Orgie’s Natural High: Hemp Seed Oil Lube

You wanted it – you got it!

Due to popular demand, we have searched high and low for our favourite hemp seed oil infused lubricant. Not only that, but we’ve gone and found an orgasm enhancer as well.

Wait…hemp oil in a sex product?

If you find yourself a tad bemused by this combo then simply read on to find out more. Perhaps, the Hemp Lube Tube could become your new slippery staple!

Scent and taste-free, the Orgie Hemp Lube feels smooth and lovely to use. As it’s a water-based formula, it’s suitable for use with all of your favourite toys as well. Just so you know though, the lube has a green tinge, which makes good sense when you think about it, but might raise an eyebrow or two when you squeezing some out and start applying to erotic areas…


If you want to switch things up a little bit more, there is also a hemp oil orgasmic gel to try.

Just one small squirt onto the intended intimate area (suitable for poons, peens and in-betweens) will deliver multiple lovely sensations such as tingling, heating, and cooling. By encouraging blood flow to the area, this increases sensitivity and stimulation, meaning that orgasms are about to get toe-curlingly intense. Yas please!

The orgasm gel also has a green tinge (we see a pattern here) and it has a slight taste; nothing unpleasant, but it does make your tongue fizzle a bit.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is one of three categories of hemp oil, with the other two being hemp essential oil and CBD oil. All three are sourced from specific parts of the hemp plant, aka cannabis sativa. Although often confused for CBD oil, hemp seed oil differs in that it comes mainly from hemp seeds (hence the name). These seeds have significantly lower amounts of cannabinoids in comparison to any other part of the plant. This means that despite sharing a lot of the same vitamins, minerals, and natural acids as CBD oil, hemp seed oil won’t make you remotely high…so instead, we’ll leave that up to your partner.

What’s more, as long as the type of hemp oil comes from one of the 63 industrially approved hemp strains under EU law, then it is totally legal. These oils are classed as hemp when containing less than 0.2% of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) – if above this level then they are officially classed as cannabis and are illegal. So don’t worry, we are not about to get you arrested.


What are the benefits?

There are many widely recognised health benefits of hemp seeds. For one, they are nutritious – even more so than the favourites of numerous East London health stores: chia or flaxseeds. Specifically, they are mega-high in fatty acids and proteins and are considered to be a complete protein source, similar to quinoa. This means that they are packed with natural acids, such as amino acids. Altogether, hemp seeds are thought to boost your immune system and are better for you than a wide range of nuts and veg. Their high level of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) has even been linked to aiding the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS and menopause due to the reaction between GLA’s production of prostaglandin E1 with the bodily hormone prolactin (it’s your body’s reaction to this hormone that causes such issues). This can reduce breast tenderness, plateauing moods and fluid retention amongst other symptoms.

A quick google and you can find numerous vitamins and minerals that hemp seeds are well endowed in.


What has all this nutritional information got to do with sex? Is Sh! converting into a wellness blog?

No, we are not. But, these benefits do mean a great deal for your downstairs sex demons – vaginas especially. The amino acids that are found both within hemp seed oil and the vagina are specialised to balance PH levels and avoid infection inside your intimate area. The less lubed-up your vaginal walls are during any sort of penetrative play, the more likely you are to contract a yeast infection, a UTI or to irritate the skin with fissures – causing a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. The natural properties of hemp seed oil moisturise and soothe skin whilst being anti-inflammatory.

But what about oral play?

The above rules still apply; the more slippery your sex is, the more fun it’s going to be! Adding lube is a great way of ensuring all areas feel moist and lovely. You might think that saliva is enough and sometimes it is; however, we often find that a few drops of lube make things even smoother and if fingers are being inserted into orifices then lube is – in our opinion – essential.

Happy Hemping, people!

Single on Valentines Day Blog P

Celebrating Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally a night for lovers to spend hours and hours sweating it out between the sheets, Valentine’s can be a little sore for those who find themselves without someone to bump & grind with.

You could organise a night out with other singletons, or set up a Tinder account specifically for hooking up on this one night of the year where the pressure to be part of a couple is on…

But what if you don’t want to? What if you want to take off your rose-tinted glasses and close the door on all the bouquets and teddy bears smugly making their way across town on public transport?


There’s no good reason why you should miss out on orgasms just because you are single. In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show yourself some tender loving care.

