wide base that is a feature on every Sh! Dildo makes it safe to use as anal dildo, as, no matter how passionate your moves become,  it cannot slip all the way inside and potentially get lost up there!

Made from 100% silicone, a Sh! dildo is non-porous, neither absorbing nor disclosing any substances  and can be completely sterilized.

Silicone is also soft and flexible. This is important in order for it to bend with the natural curves inside.

The anal canal curves about 4 inches inside, so any dildo longer than that needs to be soft enough to bend…

This is why long, hard dildos may not be comfortable for anal sex.

We make  over 40 different sizes and styles, which means we can match you with your perfect dildo; from anal beginners to anal experts and everyone in between!

All Sh! dildos can be used in a strap on harness for anal play too, and many lesbians are au fait with its pleasures.

We give advice about buying a dildo for anal play/pegging everyday in our London store and know that it is a very individual, personal choice…

Buying over the internet is much trickier, so here are the top 3 anal dildo, as chosen by customers, instore, where they can see, feel and measure-up our full range, as well as ask any us any questions about anal play.


Best-selling anal dildos – as chosen by our customers..

Wirly Girly 2 - our most popular anal dildo
Wirly Girly 2 – our most popular anal dildo


Wirly Girly 2 is our best-selling  anal dildo, particularly for beginners to anal play and pegging.

At 5.25 inch long with rounded head and supple, slim 1.1 inch shaft, which makes it flexible to bend

The ribbed shaft delivers extra sensations as it slides in-and-out,  At 5.25 inches long it has enough length to deliver satisfying strokes, without feeling overwhelming.




Cupid 2 Silicone Dildo £24
Cupid 2 £24


Cupid 2 is  another very popular shape and size  for anal-play.

The 4.5 inches long shaft is slightly tilted with rounded head for easy entry.

The curvy 1.25 inch shaft offers gentle penetrative pleasure.

Because of the upward curve of this dildo, it is great for targeted prostate massage. On their back, use it with the curve pointing upwards;  if your partner is on all fours, its best  to swivel the dildo round and use it ‘up-side-down’ , with the head of the dildo pointing downwards…

This will align with their body better, ensuring no accidental ‘bumping’ occurs.



Wirly Girly 3 Silicone Dildo (£37) Slim and ribbed for sensational anal pleasure, but with extra length for longer strokes...
Wirly Girly 3 Silicone Dildo (£37) Slim and ribbed for sensational anal pleasure, but with extra length for longer strokes…


Wirly Girly 3 is a good choice if you plan to wear your dildo in a harness.

At 7 inches long with a gently rounded head and supple, ribbed 1.25 inch shaft makes this a user-friendly and popular dildo for longer strokes anal play

Firm but very flexible, it follows the natural curve of the anal canal.

A little bit longer than Wirly Girly 2, it reaches deeper inside with ease.




Dildos for anal pegging play

More and more straight couples are also discovering the delights of pegging – the term given for when  a women straps-on a dildo to anally-pleasure her man.

In the last 10 years pegging has become increasingly popular and nowadays about 35% of the strap on dildos we sell at Sh! are sold  for pegging play.

Pegging your man, using an anal dildo, is likely to pleasure his prostate gland and give him amazing orgasms.

Any dildo can be coupled with a strap on to create the perfect pegging toy for you, so feel free to browse our silicone dildo collectionIt is always best to choose your dildo first and then add a strap-on…

For easy-off-the-shelf pegging toys, we have 2 great products;

Pegging Strap On Kit (£89): 5.25 inch Dildo, Leather Harness, Lube & Cleaner SAVE £5
Pegging Strap On Kit (£89): 5.25 inch Dildo, Leather Harness, Lube & Cleaner SAVE £5


Pegging Strap-On Kit  is an ideal way to start your adventures in anal pegging play.

It’s a perfectly put-together set, made up of all our best-selling toys bought for pegging.







Share Pegging Dildo (£46) - A strapless dildo with a small external dildo, for harness-free harness-free, strap-on style anal play
Share Pegging Dildo (£46) – A strapless dildo with a small external dildo, for harness-free harness-free, strap-on style anal play


Pegging Strapless Double Dildo is designed for strap-on style sex, without the ‘do-er’ having to wear a strap-on harness.

