Sh! Soirees at Lynda Wallis

Sh! Soirees at Lynda Wallis

Female Arousal, Orgasm & Ejaculation Class

Our Award-Winning Store Manager & in-house Sexuality Educator Renee will be giving two wonderful classes at Lynda Wallis’ glamorous barn location in Essex!

Lynda is a designer & maker of luxury silk lingerie like you’ve never seen before. Ronja, representative of luxe toy brand Lelo will join Renee & Lynda, for an hands-on demonstration of Lelo’s amazing toys.

The Art of Female Orgasm –  Covering all-important topics such as clitorises, G-spots and female ejaculation…
Thursday 9th March, 7:30 pm
The Old Stable Block
Pump House Farm
Kelvedon Hatch CM15 0LA

The Art of Seduction – Setting the scene, dressing (or undressing) for the occasion and tempting your partner into a heady night of pleasure…
Thursday 23rd March, 7:30 pm
The Old Stable Block
Pump House Farm
Kelvedon Hatch CM15 0LA

Luxury Silk Lingerie will be available to try on in the Boudoir
and experience the fragrances of ECoundray French Perfumes established in 1822.

Come join us for fun, educational and inspirational evenings, fully clothed, with a glass of bubbly, cup cake, a Sh! gift and 10% discount on all purchases on the night.

You will also be entered into the Lynda Wallis monthly draw!

For more information or booking please call 01277366388


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We’re Auctioning Lelo Toys to Raise Money for Solace Women’s Aid

We’re Auctioning Lelo Toys to Raise Money for Solace Women’s Aid

So it seems like feelings might have been running a little high at this time for people to want to bid on Lelo toys, we are planning a Christmas auction with all kinds of fun products and that is where our Lelo toys are headed at the moment. So watch this space!

Last week we were auctioning Pride Dildos  for the Pulse Victims Fund… This week we’re hoping to do the same for Women’s Refuge Services in London ( we’re on a roll! 😉

So, what’s going on? Well, we hope you read our thoughts on Lelo getting into bed with Charlie Sheen, but if not, here’s the low-down:

Lelo,  the most famous luxury toy designers in the world, have always been female-friendly. But by using Charlie Sheen, given his long & unapologetic history of domestic violence, as brand ambassador their new condom,  this has called their direction into doubt.

At the posh Hex launch, everybody was presented with a stunning Lelo goody bag,  each containing a Tiani Couples Vibrator, which features a 24 carat gold band. It’s an amazing toy!  But as a message to Lelo about what we and many others feel about their dubious choice of spokeperson, we wanted to do something to redress/ address the situation.

So, we decided to auction off  Lelo Goodie Bags and donate funds raised to Solace Women’s Aid.

Paisley Gilmour, who has also written all about Charlie Sheen & LELO link-up  for Reveal Magazine’s sex blog , also wanted to make a point. She heard about our auction and swiftly posted her own Lelo Goodie bag to us to add to it – thank you Paisley! x

Solace Women’s Aid is an independent charity working across London, providing life-saving support to more than 10,000 women and children survivors of domestic and sexual violence a year. So the money could not be going to a more relevant cause. This is for charity, so there is a reserve but you could still get an amazing luxury toy for a great price.

Bid now for Lelo Goodie Bag containing:

Lelo Tiani 24 Gold Couples Vibrator
Tiani 24K Gold Couples Vibrator RRP £279

Lelo Lubricant
Lelo Personal Moisturizer RRP £10
Lelo Toy Cleaner
Lelo Sex Toy Cleaner RRP £7


There’s 2 goodie bags available – Leave your bids in the comments below or let us know @ShWomenstore on Twitter or on Facebook. It’s easy! Just let us know how much in £’s your bid is and the highest 2 get the booty!