There are a couple of different ways of going about this.

  1. Romance yourself. Buy your own flowers, order in a meal and pop the cork on your favourite tipple. Queue up a series on Netflix and settle down in your finest lingerie. Make sure your sheets are fresh for what’s to come (you).
  2. Sod the romance. Get a bag of nachos, find some good porn, and settle down in all your naked glory. Who cares about fresh sheets – the sofa is perfectly fine for a hot wank every other night of the year so it’ll do for V-Day too.

Next: line up everything you need for a menage a moi.

  • Lube – check!
  • Sex toys – hmmm…
  • Toy cleaner – what?

Sex toys might not feature on your list of must-haves, but if you’re going to give it a go, we reckon one of the toys below will make a mighty fine lover on Valentine’s night.

First on our highly-recommended-list is Zalo Queen, an innovative and luxury toy that marries throbbing pulsation, a delicious sucking sensation and temperature-play technology to create a must-have that’s simply too good to share with anyone else (you might not get it back!).

Whoever said there can be too much of a good thing has never enjoyed the pleasures of Zalo Queen; heat it up to keep you nice n’ warm; keep your clit on full alert by switching between the 8 different vibration modes; add a slick of lube and tease your G-spot, add a bit more lube and slide the detachable hood over the shaft to create a suction toy… There’s very little this marvel can’t do in terms of offering pleasure!

Zalo Queen had our toy tester busy for several days (Hey gal – where’d you go?) and cross-eyed with pleasure. Check out her review of Zalo Queen here.

Treat yourself to a Zalo Queen in Wine Red before Valentine’s Day and as an extra treat, we’ll throw in a bottle of ON Arousal Oil (£15) for FREE!


ON Arousal Oil is a clever blend of essential oils and just a drop or two of this stuff will start a warm, tingly build-up, leading to an incredible buzzing sensation that lasts up to 45 minutes. Many women (including us) swear by this oil and say that the buzzing sensation increases their arousal and make them extra wet.

This orgasmic offer is valid in store and online for as long as stock lasts, up to and including Valentine’s Day.

(Sch)longing for Love

Next on our recommended-list is something for those with penises.

Vertical Attack has a name that makes us wince, but the toy itself is dreamy.  A soft, textured masturbation cup with a small vibrator at the tip offers plenty of thrills as you simply glide or twist the sleeve over your long schlong. Its stretchy, body-safe material means Vertical Attack guarantees a smooth ride – especially if you add a little water-based lube beforehand.

Not only are masturbators great fun, but they can also help you last longer if you find yourself popping your cork like it’s 1999. The trick lies in regular practice. As soon as you feel that rumbling sensation in your party-bag, slip off the cup and give the base of your peen a firm squeeze as that’ll help it calm down. Once you have the naughty bugger under control, slip the cup back down over it and work that shaft until the rumbling starts again… Remove the cup and give your Johnson a firm squeeze. Repeat as many times as  you can stand it.

When you eventually let go, it’ll be an explosion to remember *wink*


The Sex Toy That Sucks

Now, some of us have to work on Valentine’s Day – that can’t be helped. Perhaps you’re travelling for work even? Make the most of your hotel stay by inviting a li’l buddy to keep you company.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is perfect for anyone who lives out of a suitcase or needs to have their go-bag ready at a moment’s notice; it takes up next to no space and comes in a discreet travel case.

Well-known for its lapping sensations, Satisfyer Pro Traveller is ideal for those who love-love-love oral sex during partnered play. The ‘mouth’ of Satisfyer Pro Traveller has been refined for maximum satisfaction; it cups your lust-button and enables contact-free stimulation, which you can increase or decrease thanks to two intuitive buttons. Using pressure waves rather than traditional vibration, Pro Traveller creates the feeling of gentle sucking that feels orgasmic when placed around the clitoris.

All you need to do is add a lick of lube, then lie back and experience 11 settings all the way from a gentle ‘lick’ to a super-powered ‘suck’ that will take your breath away!


We mentioned toy cleaner earlier, and you should definitely get yourself a bottle of that stuff too. It might be only you using your toy, but it still needs to be cleaned. Spritz on, rinse off, and your fave toy will be ready for round two!




