Orgie’s Natural High: Hemp Seed Oil Lube

You wanted it – you got it!

Due to popular demand, we have searched high and low for our favourite hemp seed oil infused lubricant. Not only that, but we’ve gone and found an orgasm enhancer as well.

Wait…hemp oil in a sex product?

If you find yourself a tad bemused by this combo then simply read on to find out more. Perhaps, the Hemp Lube Tube could become your new slippery staple!

Scent and taste-free, the Orgie Hemp Lube feels smooth and lovely to use. As it’s a water-based formula, it’s suitable for use with all of your favourite toys as well. Just so you know though, the lube has a green tinge, which makes good sense when you think about it, but might raise an eyebrow or two when you squeezing some out and start applying to erotic areas…


If you want to switch things up a little bit more, there is also a hemp oil orgasmic gel to try.

Just one small squirt onto the intended intimate area (suitable for poons, peens and in-betweens) will deliver multiple lovely sensations such as tingling, heating, and cooling. By encouraging blood flow to the area, this increases sensitivity and stimulation, meaning that orgasms are about to get toe-curlingly intense. Yas please!

The orgasm gel also has a green tinge (we see a pattern here) and it has a slight taste; nothing unpleasant, but it does make your tongue fizzle a bit.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is one of three categories of hemp oil, with the other two being hemp essential oil and CBD oil. All three are sourced from specific parts of the hemp plant, aka cannabis sativa. Although often confused for CBD oil, hemp seed oil differs in that it comes mainly from hemp seeds (hence the name). These seeds have significantly lower amounts of cannabinoids in comparison to any other part of the plant. This means that despite sharing a lot of the same vitamins, minerals, and natural acids as CBD oil, hemp seed oil won’t make you remotely high…so instead, we’ll leave that up to your partner.

What’s more, as long as the type of hemp oil comes from one of the 63 industrially approved hemp strains under EU law, then it is totally legal. These oils are classed as hemp when containing less than 0.2% of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) – if above this level then they are officially classed as cannabis and are illegal. So don’t worry, we are not about to get you arrested.


What are the benefits?

There are many widely recognised health benefits of hemp seeds. For one, they are nutritious – even more so than the favourites of numerous East London health stores: chia or flaxseeds. Specifically, they are mega-high in fatty acids and proteins and are considered to be a complete protein source, similar to quinoa. This means that they are packed with natural acids, such as amino acids. Altogether, hemp seeds are thought to boost your immune system and are better for you than a wide range of nuts and veg. Their high level of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) has even been linked to aiding the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS and menopause due to the reaction between GLA’s production of prostaglandin E1 with the bodily hormone prolactin (it’s your body’s reaction to this hormone that causes such issues). This can reduce breast tenderness, plateauing moods and fluid retention amongst other symptoms.

A quick google and you can find numerous vitamins and minerals that hemp seeds are well endowed in.


What has all this nutritional information got to do with sex? Is Sh! converting into a wellness blog?

No, we are not. But, these benefits do mean a great deal for your downstairs sex demons – vaginas especially. The amino acids that are found both within hemp seed oil and the vagina are specialised to balance PH levels and avoid infection inside your intimate area. The less lubed-up your vaginal walls are during any sort of penetrative play, the more likely you are to contract a yeast infection, a UTI or to irritate the skin with fissures – causing a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. The natural properties of hemp seed oil moisturise and soothe skin whilst being anti-inflammatory.

But what about oral play?

The above rules still apply; the more slippery your sex is, the more fun it’s going to be! Adding lube is a great way of ensuring all areas feel moist and lovely. You might think that saliva is enough and sometimes it is; however, we often find that a few drops of lube make things even smoother and if fingers are being inserted into orifices then lube is – in our opinion – essential.

Happy Hemping, people!

anal lubricant advice

Q&A: Is Coconut Oil Good For Sex?

My partner and I have been together for 4 years and have been enjoying a busy sexual life until last night, when I couldn’t penetrate her when we moved through to the bedroom. Before that she was fine, well lubed and happy, but when she was on the bed she said it felt like I was stretching her and that it felt like it was burning and dry.

