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Glass Dildo Questions

Many customers are intrigued by toys and dildos made of glass, being drawn to their glittering smooth forms in-store, like magpies… Not only are glass dildos beautiful to look at, but they are also amazing to play with. Glass delivers uniquely sleek and weighty sensations that many G-Spots & Prostates respond to with aplomb! But glass, as a sex … Continue reading Glass Dildo Questions

The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

Men have their own erotic pleasure spot, called the Prostate – a gland that is comparable to the female G-Spot …which is why it is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot. Erotic prostate massage is highly pleasurable for lots men. Their orgasms are often more explosive when prostate stimulation is combined with sex. Some lucky chaps can orgasm … Continue reading The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

Whether a sex-toy virgin, looking for a first vibrator or budding sexpert seeking new toys, the most important thing to think about, when choosing a sex toy, is what you want to get out of your toy. Ask yourself; What is the main type of pleasure I want from my sex toy ? It’s easy to get boggled or … Continue reading How To Choose The Right Sex Toy