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Midlife, Menopause, Sex & Happiness Event

Forget anti-ageing and embrace the superpowers of age! Rejuvage, the online community for peri- and menopausal peeps everywhere, invite you to their very first IRL event. The evening will cover all things sex and the truth about menopause in a relaxed and friendly environment with a line-up of expert speakers (and you’ll get a goodie … Continue reading Midlife, Menopause, Sex & Happiness Event

Menopause Awareness Event

Are you a ‘hot’ woman? If so, you might like to join us for a trip to Menopauseville (well, Hackney) on Monday 2nd October! Find out more about menopause services available in Hackney, speak to healthcare providers, have your say about future plans and hear about Hands Inc’s innovative new menopause programme. This evening is part of … Continue reading Menopause Awareness Event

The Mutton Club Live 2017

UPDATE:  This event has been cancelled by the organiser. We’re super-thrilled to be on the fabulous bill of feisty female speakers for Mutton Club Live 2017! Taking place at trendy 01 Zero-One in Soho, there’ll be non-stop fun & frolics from 9:45am until 5.30pm on Saturday 16th September. The aim of the day is for … Continue reading The Mutton Club Live 2017

Reclaim the Menopause Event

Our last event for magnificent women in mid-life and beyond was so much fun, we’ve decided to do it again! This time, we have Cabby Laffy and Eileen Bellot joining us for a deeper look into the effects menopause has on all aspects of women’s lives. The menopause is one of those subjects no one … Continue reading Reclaim the Menopause Event

Q&A: Which Lube is Best for Me?

I am a disabled woman and am entering the menopause. Vaginal dryness is a problem and annoyingly I have an allergy to the crèmes recommended by the Drs. which have oestrogen in them so cannot lubricate for sex this way. I have been experimenting with a variety of over the counter non hormone lubricants to … Continue reading Q&A: Which Lube is Best for Me?

Q&A: I have No Interest in Sex

I’ve suffered from lichen sclerosis for several years (I am now 55) and have finally had successful treatment via the gynaecology team at the Royal Free, who recommended you. I have been using vaginal dilators to help improve elasticity, but the largest one is still uncomfortable to use and penetration by my husband is impossible.  … Continue reading Q&A: I have No Interest in Sex

Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond

A Fun Day of Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond We don’t know if you have ever heard of The Mutton Club, the website & hub that shares inspiring, entertaining and cool stuff for women in midlife and beyond. They Mutton Club is hosting a fabulous event for women tomorrow, Saturday 12th November,  09:45-17:00. There will be … Continue reading Magnificence in Midlife & Beyond

Ask Sarah: Sex, Orgasms and MS

Dear Sh! I wanted to ask about orgasms please. I have multiple sclerosis – I’ve had it for 30 years and have been fine until maybe 2 years ago, when I started having problems with fatigue. It’s then I started having problems with (no) orgasms. I’m not asking for medical advice! I tried to get … Continue reading Ask Sarah: Sex, Orgasms and MS

Q&A: Help, the menopause is killing my sex life.

Hi, guys. Aside from the near-constant exhaustion, the hot flushes, and the odd bout of anxiety, the biggest casualty of my life as a 49-year old menopausal mother has been my sexual relationship with my husband.  When I do feel remotely interested, the actual act itself is much more uncomfortable, even with lube, and it takes me so … Continue reading Q&A: Help, the menopause is killing my sex life.