Which Men’s Toy Do You Need In Your Life?

Which Men’s Toy Do You Need In Your Life?

Answer these six questions to find the perfect toy for you or your male partner. Any more questions or still not sure? You can always email us at advice@sh-womenstore.com



A Halloween Horror Story of Scary Sex Toys that Simply Won’t Die

Ok, be warned this post is definitely NSFW! If you are of a gentle disposition, (or simply have taste and standards!) look away now, because you won’t be able to un-see the frankly unnerving whatnots we’re about to uncover.

We may have been leading the erotic shopping revolution since 1992, when we opened the first women’s sex shop in the UK, but unfortunately there is one area our competitors refuse to follow and that’s the snubbing of shelf space (and the internet equivalent) to old-school ‘adult aids’.

When we first started out it was beyond tricky to find any decent sex toy treats, but times and erotic designers have evolved. Nowadays there’s an abundance of empowering and impressive pleasure products, so when (oh! when?) will these scary sex toys die?


Night of the Living Dong – Scary dildos that don’t deliver realistic pleasures

Huge monsters just keep coming...
Huge Monsters just keep coming…

Scream! Scream louder! The amputated ‘realistic’ dildo simply won’t lie down and die.

There are literally hundreds of these monster dildos around and frankly dears, we don’t understand. Fine, if you want to explore gender-play, but do you really need a whopping choice of over 150, as offered by the big-boy retailers?

The fact is that most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone, so who exactly are these churned-out dildos designed to satisfy?

Interestingly, we once caught a webinar on customer tracking analysis, which had revealed that cam-girls were the biggest customers of man-tackle style ‘dongs’.

Again fine, but of course this screws the results, and confuses reality, for women looking for a real-pleasure, rather than a voyeuristic-pleasure toy.



Woa! Scary double penetration dildo...
Woa! Scary double penetration dildo…

‘Realistic’ dildos are something of a prickly issue for us. We’ve never stocked them.

Apart from the fact that we’ve lost count of the number of women who’ve told us that the one their partner bought for them ended up under the sink (ie in the bin!) and the fact that the majority are distinctly unaesthetic to behold, the main issue is what are they are saying about female sexuality?

Perhaps that all women’s pleasure is at the end of a dick? We’ve established the fact that it clearly isn’t. If there’s a dick involved, the pleasure also comes from the person attached to it!


However we do recognise that some peeps want gender-play toys and we’d love to  add a trans section to our store, so we’re thinking hard about how we can square this dilemma. We’d love to know you thoughts on the subject…




Bride of Chuckie – Scary sex toys that reduce male sexuality to a single entity.

Sex on legs? We don't think so!
Sex on legs? We don’t think so!

Guys, aren’t you horrified by the male sex toys on offer?

We know we would be, if we were men.

An avalanche of asunder pussies, detached derrieres, truncated torsos, and the like,  all waiting passively for a good seeing-to by your unimaginative selves.


Weird Male Sex Toys
What have we here? THe stuff of your dreams … or nightmares?

We think these toys are simply offensive and only because, like a lot of the porn industry, they reduce women to a series of holes.

But, as importantly, what do they say about male sexuality?

That it is as single-mindedly driven as a zombie, seeking out a replica (or even a mash-up) of ‘the real thing’.


If we had the requisite equipment we could thing of lots of pleasurable places to put a penis; the juicy centre of a melon; between sensual folds of velvet and yes, even the syrupy interior of a warm apple pie…


A million versions of the same scary thing...
A million versions of the same scary thing…

But what the standard sex industry gives men is a lot of weird apertures in a can!


Male sex toys do have a lot of catching up to do to meet women’s sex toys, in terms of their aesthetic appeal and imaginative design, but they are making strives. with the help of cool designers such as  Tenga.




The Blob – The scary sex toy material that should be in its grave

Jelly sex toys are all around, like a rash...
Jelly sex toys are all around, like a rash…

We’ve been talking about Phthalates in sex toys for years. Phthalates are a series of chemicals that make plastics soft and pliable.

In the EEC they’ve been banned from children’s toys since 1999, after when research suggested Phthalates could effect sexual development and pose fertility risks.

Sex toys made with Jelly/PVC often contain Phthalates.  Many full moons ago, the vast majority of sex toys were jelly, so there was very little choice.


A hugely selling rabbit vibe - no mention of Phthaltes thou!
A hugely selling rabbit vibe – no mention of Phthaltes thou!

But over the last few years there has been a new dawn, with the vast majority of toys now available in body safe materials such as silicone and TPR, so why are these Freddie Krugers of the sex toy world still stealing their way into sex toy sites?

To be forewarned is to be empowered, so the really worrying thing is often there is no info about or even  mention of Phthalates, denying shoppers of even making an informed choice.

