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Sh! 2-Strap Strap-On Harness

There’s a reason that the Sh! 2-strap harness is a best seller and top rated on the Sh! website. It’s top quality and a classic, functional design that’s reasonably priced and versatile. Could you ask for more? Before we get into the technical details, my favorite feature of this harness is that it’s £45 and … Continue reading Sh! 2-Strap Strap-On Harness

How to Choose & Put On a Strap On Harness

Our range of strap on harnesses may look complicated, but essentially there are just two styles to choose from:                         Why Choose a  Harnesses with two back straps The two back straps divide between your  legs and curve around your buttocks. This makes it … Continue reading How to Choose & Put On a Strap On Harness