‘Tis the Season to be Sex-Positive

‘Tis the Season to be Sex-Positive

An Ode to Sex-Positive Feminism

As 2018, aka the widely acclaimed “Year of the Woman”, draws to a close, we feel it’s the perfect time to celebrate each other – I mean – let’s be honest, when isn’t it?


“Empowered Women Empower Women”

For over a quarter of a century (eek) we’ve been inspiring women to explore their sexuality. Sick of silicone penises bulging with veins and sex shops that didn’t seem to think twice about women, our founder Ky Hoyle took a great leap of faith and launched Sh!, the only one of its kind. Fast-forward to now and look how far we have come. Even your local supermarkets are stocking subliminal sex toys, courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

It’s been a long journey over the years and we have watched our clientele blossom into the diverse community it is today, regardless of age, gender and orientation. We’ve presented Jessica Rabbit to Graham Norton, we’ve custom-made countless silicone dildos and we’ve watched our favourite sitcoms like Broad City trigger an increasing acceptance of pegging in society.


Feminism, in our eyes, can’t only benefit one group of people. As women, or non-binary people, we should be listening to, helping and supporting each other. Contemporary feminism is about inclusion, acceptance and equality. We’re striving to create all of this – starting with our strap-ons.

A Woman’s Place is in the Sh!ome

If it’s societal power dynamics you are looking to escape, a thorough delve into bondage could be exactly what you need. You could start with a splash of hot wax (from a body-safe candle) on your lover whilst they’re restrained to the bed. Or, perhaps, you could begin with a cheeky clamp on their nipples and some crotchless lingerie…

Maybe, it’s a strap-on you are yearning for. Known for our in-house dildo-making lab, we at Sh! love to put our own, extra, touch onto sex toys. This Christmas, for instance, we have taken to hand-making harnesses lined with gold leather and honey coloured dildos that are marbled with glitter. What a time to be alive! If using one of these isn’t utterly invigorating then, excuse us, but we have no clue what is.

Both harnesses and dildos are available in a range of sizes (and shapes for the latter), meaning you can choose exactly what you want, how you want. If you are using a strap-on to penetrate someone else for the first time, be sure to take it slowly and steadily with LOTS of lube. Remember, as the driver, you have zero nerve endings in your joystick but your passenger definitely does – so you can’t go in too hard or fast. It might be an idea for your passenger to sit on top so they can be your backseat driver and choose the speed and motion that feels good.


Back in the day, medical professionals believed that below-the-belt stimulation was necessary to avoid an ever-imminent “hysteria” experienced by women. This hysteria, no doubt, proved to be rubbish but we still believe that regular downstairs T.L.C is vastly important for a healthy, happy life and luckily for you, you don’t need a doctor to give yourself a good seeing to.


We have a multitude of cherry-picked toys to take your favourite self-loving chore to an otherworldly experience. Live like the Queen you are with Zalo’s regal set or lap away at your lower lips with the classic, yet under-rated, Volta toy from Fun Factory. Whatever you choose – just make sure you are lubed up to perfection. We are strapped onto a path to eroticism and to liberate sex-positivity for the sake of womankind!


Is there anything more stress-inducing than living in a patriarchal society when you’re not a cis-man? Perhaps not, but thankfully, we have ways to alleviate your strife on all fronts. Take this cute little stress ball for instance: what better way to quash any negativity in an everyday scenario? Or, what about our fun Feminist Card Set? Dedicated to making a life of dodging misogynists that bit easier, all you have to do is whip one out to end instantly another eye-rolling conversation.


However you choose to deal with everyday sexism, it’s worth remembering to make time for yourself. Join us at Sh! to promote feminism in any way that you can. Even if it’s something as small as buying your friend her first ever sex toy this year, it could be a life changer.





It’s time to give mutual masturbation a try

During a recent class, a guest put their hand up and asked us if we ‘agree’ with mutual masturbation.

This is an interesting question, for several reasons.

  1. What you and beau do during “private time” is none of our business, but for the record: as long as it’s safe, consensual and hella fun for both of you, we approve!
  2. We’re not sure why the guest asked; maybe they want to try it but their partner feels shy about it, or vice versa. Maybe the guest enjoys masturbation but feels guilty about it. Maybe they have a voyeuristic streak and dreams of watching their partner rub one out, or maybe they’d like the opportunity to show off their own finger-tingling skills…

Whatever the reason for the question, it got us thinking.

