And the Best Vibrator is…

And the Best Vibrator is…

The most common question asked in our  London sex shop is “Which is the best vibrator?

Customers are somewhat disappointed when we explain that there is no easy answer – when you have a choice of a cherry-picked selection of all the very best toys the industry has to offer, there is not one single toy that is better than all the rest. They are all great!

What works for one person won’t necessarily work in the same way for someone else as desire and pleasure are very subjective.

Your friend may love the latest ‘MonsterDongDildo’ and it might work fantastically well for her – but if you are not into over-sized playthings without vibration, it’s not going to work for you.

Instead of pointing to the latest or most expensive toy (because most expensive doesn’t always equal best), we answer the question with one of our own:

What would you like your vibrator to do for you?

The answer may seem obvious (duh!), but actually requires a little thought and perhaps an internal dialogue with your vag. Would  like an external toy, or an internal toy, or a vibrating toy or a toy that warms up? So many questions!

Are Clitoral Vibrators The Best?

Clitoral vibrators are great. About 75% of women say they need clitoral stimulation, in just the right way, to have an orgasm. This may mean a continuous high-pitched buzzing or fun patterns like pulsing – it depends on what your clitoris likes (keep for future reference: your clit should always have a say in the vibrator you choose).

You won’t know what you like until you try – it’s  a bit like choosing a new dish at a favorite restaurant: you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to love it, but until you’ve had that first mouthful you won’t know for sure.

A small clit vibe with a selection of settings is a great choice for someone who doesn’t necessarily want anything for internal use, or someone looking for something a li’l extra during penetrative sex.

Are G-Spot Vibrators The Best?

G-spot vibrators are amazing, especially if you love G-spot stimulation or are keen on trying to coax the G-spot out of its hiding place to work some magic.

G-spot vibes have been designed for internal use, but there is no reason why they can’t also offer clitoral pleasure. Just because it has a shaft doesn’t mean you are limited to using it only on the one pleasure (G) spot…

Experiment with you chosen vibe – vibrations can be great for stuffed sinuses (true!), sore necks or tired feet. The only limit to what sex toys can do is your imagination. 🙂

Are Rabbit Vibrators The Best?

Rabbit vibrators are the bestselling sex toys in the whole world – more women have had their first orgasm, or their most intense orgasm, with a rabbit-style vibrator than any other type.

A rabbit style vibe is a toy with dual stimulators: a shaft that goes inside the vagina and a clitoral stimulator that reaches over and teases the clit.

The internal shaft often comes with an additional feature such as rotating beads, rippling or pulsing which can elevate the status of the pleasure enjoyed to ‘mind-blowing’.

Dual style vibes can look a little bulky and intimating  in comparison to small clit vibes, but they are great toys and if you are curious – try one like this slimmer Rabbit vibe.

Are Waterproof Vibes The Best?

Yes, they are – if you prefer pleasure in the bath or shower.  For many, the only private time they get to enjoy involves the bathroom, so a waterproof vibrator can be a godsend.

Not all sex toys are submergible so it’s always best to check a toy’s tech spec to find out if this is important for you. However, if you aren’t planning on jiggling your jewel under the waterline, it might not matter so much.

Are Rechargeable Vibrators The Best?

Categorically, yes. Plugging your favourite muffin buffer into a USB port or wall socket is a fantastic way of keeping it ready for action at all times, because you never know when the mood for a ‘menage a moi’ is going to strike. Batteries run out at the most inopportune moments, and anyone who has been there, done that will agree a rechargeable vibe is the way forward.

Again, the choice between batteries or socket is subjective and it could be that you prefer batteries – which is perfectly ok. 🙂

Are High-Powered Vibrators The Best?

Not necessarily – for someone who likes a gentle buzz, a strong vibrator can be a real mood killer. Before making your selection, try the intensity of the vibe on the tip of your nose: you’ll get a good indication of the power it’s packing.

If you aren’t sure, we’d recommend choosing a vibrator with intensity controls. Going from gentle to intense, and then back to gentle can be a fantastically sexy way of teasing yourself to incredible orgasms. Work those buttons, gurl!

Are Luxury Vibrators The Best?

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. We have seen number of unfavorable reviews of the £1-vibe from a well-know highstreet retailer, with many deeming it “rubbish”. This is understandable – a vibrator costing only £1 clearly hasn’t been built to last. It might even conk out during first use – it happens.

High-end vibrators like Lelo are built to last, if not a life time, at least a good few years. The motors are near-silent, the materials used are body-safe, the designs are beautiful…  Lelo toys are simply stunning, but comes at a hefty price.

Choosing a mid-priced vibrator, like our range of Sh! toys, you are guaranteed a great product at purse-friendly prices. An orgasm doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – but £1 is perhaps unlikely to get you there…

There is no one vibrator that is “the best” – but considering the points above, you’ll be able to confidently choose a vibrator that is best for you.