Which Men’s Toy Do You Need In Your Life?

Which Men’s Toy Do You Need In Your Life?

Answer these six questions to find the perfect toy for you or your male partner. Any more questions or still not sure? You can always email us at advice@sh-womenstore.com


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Different Male Masturbators & How to Use Them

After years of squealing “eeeeuw” at the downright nasty “realism” of many male masturbator sex toys (and refusing to give such dodgy toys shelf-space), we have finally found some male masturbator toys that everybody can feel good about…

Whether you’re a sassy singleton or happily coupled-up, masturbation is healthy.

It’s a great way of finding out your likes and dislikes, it relives pressure if you’re feeling stressed or  just too darn frisky to not do it! Many people masturbate to fall asleep (insomniacs – take notice!) and others do it because they are  bored…

Whatever the reason, masturbation is a fabulous way of keeping a rosy glow on your cheeks!

We stock a fun selection of masturbators for men, and we have many female customers who buy them as treats for their partners. Men buy them for themselves too, of course, whenever they fancy something a little extra for the weekend.

One-Pop Masturbators

One-pop masturbators are the most popular gift for men in our London store. So many women buy cute Tenga Eggs for their men, as they can be used as a fun couples toy too.

Tenga Egg Masturbator
Tenga Egg Masturbator £10

Masturbation eggs are very innocent looking, so great if you are going away for the weekend, or if you have curious kids looking through your drawers. All they see it a cute egg shape in colourful wrapping!

Tenga Masturbator Cups feature no faux lady lips or pretend pubes, just a tunnel of lovely sensations, softly textured and slick with lubricant, all wrapped up in cool pop-art packaging. Our male customers  often buy the single-pop-cups for themselves.

Designed as a single-use, ‘one shot’ male masturbator experience (use condoms to extend usage), all Tenga Male masturbator toys feature a moulded silicone interior, approx 6 inches long, with lubricant already inside so sensations are always sensually slippery.

These revolutionary male masturbator toys have sold over 2,000,000 to date and are the best-selling male masturbator sex toys in Japan, where they hail from.


The most popular male masturbators at Sh! areTenga Eggs.

Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top
Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top

The Tenga Eggs come with different patterns and textures, and they are all as popular as each other.

The Eggs are so easy to use: unwrap the shrink film, twist the plastic shell apart (just like you would with a chocolate Kinder Egg), take  out the soft silicone top . Open the accompanying sachet of lube, drizzle the lube into the egg, place the top over the head of your penis, and work it up and down, around and around or a mixture of both…

There are several eggs to choose from, such as ClickerWavy or Spider,  but whichever one you choose, you’ll have a great time!

How to use a Tenga Cup Masturbator:

Tenga Cup Masturbator
Tenga Cup Masturbator

1. Tear off the shrink film and take off the cap.

2. Take off the air-hole seal.

3. Insert your penis into the lubricated hole.

4. Move the cup up and down and enjoy the sensations!

Each Tenga Masturbator Toy has its own specific pleasures:

Deep Throat Cup: Change the strength of vacuum by pressing (and releasing) the air-hole.

Soft Tube Cup: Rub, knead, and grip the tube and feel the pressure of your own hand.

Rolling Head Cup: Stimulate the top of your penis by rolling.

Double Hole Cup: Enjoy the 2 different sensations from the 2 holes in the cup.

Air Cushion Cup: Enjoy the difference in pressure and vacuum by releasing.

Reusable Masturbators

One-pop-cups may seem like a lot of money – especially if you like to use them regularly. Instead, you might want to think about investing in a reusable masturbator.

OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker
OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker

Reusable masturbators offer nodules and bumps and squeezes in all the right places.

We stock only aesthetically pleasing ones, so you needn’t worry about having to hide an unpleasant

looking masturbator from nosy flatmates.

A reusable masturbator will come with lube, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your favourite water-based lube instead.

Like all other sex toys, reusable masturbators are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

Vibrating Masturbators

Cobra Massager £87
Cobra Massager £87

We’ve long known that buzzing toys aren’t just for women – men can enjoy them just as much – and for the guys who enjoy vibrations, we have a selection of great, vibrating masturbators, even rechargeable ones or 2-way, interactive bluetooth ones!

Vibration over the glans (the head of the penis), against the frenulum and up & down the shaft can be intensely pleasurable, as can a well-placed buzz against the perineum (the area between ball-sack and anus).

Vibrating masturbastors are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner, rinse and leave to air dry.

Vacuum Pump Masturbators

Vibrating Penis Pump
Vibrating Penis Pump Masturbator £20

Many men enjoy the feeling of having their penis gently stretched, which is exactly what a vacuum pump does (very similar to clit pumping for women). Offering suction, enlargement and vibration, a Penis Pump Masturbator is a triple whammy of sensations!

A Vacuum Masturbator uses vacuum treatment on the inserted penis, improving penile tisse and blood-flow, resulting in a (temporarily) larger member and harder erection.

Used for solo play, the strap-on vibrating bullet adds a layer of extra excitement.

The Penis Pump Masturbators stocked at Sh! are intended for play only. In case of medical issues or erectile dysfunction, please see your GP.


mens-sex toy advice

Men’s Sex Toys & Pleasure

Sex toys are not only for women – men can have lots of fun with toys too!  Whether you’re a single man or partnered up, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a pleasurable sex toy.

