How to Use a Double Dildo

How to Use a Strapless Dildo- Strap-On Sex without a Harness

A Strapless  dildo is essentially a double dildo, designed for a couple to play with together,  to offer strap-on style sex without one partner having to wear a harness to keep a dildo in place.

Where this totally different kind of dildo differs for a regular double dildo is in shape – rather than being long and straight, a Strapless is curved , which can range from a pronounced U-shape  to more of a subtle upward bend…

And unlike a traditional double dildo, which has two ends that are equal(ish) in size, the two ends of a Strapless dildo are very different: there’s a smaller egg-shaped dildo at one end and a longer external dildo at the other.

A strapless dildo is a sex toy designed to be ‘worn’ by a woman – she slides the smaller egg/bulb-shaped dildo inside her vagina, gripping the narrow neck with her pc muscles to keep it in place. The counter-balancing weight of external dildo means that the egg rests against the front wall of the her vagina, massaging her G-Spot area.

The larger external dildo then stands out in front of her, ready to satisfy her female lover vaginally or anally, or her male lover, anally, hands-free.

Most popular in store as a lesbian sex toy, Strapless dildos can also be enjoyed for pegging.

Strapless Dildos-How to

Best Position for Strapless Dildos

Even with a powerful PC Muscle grip, it can be tricky for the wearer/operator of a strapless dildo to keep it inside herself.  Lube, natural wetness, gravity and her partner’s body and movements pulling the dildo away from her, can all combine and conspire to to create a situation where even the fittest PC can’t body-builder can’t combat.

The easiest position to combat any frustrating ‘slippage’ is receiver on top and this is definitely the position we recommend for beginners to strapless play.

The ‘operator’  lies on her back, and slips the smaller dildo inside herself. This works because she’s not fighting gravity trying to grip hold of the dildo and she can also clamp her legs together, preventing it from slipping out.

Her partner climbs aboard the external dildo and the couple move together, enjoying simultaneous penetration, close body contact and, if the strapless dildo features a bullet vibrator,  added vibrating thrills on top.


Pros of a Strapless Dildo

  • There’s little interruption of sex and no struggling into a harness.
  • You both get to experience the same feelings of penetration.
  • Hands-free pleasure – meaning your hands are free to pleasure, stroke and tweak elsewhere!
  • Strapless dildos offer fabulous body to body contact with your lover and can feel incredibly intimate as you have to stay close to prevent it slipping out!
  • Strapless double dildos are great for grinding together.

Cons of a Strapless Dildo

  • Strapless double dildos can be tricky to use. They are quite heavy for the operator to grip inside – practice by walking around with your strapless in place (…or when doing the housework!) – it’s a great way to acquire strong  PC muscles you’ll need to be a strapless queen.
  • Even for strapless queens, they are not best suited for wild thrusting. For feverish strokes you really need the security of a harness. Luckily, all strapless dildos can be worn with a Strap on Harness, giving you the option to ‘strap it on’ to extend your repertoire.
  • Pegging / anal play is more difficult to pull off with a strapless, than vaginal pleasuring, simply because of the strong sphincture muscles – make sure you spend lots of time relaxing anal muscles before you go in!

Different Kinds of Strapless

  • Feeldoe Strapless: We can thank Tantus, a US-based company, for being the first company to conceive of a totally novel double dildo, designed by a woman, for women, way back in 1997.  Called the Feeldoe, it was the world’s first strapless double dildo.

Tantus Feeldoe Different Size ComparisonWe carry 4 different Feeldoe. The bulb/egg end is the same size and shape across the range (2.5 x 1.5 inch) It is the external dildo that changes in size and, thus weight*

*Size queens should remember the heavier the external dildo, the more difficult it is for the operator to keep inside herself, especially standing or on-top positions. We give all vital statistics, including weight, in the Technical Info tab, on each Strapless product page.

Designed with a semi-realistic style, each Feeldoe has a removable bullet vibrator in a pocket in the base, which adds a subtle vibrating thrill for both the giver and the receiver.