Using a strapless dildo is something that takes practice. They are best suited for close, intimate moves, rather than wild thrusting as, without the security of a harness, the dildo has to be kept in place, just by the operator holding the larger egg-shaped dildo inside her, gripping it with her PC Muscle.

The smaller shaft ( 3.75 x 1 inch ) extends out of her and its small, slim proportions make it user-friendly for anal and pegging pleasure



Pure Plus Anal Lube (£10) Using lube is essential to ensure anal play is all pleasure, no pain...
Pure Plus Anal Lube (£10) Using lube is essential to ensure anal play is all pleasure, no pain…

Remember, It’s essential use lube in all anal play, as  this is an area that doesn’t self-lubricate, and lots of lovely lubrication is key to ensuring anal sex all pleasure, and never painful.

Here’s our advice on the best lubes for anal sex.

How to Use a Butt Plug

How to Use a Butt Plug

A Butt Plug is an anal sex toy which is  designed to be ‘worn’ rather than moved in-and-out. It provides the wearer with a continual feeling of fullness, pressure and arousing awareness of the area.

The nerves that surround the anus are super sensitive and a butt plug also offers constant stimulation to them.

Butt Plugs Pleasures For Women & Men

  • For women, a butt plug delivers pressure to the vaginal walls and sensations can feel super-intense when both front and back doors are filled.
  • Men have their own special spot, the Prostate Gland, located 1.5 – 3 inches inside and a butt plug can put pleasurable pressure on this.

Butt plugs are diamond shaped; From the top a small tip flares our to a wider middle before sweeping into a a narrow neck (for the anal muscles to close around) and finishing with a wide base which prevents the toy slipping inside the anus. Some also have a ring  on the base to slip your finger in and keep hold of.

Butt PlugHow to Use a Butt Plug for

  • To enjoy the sensations of butt plug play, the recipient should be really aroused, so give lots of attention to all other erogenous zones before going near the butt!
  • Find a position that’s comfortable for anal play – on all fours, on your back with legs raised or crouched over the plug.


  • Go slowly and communicate, if you are playing with a lover.

    Use a nice thick anal lube to ease and enhance play ....
    Use a nice thick anal lube to ease and enhance play ….


  • Apply a nice, thick anal lube to the anal area and sensually massage & stimulate the anus with your fingers, or just the tip of the butt plug.
  • Lots of us impede great sex by shallow breathing or holding our breath, which staves the body of oxygen and makes muscles tense up.
  • The anus, when really relaxed and aroused starts to open up (like a lovely flower!). Work the plug inside in harmony with this, ie never force it, but keep massaging around the area until it lets the plug slip effortless inside.
  • Angle the butt plug toward the front of the body as you slide it deeper.
  • Once inside the anal sphincter muscles will close around the narrow neck, thus holding the plug in place.
  • Every kind of sexual stimulation can feel heightened whilst wearing an anal plug; oral sex, clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, a hand-job – you name it!

How long can you use a Butt Plug?

  • A plug can be “worn” for as long as you want; our customers have told us they’ve even gone to work or cleaned the house whilst wearing one.
  • Wearing a butt plug outside of the bedroom can be incredibly arousing (just as most ‘naughty secrets’ are!) and a great way to keep the wearer focussed on their anal pleasure.
  • Once your body is accustomed to the feeling, a butt plug is likely to stay in place but for extra security,  slip on your tightest pants (rather than baggy boxers or bloomers) and you’ll feel confident wearing a butt plug ‘in public’.
  • If you are planning a long butt-plug session, we recommend regularly removing your anal plug to apply more lube, just to be  sure that you don’t get a sore bottom!

Most of the butt plugs we carry are made of silicone and we also hand pour our own range of silicone butt plugs, in our London studio.

Silicone is a great material for all anal sex toys because it’s smooth, feels sensual and is super easy to clean,  which is particularly important for backdoor toys! Our silicone butt plugs can even be sterilized.


Our Top Butt Plugs, as chosen by customers in our London store:


Dinky Butt Plug (£12)
Dinky Butt Plug ( £12)


With just a couple of insertable silicone inches to play with, the Dinky Butt Plug is massively popular with our customers.

A really great butt plug, it’s fulfilling without being even remotely overwhelming.

The base  is perfectly safe for play, but still small enough to be able to walk around with, if that’s what you like.