The head of the penis has around 4000 nerve-endings on it.

It won’t come as a surprise that the glans, shaft and party bag (ball-sack) are your hot spots, but did you know that the head of the penis (glans) has around 4000 nerve-endings on it? Or that the hump of skin running the length of the shaft (underside) is a cylinder filled with erectile tissue and blood vessels? No wonder these places feel so good when they are touched!

Pressure and rhythm are essential for an explosive climax, but there are so many ways to tease them out… Let’s explore some of the options.


Cock Ring Toys offer a snug hold and enhanced pleasure…

Cock Ring Sex Toys
Cock Ring Sex Toys

Slipping a stretchy ring over your semi-erect penis is a good trick to make your manhood firmer and more sensitive. The ring will restrict the backflow of blood, making you feel harder, for a longer period of time.

Vibrating Cock Rings
Vibrating Cock Rings

If you have a female partner, we recommend opting for a vibrating cock ring with an additional piece for clitoral stimulation – this way you can guide her to grind against the vibration in order to maximise her pleasure. Or – try slipping the ring over the shaft up-side-down; this way it’ll tickle the sensitive area behind your balls.

Some rings has a separate ring that goes around the ball-sack for extra snugness.  A Cock & Ball ring is great if you like a gentle tug on your party bag during play: the ring does the tugging and you’ll have your hands free for other exciting things!


Masturbation Toys for Men

Male masturbators
Male Masturbators

Masturbators are a sexy way to enjoy different types of stimulation without too much effort. They are designed to simply slip inside and enjoy the ribbed and noduled interiors, either with an all-encompassing pressure or with a ‘jacking-off’ motion.

You’ll notice that we don’t carry ‘realistic’ masturbators at Sh! Why? Well, we think male sexuality has been reduced to a single, *visual* entity by much of the sex indusrty and actually men have a lot more imagination and sensuality than are given credit for by these toys. We also find them a bit icky and find that many, many men ( as well as lots of women) agree with us. So, you can browse away, confident that you won’t be hit between the eyes ( or other places) by a fleshy replica of lady-lips!

Tenga Eggs £10
Tenga Eggs – Cool, simple sex toys for men £10
OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker - A Pliable and reversible male masturbator, with 2 different sensations (£30)
OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker – A Pliable and reversible male masturbator, with 2 different sensations (£30)
Cobra Massager - A unique men's vibrator that focuses vibrating pleasure on penis head (£87)
Cobra Massager – A unique men’s vibrator that focuses vibrating pleasure on penis head (£87)

Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator 2-Way Interactive Internet Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men £150
Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator
2-Way Interactive Internet Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men £150


Male sex toys range in price from inexpensive, disposable Tenga Eggs at £10, all the way up to £150 for Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator – a 2-way interactive internet fleshlight style toy

Male customers tell us that using sex toys and masturbators make solo pleasure more fun, and with all the different types of masturbators,  you can  enjoy a different type of stimulation each time!


Anal Pleasure & Prostate Toys

Anal Toys
Anal Toys

If you want to try anal play, and lots of men do, safety is your main concern. Any toy used for anal play must have a flared base or a ring at the end, just to ensure it doesn’t get sucked up by  the strong sphincter muscle. If you’re not sure what size to opt for, we recommend to go small – and add lots of lube for a safe, comfortable session.

 Prostate Massagers

If you’re interested in prostate play, we have several great toys to choose from. Prostate toys have a longer shaft with a gentle curve that’s been designed to reach and stimulate your prostate. We have it on good authority that prostate stimulation is extremely pleasurable, and enhances the male orgasm.



The Top 3 sex toys as chosen by our discerning male customers!

Speaking to the male customers in our Hoxton store has given us a unique insight into what kind of sex toys men really like. Old-style Fleshlight masturbators are out, and more modern, stylish toys are very much in.  Here are the three most popular sex toys for men:

Sh! LurveHeart Vibrating Ring £9
Sh! LurveHeart Vibrating Ring £9

Our LurveHeart cock ring is by far the most popular vibrating ring in our Hoxton store. Try pleasuring yourself with one of these placed around the shaft (or even stack a couple of rings on!) for extra-intense sensations.

A vibrating ring can offer help to a men who are slow to climax, – but could be a little too exciting for a man who ejaculates prematurely. If you come too soon, we recommend trying a non-vibrating ring to slow things down a little. For trendy guys, we even have metal rings to decorate your manhood with!


Tenga Eggs £10
Tenga Eggs £10

The most popular toy for men is without doubt the innocent-looking Tenga Egg: a small silicone top with internal ribs and dots, which you lube up and place over the sensitive glans… At which point it turns into a hot masturbation device!

Male customers have often told us how great Tenga Egg toys feel sliding over the glans – the slippery lube and built-in patterns offer a different sensation from just using your hand. For an extra pleasurable treat, you could warm the egg in a bowl of warm water before using it – doing this offers a more authentic experience.


Naughty Boy £49
Naughty Boy £49

More and more men are discovering the pleasure centre that is the prostate – the male version of the G-Spot. Walnut-shaped in size, the prostate swells and fills with blood when you become aroused. Using a prostate massager make reaching the prostate so much easier, but we should warn you… Ejaculation can be incredibly intense!

As with any kind of anal play, make sure you add lube before going in!