Masturbation is often done in private, something we don’t share with others. Many feel guilty about masturbating, especially if they’re in a relationship. Others take it personally if they realise that their partner enjoys a bit of solo play in the shower first thing in the morning…

Masturbation is the best way of getting to know your own body, and how it reacts to certain types of stimulation. Some people masturbate for stress relief, others masturbate themselves to sleep, but it’s fair to say most of us do it because if feels bloomin’ great!


Mutual masturbation is the term for when you invite another person to the party and you masturbate in front of each other.

The great thing about mutual masturbation is you’re giving your partner some real ‘hands-on’ tips on how to turn you on and showing them what works for you in the bedroom (or kitchen, car, garden shed – pretty much anywhere you fancy!) and they do the same in return.

Nobody knows your own body quite like you do, so these mutual masturbation sessions can help give your partner a fantastic insight into what gets you off and helps elevate your sex life to a whole new level.

Mutual masturbation has many advantages, not least when you feel horny but have no real energy to go all out (happens to all of us!).

Get to Know Your Own Body

Stroking, touching and playing with your own vulva or peen helps teach you more about your own body and what works for you, so you can share these personal tips with your partner.

Many peeps, particularly women, find it near-impossible to orgasm when a partner is touching or licking them. This is often due to a fear of taking too long, or an inability to stay in the moment and enjoy the play for what it is. Owning your own orgasms and taking control of how they happen will ensure you get yours. It’s empowering and liberating to shed layers and layers of societal BS and get right down to it with a fired-up partner panting heavily right next to you! Go Team Orgasm!

Once you’ve shown your partner what you want and the methods of masturbation that really make you weak at the knees, you’ll be amazed at how much better sex will be for the both of you.

Get them to share the same experience with you, and you’ll know exactly which buttons to press to make your partner wild-eyed with excitement.


Watching a partner bring themselves off is an incredible turn-on for many of us. You’ll get to see exactly how they touch themselves, if they like it gentle or more intense, which parts they pay more attention to, and whether they like to slow down just before coming or whether they like to speed up and go for an explosive finish. You can learn a whole lot by just paying attention to what they do when they’re about to have an orgasm.

Sharing the Sensation

Knowing what really works for your other half can resolve issues with sexual frustration, as you’ll know exactly what to do to make sure that your partner is totally satisfied with the experience.

The ability to share sensations and talking about your preferred masturbation methods without feeling embarrassed really helps your partner tune into your sexuality and gives them an excellent ‘how-to’ guide on what you want out of your liaisons.

Mutual masturbation can also bring you much closer as a couple, so it’s definitely worth a try the next time sex is on the cards.

Once you know what methods are personal favourites, you can start to introduce new techniques, try new lubricants or add a few sex toys into the mix to really heat things up.

Play games to see who can hold out the longest. The person who comes first has to cook dinner/take out the bins/clean the bathroom (delete as applicable) as “punishment.”

Watch and Be Watched

Treating your lover to a private show can be super-hot for both of you. It’s fun to play with this and there are a few different ways you can go:

  • Shy and demure, touching yourself slowly. This builds anticipation for the viewer as they’ll want you to get to the ‘good bits’ now!
  • Direct and to the point. A fast, focused blink-and-you-miss-it moment is a horny treat for you both. This version amps up the heat and the viewer usually can’t wait to get stuck in and help out!
  • Treat them to a show they’ll never forget: lay out toys and lube, before playing with each in turn. Take yourself to the point of orgasm before a backing off. This will build the pressure in your genitals as well as in theirs…

If you feel shy or you’re worried it’s going to get awkward to rub one out in front of another person, we have another fun game to help break the ice. Rather than watching each other, you could turn off the lights and masturbate whilst laying down next to each other. Rather than watching each other, focus on the aural pleasure of it. Sighs and moans and wet sounds soon turn up the heat to boiling point!




Seduce Yourself Class

10 Ways to Seduce Yourself – Workshop with Immani Love

Single, in a relationship, or simply want to get better acquainted with yourself? This course is for you!

Learning to seduce yourself can be easy if you understand the little details that matter. This workshop will give you 10 Ways to Seduce Yourself and perhaps some ideas for spicing up a relationship as well!