Sh! Silicone Beaded Butt Plug (£15)
Sh! Silicone Beaded Butt Plug (£15)


Sh! Beaded Silicone Butt Plug , with its graduated beads, is super-popular with our customers.

A great size for beginners to anal play – there’s nothing scary about this one at all!

Slowly insert one bead at a time until all three beads are fully inside. Then – enjoy!





Small Gold Butt Plug (£29)
Small Gold Butt Plug (£29)


Gold Butt Plug should really be called “Beautiful Butt Plug” because that’s what it is!

Simply stunning, it adds a tempting sparkliness to your rear whilst the weighty steel offers delicious sensations for the internal part of your butt.

Small enough to wear whilst you go about your daily business, but heavy so you will be constantly aware of the sensations and the squeeze it takes to hold it in place…




Curved Vibrating Butt Plug (£24)
Curved Vibrating Butt Plug (£24)


Vibrating Butt plug adds a delicious buzz to the feeling of fullness.

Vibration can help relax, as well as delivery waves of thrilling sensations throughout the whole genital area.

You can either choose one with a bullet in the base, which is best if you’d like constant and even stimulation.

Or choose one with a separate controller handset, which is easier to operate, if you would like your partner to ‘take charge’ of the sensations or if you would change intensity of vibration, throughout play…



Remember always use lube for all anal play! With butt plugs, we advice you apply it to your bum-hole and the tip/ main shaft of the toy, but wipe it off the base, just to be sure you can get a grip for removing it…

Is a Butt Plug the Right Sex Toy for You?

A butt plug is best for anal sex play that requires little or no movement. Whether enjoyed as a side dish to other sexual activities or as the main event, it simply fills you with an ever-present feeling of fullness, as well as focussing your mind on back-door sensations…

If you are looking for a toy for a sliding-in-and-out anal sex, an anal dildo is better than a butt plug, as the regular girth offers smoother penetration.



Stomach as Errogeneous Zone Advice

Different Types of Dildos

People often get confused about the difference between a dildo and a vibrator. At Sh! we distinguish simply;  Any toy with the primary purpose of penetration, we call a ‘dildo’. It can sometimes vibrate, but internal pleasure, rather than vibrating thrills is its main job spec.

Stroked in and out, a perfectly shaped and sized dildo will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings that surround the vaginal and anal entrances and further inside there’s the G-Spot  and Prostate to explore. These female and males ‘sweet spots’ offer orgasmic potential that is quite different to clitoral and penile orgasms.

But with so many different types of dildos,  which is right type for you?

Silicone Dildos

Sh! dildos are hand-poured in super safe silicone and come in a range of over 30 fifferent sizes, meaning there's a perfect dildo, whatever your preference!
Sh! dildos are hand-poured in super safe silicone and come in a range of over 40  different sizes, meaning there’s a perfect dildo, whatever your preference!

Whether for solo or partner-play, Sh! Silicone dildos are the best, most versatile dildo you can buy.

Yes, we admit we’re biased! But our artisan range, which is  hand-poured in our London studio, using pure silicone means there’s a bespoke, ethically-made dildo for everyone…


Body-safe, sensual and very easy to clean, they can be held in your hand or worn in a strap on harness.

Their wide bases also makes them totally safe to use as dildos for anal play.

Buying a dildo is a very personal choice, of course.  ‘One size’ most definitely does NOT fit all and that’s why we make almost 40 different sizes of silicone dildos from petite upwards.

Only you can know if you, or your lover would prefer a short dildo, or a long dildo, a  slim dildo, or a wide dildo, but we can give you the following dildo buying advice:


What Size Dildo?

  • Width is the most important measurement to get right, as a dildo that’s just too ‘girthy’ will not please.
  • Length is less important, as you can always control how far to put it inside.
  • If you plan to wear your dildo in a harness, however, you should opt for a longer one than you may think as a couple of usable inches are lost when a dildo is ‘strapped on’

If this is you are a first-time buyer, read up on how to choose your first dildo.




Dildos For Two

Double Ended Dildos
Double-ended dildos are extra-long, with a dildo at each end for each partner to enjoy…

Double dildos  come in two types: traditional and strapless.

Traditional double-ended dildos are extra-long dildos designed to use with a partner.