What the Hex!? Our Thoughts on Lelo in Bed with Charlie

What the Hex!? Our Thoughts on Lelo in Bed with Charlie

At a glitzy, science-themed affair last night, Lelo launched HEX; A re-engineered revolution in penis-wear, the first in 70 years, according to the white-coated beautiful people demonstrating the chequered condoms at the Lelo lab.

So named, presumably because the hexagonal design that’s layered within the latex; Something clever to do with physics that creates a super-strong and ultra- thin molecular structure, which means you can stick pins in HEX condoms and the puncture is contained (which seems a worrying innovation in false confidence to us). Still, you can fill HEX with water and squish them around and they spring back miraculously into shape – rather than burst like normal condoms (a blow to water-bomb makers everywhere).

But one wonders though if Lelo brand managers have properly researched the full meanings of HEX?

Because to put a hex on someone is not a good thing. And by employing Charlie Sheen as HEX ambassador, Lelo have clearly hexed themselves.


An outpouring of blogs from respected fellow sex-educators from Cara Sutra, Marvy Darling and Dangerous Lilly, plus tweet-challenges from @VioletBlue @kittystryker and a *WHOLE* lot more, have put something of a backlash on Lelo’s controversial condom champion.


As the UK’s foremost feminist, sex-positive store, creating innovative events such as Café V with @MyBodyBackProj, why would we even grace such a cynical PR stunt using an alleged woman-abuser?


For those not around in world of old-school sex toys, you may not get the enduring affection we feel for Lelo, despite perhaps recent dodgy moves. For ten long years, from when we burst onto the male-dominated scene in 1992 until Lelo came along in 2002, we were alone in our message that women deserved great quality toys, that spoke to their sexuality, their bodies and their aesthetic. It was lonely and difficult. We struggled to find female-pleasing toys for our customers and those we did find, we had to re-package out of their porn-ridden packaging.


We remember taking a call from fledgling Lelo, before they’d even launched, asking our advice about what appeals to women and when we were introduced to their first ever vibrator, Lily, we pretty much swooned with joy! A sensual lay-on shape, designed specifically for clitoral pleasure, beautifully packaged and best of all the first ever vibrator to be coated in silicone. We’d been making silicone dildos for the past 8 years and harping on about its superior sex-toy material qualities but until Lelo came along, silicone was resolutely ignored by vibrator-makers in favour of the phthalate-ridden cheaper alternative of PVC.

In the history of sex toys there lies a seismic line that divides everything into pre-Lelo and post-Lelo.

We’ll always have respect for our fellow pioneers who don’t just break the mould but completely smash it!

Which is why we decided to reserve judgment.  So, we popped on our glad-rags and joined the throng, paps and splattering of reality TV stars (which we weren’t savvy enough to recognize, let alone get photo’s of – sorry!)  to go and get our heads around Lelo sidling into bed with Charlie.


Certainly he has helped sell over 300,000 HEX condoms within 3 days, so, whilst Lelo’s ambassador choice may not be diplomatic, it’s certainly worked in terms of exposure – proof that all publicity is indeed good publicity ( at least in terms of shifting units)

After we’d sampled the laboratory-inspired cocktails, nibbled on microscopic canapés (maybe taking the science-theme a bit far there Lelo, as coming straight from work – we hungry!!) and been somewhat baffled by the word ‘respect’ carved on the base of the 6 foot HEX ice sculpture…hex-ice-sculture



It was time to be officially introduced and Dr Christian Jessen (@DoctorChristian) gave an inspiring and compelling presentation – now there’s an impressive and passionate ambassador for sex positivism and safer-sex.  Dr-Christian



Followed by a  film featuring CS full of uncomfortable pauses focussing on his HIV status.

And here’s a thing (maybe not *the* thing, but a thing certainly) Charlie Sheen is one of the most famous men to come out with HIV. His fame has been used to highlight an important issue, If you’ve every supported a friend through such a diagnosis, or if you were there two decades ago when HIV stigma, ignorance and apathy killed a whole generation of our gay brothers, then you’ll know this is not something to dismiss.