Immani-Love-Book-at-Sh!Immani Love, Author, Erotic Poet & Love Goddess will host this hot class on how to turn yourself on in no less than 10 different ways because let’s be honest: it’s always fun to change things up…

Following Immani’s recent party to celebrate the launch of her new book Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace (signed copies available in the shop!), we can’t wait for this second evening at Sh! before she heads back home the States.

If you missed her fierce performance the first time around, you gotta join us for this one!

Join Us!

More about Immani Love

Immani-Love-POetryImmani Love was born in Philadelphia, Pa and is currently making her home in Florida, regularly performing in several places in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia when booked.

Named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and invited to perform in the UK Black Pride in London, England, as well as EuroPride 2014 in Marseille, France and EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, now her popularity has grown! She has traveled throughout Europe every summer since 2014 and includes stops as far as Australia, England, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

Follow Immani Love on Twitter



What is edging and why should I try it?

Our customers are always looking for fun ways of increasing both the quota and the intensity of their orgasms (aren’t we all!) and a brilliant way of doing this is ‘edging’.

Edging has been around for ages and has, until now, been particularly popular with the kink community. The practice of withholding orgasms, as well as forcing play partners or submissives to have one orgasm after another is a lot of fun and can add several degrees of heat to your play.

We’ve noticed an increasing amount of customers mentioning edging recently and it seems more and more people are tapping into the intense pleasure that a little self-denial can bring.

So, if you want to find out more about what edging is and why we think you should try it, then read on!

What exactly is edging?

Edging is the practice of delaying an orgasm for as long as possible to increase the intensity once you do finally let go and give into that wave of pure ecstasy.


It does take a little restraint and practice at first, but many enjoy the delayed satisfaction that the final release gives during play times.

It also helps build stamina and prolongs intimate encounters for much longer, so that all parties can enjoy the experience.

Here are a few beginner tips on edging to help you get started.

Stop and start

The basics behind edging are taking short breaks between masturbation or penetration when you feel the heat in your nethers beginning to inch towards boiling point.

To start off with, you might want to practice during masturbation so you get used to the sensations of an orgasm building, and then holding back. It’ll take a few goes to get your timing right, especially of your orgasm sneaks up on you like a tipsy relative at a family gathering.

The secret to successful edging play is learning when to stop an orgasm from erupting, but at just the right moment so it doesn’t ruin that orgasm altogether…


Yes, a little bit.

If you want to delay your orgasm but not just stop dead, keep stimulating other parts of your body that love attention, like nipples or labia lips. Keep the excitement bubbling, but at a slightly lower heat.

When you feel the building orgasm fade a little, start stimulation of your clit or dick again. Build it up, but before the orgasm takes over, stop again.

Carry on for as long you can stand it, stopping and starting. There’ll come a point when the orgasm won’t be held back any longer and this is when you let go!


If you are playing with a partner and want to give edging them a go, ask them to tell you when their orgasm begins to build. Slow down stimulation, and give them a 60-second massage or tease them with some hot french kissing for a while. When you feel they are ready, start your stimulation again. And then stop. Before long, they’ll be begging to climax!


If you feel things starting to build up, take some deep breaths with your eyes closed to keep your orgasm at bay for a little longer.

Breathe from the bottom of your stomach and hold your breath for a few seconds until you feel the sensation retreating – once you’ve felt the sensation subside, you’re free to jump straight back in! Try altering your stimulation a little, variety adds spice. If you normally rub, try tapping or vice versa. If you stroke, try pumping instead…

Work your pelvic floor muscles

Building some strong pelvic floor muscles can really help when it comes to edging, and they’re also great for more intense orgasms if you work hard enough too!

These simple exercises can be done anywhere and work by using your pubococcygeus muscles (the muscles you use to stop urination) to delay orgasm and give you an intense rush when the moment finally comes.

To get started, sit somewhere comfortable for a few minutes and practice contracting the muscles that you’d normally use to stop urination mid-flow.


Once you can isolate the pc muscle, it’s time to get serious with your pelvic floor exercising.

Start off with a 2-second squeeze-and-release before working your way up to 5-second squeezes. Once you’ve mastered that, try doing quick flicks.

All of these exercises will help you gain better control of your pelvic floor, which will in turn help bring on – or stave off – intensive orgasms.