We say the standard sex industry and sex toy  retailers have go a long way before they put these horror stories to bed!


Advice sex toys for men

Different Male Masturbators & How to Use Them

After years of squealing “eeeeuw” at the downright nasty “realism” of many male masturbator sex toys (and refusing to give such dodgy toys shelf-space), we have finally found some male masturbator toys that everybody can feel good about…

Whether you’re a sassy singleton or happily coupled-up, masturbation is healthy.

It’s a great way of finding out your likes and dislikes, it relives pressure if you’re feeling stressed or  just too darn frisky to not do it! Many people masturbate to fall asleep (insomniacs – take notice!) and others do it because they are  bored…

Whatever the reason, masturbation is a fabulous way of keeping a rosy glow on your cheeks!

We stock a fun selection of masturbators for men, and we have many female customers who buy them as treats for their partners. Men buy them for themselves too, of course, whenever they fancy something a little extra for the weekend.

One-Pop Masturbators

One-pop masturbators are the most popular gift for men in our London store. So many women buy cute Tenga Eggs for their men, as they can be used as a fun couples toy too.

Tenga Egg Masturbator
Tenga Egg Masturbator £10

Masturbation eggs are very innocent looking, so great if you are going away for the weekend, or if you have curious kids looking through your drawers. All they see it a cute egg shape in colourful wrapping!

Tenga Masturbator Cups feature no faux lady lips or pretend pubes, just a tunnel of lovely sensations, softly textured and slick with lubricant, all wrapped up in cool pop-art packaging. Our male customers  often buy the single-pop-cups for themselves.

Designed as a single-use, ‘one shot’ male masturbator experience (use condoms to extend usage), all Tenga Male masturbator toys feature a moulded silicone interior, approx 6 inches long, with lubricant already inside so sensations are always sensually slippery.

These revolutionary male masturbator toys have sold over 2,000,000 to date and are the best-selling male masturbator sex toys in Japan, where they hail from.


The most popular male masturbators at Sh! areTenga Eggs.

Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top
Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top

The Tenga Eggs come with different patterns and textures, and they are all as popular as each other.

The Eggs are so easy to use: unwrap the shrink film, twist the plastic shell apart (just like you would with a chocolate Kinder Egg), take  out the soft silicone top . Open the accompanying sachet of lube, drizzle the lube into the egg, place the top over the head of your penis, and work it up and down, around and around or a mixture of both…

There are several eggs to choose from, such as ClickerWavy or Spider,  but whichever one you choose, you’ll have a great time!

How to use a Tenga Cup Masturbator:

Tenga Cup Masturbator
Tenga Cup Masturbator

1. Tear off the shrink film and take off the cap.

2. Take off the air-hole seal.

3. Insert your penis into the lubricated hole.

4. Move the cup up and down and enjoy the sensations!

Each Tenga Masturbator Toy has its own specific pleasures:

Deep Throat Cup: Change the strength of vacuum by pressing (and releasing) the air-hole.

Soft Tube Cup: Rub, knead, and grip the tube and feel the pressure of your own hand.

Rolling Head Cup: Stimulate the top of your penis by rolling.

Double Hole Cup: Enjoy the 2 different sensations from the 2 holes in the cup.

Air Cushion Cup: Enjoy the difference in pressure and vacuum by releasing.

Reusable Masturbators

One-pop-cups may seem like a lot of money – especially if you like to use them regularly. Instead, you might want to think about investing in a reusable masturbator.

OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker
OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker

Reusable masturbators offer nodules and bumps and squeezes in all the right places.

We stock only aesthetically pleasing ones, so you needn’t worry about having to hide an unpleasant

looking masturbator from nosy flatmates.

A reusable masturbator will come with lube, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your favourite water-based lube instead.

Like all other sex toys, reusable masturbators are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

Vibrating Masturbators

Cobra Massager £87
Cobra Massager £87

We’ve long known that buzzing toys aren’t just for women – men can enjoy them just as much – and for the guys who enjoy vibrations, we have a selection of great, vibrating masturbators, even rechargeable ones or 2-way, interactive bluetooth ones!

Vibration over the glans (the head of the penis), against the frenulum and up & down the shaft can be intensely pleasurable, as can a well-placed buzz against the perineum (the area between ball-sack and anus).

Vibrating masturbastors are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner, rinse and leave to air dry.

Vacuum Pump Masturbators

Vibrating Penis Pump
Vibrating Penis Pump Masturbator £20

Many men enjoy the feeling of having their penis gently stretched, which is exactly what a vacuum pump does (very similar to clit pumping for women). Offering suction, enlargement and vibration, a Penis Pump Masturbator is a triple whammy of sensations!

A Vacuum Masturbator uses vacuum treatment on the inserted penis, improving penile tisse and blood-flow, resulting in a (temporarily) larger member and harder erection.