We’re hearing quite a bit of HIV-shaming with regards to Mr Sheen and can’t condone that.

But nor can we align or condone his well-publicised and totally unacceptable behaviour. Nor, more importantly ignore it.

Any innovation in condom design that makes men more inclined to wear them is something we’ll clearly support, which is why we will stock HEX.

But the Lelo goodie bags, containing LELO TIANI 24K GOLD (RRP £249)  we’ve decided to auction to raise funds for our local woman’s refuge.

Hex launch Lelo Tiani Auction in aid of women's


So thank you very much Charlie, for giving us the opportunity to make some small contribution to the victims of domestic abuse.

How to Use a Double Dildo

Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Gone (and good riddance!) are the days when a woman wanting a little thrill in her life only had the choice between a medical-looking massager or a pretend willy vibrator.

Top-end vibrator designers, like our friends Lelo and Je Joue, have brought luxury vibrator style, along with top quality motors, premium materials and inventive sensations to our bedrooms.

Desire Vibrator
Desire Vibrator £49

And we have our own range, in the form of our best-selling Desire, Secret and Excite.

Just like other designer goodies, a luxury vibrator will cost more, but women have always known that longevity, good looks and top performance are way better than cheap thrills…

A luxury vibrator is on many women’s wish list, and can be well worth saving up for…

Thinking of buying a luxury vibe? Here’s what you’ll get for your money:

  • Functionality; A designer vibrator offers many different vibrating patterns, many of which you can individually control the intensity of – fabulous for exploring lots of different sensations from the lightest of touches to a rolercoaster ride of thrills.
  • Body Safe Materials: Most are made from body-safe silicone; super-tactile and strokeable, it feels very skin-like to touch.
  • Quality Motors: A top-end vibrator is very different from mass-manufactured, cheap vibrators – looked after with care, a luxury vibrator will last you for years and years…
  • Rechargeable: Most luxury vibrators are rechargeable via wall socket or USB – charge your toy whilst you’re working…now that’s an incentive we can all get onboard with!
  • Volume – Most luxury  vibrators are quiet – some nearly silent. This is a bonus in a quiet bedroom, or if you have keen ears next door…
  • Waterproof – Most are 100% waterproof – this makes bath time so much more fun!

Luxury Vibrators

  • Extras – When you purchase a designer vibe, you’ll find they come presented in beautiful  boxes, often with extras such as free lube.

In addition to the delights inside, this stylish packaging makes a luxury vibrator a great gift.

So, taking all of the above into consideration, the higher price tag of a designer vibrator doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Or, as our shop team often put it: Worked out per orgasm, they’re worth it!’



Lelo Feather Review

Lelo Feather

Like all of Lelo’s pleasure toys, the Tantra feather adheres to the luxurious and beautiful designs that we’ve come to expect from them.

From the very satisfying feeling metal handle, which is just the right delicate weight to enhance the joy of using it, to the amazingly soft and gentle feathers – this just shouts quality and oozes sensuality. 

Feathers for Sensual Play

Lelo Feather £18
Lelo Feather £18

Coming in three different colours, be it ruby red, vivid purple or classy black, each one is unique and beautiful.

When the teaser is used on the skin to wake up and entice a partner’s whole body the feathers glide in the most erotic fashion and it feels so loving on both sides.

It’s as though you are worshipping every inch of their skin and making every cell in their body dance and come alive.

Feathers are a much overlooked item in sensual and sexual play. If you haven’t discovered it yet it’s time to find out exactly what you’re missing out on.




Review: Lelo Luna Smart Bead

Review: Lelo Luna Smart Bead

I have been a fan of doing pelvic floor exercises ever since I realised that strong vaginal muscles equal strong orgasms, long before I actually needed to do them. I’m forever banging on about the importance of doing regular kegel squeezes, and in this instance I practice what I preach.