There’s a shaft at each end for each of you to enjoy, either vaginally or anally.

You move the double dildo between yourselves using a pull me/push me motion.

A double dildo offers simultaneous voyeuristic and physical pleasures as you both get to see AND experience penetration together.








Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness
Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness

Strapless dildos  are designed for strap on-style sex with a partner, without the need of a harness.

A U-shaped double dildo, featuring one internal (egg-shaped) and one external (longer) dildo.

The “operator” grips the internal dildo inside her (using her PC Muscles) whilst she penetrates her lover with the external dildo.

A strapless dildo is best for subtle moves, rather than wild thrusting, as it doesn’t offer the same security of a dildo worn in a harness.



Dildos To Strap-On


Starts Manufacturing Artisan, Hand-Made Silicone Dildos & Strap-Ons

A dildo worn with a harness offers more security & adaptability than a strapless; the harness holds the dildo securely to your body, meaning you can move more freely.

The other advantage is that you can interchange the dildo, up or down-sizing as the fancy (and your dildo collection) takes you…

One partner wears a dildo ‘strapped-on’ , either onto their hips, with a regular Strap-On  Harness or onto their leg, using a Thigh Harness.

The dildo is then ready to offer her partner penetrative pleasure, either vaginally or anally.

A Strap-On is a classic lesbian sex toy,  but it’s becoming increasingly popular with straight couples who are discovering the delights and orgasmic potential of pegging.

Dildos worn in a harness must have a flared/wide base to prevent them slipping out of the harness.

A flared base on a dildo is also crucial for safe anal play.

All Sh! silicone dildos are harness compatible and anal safe.


Dildos For Sensation

Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
Hard dildos, made of glass or steel offer amazing sensations that the G-Spot & Prostate particularly enjoy…

Dildos made from glass or metal offer a delicious weightiness that other dildos can’t…

It’s a weight and firmness that the G-Spot & Prostate respond to really well.

These dildos also feel super sleek and sensual. With just a touch of lube, they simply glide inside with unbelievable ease…

They can also be gently warmed, or chilled, to offer different temperature sensations.

Glass and metal dildos offer unique penetrative pleasure which is very different to a regular dildo and most of our customers who try them, rave about the exquisite sensations they deliver.

Designed to be hand-held, they cannot be worn as strap-on.



So that’s our run down on the main different types of dildos, but we have loads more advice about choosing and using a dildo

Check out these sections to discover more…


pegging advice

Q&A: Strap on Vibrating Dildo for Pegging

Dear Sh! My girlfriend and I were wondering – would a vibrating dildo be good for us to use during strap-on pegging? Any advice you can give us would be appreciated.   Hi there,

Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50
Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50

Having a vibrating dildo (the vibrating version of our own Silicone Dildos does mean that you have the possibility of more stimulation – both for you and your lovely lady during pegging. The vibrating bullet makes the whole “shaft” of the dildo gently quiver – whilst silicone transmits vibration well, it will never be as strong as a vibrator.

This sensation is then transferred to your prostate during pegging so it’s bound to feel good

Depending on how your girlfriend positions the dildo, she can benefit from the vibration on her clitoris too during a pegging session – so winners all round! If you’ve already got a dildo and want to try out the vibrating sensations that it will bring to strap on pegging, try a detachable powerful Vibrating Cock Ring that slips over the dildo at the base to create a similar thrilling effect. We hope this answers your question and if you need any more advice, just get in touch. Best Wishes Team Sh!

advice men

The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

Men have their own erotic pleasure spot, called the Prostate – a gland that is comparable to the female G-Spot

…which is why it is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot.

Erotic prostate massage is highly pleasurable for lots men. Their orgasms are often more explosive when prostate stimulation is combined with sex. Some lucky chaps can orgasm through erotic prostate massage alone!

How to find and stimulate your man’s erotic hot spot – The Prostate Gland.

The Prostate Gland / Male G-Spot
The Prostate Gland / Male G-Spot


Massage the male G-spot /prostate by inserting a finger covered in anal lube or special prostate massager two to three inches into his anus and stroking towards the front of his body using a ‘come here’ gesturing motion, exactly like a G-Spot stroke.

Exactly like the female G-Spot, the prostate swells and hardens as it becomes aroused, making it easier to feel.