We use coconut oil as lube and have done for 3 years and we both had a sexual health check when we started going out.

Thank you

Hi there,

Sorry to hear your wife is experiencing pain during sex – those are never fun moments.

We’d suggest your wife gets herself checked out – it could be that her wonderous vagina has had its pH balance disrupted by the coconut oil (or something else, like washing powder or bath oils).

Coconut oil is fast becoming a popular substitute for lubricant and we have had many customers asking us whether they should ditch sex shop lube and just head over to the nearest supermarket for something edible instead.

Let’s look a little bit closer at some of the non-lube products often used for sex.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, and isn’t necessarily the best option for delicate vaginal membranes. This ability to kill bacteria and viruses is one of the reasons it has no business in a lady garden. Vaginas are sensitive little souls with both good and bad bacteria constantly battling it out for top position. Coconut oil leaves an oily, clingy residue inside the vagina, likely upsetting the natural balance and allowing infections to take hold.

Generally considered to be comedogenic, coconut oil can also clog pores which in turn causes irritation. Add to that its latex-incompatibility and negative effect on soft-surface sex toys, and you’ll  understand why we’d recommend leaving the coconut oil for cooking and opting for a muff-friendly water-based lubricant for sex instead.

Olive Oil

olive-oilOlive oil is very weak acid. Like coconut oil, it is not soluble in water and therefor not a great option for sexcapades. Leaving residues clinging to insides will no doubt help the olive oil go rancid, and you can image what’ll happen then…

Whilst edible, it has not been recommended for sex-use by FDA.

Olive oil breaks down latex condoms.

Baby Oil

Using baby oil may seem like an obvious choice – if it’s gentle enough to use on a baby, it’s gentle enough to use on me, right?


It’s that pesky oil again – it harbors germs and other harmful bacteria inside the body and happily creates one unpleasant bout of Bacterial Vaginosis after another. It can also cause Desquamative Vaginitis – more uncommon – which is the equivalent of skin peeling after a sunburn. (Ouch!)

Baby oil breaks down latex in seconds, leaving lovers at risk of STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, and it ruins sex toys.

If you enjoy the slippery feeling of baby oil, we recommend switching to a silicone-based lube instead. Just remember silicone-based lube isn’t compatible with soft-surface toys.

Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly

We know many couples opt for Vaseline/petroleum jelly as lubricant for penetrative sex. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of natural waxes & mineral oils that together lock moisture in skin and initially it may seem like a good idea, but we’ll explain why this product should be used for chapped lips and dry hands only.

Vaseline creates a thick layer of gloop inside the vaginal canal, creating a fantastic environment for trapping and growing nasty bacteria. It is not water-soluable, so no amount of water will rinse it off/out – and we sincerely hope you’re not planning on soaping up your insides as that will make an already bad situation much, much worse…

Vaseline breaks down latex – STI warning! – and ruins beautiful silicone sex toys.

Put down the Vaseline and pick up a lube with great staying power instead.

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub ointment may seem like a fun substitute for a cooling and enhancing gel – but really, no.  Don’t do it. A mentholated topical gel, it is intended for use on chest and back for cold/cough suppression. Applied to sensitive nethers, the gel will burn in a way that brings tears to eyes…

Instead, choose a gentle, condom-friendly lube lube like ID Pleasure if you’re looking for extra thrills.

Shampoo, Sun Screen & Shaving Gel

All of these are unsuitable products for sex use. Chemicals and fragrances will irritate genital membranes and increase the risk of unwanted infections. A sore foof is no fun at all. And chances are they’ll burn through a condom in mere seconds – it really is not worth it, people. Protect your vag (or peen) by using only suitable products


Despite being wet (duh!), water is drying and not suitable for bringing additional moisture to frictional activities such as sex (or smear tests – we were horrified when a nurse had run out of gel and suggesting using *water* instead. Not the same thing, lady!). Using water as lube may result in chafing and friction burns.


Using spit as lube is an oft-used visual part in porn flicks – this doesn’t mean it is good practice. Of course, human saliva is better than nothing, and needs must and all that, but a mouth is full of bacteria (espesh if it’s been a few hours since teeth were last brushed). Saliva is 99.5% water but also contains electrolytes, mucus, antibacterial compounds and various enzymes.