Clench your pc muscle in time with your masturbation until you feel ready to orgasm, at which point you stop the stroking, rubbing and squeezing until you feel in control again. And then start again…





Squirting & Masturbation Class with Lola Jean (aka the Squirting Queen)

The elusive world of squirting is having its time in the sun—and for good reason! What is it? Where does it come from? How do I do it?


Sex Educator Lola Jean learned to understand and harness her ability to squirt not only with a lover but on her own through masturbation. It was not an overnight sensation, but a journey to the Olympian squirter she became. Learn the science, mechanics and what products can help you on your squirty journey.

 Join Us!

Can every woman squirt? Is it pee? Lola finally puts a rest to these questions and any others you may have for a brief Q&A.

Expect a refresher on anatomy and a window into the experience of squirt performances. Though involuntary squirting is not the focus of this class, Lola will explain techniques and what to look for during both solo and partnered exploration.

More About Lola Jean

Lola-Jean-Squirting-QueenLola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Wrestler, Domme, Writer and self proclaimed Olympian Squirter.

Through both personal and professional experience, Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of.

As featured in The New York Times, Elite Daily and Men’s Health, Lola offers a variety of FemDom, Wrestling, Squirting, and Masturbation classes and frequently makes appearances performing at House of Yes and The Box.

Lola’s background in the mental health field gives her a deep understanding to the mental blocks many individuals may face. A sex geek to the core, Lola continues to develop her teachings and avenues where she can spread her sexpertise to the world.
Cherry Lube Blog Post

Different Ways To Enjoy Lube

When it comes to having great sex, lube just doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. Old-fashioned thinking will have us believe that as long as a woman is properly turned on, she should produce enough love juices to coat every manhood in the neighbourhood.

Not so, friendlies!

There are many reasons why a vagina might be feeling dry or uncomfortable, and most of them have nothing to do with arousal. Perhaps it’s down to dehydration, tiredness, hormones or medication. Or, maybe she’d been enjoying a particularly long sesh and the well has finally run dry, so to speak… It is possible to feel incredible turned on and ready, but the vag may still be bone dry. It’s just one of those things.

Lube can make such a huge different to your pleasure, and it’s not just for penetrative pleasures (another myth).

If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of using lube during play, read on for some of our recommendations about how it can be easily incorporated into sexy activities.

Lube is a great addition to masturbation

Have you ever considered adding some slick lube to your menage a moi sessions? Dry skin is common during the winter so if you are using your hands, a good lube will reduce the friction and make it a much more pleasurable experience. Lube makes your juice parts slip-slidey  and will often enhances sensations.

And if you want to amp up the heat even more, check out our range of vibrators.

Use a drop of lube inside condoms

If you’re tired of hearing dudes complain about how condoms ruin sex, try squeezing a couple of drops of condom-safe lube inside the rubber before you slip it over his peen. The added moisture helps him feel more if he’s missing the wetness of your lush love-box. Great for ensuring that sex is both pleasurable and safe at the same time!

Add flavour to oral sex

Who doesn’t love oral sex? It’s a tasty treat for everyone involved, and a soft tongue licking & lapping builds up arousal in no time! A glycerine-free flavoured lube is perfect for this, and we recommend giving the banana-flavoured Frutopia ID lubricant a go; it’s a firm favourite with guests at our classes.

Don’t just reserve it for oral sex though, why not use some lube on your nipples during sex to increase sensitivity?

Use lube for sensual massages

There is nothing sexier than the physical touch and a hybrid lube (water-based lube with a dash of silicone to make it smoother and more long-lasting) can be used all over the body for long, slow massages

Stat at the top and work you way down and around their body. For an explosive finale, add a generous amount of lube to your juicy parts and rub, bump & grind together without any kind of penetration – this is effective for creating both intimacy and intense orgasms.

Always use lube for anal play

This is probably the most obvious uses for lube and if you are interested in trying anal sex for the first time, we recommend getting yourself a handy pump-bottle because you’ll need a fair bit of the slippy stuff. Pure Plus anal lube is extra thick and long-lasting, ensuring the delicate membranes of the tush are protected during all finger, toy & penis-play.



A Monologue with My Vagina

A Monologue with My Vagina

You won’t be surprised to hear that we talk about vaginas all day long; what we love about them, what we don’t love about them, what to do if a vagina seems too tight, too elastic, too painful for pleasure…. If you have ever visited our shop in East London, chances are that you took part in a conversation about vaginas, or at least overheard one. It’s what we do.