Doing your squeezes benefits not only in a pleasure sense but also in a “business” one. As in, it takes care of business.

A strong pc muscle offer more control, which in turn help take care of accidental leakage. Running around after kids, enjoying a good belly laugh or a surprise sneeze can all have damp, inconvenient effects in the gusset area.

I usually use weighted balls for my pc exercising as I find the additional weight is good for toning, plus it can be really good fun with the ball/s rubbing up against the G-spot whilst doing housework.

I had heard there was a new, cool kegel exerciser in town – and a vibrating one at that! – so I jumped at the chance when my Boss asked I wanted to try one for testing purposes.

But as soon as I had Luna Smart Bead in my hand, I had several questions:
  1. What’s with the “belt” half way down the shaft?
  2. Why is Luna Smart Bead battery operated?
  3. Why is  Luna Smart Bead so expensive?
  4. Why isn’t Luna Smart Bead remote controlled?

In my opinion, these are all design flaws. I think Lelo has run with a great idea and released it out on to the market  long before developing it to its full potential  – Luna Smart Bead is not yet where it could be. Or should be….


Here’s the low-down:

LELO_Femme-Homme_LUNA-SMART-BEAD_product-1_deep-rose_0Like all other Lelo products, Luna Smart Bead is made from super-smooth silicone and thus feels great to touch.

Despite the soft, sensual material, I recommend adding a good measure of waterbased lubricant before inserting the Smart Bead. Trying to insert it without the added lube will ensure a tight, uncomfortable squeeze and nobody wants a sore muff…

The bottom part unscrews in order to slip in 1 x AAA battery and when you put it back together again,  you are left with a small, white “belt”. Like an indent.

This indent is hard to clean and whilst the Smart Bead is waterproof to the depth of 1 meter; lube, juices and water can – and do – sneak inside. Because of this it’s best to separate the two parts, and remove the battery, before cleaning. Make sure both parts are fully dry before assembling again.

Covering Luna Smart Bead’s entire body in silicone and making it a rechargeable product that doesn’t need taking apart would easily take care of this problem.

All other Lelo luxe products are rechargeable, which is one of their main selling points. Luna Smart Bead is battery operated, but the price (around £70) is high-end and what I’d expect to pay for a rechargeable vibrator.

The Price is an Issue.

For the price, the customer isn’t getting much to be honest. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s silicone. Yes, it’s Lelo. But it’s still a product that runs on 1 x AAA battery, which in the world of sex toys isn’t all that.

Luna Smart Bead emits a gentle vibration, and for me personally, the vibration is far too low for any kind of pleasure.

In comparison, our Mini G-Spot vibrator, which also takes 1 x AAA battery, has several settings to choose from, is made from silicone and retails at a fabulous £18.

Making the product rechargable would also improve the intensity of the vibrations, ensuring that Luna Smart Bead could be used as a sex toy. We are all for multi-tasking products!

A Good Reminder

Luna Smart Bead is perhaps best aimed at those who forget to do their pelvic floor squeezes and need a gentle reminder (albeit from within!).

There are 5 cycles to work through, each harder then the last, and Luna Smart Beads remembers which level you are on. As your muscle strength improves, Luna Smart Bead takes you up to the next level.

The Smart Bead emits a low vibration in a pre-programmed pattern, and this is your cue to squeeze your pc muscle. This can easily be done in front of the telly of an evening.

It’s like having a personal trainer for your vagina!

Better Control

LELO_Accessories_REMOTE_product-1_cerise_2xLastly, I’d like to see a remote controlled version of Luna Smart Bead. This would allow the user to start, or finish, the exercise at their leisure.

As it is, you slip in the egg and then wait 30 seconds for the exercises to begin.

Should someone step into the room at this point, you have no way of switching Luna Smart Bead off – this could lead to all manner or fun/not-so-fun situations!

A remote control would also let you control intensity manually, which would be great if you wanted to use Luna Smart Bead as a sex toy.