There are so many excellent lubes available on the market these days, there really is no excuse for not having a bottle of slippy wonder-stuff ready for play time!

Lube Shelf

If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at advice@sh-womenstore.com and we’ll answer you privately.

We may also share Q&A’s so others may benefit, but if we do it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in to identify you – promise!




Q&A: Which Lube is Best for Me?

I am a disabled woman and am entering the menopause. Vaginal dryness is a problem and annoyingly I have an allergy to the crèmes recommended by the Drs. which have oestrogen in them so cannot lubricate for sex this way. I have been experimenting with a variety of over the counter non hormone lubricants to get over this problem during penetrative sex. Normal lube (Like Boots own brand and Durex Play) are no good, I’ve tried ones containing silicone (ID silk natural feel) which was much better. However, I leak a little water during sex and it washes the lube away! Is there anything which is a little more resilient. Fed up of feeling like I have a chaffed area at the entrance.

Hope you can help, my Dr recommended I get in touch, as she said she wasn’t an expert but you might have some ideas of brands??? Looking through your site there seems to be Eros Pjur lubricant. Is this a good one or can you recommend something better.

Hope you can help (Feel a bit exposed mailing you but last ditch attempt…)

Hello there,

Many thanks for your email. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing such a frustrating time and we hope we can help.

There are many different types of lubrication out on the market and it can be really tricky to navigate the various options on offer.

Eros Pjur is a good silicone-based lubricant. Silicone-based means slicker and longer lasting. The lube will keep doing its thing until washed off with soap & water.

Use lube when playing with a waterproof as water will wash away your natural wetness...

A really thick lube can also work well as it’ll last for longer. Our own-brand Lush Pure Plus lube is the one we’d recommend when dryness is a real issue. It’s paraben-free and water-based, which means exceptionally body-friendly. We usually recommend this particular lube for menopausal women as the viscous formula is longer-lasting and makes play more comfortable.

A water-based lube is water soluble, meaning you can rinse it of with water only – no need for soap.

Silicone-based lubes can cause vaginal irritation in women who are very sensitive, so we’d recommend trying the thicker, water-based lube first.

You mention that there is leaking during sex – do you know why this might be? If it’s to do with a weak pelvic floor muscle, this can be strengthened by regular kegel exercise or with the help of love-balls.

These weighted balls are worn internally and help tone up the PC muscle, which in turn may take care of the leakage. There is a very helpful blog piece on how to use love balls here.

It might be worth discussing this with your Doctor?

Best of luck!

Love, Team Sh! xx


If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at advice@sh-womenstore.com and we’ll answer you privately.

We may also share Q&A’s so others may benefit, but if we do it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in to identify you – promise!



Q&A: Lube for Pregnancy & Diabetes

Hello Ladies,

I have a few questions about lube I hope you can help me with: 

1. What kind of lubricant should I use during pregnancy? And why would some lubricants be suitable and others not?

2. Lubricants for people with diabetes – I’ve heard some lubricants contain sugar? 

3. Can sex toys cause cystitis? What are the safest practices for people affected by this condition?

Can you help me out?


(Names Have Been Changed for the Purposes of Anonymity)

Hi Laura,

Many thanks for your email – these are all excellent questions and we think a lot of people will be interested in finding out more about lubes.

Generally, use of lubricants is not harmful to either parent or child, and we have a selection of good waterbased lubes to choose from.. During some stages of pregnancy, lubricant can also help enhance pleasure and alleviate any dryness caused by over-active hormones. (Although many women find they do not need lube during pregnancy as the body will naturally produce a lot of extra lubrication.)

Products with mild formulations are much better for the skin as pregnancy can cause hypersensitivity to certain ingredients that may have previously caused no problem.

Lubes with glycerine/sugars, parabens and fragrances should be avoided. These ingredients can be irritating at the best of times, but as pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections and UTI’s, we recommend giving them a (wide) berth.

Silicone-based lubricants are not generally recommended as they are not water soluble, and could cause bacteria to collect inside the vagina and, over time, cause infections.