The more turned-on your man, the more his prostate will be receptive firmer stimulation.

If you are going to add erotic prostate / male G-Spot massage to your repertoire, you’ll need to understand how sensitive & slowly the journey to prostate pleasure should be.

anal sphincter muscles
anal sphincter muscles

Inside the anus are two sets of sphincter muscles; the first can be tensed at will, but the second set constrict involuntarily.

So even he wants erotic prostate / male G-Spot massage and is trying to relax, his anus might initially appear to resist.

Patience, a slow pace and communication are essential to relaxing both sets of anal muscles and enjoying prostate / male G-Spot stimulation.

Rectal tissue is very delicate and does not self-lubricate, so always be gentle when performing erotic prostate massage.

Lots of lube is essential in every kind of anal play, including, of course prostate play!

Make sure you don’t skimp – coat his anus, fingers and toys liberally and keep reapplying.


Many prostate massagers are ergonomically shaped for hands-free pleasure
Many prostate massagers are ergonomically shaped for male G-Spot  pleasure

Special Prostate Massagers like the Rude Boy and the Naughty Boy are specially shaped to take in the curves of the anus and find his erotic hot spot.

Probing with a prostate massager is a great way to give you man a great erotic prostate massage without using your fingers.



Using latex gloves for erotic prostate massage is also a great way to deal with any squeamishness or nerves. They are also brilliant if you have long nails and need to protect his delicate tush from your talons.

Go Forth! Give him the erotic prostate massage of his life!

advice sex toys

How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

Whether a sex-toy virgin, looking for a first vibrator or budding sexpert seeking new toys, the most important thing to think about, when choosing a sex toy, is what you want to get out of your toy.

Ask yourself; What is the main type of pleasure I want from my sex toy ?

It’s easy to get boggled or diverted by all the different styles of playthings available, but in order to find the right sex toy for you, one that will meet your expectations and deliver the kind of pleasure you’re looking for, the best starting point is to zone in on exactly what you want its main job to be…

For clitoral pleasure –  choose a vibrator

The best toy,  for intense stimulation of the external clitoris and vulva is a vibrator.

If you're looking for a sex toy to give dedicated clitoral pleasure, a vibrator is the best toy for you to choose...
If you’re looking for a sex toy to give dedicated clitoral pleasure, a vibrator is the best toy for you to choose…

Many people assume the way to use a vibrator is inside, replicating intercourse, but actually 80% of women only use theirs externally on or around their clitoris, during masturbation.

Your Clitoris & How to Pleasure It...
Your Clitoris & How to Pleasure It…

Clitoral stimulation is key to most women’s orgasms.

No wonder, then, that vibrators are the most popular sex toy choice for most women shopping at Sh! and the kind we advise most about.

Any toy that vibrates will stimulate your clitoris,  so feel free to choose any vibrator that appeals to you.


Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10
Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10
Womanizer Clitoral Suction Toy £129
Womanizer Clitoral Suction Toy £129







You can spend as little as £10, up to well over £100. Choosing the right vibrator is a very personal choice and we have LOTS of advice to help you. If you’d like tailored advice, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through the best options for you.

Read more from advice categories:

Read more specific advice:

For internal pleasure: choose a vibrator or a dildo

You’ll see from the picture above, your clitoris has two shafts that loop inside and hug the vagina. Your vaginal entrance is also packed with sensitive nerve-endings, so intense pleasure can come from inside too.

Choosing the right shape and size of a penetrative toy IS important.

The right toy for penetrative pleasure is something of a Goldilocks choice; One that’s too big or wide for you will feel uncomfortable, just as a toy that’s too small or slim will feel unfulfilling.

The best way is to think of ( or measure!) the size of your preferred penetrative pleasure object ( fingers? penis? another sex toy?) and  go for similar proportions.


Desire Vibrator £49
A vibrator with a shaft can be enjoyed for penetrative, as well as clitoral pleasure
Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50
A dildo is also a good choice if you are looking for penetrative pleasure







Despite the jokes, size isn’t everything. Every woman is different, which is why we stock penetrative toys, whether a dildo or a vibrator, from tiny size up.