All in all, Team Sh! have unanimously agreed that Luna Smart Bead with its tricky leakage vs cleaning issue and over-pricedness won’t make it on to our cherry-picked product list.

For now, we’ll be sticking with weighted love-balls. Sorry Lelo!























Glass dildos offer the firm pressure that the G-Spot & Prostate really enjoy...

Eco Sex Toys & Earth Day 2013

Eco Sex Toys – What are the ‘green’ choices?

With the sun rising on another Earth Day, there couldn’t be a better time to talk about the eco side of sex toys.

So today we’re talking rechargeable VS battery-operated, where to recycle your sex toys (*yes*, they can be recycled) and how you can do your bit to be sex toy savvy, go green and save the planet ~ one vibrator at a time!

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a rechargeable vibe over their battery-operated counterparts:

Desire Vibrator
Desire Vibrator

Firstly, rechargeable vibrators tend to be more powerful, and there are no more disappointing dwindling battery moments ~ always frustrating! You can count on your rechargeable toy to be raring to go at a moments notice (if you are in the habit of regular charging, of course!)

But, best of all the eco credentials of rechargeable sex toys is no more batteries! Better for your purse-strings, better for the planet, better all round!

Some of the most popular re-chargeable sex toys are made by us (Sh! Own Brand Rechargeable vibrators), or Lelo, Fun Factory, Je Joue and We Vibe. These slick designers have pushed the boundaries of sex toy innovation! Gone are the days of porous, neon-coloured jelly plastic and in its place are a whole range of body-friendly silicone products.

If you would rather use battery operated toys, please keep in mind that they should be recycled rather than just thrown away, and there are free collection and recycling systems across the country for them. **Alternatively, you could go for re-chargeable batteries for your toy, as they will work just as well as regular ones.**

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys need to be disposed of correctly too (due to their electrical components). Check your area for local designated electrical waste collection centres for more information on how to get them recycled.

If you’re not a fan of vibration, you are in luck; we have some amazing eco-friendly / green sex toys in the form of glass and steel toys available in-store and online. Our glass toys provide super stimulation and last forever (if you take care of them properly).

So, there you have it! A few extra tips for staying green this Earth Day! If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment on the blog


Lelo Smart Wand Differernce

Lelo Smart Wands

We all love a little bit of luxury when it comes to our toys. Often, during quieter moments in store, you’ll find at least one of us stood in the corner stroking and whispering sweet nothings to the latest sleek and shiny toy to come through in our eagerly anticipated deliveries.

Like magpies, we’re all drawn to stunning, shiny things and in terms of wand vibrators, they don’t come more beautiful and elegant than the Lelo Smart Wand.

For decades, Wand massagers have been recommended by sexologists as brilliant providers of orgasmic power for everyone and especially for women who need a lot of stimulation to climax.

The most famous is the Hitachi Magic Wand, an innocuous back massager, according to Hitachi, but, like many an electric toothbrush before and since, a fabulous clitoral massager, for the many ingenious women who pressed such ‘household appliances’ into a very different and much more pleasurable service than for which they were originally invented.

Despite google search throwing up lots of results, the truth is that original Hitachi Magic Wand is a US powered massager and is NOT available in the UK or Europe, because of the different voltage.

But there are lots of wannabe Hitachi Wands, some as powerful and well-built as the original…some not. And of course there is the Doxy Wand, a British-made wand massager which, ( in our opinion, rightly) claims to be the most powerful wand massager in the world.

Lelo Smart Wand
Lelo Smart Wand £85

You’re probably wondering what makes Smart Wand so different from other Wand Vibes?

Well, the Smart Wand is a sleek and innovative take on the classic wand design.

Gone is the somewhat ‘medicalized’ styling of old, better suited to a doctors office than the bedroom. Here is a wand massager with a sensuality better suited for the bedroom or intimate moments in front of the fire…

It’s crafted from silky smooth silicone with an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort during use and, rather than having just a few different vibration speeds, the Smart Wand is fully variable which allows you to go from feathery light strokes all the way to intense power.