We celebrate the pussy.

It’s Masturbation Month and we figure there’s no better time to start a online conversation with and about our vaginas. IRL we talk about our muffkins daily, so why not here too?

For some reason, talking about a male rubbing one off is perfectly ok but people still shy away from discussing techniques and tips when it come to tickling one’s yoniberry. Which is why many women assume there is only one way of doing it – their way, naturally.

Having come across a video of US sexuality educator Betty Dodson teaching a group of women how to masturbate many years ago, we were blown away: there were so many different ways of doing it!

We watched the old vhs video many times – just in case we’d missed something.

Then we set about recreating what we’d seen. Wowzers!

We’re not going to beat about the bush with this one, we’re diving in deep and we’re going to start from the beginning:

When Did You First Start Jiggling Your Jewel?

Whatever you want to call it, buffin’ the muffin, jilling off, diddling the skittle, or the more sophisticated menage a moi, there was a time when you discovered what your clitoris could do – and you probably haven’t stopped petting it since.

When was this?

An open poll amongst good friends came up with some funny answers.


Powerful, neverending and set to a comfortable temperature, we reckon shower jets are the number one reason teenage girls spend so much time in the shower – it’s an excellent way of working out what the V.A.G likes.

Also, not to be ignored is the power of bezzie mates – a best friend is worth her weight in gold. Especially if she knows how to buff a muff – it’s a skill that will no doubt come in handy (ha!) throughout life.download

It seems that ages 10-12 are important for sexual awakenings, as most of the friends we asked ‘found’ their happy button around that age – or at least discovered its magic.

One of us had a less-than-pleasant first experience, though. Whilst not deliberate masturbation, it seems an innocent play session with friends turned into an early orgasmic experience.

Having watched – in envy – her friends shimmy on up the swing frames, she decided to have a go. It was a slow, arderous climb, with some gliding back down before throwing herself back on the pole, when all of a sudden she developed a weird twitchyness and weak knees. Not understanding what was going on (that took another 10 years), she hopped off and never attempted to climb another pole or frame again… But a decade on, it suddenly made sense why her friends kept climbing those poles!

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High Time to Tickle Your Pickle

Masturbation Month, a.k.a May, is in full swing and if you’ve not yet taken time to tickle your pickle, it’s high time to lock the door, pull the curtains and switch off your phone.

Masturbation Month could be seen as something silly and indulgent, or maybe something only ‘sad’ people do; staying in and rubbing one out.

Let’s erase those thoughts right now.

It can be tiresome to hear about the great sex ‘other people’ are having, especially if you believe you are the only one who’s not experiencing regular fireworks and squirt-fests. We meet many women who assume there is something ‘wrong’ with them for this exact reason. There really isn’t – for women, having an orgasm is often a learned thing, a bit like riding a bike. It’s tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s bloody marvellous!

Growing up, boys are expected to be sexually curious and their sexuality is celebrated. A dad might congratulate himself when his teenage son is caught masturbating, thinking ‘that’s my boy, he takes after me!’

If a teenage girl is found with her hands down her panties, it’s not unlikely she’ll receive a hissed “what are you doing, stop that!” followed by a shocked or disgusted look from her mother.

Unfair, much?

It can be incredibly hard to smash the shame many of us have had instilled from an early age: it’s not ‘nice’ and we ‘shouldn’t be doing that.’

No wonder it’s hard to relax enough to have orgasms.

Starting off with just your fingers – because they make fantastic sex toys – and a little bit of lube is the best way. Your fingers has an immediate feel and translate the sensations into tiny messages for your brain: soft, coarse, wet and so on.

Feel your way around, feel the folds, the texture of your labia and the slickness as the body gets more turned on.

If you feel comfortable, why not grab a mirror and have a look as well? Colours and shapes change as the body becomes aroused, which can be darn exciting in itself! Your vulva and vagina are unique, just like the rest of you.

Great Wall of Vagina
Great Wall of Vagina

Happy Hour

The clit has a mind-blowing 8000 nervendings sitting atop it, and this is where things can get tricky. If stimulated the wrong way, the clit gets too sensitive and pleasure runs screaming from the room.