Read More:

For both inside and out  – choose a Rabbit

Sh! Rabbit Vibrator £25 A Rabbit vibrator delivers combined internal and clitoral stimulation, offering the possibility for a 'blended' orgasm
Sh! Rabbit Vibrator £25 A Rabbit vibrator delivers combined internal and clitoral stimulation, offering the possibility for a ‘blended’ orgasm



One of the most famous sex toys in history, the rabbit vibrator offers amazing dual sensations.

Internal massage is combined with intense clitoral stimulation.

Millions of women agree that it’s a winning combination!


Read more:




For stronger orgasms through PC Muscle/ Kegal workout – choose love balls


Love balls are 2 weighted spheres designed to strengthen the PC muscle, which, in time  will give you stronger orgasms
Love balls are 2 weighted spheres designed to strengthen the PC muscle, which, in time will give you stronger orgasms


The key to stronger, longer, more certain orgasms is a strong PC muscle, which you learn to flex during sex is key.

They also seem to be imposrtant to learning how to female ejaculate or ‘squirt’

Love balls, made famous in Fifty Shades of Grey, are 2 heavy balls that you wear inside (vaginally)

The weight means that you naturally tense your PC muscle to keep them in place.

Many women also tell us they find them pleasurable to wear in themselves, as they twirl around in response to your movements.

Read More



For your G-Spot – Choose a vibrator or dildo that’s specially shaped for G-Spot pleasure


There’s lots of hoo-haw recently about whether the G-Spot exists. We don’t believe there’s been enough proper ‘evidence’ of this and prefer to go on personal research!

It might be that we don’t all respond in the same way but, whether it’s part of the internal clitoris or indeed a special magical ( and illusive!) spot, many, many women report a difference in sensations and orgasmic qualities that come from inside…

Your G-Spot
Your G-Spot

So, we will continue to call it the ‘G-Spot’ and give advice that is gathered from talking to 1000’s of women.

A  toy that has a curved or bulbous head is best suited to finding and stimulating the G-Spot  more easily and more comfortably, than a straight-sided toy.

A vibrator with a curved and/or bulbous tip can find & stimulate the G-Spot more easily, than a straight toy
A vibrator with a curved and/or bulbous tip can find & stimulate the G-Spot more easily, than a straight toy
The G-Spot responds to pressure & firm massage, more than vibration, making a Glass dildo a great toy for G-spotting
The G-Spot responds to pressure & firm massage, more than vibration, making a Glass dildo a great toy for G-spotting…
Honey G-Spot Silicone Dildos are ergonomically curved to massage 'special spots'
Honey G-Spot Silicone Dildos are ergonomically curved to massage ‘special spot’


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His Prostate – Choose a vibrator or dildo that is specially shaped for P-Spot pleasure


Men have their own special spot, called the Prostate Gland, that can give them amazing orgasms...
The Prostate Gland, can give men amazing orgasms…


Whist we’re on the subject of ‘special spots’ men have their own, comparable to the G-Spot, called the Prostate.

Located in their bum, lots of men are are discovering the amazing orgasmic capabilities of their Prostate.

Like any toy destined for anal pleasure, a Prostate Massager must be a safe shape so it doesn’t get lots up there.

Rocks Off Naughty Boy £49 - World famous 'hands-free' prostate massager for him
Rocks Off Naughty Boy £49 – World famous ‘hands-free’ prostate massager for him
Wild Swan £20 - Any G-Spot Vibrator with a wide base can safely be enjoyed for prostate massage too...
Wild Swan £20 – Any G-Spot Vibrator with a wide base can safely be enjoyed for prostate massage too…



Both your G-Spot and his Prostate respond to pressure and motion better than vibration. which is why a silicone dildo is great for G-Spot and prostate pleasure, plus with 30+ sizes & shapes, all with anal-safe bases, there’s also more choice…


Read More:



To enhance intercourse – choose a couple’s toy


Lelo Noa £65 - Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time...
Lelo Noa £65 – Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time…

Over 70% of women find orgasm difficult or impossible through penetration alone and adding a clitoral buzz helps.

Intercourse enhancing toys are specially designed to address this.

Worn by the woman during penetrative sex, these C-shaped vibrators hug the clitoris ( the larger arm) and the G-Spot ( the smaller arm) , whilst leaving room for her partner too.





