Win a Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe – Worth £129!

A new month and a new fantastic competition with a prize that’ll make your toes curl:

Meet Womanizer 2Go!

As far as orgasms go, initial testing showed that an impressive 98% of women reached climax in less than 5 minutes when using the Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe. This is far beyond any other sex toy-testing stats we know of, but we can well believe it – air suction toys haven’t been out on the market for all that long, but they have created a panty-flapping stir for sure.

We have one of these fantastic toys to give away and YOU could WIN it!

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Womanizer 2Go is part of brand new sex tech for women – toys that don’t necessarily make contact with the super-sensitive clitoris but still manages to bring on orgasms strong enough to wake the neighbourhood!

The magic behind Womanizer 2Go is air suction; a gentle vacuum that sucks and thrills the 8000 nerve-endings on the clitoris. Some say it feels akin to a really great oral sex session, others say it’s indescribable. Either way, everyone agrees it’s marvellous!

Key Features of Womanizer 2GO

  • Sophisticated clitoral suction vibe with 6 levels of intensity
  • 100% waterproof for fun pleasure sessions in the bath or shower
  • USB rechargeable and made from body-safe material
  • Comes with 2 silicone nozzles for best fit over clit
  • 2 years guarantee


Suction toys are amazing tools for women who find it difficult to orgasm – the intense suction can help tip a temperamental clit into orgasmic bliss.

For women who like lots of pleasure (well – that’ll be most of us!), Womanizer 2Go can help you become multi-orgasmic. As it doesn’t directly touch the clit and over-stimulate it, many women find they can keep going and going and going…

The classy lipstick design makes this toy easy to store and perfect to take away on travels. Orgasms ‘2GO’ have never been easier 😉

Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

August is here and many of us have returned to work after a one or two precious weeks off. If you’re anything like us, your boss have probably already found you staring out at the British drizzle, daydreaming about sunny skies, hot sand and a jug of Sangria… Luckily we have a cool treat that’ll put a smile on someone’s (labia) lips: ice cream!

The cleverly-named I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator by Shiri Zinn is a super-cute vibe with 10 settings and a musical storage box (no, really!).

Worth £55, I-Scream could be all yours if you take a moment or two to enter our giveaway below…

Enter the I-Scream Ice Cream Vibe Competition here:

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The Low-Down on I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator

10 pleasure patterns deliver throbby thrills in private places. Neck, nipples, inside of thighs, clit… Anywhere you like. Just add a drizzle of water-based lube and I-Scream will have you a-screaming with pleasure in no time!

Using the ball of ice cream will offer more diffused sensations, whereas using the tip of the cone offer pin-point pleasure. The waffle pattern offers interesting sensations and can be slid in between labia lips.

I-Scream is a USB rechargeable vibe, making it a perfect travelling buddy. Simply plug in, finish up that cocktail (or mocktail if you are a non-drinker) and you’re ready to go, go, go!

Good luck!


Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.



WIN The Great British Lesbian Hamper worth £500+

A new month means a new competition and Girl! – do we have an AMAZING  giveaway for you this month…

Rainbow LipsAs #queerpioneers, we’ve dedicated the last 25 years (woop!) to #pleasuringlesbians (well, our products have – we’d have been waaaaay too busy to run a shop otherwise!) and we want to make Pride 2017 the biggest and bestest ever – celebrating queer identity & culture in all its magnificent rainbow-glory!

We’ve been so excited about this, but we’ve managed to keep mum – until now that is:

We are giving away a Hamper full of sex toys, worth over £500!

That’s right, people £500+ worth of sex toys for you (and a beau perhaps) to enjoy…

We’ve packed the Great British Lesbian Hamper full of anything and everything you could ever need – we want to give the winner the time of their life; sexy experiences to enjoy time and time again!

For a closer look at the goodies inside the Hamper, scroll past the giveaway (once you’ve entered, of course!) and prepare to be amazed…

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Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in the Great British Lesbian Hamper:

Sh! Bliss G-spot Vibrator – with 7 setting to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Velvety silicone covers the entire shaft and angled head, making Bliss very sensual to enjoy.

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit – our bestselling rabbit vibe with 12 thrilling settings to explore. If you adore clit stimulation this toy delivers. The cute rabbit ears hug the clitoris, delivering intense vibes to the sides rather than directly onto the tip…

Sh! Glass Pink Double Dildo – stunning dildo with solid ribs and bumps in all the right places. Leave it to cool down in the fridge or run under warm water for exquisite temperature play.

Womanizer Pro W500 – fun peppermint version of this bestselling sex toy with sucking sensations. 8 settings deliver stonking orgasm after stonking orgasm – Womanizer is every toy connoisseurs’ must-have!

Rocks-Off Finger Tingles Vibrator – turn your fingers into tantalising temptresses, ready to offer buzzing pleasure at the press of a button…

Dildo HeartsSh! Cupid 3 Rainbow Dildo – specially made for celebrating Pride 2017! 6 inches long, with a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft (1.5 inch at widest) delivers a winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasure. Hand-poured by our Dildo Mistress right here in London.

Sh! Leather 2-Strap Dildo Harness – best-selling strap-on harness in soft, supple leather, regularly receives 5* customer reviews. This harness is sensual, practical, secure and very comfortable for all strap-on play. Choose between black, purple, baby pink, hot pink, baby blue or red.

Thigh Harness BlackSh! Thigh Strap-On Harness – handmade right here in London, this is an innovative alternative for strap-on play. the thigh harness straps a dildo to your leg to deliver thigh-humping penetrative pleasure to your lover…

Sh! Lube – two bottles of water-based and paraben-free Sh! Lube should be enough to see you through the rest of the Summer!

Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug -smooth butt plug in small size suitable for beginners. Included is also a bottle of 25ml anal lube for comfy play.

Sh! Leather Blindfold – leather blindfold is gently padded and secured comfortably with an elasticated strap. Soft, sensuous and opaque (no peeping!). Handmade right here in London.

Sh! Wax Candles 3-Pack – handcrafted for sexy simplicity as well as safety, these dripping candles are specially designed to have a low burning temperature, offering enough heat for that unparalleled sensual sensation of hot wax, without burning the skin.

bondage-ropeSh! Bondage Tape – self-clinging tape, ideal for quick and easy bondage games. 20 meters of tape for playful fun – choose between red, pink or black.

Sh! Toy Cleaner – speedy, safe cleaning product that’s suitable for use with all sex toys and all sex toy materials. Ensures all your sex toys are clean, fresh and free from harmful bacteria every time you want to play.

Ostrich Feather – approximately 20″ long for stroking and playful tickling. Choose between black, red or purple.

The Art of Lesbian Lovemaking – an updated version of the lesbian Kama Sutra. 44 chapters full of insightful and inspiring tips and techniques, written and compiled by Rose Black & Lilly Gluck, founders of

Disclaimer: Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Good Luck!

Rainbow Roses

Win a Womanizer Competition (Worth £139!)

Win a Womanizer Competition (Worth £139!)

To celebrate this amazing new technology we are giving away the The Womanizer Pro 500W in the not-yet-in-the-shelves peppermint colour.

The Womanizer Pro 500W is the newest version of revolutionary clitoral stimulator. Uses vacuum to deliver unique ‘drawing-in’ sucking sensations – it simulates oral sex! This toy is worth £139!

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Disclaimer: Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Play and Win a Mini Marvels Massager

We love you, we really do… so we are giving out a Marvelous Massager in fresh, funky orange!  It is a powerful palm vibrator that delivers intense vibrations for all-over pleasure.

Slip your fingers into the grooves for intuative pleasure where ever they touch or lay the massager flat along the labia or place the grooved area so it surround the sensitive clitoris.

Play with a tweet or follow us on Facebook and get the chance to win this amazing high-tech toy! ;D


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#beboldforchange: How Sh! Helped Change the Female Pleasure Game

#beboldforchange: How Sh! Helped Change the Female Pleasure Game

This year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Be Bold for Change’ got us thinking about the times in Sh!’s herstory when we were bold, when we were determined to make a change, despite men ( and yes, mostly it *was* men) telling us that this was not a mould to be broken.

The sex industry today may be filled with women-led crowdfunded sex toy designs, female-focussed websites and couples-friendly packaging but 25 years ago it was a very different matter…

‘We don’t get many women in here Darlin‘ leered the moist male shop assistant on our first ever preamble to a sex shop…

We’d gone on our little shopping trip because as young, liberal women, we believed it was our right to explore our sexuality and I just wanted a nice vibrator and my friend wanted a strap-on!

Turned out that wasn’t to be. There were no nice toys, let alone female-friendly ones…

It also turned out to be the defining moment that spurred us to #beboldforchange.

For millennials, who have grown-up and honed their sexuality in a post-Sh!, post-Lelo, post-Agent Provocateur world, it’s difficult to explain to just how bleak and ignorant was the world towards female sexuality, 25 years ago.

It was 1992. At once both an age, and also a nano-second, ago.

It may have been 40 years after Dr Gräfenberg identified ‘an erotic zone [that] always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina’ –  the famous G-Spot of his namesake.  Yet it would be 6 years until Helen O’Connell discovers that ‘the vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris’ in 1998 and a whopping 16 years before the first ever 3D sonography of the stimulated clitoris,  in 2008, reveals its true size and intricacy.

It’s not just the ignorance around female pleasure that’s shocking to look at within the last 25 years.

Within the last quarter century there has been a massive shift around sexual identity along with a rejection of limiting binary labels. The fact that half of all millennials don’t identify as 100% straight is beyond brilliant to those of us honing our own sexuality 25 years ago.

In 1988, Section 28 had been enacted; the nasty little law that stated local authorities ‘must not intentionally promote homosexuality’ and it would be a long, out and proud fight to get it repealed in 2003.

It was this fight that led, in a lovely rainbow line, directly to the equalisation of all relationships within the law and legalisation of gay marriage in 2013.

A time, when Madonna released  Erotica and leather-clad lesbians ran their own SM sex clubs  and yet when Operation Spanner was criminalising consensual SM and if you were a ‘proper’ feminist, you argued against porn, sex work and penetration.

It was a time of glimmers of sex-positivism amidst the oppressive gloom of the anti-sex brigade.

Radical was the concept of a sex shop where women were not only not only welcomed but were the main deal.

But we were bold. We wanted change. We opened one anyways!

‘I hereby charge you with running an unlicensed sex shop…’

The Licencing team from the local Authority had come armed with clipboards, counted up all the  ‘sexual articles’ in Sh! and decided they constituted a ‘significant degree’

[ The legal definition of a ‘sex shop’ is a place that displays/ sells ‘sex articles’ to ‘a significant degree’ ]

Oh dear. Either we were to pay the sex shop licence fee of £17,000 per year, or they would see us in court.

A licenced sex shop is legally allowed to sell R18 porn videos, which in a pre-internet world was a super-lucrative business within male-focussed sex shops.  We were already being radical by creating a shop for women to explore their sexuality, in a world that frowned upon or just plain disbelieved that women should even want to. But making up our sales with porn for women ( where precious little even exists, now as then) was asking too much!

Financially it was tantamount to closing us down.

But the bigger issue was around the meaning of a ‘sexual article’ which is legally defined as anything that ‘stimulates or encourages sexual activity or the force or restraint  associated with it’

Gosh! First off, how strange to place equal emphasis on  ‘force and restraint’ when F&R (or S&M as most of us would put it)  is quite a specialised sexuality. But no mention of spanking which is historically  La Vice Anglais (or perhaps that’s force and having it enshrined in law has somehow created a self-fulfilling  prophecy of kinky Englanders?) What about feet or food or silk? Oh dear but no – that would mean that Clarkes, Tesco and the haberdashery counter at Selfidges could be deemed to have a significant degree of sexual articles and were thus sex shops.

Definition surely always exists with context and  within the context of Sh! surely anything could be deemed sexual.

We purposefully rejected ‘realistic’ toys and porn-star packaging. There was nothing overt or ‘obscene’ ( another scurrilous legal definition) on our shelves precisely because these type of toys were made for the male gaze and had nothing to do with female-friendliness let alone female-pleasure.

‘They could all be electric toothbrushes!’ we retorted somewhat cheekily,  as the Council officials surveyed the brightly coloured, non-phallic vibes on our display table.

Which of course is true, because before Sh! and before Lelo ( who in 2003, were one of the 1st companies to design female-friendly sex toys) a lot of women used there trusty Braun to get off.

Sex and health are, of course, intertwined (which is how come you see vibrators in chemists & drugstores these days!), but back in the dark ages of the ‘90’s few businesses or institutions shared this healthy attitude to sex.

We were determined to bring sexuality out of backstreets of seedy-land and into the light of everyday life. But we had a fight on our hands if we were to even survive long enough to get our message out. There was nothing for it – we had to go to court. There followed a hysterically scary few days as we all pondered the precise nature of a ‘sexual article’ ‘Is THIS a sexual article Madam, …or this?’ quizzed our barrister of the magistrate as he flourished a feather duster or a length of chain around…

The case was thrown out, perhaps as much as on a technicality as on principal, but the bold issues had been raised and change was on its way.


‘This is Mr Listen to Me from *much bigger sex toy company than yours love*….’

Sh! must stop calling your rabbit ‘Jessica Rabbit’ because we have bought the rights to that name and it’s ours, ALL ours!’

The rabbit vibrator may seem like it’s been around forever but it was a revolutionary design when it first hopped onto the scene, since when it has revolutionized possibly millions of women’s orgasmic capabilities.

We received this ‘order’ at least a decade after discovering a rabbit vibrator on the shelves of our local sex toy warehouse, re-naming it Jessica Rabbit Vibrator and telling the world about this fabulous new discovery.  The rabbit has had many guises, but this was one of the earliest, before Rampant, and was called (in the same vein) Roger Rabbit.

‘Did you recommend it in a 1993 Cosmo article?’ we asked.

That was the last we heard from any late-to-the-party sex toy company lawyers. We have proudly, boldly, and with a certain ‘so, sue us!’ righteousness to call our rabbit vibrator; Jessica Rabbit, ever since!

advice vibrator

Clitoral Orgasm Set

Clitoral Pleasure Set £22
Clitoral Pleasure Set £22

Several of our bestsellers in a cute gift box.

The small but mighty Sh! Bullet vibrator has been around for a long time and is still as popular as when it was first introduced. Single speed and dinky enough to keep in your pocket without raising eyebrows, the Sh! Bullet comes ready-loaded with three cell batteries. Coupled with a travel-size bottle of paraben-free Lush Pure lube, a tester sachet of the bestselling Tickle Her Pink enhancing gel for extra zing and a spray bottle of sex toy cleaner. Perfect size for travelling, wedding-night surprises or as a little pick-me-up treat after a long week.

Experience First Orgasm with Clitoral Vibrator

Many women experience their first orgasm with a clit vibrator and clit toys are just as great for couples play as for solo sessions. Hop on over to our page about the clit and clitoral pleasure to learn more!

Bubbly & Cake

May at Sh!

What’s been happening at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium this May!

By Joanna

Can you believe it’s the end of May already? It may have been a (mostly) dark and dismal month, but there’s been plenty going on at Sh! Towers to keep us busy…

We have learnt so much from some *amazing* women who have taught at our Sh! Hoxton store in May. Earlier in the month, the fabulous Mollena Williams visited us on her European Tour with two kinky classes aimed at both kink-virgins and those folks already playing on the BDSM scene. We were also contacted by the Australian bundle-of-dynamite that is Cyndi Darnell for a sell-out class on Female Arousal Anatomy. Both Mollena and Cyndi gave us plenty of food for thought, and we look forward to another visit in the near future!

Speaking of Mollena, we also nominated Playing Well With Others as our May Book of the Month. Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington co-wrote this amazing book, which describes itself as the “Field Guide to Navigating the BDSM and Kink Community” (but we think it is more like a guide to life).


Bondage Bow
Bondage Bow

The Rare Assembly Bondage Bow was our May Toy of the Month ~ congratulations to the winner of this gorgeous latex treat. These seemingly innocent latex bows can be unravelled for lots of kinky fun.

If you’re more saucy siren than girly girl, you’ll *love* our new Black Rose BDSM range. From soft cuffs and blindfolds to naughty mouth bits, there is something for everyone. All packaged in purple and black, this beautifully designed and fully functioning equipment is a must for your kinky cupboard.

Also new in this month ~ Our best-selling lubricant Lush Pure and Lush Pure + has arrived in new little handbag size! We *love* lube here at Sh! and recommend everyone keeps at least one travel-sized bottle of lube handy at all times…

We’ve had some super-hot Filthy Friday fun this month! Every Friday, we offer our blog readers *free* erotica, and May has been no exception. Alison Tyler, K L Gillespie, Bebe Balocca, Ella and Plumptious Pea have all shared free smut, and we love them for it! <3

Brownie‘Ask, and you shall receive!’ ~ We called out for emergency cake, and the lovely @EA_Unadorned sent us some absolutely delicious Cookie Dough Brownies from @Wraggamuffins #Thankyousomuch!

One of our main competitors stopped by earlier this week. He complimented us on our fabulous store, and even wanted to take pix of our exclusive FetiSh! range, made by our very own Sh! Pixies in our London warehouse.

On Thursday we hosted a fabulously fun Loyalty Card Holders Party. There was bubbly, and cupcakes, and the ladiez from AnnaKarenina Corsetry were on hand to fit customers into their beautiful custom-made corsets.

Lastly, but by not means least… we’ve been filming in store with the fabulous Kathryn Hoyle for the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium website so look out for some new videos on the site in the coming weeks!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



Whore Magazine Logo

March at Sh!

It’s been a crazy month here at Sh! Towers. Plenty of happy customers skipping out with their pink bags stuffed with goodies, preparing for the loooong Easter Weekend. For those of you meaning to call and ask about opening hours:

Saturday 30th March ~ 12-8pm

Sunday 31st March ~ Closed

Monday 1st April onwards~ 12-8pm

(Remember that clocks go forward on Sunday 31st March)

Of course, the Sh! Website is always open!

If you haven’t had time to visit us this month, set aside some *you-time* and schedule a trip to Sh! in April. Happy Hour lands on Thursday 4th April (6-8pm), and what could be more perfect than a glass of bubbly whilst you peruse our vast selection of the finest sex toys in town.

So, what have you missed this month…?

It’s been Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day (March 8th). We’ve had some wonderful guest blogs from Whore Magazine, and Girls Get Busy Zine. Our very own Kathryn Hoyle, Founder and Managing Director of Sh!, spoke on the panel of the Sex and Sensibilities at the WOW Festival. (That’s Women of the World Festival). Some of the lucky ladies sitting in on the debate found their way to our Hoxton store for a free sample of our deliciously silky Lush Liquid Lubricant. Along with many of the global feminist community, we’ve been outraged by the media coverage of the Steubenville sexual assault case, and have been sending out a powerful ‘Say No to Victim-Blaming’ message to our followers. We hope you all do the same!

We were nominated for a RWL Award, and although we didn’t win our catergory, we had a fabulous night with all the other nominees at the Horse Bar in Central London.

Have you checked out the latest issue of Diva Magazine? If not, I *strongly* suggest you pick up a copy soon. (Coincidentally we stock Diva here at Sh! Hoxton, wink, wink) This month is the Sex Issue, and as you flick through (ahem) you’ll see your favourite women’s only sex store has been mentioned *quite* a few times.

Congratulations to Vanessa for winning tickets to Burlexe next month. Burlexe is the new theatrical show based on the stories of the women who created burlesque. The show runs weekly from Wednesday 27th March at 10pm.