Also avoid lubricants with additives designed to enhance pleasure, like warming or tingling lubes – they may cause unpleasant side effects when/if your vagina is extra sensitive.

Products containing L-arginine, Lidocane, Capsicum, and Menthol are not advised for use during pregnancy. This is because they could cause irritation to extra-sensitive pregnant skin and there is not enough research into the effects of topical use of these ingredients on expecting mothers. Using these products could carry possible health risks to both mother and baby. It is always best for mum-to-be to get advice from their GP about these ingredients.

List of lubes suitable during pregnancy:

Vegan-Friendly Lubes

sliquid vegan organic lubeFor a product to be classified as vegan, it needs to not contain any ingredients derived from animals or from animal by-products. They must be safe to ingest, contain no hormones and not be tested on animals. Currently, the products we stock that are Vegan-friendly (no animal products, synthetic alternatives, and vegetable glycerine) are as follows:

Lubes Suitable for People with Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes some flavoured lubes do contain sugar, so it’s best to avoid those for oral sex. Glycerin, which is a common ingredient in many lubricants, is a form of sugar but not one that will be processed by your body or raise your blood sugar. Still, diabetes can make you more prone to cystitis because it raises the sugar levels of your urine making a happy breeding ground for bacteria – so you might want to avoid putting any kind of sugar in your vagina as it could increase your chances of getting yeast infections.

Lube and Cystitis

Cystitis is also known as the “honeymoon disease” – it is very common to experience an unpleasant bout of cystitis after an intense sex session, especially if there hasn’t been any sexual activity for a while. The friction of sex can be a little too much for the sensitive urethra, and bacteria may make their way into the bladder. Make sure to always go for a pee after sex, this will help keep urethra and bladder as happy as can be.

Try positions that cause little or no friction on the urethra, and use a good lube to ensure no unnecessary rubbing of a sensitive area.

Sh! Toy CleanerAs far as avoiding cystitis in general goes, the important thing is to clean your toys. You can use something like Sh! toy cleaner to make the process of cleaning your favourite toys easy peasy – spritz it on, rinse off and leave your toy to air dry (it’s better to let your toys air dry as towels or tissues can leave behind tiny particles). Or, use antibacterial hand soap and warm water but be careful with toys that aren’t waterproof.

Sh! own brand dildos can also be sterilised by boiling them in a pan for three minutes (just remember to remove the vibrating bullet, if you have a vibrating dildo) or putting them through the dishwasher.  Then store them somewhere clean and fluff-free.

Avoid swapping toys between partners without cleaning in between (or cover with condoms for easy clean-up mid-session), and never go from back to front without washing your vibe/dildo in-between. The anus is full of bacteria that you won’t want in your vagina – this is often an excellent way of inadvertently giving oneself an infection.

Also, as an added bonus to your questions, we’d like to add some information about pregnancy and massage oils.

We all agree massages are lovely, but when it comes to products created for body massage for pregnant women it is very important that anything containing essential oils is not used. The reason for this is that some compounds in certain essential oils actually have hormone-like behaviours (because of their molecular structure). Another risk is that some have an emmenagogue (em·men·a·gogue) action when taken orally or applied onto the body (these are herbs that stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus). They are traditionally used to help to promote and regulate menstrual flow (periods), and so should be avoided during pregnancy.

Use of essential oils, ultimately, can cause birth defects or can start premature labour (intrauterine contractions) resulting in miscarriage.

Massage CandleFrequent use of almond oil in pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of premature birth. Almond oil is the main component of many massage oils as it is a basic carrier oil for other essential oils.

The range Earthly Body massage candles are safe for use when pregnant – AND they are vegan-friendly too!

Hope that helps as a comprehensive guide to health and lube!

If you have any questions about health, toys, sex or relationships email us at advice@sh-womenstore.com


Team Sh! xx






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Buy the Sh! Butt Plug 6 and receive a FREE bottle of Lush Pure+ Lube!

The ass isn’t self-lubricating, which is why a viscous lube like our paraben-free Lush Pure + is essential for comfortable play!

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advice unable to orgasm

Vaginal Dryness

Many women feel that their bodies are failing them if it isn’t producing enough vaginal moisture on its own.