The ‘ringing a doorbell’-technique should be banished; pressing long and hard on the little jewel is not going to open the magic door to vaginal Narnia. Ever.

clock faceWomen have what we like to call their Happy Hour: imagine that the clitoris is a clock face (the Clit Face). Many women say that 10-11 or 1-2 are their most sensitive spots.

As small as your clitoris is, there are one or two spots that responds better to stimulation than any other part of your little jewel, and by working out when your personal Happy Hour is, you are well on your way to having an orgasm.


It’s important to keep your pelvic floor in good shape – do your clenches as often as you can: in the bus queue, during dull meetings and whilst watching telly of an evening.

Keeping your pelvic floor toned has a number of health benefits which we’re sure you already know about, but did you know it can help you orgasm too?

An orgasm is a series of involuntary rhythmic contractions of the vagina, and a having a strong pelvic floor can be helpful.

Whilst you’re jiggling your jewel in all manner of wonderful ways, try squeezing your PC muscle in time. It’s what the mighty Betty Dodson calls “fucking forward” – simultaneously stroke, push forward with your hips and clench. Magic!

Buzz Me Up to Heaven Baby

Vibrators are notoriously reliable when it comes to producing orgasms, hence their popularity.  But if you’ve ever had a vibrator and it didn’t work for you, there could be good reasons for that:

1. The Wrong Kind of Vibrator

There area few types of vibes to choose from:

  • Clitoral vibrators – these are typically small and not designed to be used internally. They usually offer a high-pitched buzz.
  • G-spot vibrators –  a shaft with a pronounced curve or bump at the tip, designed to be enjoyed internally. G-spot vibes often deliver rumblier vibrations.
  • Rabbit vibrators – a dual stimulating-type toy, they have a shaft for internal pleasure combined with a clitoral tickler.
  • Wand vibrators – these tend to be large in size (rest assured, they are not for insertion) and offers deep rumbles that shakes you to the bone.
  • Sucking technology vibrators – these are the cool new kids on the block. They create a gentle vacuum and mimic oral sex for stunning sensations.


2. The Wrong Kind of Vibration

Vibrators tend to fall in two categories: high-pitch or low & rumbly. These feel different and we find that women often fall into one of two camps: you need either a high-itched vibe for buzzy thrills, or deep vibrations for rumbly excitement.

The wrong type of vibration could be what isn’t working for you. If you’ve had a bullet vibe for example, and it produced nothing but boredom, try something with a heavier vibration.

3. Not Enough Time

Vibrators are fantastic at multi-tasking, but it would be wrong to assume they magically know what your preferences are. You need to work with the vibe; try different positions, different settings and different speeds. If you have a waterproof toy, you might like to try it in the shower or bath.

And give yourself plenty of time.

Learning how to have an orgasm can take a fair bit of time, a full hour of exploration and stimulation is not unusual. As you get to know your body and its particular likes & dislikes, you’ll be able to cut this time down if you want to.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’  length of time to have an orgasm. There are a number of things to consider for each and every orgasm achieved:  level of arousal, how relaxed you’re feeling, if fingers or a vibe is being used… All of those things matter when it comes to your pleasure.

Some women can orgasm very quickly, others need more time. There are no rights or wrongs, just remember it’s not a race.

The Wetter the Better

Sh! Paraben-Free LubricantWe are firm believers in a li’l bit of additional lube, whether you are using sex toys or not, or whether you are usually plenty wet. Lube enhances sensations and you may find it makes everything so much more comfortable.

There are many different types of lube to try, but you can never go wrong with a paraben-free, water-based version as it is unlikely to cause irritation. For fancy occasions you might like to switch it up with flavours, warming or tingling options, but if your peach is sensitive, it’s always best to opt for a plainer lubricant with as few ingredients as possible.

Once you start having orgasms, you’ll likely find they are easier to come by. It’s about finding out what works for you – this may mean a good vibe, a certain position or maybe downloadable clips featuring your favourite type of fantasy or porn. As long as you’re having a great time, it’s all good.

Masturbation is about pleasure – your pleasure. You can take as much or as little time as you want or need, and you spend that time wisely: on yourself.

Not having to worry about a partner’s pleasure can be incredibly liberating. We spend so much time worrying about whether other people are having a great time, we forget or ignore our own wants and needs. Masturbation Month reminds us that our pleasure matter too.

Happy Masturbation Month!