  • Sh! Strapless: We designed our strapless after trying the Feeldoe and finding it a bit too heavy to keep a grip upon and unwieldy to operate.  We loved the concept, but felt the egg to external dildo ratio balance could be improved.

So we designed a  strapless with a more pronounced U-shape and larger egg, ergonomically-tilted and shaped for G-Spot massage and with a more pronounced neck to keep it inside.

Weight is also a factor in being able to keep a grip on a strapless, so we designed our strapless to be the lightest of all.

At 257 gms, it is much lighter than the smallest strapless in both other ranges; Feeldoe Slim (452gm) and Fun Factory Share XS ( 300gm)

Sh! Strapless Dildo

We also wanted to offer a strapless that wasn’t even remotely ‘dick-shaped’.

A strapless extending out from between your legs can certainly be hot for playing with gender or role-play games, but it’s also simply a toy that offers close, intimate hand-free penetrative pleasure for both partners, so we wanted to offer an alternative to the more ‘realistic’ styles of Feeldoe and Fun Factory strapless dildos.

We based the external dildo of Sh! Strapless on our best-selling cupid dildo , with a curvy, sensual shape shaft  that 1000’s of you enjoy…

Designed and hand-produced in our London studio,, we offer it as a vibrating Sh! strapless, with a removeable bullet in its base or regular non- vibrating Sh! strapless, for peeps who don’t want to be fiddling with added vibration.


Fun Factory strapless are called Share; a unique range conceived, designed and manufactured in Germany.

Fun Factory Share Strapless Size Difference
Fun Factory Share Strapless Size Difference

There’s a difference in the feel of the silicone used in Share strapless; whereas Feeldoe and Sh! Strapless use silicone that is glossy and sleek, Share feel soft, dry and velvety…

Share comes in  3 very different sizes, a bit like the 3 bears!

The smallest Share is the smallest strapless available and, in our opinion it’s the best strapless made for pegging

The XL Share is the other side of the spectrum and is the largest strapless available  – you will need powerful PC muscles to keep a grip on this beast!

At 6 inches long, the regular Share is the best-selling size in Fun Factory’s strapless range.

Fun Factory also offer a unique vibrating strapless, called ShareVibe, which is more based on a vibrator, than a dildo, and offers different vibration setting, including throbbing and escalating patterns to take both partners on a journey of sensations together.


lesbian sex toy advice

Top 5 Lesbian Gifts

Whether it’s a new sexy dildo for your girlfriend or a vibrator gift for your mate, giving an erotic toy is giving the gift of pleasure – a gift that keeps on giving.

Buying a sex toy for someone as a gift can be empowering and liberating, especially if they might be embarrassed or coy about buying one for themselves.

It doesn’t matter who the recipient is, or how much they might protest that they don’t ‘need’ a toy – that sexy gift will be slipped into bag and whisked away, believe us!

When buying a gift, don’t buy too large. Supersizing is fine if you categorically know your partner’s preferences, but otherwise leave the grand gestures (and big dildos) for when you are shopping together.


Too Much Choice!

If you are lost or overwhelmed by choice – just ask us for advice. Over 22  years of matching the right toy for our customers’ needs (we never put profit over pleasure!) has given us insight and experience to help you.


The Number 1 Bestselling Lesbian Gift: Strap-On Dildo Set

Best Strap-On Dildo Set £87
Best Strap-On Dildo Set £87

Our Best Strap-On Dildo Set comes with a soft leather double-strap harness for comfy wear and our Cupid 3 silicone dildo with curves in all the right places. Added is a bottle of Lush Lube for sensual, long-lasting play and an assortment of condoms for extra sensations. And – really handy – this set comes in a gift box so the wrapping is taken care of too!






Choose a Finger Vibrator for an Hands-On Lesbian Gift

Feelz Finger Toys £15
Feelz Finger Toys £15

If a strap-on isn’t right for your intended recipient, a small finger vibe could be just the thing. Used for sensual stimulation of the clit, a finger vibe is worn on the finger and turns the finger into a vibe all on its own! A great lesbian gift for a single woman who enjoys exploring her sexuality, or for a partner who feels that sex toys can be a little intimidating.