There are many physical reasons for a dry vagina:

  • Medication – many cold medicines dry out your mucus membranes and not just in your nose! Anti-depressants & anti-anxiety drugs are also culprits.
  • Tiredness
  • Stress – which is why stressing about ‘not being wet enough’ creates a viscous cycle.
  • Hormones – Simply where we are in our menstrual cycle can govern how wet we are that day.
  • Dehydration – Simply not drinking enough fluids
  • Pregnancy, childbirth & nursing.
  • Age – the menopause has a lot to answer for!
  • Alcohol & drugs, esp cannabis.
  • Soap and bathing products – these can disrupt the delicate chemistry of a healthy vagina

Vaginal dryness is nothing to be ashamed of and is not unusual in any way.


It’s just something that most of us don’t talk about. 

If we were to openly discuss our dryness with partners or friends, it would certainly alleviate much of the stress us women can feel about our bodies ‘failing’ us.

Vaginal dryness does stress women out

A customer recently told us she worries that her dryness might push her partner into the arms of ‘a wetter woman’.

So, you may find it’s a relief for both of you to acknowledge you’re having a dry spell. The fact is, dry vaginas are very common; anyone owning a vagina will find it’ll run out of juice at some point. It doesn’t mean your sex life is over – far from it!

But it does mean you need to look at adding lushness from a bottle. Luckily, we have tons of bottles piled up for just such an occasion…

We know that not every one feels comfortable with the idea of using (wo)man-made wetness, but really – there’s no reason why you should feel awkward about it.

Don’t think of lube as a solution to the  ‘problem’ of vaginal dryness, but as a sensual addition

Lube is sexy. Lube makes play sensual and slidey. It makes everything so incredibly wet…

Lube makes insertion of toys or your lovers fingers or penis much more comfortable and it can truly change your life.

Simply keep a bottle by your bed and reach over for a handful whenever the feeling takes you. 

Apply it generously and  not just for yourself but to all toys, fingers or penis present!

You don’t need an applicator. 

[We have met a surprising number of medical professionals, horrified at our suggestions of applying lube with fingers, suggesting an applicator is preferable – thus avoiding unnecessary contact with one’s vagina! If you’ve come across this attitude, we say – ignore it! Your vagina would love you to touch it, explore its contours and make friends with it. It will thank you for taking the time…]

Whether you actually ‘need’ lube or just want to try it for fun, there’s lots to choose from: water-basedsilicone based, paraben free, flavoured or warming lube.

We recommend plain lubes for everyday use, and keeping the fancy ones for special occasions.

If you only ever buy one sexy plaything, let it be a bottle of lube – we promise your vagina will be delighted!







lubricant advice

Yes Baby Organic Lubricant

Trying for a baby? Have you seen this organic, fertility-friendly lube, from the makers of Yes Organic Lubricant? Yes Baby is specially created for couples trying to conceive.

Sperm-Friendly Lubricant

Trying for a baby can be wonderful fun – but sometimes it can be stressful too. Lack of lubrication is an issue many couples face – especially for using couples who are using medical help to conceive or synchronizing with the woman’s cycle to increase their chances.

Yes Baby Organic Lubricant is a brand-new two-part fomulation, designed to promote sperm health and vaginal health.

Yes Baby Organic Lubricant £22
Yes Baby Organic Lubricant £22

The sperm-friendly variety of lube is designed to be use immediately before and during ovulaiton. (The Yes Baby pack comes complete with ovulation testers, so the time of ovulation can be determined. This lube is sperm-friendly (unlike most lubricants which can harm sperm) and promotes the optimum environment for sperm longevity.

The second lube is intended for use after ovulation – either as a sex lubricant or a vaginal moisturizer – and restores the vagina to its optimum pH, promoting vaginal health. This is the first fertility-friendly lube to supply both sperm-friendly and vagina-friendly lube, and it’s all created with organically-grown ingredients.


lubricant advice

Lush Flavoured Lubricants for Oral Sex

We have a small range of tasty edible lubes for those of you who enjoy a sweetly flavoured experienced.

