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WIN 1 of 3 Sh! Love Cherries Sets

Pelvic floor health is so important, yet so many women neglect to do their kegel exercises regularly: it’s easy to forget about the muffkin when it’s in good working order. As we age, so do our PC muscles and this is when a weak pelvic floor will suddenly make itself known. The most common symptoms … Continue reading WIN 1 of 3 Sh! Love Cherries Sets

Happy Mother’s Day! – Sex after Pregnancy

It’s almost Mother’s day and we at Sh! thought the nicest thing we could do for all the mums out there would be to make sure they are still having great sex! So we we’re giving you a quick guide to sex after pregnancy and particularly, pelvic floor exercises. Pregnancy changes the body in all sort … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day! – Sex after Pregnancy

SuperCharge Your Sex Life – Sold Out!

Sorry this event is now fully booked! Please join our list, if you would like future invites.. Millions of women around the world start the new year with a list of resolutions: Gym. Swimming. Less chocolate. More reading. Finally completing that god damned Spanish for Beginners… But if you ask us , we think the list should … Continue reading SuperCharge Your Sex Life – Sold Out!

Gussie Grips – Comedy & Continence.

Is laughing no laughing matter? Comedy & Continence. Elaine Miller is a physiotherapist and recovered incontinent with a hobby of stand up comedy – so she’s written a Fringe show in response to her patients’ cries of “Oh, don’t make me laugh, the tears are running down my leg”. “Gusset Grippers” is a comedy show … Continue reading Gussie Grips – Comedy & Continence.