A Vibrating Cock-Ring delivers a clitoral buzz for you, plus a pleasurable squeeze for him, during intercourse
Vibrating Cock-Ring  is a fun toy for added stimulation during intercourse


A vibrating cock-ring is also a good sex toy for couples.

A stretchy ring that  is worn at the base of his penis, it will deliver at pleasurable squeeze to him and he’ll feel the vibration too.

The vibrating portion is designed to stimulate your clitoris during penetration,




Discreet toys to slip on your finger will not feel like you've introduced a threesome...
Discreet toys won’t feel like you’ve introduced a threesome…

A discrete toy such as a vibrator for your finger or a tongue vibrator are great if you want to  introduce a sex toy to your partner.

Stylish designer vibrators are also a good choice as they make non-threatening bed-fellows for couples to share and enjoy together.




Penis Extension Sleeves
Penis Extension Sleeves


Want to feel a little bit more? For years we’ve rejected penis extension toys for being both iccky and impractical, but finally some have come on to the market that get the Sh! seal of approval.

Designed to slip over his meat n’ 2 veg, they add extra girth to his penis, whilst giving him a stimulating sensation from the textured interior.

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For backdoor pleasure – Choose a specially designed anal toy.

It's important that a toy desined for anal pleasure is a safe shape, with a wide base, so it can't get 'lost' up there...
It’s important that a toy designed for anal pleasure is a safe shape, with a wide base, so it can’t get ‘lost’ up there…


Things can get lost up the bum so it’s very important to use properly designed anal toys, rather than regular ones.

Whether beads, plugs or vibrators, all our toys for anal pleasure are super-smooth and safe, with bases or rings to safeguard them from slipping all the way inside.

The wide bases and hygienic material of silicone dildos also make great anal toys .

Read more:


For His Pleasure – Choose a male masturbator

Cool male masturbators - no fake lady lips, just great toys for male pleasure.
Cool male masturbators – no fake lady lips, just great toys for male pleasure.

Whether it’s him to enjoy solo or for you to play with together, a male masturbator is a fabulous sex toy for men – a stimulating sleeve that will deliver a hand-job from heaven!

We don’t stock any ‘realistic’ toys and this extends, of course, to our male sex toys selection. So they make great gifts, without stirring up any weird feelings about them being ‘replacements or ‘replicas’ for the ‘real thing’

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For Strap On  Sex – Choose a silicone dildo teamed with a strap on harness

2 Strap Harness Hand-made in our London Studio & available in a wide range of sizes and colours £45
2 Strap Harness Hand-made in our London Studio & available in a wide range of sizes and colours £45




For sex with a strap-on, whether as a lesbian couple or for pegging, the most popular and versatile option is to buy a harness, along with a dildo.

We don’t rate ‘fused’ strap-ons as one size most definitely DOES NOT fit all!

Fused strap-ons ( where the dildo is permanently attached to a harness) are also impossible to clean the dildo effectively.

That’s why we hand-produce our own range of harnesses and silicone dildos in our London studio, giving you a huge range of sizes, so every preference is covered.


Sh! dildos are hand-poured in super safe silicone and come in a range of over 30 fifferent sizes, meaning there's a perfect dildo, whatever your preference!
Sh! dildos are hand-poured in super safe silicone and come in a range of over 30 fifferent sizes, meaning there’s a perfect dildo, whatever your preference!



Choosing your harness and dildo individually gives the most bespoke strap-on possible.

Or choose one of our Strap On Kits


Best Strap-On Kit £99
Best Strap-On Kit £99


They are specially selected to contain everything you need to get started.





Pegging Strap On Kit £89
Pegging Strap On Kit £89







For strap-on style sex, without a harness, choose a strapless dildo

Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness
Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness

Strapless Strap-Ons offer a different way to enjoy strap-on sex.

They require no harness but strong PC muscles to operate!

A strapless is better suited to close, intimate ‘grinding-together’ than wild thrusting

Read More:

Remember – Lube Enhances All Play!

Sh! Lube £10 - Available in Hybrid, Paraben-free and Anal formulars
Sh! Lube £10 – Available in Hybrid, Paraben-free and Anal formulars

Once you have chosen your toys, remember to add lube.

It enhances all erotic play, reduces friction and making everything you do super-sensual, whether with a lover or solo, using sex toys, hands or body to body. We promise you wont regret it!

Read More: