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Feminist Christmuff Party with My Body Back Project

Join Sh! and My Body Back Project for a fun, festive & feminist Christmas Party! As you know probably know by now, Sh! and MBBP are all about respecting, exploring and celebrating our bodies and all the wonderful things they give us, and if you want to join in our celebration of self-love this December, … Continue reading Feminist Christmuff Party with My Body Back Project

Cafe V is Back!

Our first Cafe V of the summer this Saturday! Time to be together to celebrate and reconnect with our bodies! This session will be particularly vagtastic, with illustrator & designer Jo Harrison on hand to inspire guests to get creative with pens, glitter & colourful paper. And as per usual, Sh! staff will be on hand with Danish pastries, … Continue reading Cafe V is Back!

Help Us Raise Funds For Survivors of Sexual Violence

Anyone with access to social media will be aware of the incredible uprising of women finally speaking out about Harvey Weinstein and many others just like him; powerful men who assume they have an automatic right to women’s bodies and who wouldn’t dream of taking ‘no’ for an answer. Twitter and Facebook timelines were flooded … Continue reading Help Us Raise Funds For Survivors of Sexual Violence

Cafe V – 2017 Dates

As many have noticed, Cafe V has taken a bit of a well-deserved break  – thank you for bearing with us, lovely people – but we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear we’ve got new dates planned! The Cafe V dates for 2017 will take a slightly different format and we hope you’ll be as excited as … Continue reading Cafe V – 2017 Dates

Cafe V – Update for Guests

Your support is vital in helping My Body Back Project continue its pioneering work, including smear test, STI, contraceptive care, and maternity clinics, as well as Café V sessions. MBBP receives a very small amount of funding for the volume of women it works with. It is a very new organisation, with volunteers who offer … Continue reading Cafe V – Update for Guests

Cafe V – Information and New Dates

  Coming along to a meet-up or support group for the first time can be both exciting and scary – there’ll be unfamiliar faces and new things to learn. From experience, we know it can be very stressful to think about attending a group without knowing who will be there, and what to expect. We have created … Continue reading Cafe V – Information and New Dates