The clitoris is the epicentre of most women’s orgasmic world and clits love vibrators; this is especially true for clitorises that take a while to get going or are ‘unpredictable’ in their response. Vibrators with different pulse settings, ranging from low purring throbbing to high-intense revving, offer a myriad of different sensations to explore and with prices starting at £15, a finger vibe won’t break the bank.



Erotica: The Inspiring Lesbian Gift

Stripped Down £11.99
Stripped Down £11.99

Erotica makes a great lesbian gift for everyone from best mate to long-term girlfriend. On the surface a book is much more conventional, safer gift to give than a bagful of sex toys, but it’s what’s between the covers that count! A great ‘one-handed read’ will do more than simply get us wet. Fantasy is key to many women’s orgasms, whether it’s what ‘tips us over the edge’ or simply gets us going.

Reading erotica is a great way to uncover new fantasies or discover new activities or different scenarios to try out. As prolific erotic editor Tristan Taormino says: “stories strip down way past naked to show us what we can discover about ourselves through our sexual encounters.”

Erotica can rekindle desire and arousal; great for re-firing mojos, whether that loving feeling has been lost individually or as a couple.


The Thrilling Lesbian Gift

Desire Vibrator £49
Desire Vibrator £49

A great vibe doesn’t necessarily mean mega-bucks. Silicone vibrators (like dildos, silicone vibes are the best for sensuality and safety) which offer a range of pulse settings, start from as little as £22. For a real treat, our Desire Vibrator is elegantly sensual and beautifully packaged.

With sweeping G-spot-seeking tip and 20 different pulse modes, it’s perfect for a long sensuous sessions; solo or with a partner. Completely waterproof, Desire is also a great bath buddy.




 Lube: The Practical Lesbian Gift

Lush Pure Lubricant £10
Lush Pure Lubricant £10

Lube is a sexual essential, especially when playing with sex toys as even non-porous toys can suck up a little of your natural juices. During long love-ins, lube allows pleasure to go on and on, even if your bodies own juices can’t keep up with the action.

On the surface, a bottle of lube may be deemed a ‘practical’ gift, but it’s one that will enhance pleasure for weeks (months!) to come.









lesbian sex toys advice

Top 6 Lesbian Sex Toys

Most sex toys bought by lesbians in our store are bought as a couple, primarily to play with and enjoy together, though, as with most sex toys, many lesbian faves can be enjoyed for solo sessions as well.

Here’s the Top 6 lesbian sex toys sold at Sh!

1. Lube: A True Lesbian Essential.

Lube enhances every kind of sex and keeps the pleasure going on ...and on
Lube enhances every kind of sex and keeps lesbian pleasure going on …and on …and on!

Lube is one of the best lesbian sex toys there is and we’d say lube heads up our list of top lesbian sex toys by a mile.

Lesbian sex is circular and can go on and on and on… We’ve had many a lesbian couple at Sh! say they just got out of bed after three days of non-stop sex.

Women can have multiple orgasms: get two women together and the possibilities are endless!

However turned-on you are and however hot your lover, when sex can go on for days, no body’s natural juices can keep up with that kind of intensity and that’s why a bottle of good lube is standard fare beside most lesbian beds.

Choosing the right lube for your bodies, and for any sex toys you may be playing with, is key to loving it and we find that our lesbian customers are probably the most in-tune-with-lube customer group we meet.

2. Strap On: No Lesbian Fallacy!

Best Strap On Kit £99
Best Strap On Kit £99

A strap-on may be a stereotypical lesbian toy, beloved of porn films and ‘who’s the man?’  jokes.

The pleasures of a strap-on are many, but in our experience, most lesbian couples enjoy strap-on play simply because it provides intimacy and thrilling penetration whilst leaving both partners’ hands free for exploring elsewhere…

In our London studio, we hand-produce quality silicone dildos, soft, leather harnesses to strap on and specially selected strap on kits and we’re happy to say our famous strap-ons have satisfied thousands of lesbian customers worldwide.