Our favourite feature of this stunning wand vibrator is Lelo’s clever SenseTouch™ technology. When switched to this setting, the Smart Wand responds to the pressure of your touch. Slide the head of the wand delicately across the skin and it’ll purr gently; apply more pressure and the wand will respond with a much stronger, deeply satisfying buzz.

The Lelo Smart Wand comes in two sizes;

 Medium Smart Wand (£99) in a deep plum colour is perfect for strong clitoral sensations.

Large Smart Wand (£129) in sensuous black, is a fantastic size and shape to not only stimulate your hot-spots but also to provide a deep and relaxing body massage too.

Lelo Noa Sex Toy Review

Lelo Noa Wearable Vibe

If, like most women, penetration on its own just isn’t enough to get you off, and this clever little toy provides the extra stimulation to pleasure your clitoris , as well as stimulate your G-spot,  which should help you reach orgasm during penetrative sex.

As Lelo Noa is so small and non-intrusive, your partner needn’t worry that he’ll somehow be made redundant in the bedroom  – this toy offers great pleasure for both of you.

Lelo Noa £65
Lelo Noa £65

Lelo Noa is great during any kind of play – let the toy do its thing to get you nicely warmed up, whilst you and your partner both have hands free to concentrate on other parts of the body.

How to ‘wear’ the Lelo Noa

The smooth, elongated bullet shape sits in between the labia lips and over the clitoral area, providing vibration in the area where it counts the most.

Meanwhile, the small internal vibe rests against the G-spot near the vaginal entrance, and the idea is that you can then fit in your partner at the same time and you’ll both feel the amazing vibrations.

If the thrusting gets vigorous enough for the toy to slip out, all you need to do is slide a hand down in between your bodies and press Lelo Noa closer to you.

Lelo Noa is waterproof, so it can join you in the shower for a quick morning blast, or perhaps the bath for a long, slow evening of luuurve.

Lelo Noa charges via USB which is really handy, especially if you travel a lot. Plug it into your laptop and voila – ready to go!

Not just for couples, Noa is also a fab solo sex toy too!

Noa makes a great toy for solo sex and because it stimulates you 2 pleasure centres at the same time, much like a rabbit vibrator, this dual stimulation can lead to a ‘blended orgasm’ which is an orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside and out.

And, it’s not just for bedroom or bathroom play either.

If you’re a mischievous and up-fer-it kinda gal, Lelo Noa is small enough (and quiet enough) to be worn inside knickers like a hands-free vibrator,  whilst perusing the frozen isles in Tesco…

love balls advice

Lelo Luna Mini Beads

Since the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, the sales of all love balls have gone through the roof. But the pleasures of these jiggly little pelvic floor exercisers was known to us long before they rocked Ana’s world – we’ve been singing their praises for many years.

We stock a selection of excellent love balls, but  it’s the Lelo Luna Mini Beads that have really caught our eye this year.

Training for PC Muscles

Lelo Luna Mini Beads £33
Lelo Luna Mini Beads £33

These mini beads are a whole training kit for women serious about toning their PC muscles.The miniature-size (29mm diameter)  mean the Lelo Mini Luna Beads are perfect for those intimidated by the size of some larger love balls.

Unlike many love balls, which come in a singular set of two, the Lelo Luna Mini Beads are a set of four, including two lighter weights (28g) and two slightly heavier ones (37g). But don’t try to use them all at once; instead, pop two weights of your choice (light/light, light/heavy, heavy/heavy) into the silicone strap, before sliding it inside, adding a dash of water-based lube for extra slipperiness.

Stronger Orgasms

Strong PC muscles mean more powerful, intense orgasms – and who doesn’t want that? Love balls are great for strengthening the pelvic floor and enjoying some discreet stimulation throughout the day too.