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5 Tips For Boosting Your Orgasm

There are different types of orgasms and bodies have the fantastic ability to experience different ones during a sexual lifetime. There are the great ones; you might know the kind – you can’t stay still, you’re wriggling and squirming, your legs are shaking until finally, an explosion erupts between your thighs and you’re left quivering and … Continue reading 5 Tips For Boosting Your Orgasm

Different Ways To Enjoy Lube

When it comes to having great sex, lube just doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. Old-fashioned thinking will have us believe that as long as a woman is properly turned on, she should produce enough love juices to coat every manhood in the neighbourhood. Not so, friendlies! There are many reasons why a vagina … Continue reading Different Ways To Enjoy Lube

Sex In Your 50’s & 60’s

‘Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength’    Betty Friedan Thinking of parents having sex can feel disturbing, and something most of us avoid like the plague. We know we should be adult enough about these things, but when your mum’s new boyfriend asks – across the dining table, … Continue reading Sex In Your 50’s & 60’s

Q&A: Lube for Pregnancy & Diabetes

Hello Ladies, I have a few questions about lube I hope you can help me with:  1. What kind of lubricant should I use during pregnancy? And why would some lubricants be suitable and others not? 2. Lubricants for people with diabetes – I’ve heard some lubricants contain sugar?  3. Can sex toys cause cystitis? … Continue reading Q&A: Lube for Pregnancy & Diabetes

Top 6 Lesbian Sex Toys

Most sex toys bought by lesbians in our store are bought as a couple, primarily to play with and enjoy together, though, as with most sex toys, many lesbian faves can be enjoyed for solo sessions as well. Here’s the Top 6 lesbian sex toys sold at Sh! 1. Lube: A True Lesbian Essential. Lube … Continue reading Top 6 Lesbian Sex Toys

Best Sex Toys For Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for singletons, they’re fab for enhancing sex as a couple too.  As toys loose their stigma, more and more couples are discovering that playing with sex toys together can turn good sex into GREAT sex. Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can feel intimidating, if you are unsure of your partner’s response, but … Continue reading Best Sex Toys For Couples

How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

Whether a sex-toy virgin, looking for a first vibrator or budding sexpert seeking new toys, the most important thing to think about, when choosing a sex toy, is what you want to get out of your toy. Ask yourself; What is the main type of pleasure I want from my sex toy ? It’s easy to get boggled or … Continue reading How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

Different Types of Safe Sex Supplies

We are always being told to rubber up before jumping in the sack, but many people are still in the dark about the different types of protection there are available protect you and your partner(s) from STI’s ( sexual transmitted infections). Safe-sex advice often focuses on keeping safe during intercourse and anal sex and certainly these … Continue reading Different Types of Safe Sex Supplies