3. Strapless Dildos: New Lesbian Sex Toy on the Block

Strapless dildos provide strap-on style sex without the need of a harness
Strapless dildos provide strap-on style sex without the need of a harness

Strapless dildos such as Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo, Tantus Feeldoe and  Fun Factory Share  are designed to give even more intimacy to strap on sex by removing the the need of a harness.

Strapless dildos were cautiously embraced by lesbian couples when they hit the shelves a few years back and, at first, they recieved mixed reviews from gay girl couples; some found using a strapless dildo tricky & frustrating, whilst other couples loved the intimacy and connection these sex toys provide.

The trick is to know how to use a strapless dildo and not to expect the same moves you can use with a regular strap-on.

Strapless dildos are better for grinding together rather than thrusting – they are hot sex toys for leisurely, intimate lesbian sex, rather than wild, rip ’em off lesbian sex!


4. Extra thrills for lesbian fingers & tongues

Pair Finger Tip Vibrators £15
Pair Finger Tip Vibrators £15
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26

What three things do lesbians use most in bed? Their hands, their mouths and their imagination!

Manual-play and cunnilingus are often the bedrock of lesbian sex so choosing a finger or tongue vibrator for an extra buzz is a fun and inexpensive way to add playful new thrills to old favorites.

Vibrators for tongues or vibrators worn on a finger are a top ‘add-on’ purchase for lesbian couples instore (as once spied , imaginations soar!) with Feelztoys tongue and finger vibes topping the list as they come in pairs; one for each of you to  wear when hands or mouth are heading in the knicker direction!


 5. Non-Phallic Toys

In our experience, most lesbian couples don’t want overtly phallic-shaped dildos and vibrators.

No wonder – many lesbians have been told that what they really need is a ‘good man to sort them out’!

We don’t stock “realistic” sex toys, so most of our sex toys, whether an interesting dildo or stylish vibe,  get the thumbs up from our lesbian customers.


6. Traditional Double Dildos for Sharing Lesbian Penetrative Pleasure

Double dildos offer lesbian couples simultaneous physical and voyeuristic pleasures!

Not quite as popular as mainstream lesbian porn films would have us believe, but double dildos still makes our top 6 lesbian sex toy list, as thankfully the sex toy design revolution has moved them on from the old-school sex toys of yore.


Ideal for couples who both enjoy penetration and would like to enjoy it together, a double dildo is simply an extra-long dildo with a penetrative portion at each end; one for each of you.

Not the easiest toy in the box, but once you learn how  how to use a double dildo  the mix of shared sensations and hot visuals can be a head mix.

Freshly Made Dildos

Dildo consultation: We want your opinions!

Roll up, roll up, it’s the great Sh! Dildo Consultation and we need YOU to help us out.

Sh! is famous for her unique, hand-poured-in-London dildos and strap-ons , but we want to make our range of dils *even better* and to do that we rely on feedback from all our lovely customers about exactly what it is they want to buy…

Do you have a bright idea or a sizzling desire for a specific type of dildo? What would you like to see us make more, or less of? Is there a dildo you’ve always dreamed of but never been able to find? Now’s your chance to turn it into reality!

There are many different ways you can get involved and share your opinions with us. If you live in London or have been planning to visit, we’re holding two very special Dildo Consultations at our shop in Hoxton Square:

When? Tuesday October 8th & Tuesday October 15th 2013 at 6:30 pm

Where? 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB

At the consultation you’ll be able to talk all about dildos with the Sh! Girlz  in a safe, laid-back and friendly environment. Customer feedback is hugely important to us and we want to hold this focus group in order to make sure we’re offering exactly what you want! To show our appreciation for those able to attend we’ll give everyone a £10 Sh! gift voucher and 25% OFF the new range of dildos!

Worry not though, if you can’t make it to our consultations we still want to hear from you! We’ve put together a (super short!) survey to gather some info about what you really want from your dildos, and would be eternally grateful to hear what you have to say.