Lush Flavoured Lube
Lush Flavoured Lube £7

Lush Flavoured lubes are great for oral sex – the flavours are a little tangy but very tasty, and most definitely moore-ish.

Latex-safe, these water-based lubes can be used with condoms and dental dams.

Lush Flavoured Lubricants are also great for sensual massage – very smooth, soft and sensual, leaving your skin with a delicious additional flavour.


New Goodies On Web Today

Fruity Lubricant Gel: Strawberry Wine
Fryuity Lubricant Gel: Strawberry Wine

A late addition to Sh!’s lovely new Lelo range is in stock now – Lelo Sensual Massage Oil with fresh lily and musk. Lelo’s new range for sensuous touch are a gorgeous range that wouldn’t look out of place on the snazziest dressing-table! Specially packaged for class and discretion, Lelo Sensual Massage Oil also contains tiny flakes of 24 carat gold to lend your lover’s skin a gorgeous sheen. And it smells fantastic!

Fruity Lubricant Gel from Swede is another hot new goody in stock now. Fruity Lube Gel, in Strawberry Wine and Vanilla Cinnamon flavours, is a really yummy flavoured lube with a snazzy bottle design. You just twist the top and it gives you a squib of lube, so it’s very easy to do with one hand – leaving your other one free to keep doing fun things!

Fruity Lubricant Gel: Vanilla Cinnamon
Fruity Lubricant Gel: Vanilla Cinnamon

And finally, the new Tongue Joy Rendezvous – a perfect combination with flavoured lube is an tongue vibrator! The Tongue Joy Rendezvous is a set of two tiny powerful bullets, with a clear silicone casing and a stretchy loop so it can be comfortably worn on the tongue…no piercing necessary! We reckon the combinatuion of oral sex and a little bit of buzz will be a winner for lots and lots of ladiez – and a few gents too!

Keep a look out for new goodies in the next few weeks, ladiez – there’s lots of shiny new stuff arriving at HQ lately!


Q&A: I’d Love To Have Anal Sex With My Wife

Dear Sh!

I’d love to have anal sex with my wife but I don’t know how to bring the subject up.

She’s enjoyed one or two fingers used anally, but I’m not sure how to move on to the next stage! Have you got any suggestions?


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. There’s a couple of things we can suggest which might help.

Communication is key in all anal play

First – do talk to her about it. If you’d love to have anal sex with her – tell her!

(But don’t pressure her).

Whisper to her that just the idea of having anal sex with your wife is a huge turn on for you, and then gauge her reaction. As she likes fingers, she may well be very open to the idea of going further.

Read all about Anal Pleasures

There’s a very good book available that covers every topic around anal sex you can think of – and a lot more besides!

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women £11.99
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women £11.99

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino provides a starting point for the conversation, plus stacks of helpful info and tips.

We’ve also have lots of advice on anal play and pleasures, gathered for over 20 years talking to and advising our customers in store.

Lube is an anal-essential

Lush Pure Plus Lubricant £10
Lush Pure Plus
Thick, sensual and long lasting lubricant – £10

An essential  ingredient for sensual and pleasurable anal play is lubricant – choose one specially formulated for anal play, because it will be thick, water-based and long-lasting.

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication, so penetration without lube is too dry,  and thus too sore, to be fun.

Anal pleasure is a slow, sensual journey of opening-up, not a race to break the barrier

Anal sex can have a bad reputation because there is an assumption that it will hurt.

In actual fact anal sex should never hurt but if it does, it means things are progressing too fast for the anal muscles to fully relax and things aren’t wet enough.

The best way  for anal newbies is to be fully in charge of pace and depth.  A good idea maybe to invest in a dildo – maybe something a little bigger than your fingers – so she can try out it out without any pressure. 

Our customers love the Wirly Girly 2 as a beginner’s toy for anal play. It’s sensually ribbed and gives a pleasant sensation, and it’s slim enough to be unintimidating

But the key to good anal sex is great communication – so before you break out the toys, it’s important to discuss the idea of exploring anal sex together.

Hope all this helps – please do give us a shout if you have any more questions – and if your wife has anything she’d like to ask us, feel free to put us in touch!

Best Wishes

Team Sh!