Here at Sh!, we *love* some good erotic fiction, and this month we started our own Book of the Month on the Sh! Blog. March was dedicated to Nancy Friday, and today is your last day to get your free sample of Lush Lubricant with every Nancy Friday purchase.


It’s also the last day to enter our Toy of the Month Competition. All you need to do is comment on the Toy of the Month blog post to be in with a chance of winning! The winner will be chosen later today ~ so good luck everyone!

We’ve been very busy with events during March. If you attended one of our classes, we hope you had a fabulous time (it certainly looked like you all did!). We have a couple of spaces left on our next Blow His Mind class on Wednesday 3rd April. We also have some great deals on private parties (including hen parties).

The most popular toys in store this month have been Waterproof Jessica Rabbit and Discretion Vibe. Waterproof Jessica has been a classic for *many* years, and continues to please women across the UK (if our statistics are anything to go by!) Discretion Vibe is cute, handbag-sized toy, perfect for travelling, with a powerful buzz. Avoid embarrassing security stops by taking out your battery prior to boarding planes!

The Sh! Blog has been equally bursting with exciting gossip. Have you seen our Harlem Shake yet? WHAT? NO? That’s okay, check it out here.

We’ve been lucky enough to have six *amazing* authors sharing their smut on the blog. Thank you to Kristina Wright, Kay Jaybee, Tamsin Flowers, Lily Harlem & Natalie Dae, and Tabitha Rayne for your Filthy Friday stories… We’re looking forward to more hot erotica next month!

That’s all for now, folks!

Have a lovely Easter!


January at Sh!

January at Sh! is typically cold, dull and generally the most unsatisfying month of the year ~ so the Sh! Girlz have been working hard in store and online to make the snowy, dreary days far more exciting!

All month we been looking back at 2012 on the blog and chatting about our favourite toys of the past year. We’ve mused over the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and lusted over the gorgeous toys it produced, amongst many other fabulous products. With that in mind, we are looking forward to what 2013 will bring…

The 2013 erotic classes started with a bang (or should that be a ‘blow’), with the popular Blow His Mind workshop. Renee and Joanna were joined by a group of lovely ladies, to discuss all things fellatio, whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly and the ever-present cupcakes.

Our favourite comments from class:

“Yay! One for each hand” ~ Our lovingly handmade pink Sh! dildos caused quite a stir

“He’s so big, I need two hands to w*nk him off” ~ we’re not sure this needs an explanation 😉

“I’m soo gagging for it!” ~ Libido shot through the roof during the class

Joanna also ran the Orgasmic! Erotic Class the following, teaching women the art of the orgasm, as well as showing off some of our most sought after goodies. In true Sh! style, everyone enjoyed bubbly and cupcakes, whilst learning the finer details of the female anatomy.

Ladies who attended the class, strutted out with tips and tricks to try out as soon as they got home.

Looking to expand your sexual repertoire, or brush up on technique? Our erotic classes are just what you’re looking for! Next month’s Blow His Mind class is *already* sold out, so book onto our March workshop to avoid any disappointment. Our very special Fifty Shades of Kinky Sensuality Erotic Class uses products from the Official Fifty Shades Pleasure Collection, and is surely the perfect Valentines gift for the woman who has everything…

The Dragon King’s Daughter sensual exhibition ‘The Devil is in the Detail’ mixes fun photography with punchy poetry. Throughout January we’ve been lucky enough to have this cheeky exhibition in store, and if you’ve had a chance to visit we’re sure you will agree!

The first Sh! Loyalty Card Holder Party was a huge hit with lots of new customers signing up for the Sh! Loyalty Card. If you sign up for a Loyalty Card in store, you’ll be lucky enough to receive a 20% discount at the next Loyalty Card Holders Party (February 28th).

Last night, the talented Molly Moore opened her photography exhibition, here at the Hoxton store. The Sh! Girlz had great fun meeting all the wonderful guests, and we look forward to seeing you all soon. We’re thrilled to have such an exciting exhibition up on our pink walls.

Have a fabulous February! Keep checking out the blog ~ coming up over the next couple of weeks we’ve got some of our favourite gift ideas for Valentines Day!