Just click here to take the survey!

Thank you so much for all your comments, ideas and suggestions. We look forward to welcoming you to Sh! on Tuesday October 8th and 15th!




best lesbian sex toys advice

Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Sh! has always sold the very best in stylish and practical lesbian sex toys, and we’ve got a few new products and a few old favourites we couldn’t resist sharing with you:

Best For Intimate  Lesbian Strap On Sex – Without a Harness! – Sh! Strapless VibratingDildo


Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness
Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness


The Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo is an ergonomic design, consisting of one egg-shaped dildo which the wearer can hold inside her, and a shaft which extends outside to pleasure her partner.

The strapless  is great for sharing sensations during strap-on style play as it allows the wearer to have her fair share of penetrative pleasure too!

Ideal for really close, intimate contact, a strapless works best in receiver-on-top and side-by-side positions, where each partner can make the subtle moves that a strapless dildo is best suited to.

A strapless is a great workout for the wearer’s Kegel muscles as she has to grip the egg-shaped dildo inorder to keep it inside. This squeezing can result in an climax for her, as the flexing of super-fit PC muscle is key to G-Spot and female ejaculation orgasm.

Not just for lesbian sex – the slim shaft is also suitable for anal play, making the Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo perfect as a pegging dildo.

With the addition of a vibrating bullet slotted into the base, you’ll also enjoy the thrill of subtle vibration together.



 Best for (even more!) Oral Sex Thrills  – Feelztoys Tongue Toys


Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26


We love Feelztoys Tongue Vibrators – they’re small and cute, made of high quality silicone, and perfect for adding an extra thrill to oral sex.

With a small nub on the tip to deliver seriously focused sensations, they are a fun bedroom toy for adding an extra buzz to lesbian licks.

With two Tongue Vibrators in every pack (one each!) you can play with them together in a thrilling  69 session or singularly with one of you tongue-twizzling and the other laying back and enjoying….

No need to worry about them fizzling out either – they come with eight spare batteries, so the fun lasts and lasts….



 Best For Lesbian Strap-On Sex – with added Clit Stimulation! –  Sh! Countess Clit Dildo

Countess Clit Dildo £41
Countess Clit Dildo £41

One of Sh!’s very own – the first strap-on dildo that also has a clitoral stimulator!

An elegant toy made with high-quality silicone, designed and hand-produced in the UK by Team Sh!

A curvy body for focused G-Spot massage and four rings looped along the body deliver sensational internal stimulation.

Understanding  that many women simply  don’t orgasm through penetration alone, we designed the Countess with an external ‘tongue’, which is curved to massage the clitoris.



 Best for a Fun Way to Spice Things Up – Lesbian Sex Card Game


Lesbian Sex Card Game £5
Lesbian Sex Card Game £5 – A fun, pocket-friendly game to discover new ways to play.

The Lesbian Sex Card Game is a fun way to spice up your sex life, especially if you’re on a budget.

Cutely illustrated , the Lesbian Sex Card Game offers new ideas and a mind-boggling array of combinations, that even the most experienced lady-lover is likely to learn something new.

The game is based on picking cards, which show different positions and activities, ranging from mild to wild, allowing you to build up a perfect scenario and then act it out… The cards show a variety of fun things to do, and with over 100,000 combinations possible, there’s a lot to discover…



 As Chosen by our Lesbian Customers – Best Strap-On Dildo Kit


Best Strap-On Kit £99
All our best-selling strap on goodies, in a perfectly put-together kit

The Best Strap-On Dildo kit is a combination of some of our best-loved lesbian sex toys, as chosen by our lovely customers.

We’ve collected some of the goodies that have become firm favourites over the years, and created a strap-on gift set.

The Cupid 3 is the best-loved dildo we make, with its gentle curves and fulfilling shape, and is a fantastic dildo for strap-on play. The Leather 2-Strap Harness, made of soft comfy leather, is also a Sh! best-seller, and makes a great partner to the Cupid 3.