Used for solo play, the strap-on vibrating bullet adds a layer of extra excitement.

The Penis Pump Masturbators stocked at Sh! are intended for play only. In case of medical issues or erectile dysfunction, please see your GP.


prostate massage & pleasure

How to Use a Prostate Massager

Guys have their own erotic pleasure spot called the prostate – a gland that is comparable to the female G-Spot. This spot is often referred to as the ‘male G-spot’ – although we like to call it P-spot, as this better refers to the prostate.

We meet many men & couples in-store, who are interested in exploring  prostate massage & pleasure.

Gone are the days when playing with his bum was taboo – these days it’s widely acknowledged that the entire anal area is one big pleasure zone.

And for men, the orgasmic rewards of prostate play are apparently mind-blowing. They describe it a totally different sensation, and often report their orgasm to be much more intense than the solely penis-inspired kind. Some men need / enjoy their front bits stimulating too whilst others can get off just with prostate massage.

It can be very tricky for a man to stimulate his own P-spot internally, and partners may have short fingers – leaving only one solution: get a prostate massager.

But, before you go in swinging, remember that rectal tissue is very delicate and does not self-lubricate.


Sh! Pure Plus £10
Sh! Pure Plus £10 – Paraben-Free Thick Anal Lubricant

Lots of lube and lots of foreplay is essential to pleasurable prostate massage.

Make sure your partner is properly turned on before going anywhere near his bum. There’s a widely-accepted believe that anal sex essentially hurts, but this simply isn’t the case. Not using lube will hurt. Going too fast and not giving anal muscles time to relax into the sensations will hurt. Not letting your partner be fully in charge of the pace will make him tense up and that may hurt too. But, by following our advice on first time anal play, you’ll both be prepared and his body will be ready to accept pleasurable prostate play.


How to use a Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers have been designed to reach in and connect with the P-spot.

Keep stimulating his front parts (shaft and party bag) whilst slowly inserting the prostate massager. Go gently; a slow pace and communication is key.

Prostate massagers have a curve, which needs to be inserted very gently. A good trick is to point the curved tip towards his belly button (on the inside). This means that if he is laying on his back, you insert the prostate massager in a gently upwards curve, but if your man is on all fours, you’ll want to point it downwards…

This will ensure you follow the natural curve of the anal canal, thus eliminating any accidental pain.

Rock the massager gently back and forth – this will stimulate his P-spot. The prostate will swell and harden, and become more receptive to firmer stimulation.

If the massager offers vibration, this is the time to turn the buzz on. Start off gently – the bum is very sensitive so vibration will feel far more intense in his tush, compared to how it feels in your hand. At the point of orgasm, your man will likely feel that he’s climaxing from both ends – explosive!


Top 3 most popular prostate massagers, as chosen by male customers:

Naughty Boy Prostate Massager
Naughty Boy £49

Naughty Boy by British toy designers Rocks Off is our most popular prostate massager. Slimmest out of the prostate toy collection, the tip isn’t much wider than a finger. Suitable for newbies, Naughty Boy gently increases in girth, offering a slightly fuller feeling when it’s in place. The flatter part sits comfortably in the “taint” – the area between the balls and the anus. Naughty Boy comes with an upgraded 7-speed version of the popular RO-Bullet, meaning you have several speeds and patterns to experiment with.



Njoy Fun Wand
Njoy Fun Wand £72

The Njoy Fun Wand is a heavy stainless steel massager with a  long handle for easy use. You have the option of using either end, making this prostate toy very versatile. Weighty toys are incredibly sexy and usually work very well for both P-spots and G-spots and because Fun Wand is made from high-grade steel, it can be sterilized.

Use the slimmer end with three bulbs for warm-up and teasing – the opening and closing of the sphincter muscle feels so good – and try the larger bulb when you feel ready for more.



Lelo Bob Prostate Massager
Lelo Bob Prostate Massager £29

Lelo Bob is a non-vibrating prostate massager. Super-stylish and so smooth in silicone, Lelo Bob has a strong curve to ensure a full feeling and accurate P-spot pleasure. Lelo Bob is for the more advanced player; the girth can be a little intimidating if you are new to anal play.

When massaging the prostate with a toy, explore different sensations

You can slowly and gently twist the toy around, or try a rocking back and forth motion, or why not give a gently sliding in and out motion a go? Let the partner on the receiving end dictate the pace – it’s their bum, after all!

 Learn More about Prostate Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, is THE go-to guide on learning all about the incredible orgasmic potential of this very special male pleasure spot, with advice on massage, pegging, positions, toys, building trust, communicating desires, plus illustrated tips and techniques about achieving supercharged orgasms…

Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure £11.99
Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure £11.99