We’ve added toy cleaner &  Sh! Lube, and a packaged it all stylish gift box, to create a fantastic Strap-On Kit for lesbian lovers.




  Best For Dedicated Clitoral Stimulation – Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator


Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator £35
Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator £35

The Rabbit Ears Clit vibe has one thing ( well- two, actually!) which we’ve found gives most  women a real clitoral buzz

The famous bunny ears are now a classic of sex toys – they’re still the best shape for serious, clit-hugging stimulation and they’re also one of the best-known toys going.

The Rabbit Ears vibe is unique because it’s a body-friendly silicone toy with just the rabbit ears – so it’s ideal for women who love the clit play but don’t fancy the bunny shaft.

The rounded shape is designed for a better, more ergonomic grip and with a slightly flattened base, it sits balanced on your bedside, ready for playtime.




 Best For Sharing Lesbian Thrills – Dual Bullet Vibrator


Dual Bullet Vibrator (£24) - Designed to share!
Dual Bullet Vibrator (£24) – Designed to share!

The Dual Bullet Vibrator is a fun sex toy for lesbian couples who like to share, and share alike…

Designed to be used externally, the two bullets deliver 10 ( yes 10!) different vibrating patterns, including escalating and pulse settings, so there is a roller-coaster ride of sensations to explore.

The two tiny bullets are perfect for clitoral stimulation and are joined together, with a longish cord between them,  so they can tease and thrill two clits at the same time!




Best for Sharing Lesbian Looks – Silicone Double Dildo 36

Silicone Double Dildo 36 £66
Silicone Double Dildo 36 £66

Like to look? A double dildo is visually stimulating, as well as physically stimulating, as you get to see, as well as feel, what’s going on…

A toy to share between you, often in a scissor-position, using a push me-pull me motion

The problem with most double dildos is that they often have two ends the same size.

So, we fused together two of out most popular silicone dildos, to create a flexible double dildo  which features two different sized ends, perfect for lesbian couples with different penetrative tastes.

The lovely whirls on the shafts offer extra sensations, and for even more excitement, just add a drizzle of water-based lube!




 Best For Adding a Thrill to Manual Play – Rippled Finger Vibe


Rippled Finger Vibe £18
Rippled Finger Vibe £18

Hands and fingers are the staple of lesbian sex and now you can add a zing to your finger, with the Rippled Finger Vibe.

Easy to use, it simply and discreetly slips onto a finger to add it’s ET-Like magic to clitoral and vulva stimulation and  nipple play as well as spine-tingling shivers, anywhere else on the body.

Made from body-safe silicone it is easy to clean and thanks to its petite size it travels well too. Plus it’s waterproof, so it can add more than bubbles the next time you share a bath!






Best for Lesbian Teckies – Remote Double Vibrator

Remote Double Vibrator (£69)
Remote Double Vibrator (£69)

A vibrating, double-ended toy, the Remote Double Vibrator offers a smaller, slimmer end plus a larger, girthier end to play with.

Connected by a length of stretchy silicone, allows you to get up close and personal together, without anything getting in the way. This is a fabulous toy with great versatility, for all your favourite positions!

Controlled by a remote control, you can easily move between the 10 impressive functions.

Use the Remote Double Vibrator internally or externally, and don’t forget to add that all-important lube, for more sensual sliding!




Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy From Joya!

Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy!
Joya Little Su Natural - Red
Newly designed by women for women, the Joya range are the latest addition to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium‘s shelves!

We love the Joya toys, which are perfect for one or two women to enjoy!  The Little Su Natural dildo is designed to be worn internally, providing focussed G-spot stimulation with it’s elegant curves, and allowing the wearer to really rock-n-roll!

Added to this, there’s a cute little textured clit stimulator which can be used for direct clit-teasing – it’s specially good if you like rubbing and grinding play.  

Best of all, the clit stimulator is double-sided, so it can please two ladiez at once, allowing you and your girl to get very some very close clit contact!

Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy!
Joya Little Su Tulip - Black

The Joya Little Su Tulip is a yummy vibrating dildo which is very good for sharing!

With one buzz in the shaft, and another in the clit stimulator, the Little Su Tulip is also worn internally, and is great to do some Kegel practise on! like the Little Su Natural dildo, it’s got a clit stimulator which can please two clits at once!

The Little Su Tulip vibrator can also be combined with a strap-on harness for a little extra buzz for both partners!

The Little Su Tulip vibrating dildo is ideal for hands-free fun, and like the Little Su Natural dildo, it’s specially good if you like bump’n’grind play and hands-free fun!

The Little Su range from Joya are some of the coolest lesbian sex toys we’ve seen!

best Dildo advice

The Best Strap Ons in the Biz!

A strap on is a the ultimate lesbian sex toy and in recent years has become an increasingly popular toy for straight couples wishing to explore the delights of pegging.

But back when we started, if a woman wanted to strap-on a dildo to pleasure her female or male lover, she had only two choices; either a ridiculous elasticated affair that twanged back on her every out-stroke, and so flimsy it couldn’t hold up a banana… Or a heavy leather/rubber strap on, complete with studs and buckles and about as comfortable as a medieval chastity belt!

Dildo-wise it was dick shaped all the way…

No wonder these toys turned a lot of people off strap on sex.

For many lesbians , ‘realistic’ strap-ons felt weird – after all,  many had been told for years that either they were trying to be a man (with their short haircuts and ‘manly’ boots!) or all they actually needed was a good seeing to by a man…

For most M/F couples ‘realistic’ strap-ons weren’t right either. Straight men were just beginning to discover the pleasures (particularly prostate pleasures!) of strap-on sex,  but being done by a dick-shaped dildo wasn’t always (or usually!) on their fantasy list.

When we first opened, we searched in vain for descent strap-ons to stock. Whilst innovative and colorful silicone dildos were being made by bespoke producers in the US and NZ, no one was doing it here.

Problem was, as hand-poured, artisan dildos, they were already not cheap, but for us to import them, would make them financially inaccessible to many of our customers.

So, we resolved to make our strap on harnesses and dildos instead.

Silicone Dildos
Sh! Silicone Dildos

Silicone is a very tricky raw material to work with. It needs de-gassing to remove all the air bubbles, otherwise you end up with dildos that resemble aero bars!

Silicone is also very sensitive to atmospheric conditions; too hot or too dry and it starts to set before you’ve finished pouring; too cool or damp, and you get permanently tacky sex toys (which is not a desirable unique selling point!).

For the first few months we were producing more dog chew toys than dildos, such was our failure rate. Our exasperation and frustration levels soared as our finances dwindled. Silicone is a very expensive raw material, and as the business started out on £700 and had no financial backing, each duff dildo batch took us nearer to the brink of giving up.

But slowly we learned how to understand and control the sensitivities of silicone and we were on our way.

Meanwhile we had addressed the designing of the perfect harnesses to accompany our  dildos. No longer were the women of the UK going to be forced into uncomfortable, unflattering  and often unpractical strap-on harnesses.

Our strap on harnesses are made in soft leather in easy to wear styles, without pinching buckles and gravity-defying weight.

From our simple 2 strap harness to our sassy corset harness to the inventive thigh harness, Sh! was the first company in the UK to produce quality strap-on’s and offer couples of all persuasions the kind of innovative and stylish sex toys they deserved – and wanted to play with!

We are now the largest manufacturer of silicone dildos and strap on harnesses in the EEC producing 40 unique silicone dildo designs and 10 styles of strap on harnesses in an array of cool colours.

Cool Strap-On
Cool Strap-On

We’re no longer pouring dildos in our shop basement but in a dedicated manufacturing unit.

Our dodgy dildo days are long gone – nowadays our strap-on dildos are requested to star in films, featured in TV shows and reviewed in major mags.

More importantly, long, LONG gone are the days of enforced  comedy strap-on dongs; Sh! strap-on’s have turned them into the cool, classy toys for sensual lesbian sex and pleasurable pegging.