Strap On Harness

Sh! 2-Strap Strap-On Harness

There’s a reason that the Sh! 2-strap harness is a best seller and top rated on the Sh! website. It’s top quality and a classic, functional design that’s reasonably priced and versatile. Could you ask for more?

Before we get into the technical details, my favorite feature of this harness is that it’s £45 and handmade in London.

Actually handmade, not assembled with a label sewn on! The leather is soft and durable and will last for years. Accessible artisan goods like this are a rarity in today’s world of disposable products instantly delivered to your door, so Sh!’s craft is easy to appreciate.

The 2-strap harness also has a “just right” profile: well-built enough to be secure, but lighter weight than traditional chunky leather and metal harnesses. For those nights when you know fun is in store, you can throw it in your bag with your favorite dildo and it takes up no space at all! While some wearers might find a panty style harness (like the popular RodeoH) more comfortable, the 2-strap harness has a classic shape without being too bulky, and doesn’t shift around on your body. It’s also adjustable, unlike a panty style.

The 2-strap design is what you might picture when you imagine an iconic harness: one strap around the hips, and two straps between the legs. These bum straps can be worn either “jock” style–to emphasize your gorgeous bum and allow easy access to any parts between your legs—or together like a thong if you prefer. It also features a front to hold the dildo securely against your body and prevent excess pinching or rubbing. It’s easy to adjust and comes in sizes S—XXL.

This style also means it’s versatile for a range of body types and parts.

As a queer woman, I use mine with both men and women and change the dildo depending on our activity and my partner’s preference. (I personally love the Sh! Wirly Girly and Duchess models).

Leather Harnesses

The harness comes in a range of 6 colors of leather, all of them supple and attractive. While it’s true you can’t wash leather as you can synthetic materials, it’s still easy to wipe down after use.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first harness or your fifth, you can’t go wrong with the Sh! 2-strap harness.

Thanxx P for sending this lovely review to us – we hope you had fun putting the harness through its paces!

If you fancy getting your hands on a Sh! 2-strap harness of your own,

use code 2-strap in the checkout box for a 12% special discount!


Toy of the Month: Sh! Harness

Toy of the Month: Sh! Harness

This month we are celebrating an all time favourite. It’s consistently one of our best sellers and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s the Sh! Leather 2-Strap Dildo Harness


Our harnesses are hand crafted in our London workshop which is what ensures every piece is of the highest quality. You only have to hop over to the product page to see how many amazing reviews it gets.

The most recent of the many, many positive reviews comes from Horny Geek Girl who said:

This gorgeous deep purple 2 strap leather harness is soft as butter. The feel is beautiful; it is really soft and supple. It feels almost weightless in place. I was a bit worried about how well the ‘D’rings would hold the straps when it was in use but they worked perfectly, holding firm even with vigorous thrusting. I really liked this harness, it was very easy to tighten the straps when it was on, so it fit securely. I found it very comfortable to wear, and it didn’t chafe at all. The central straps that run between your legs sat nicely, and gave slight stimulation when I was thrusting.

Read the rest of the review on

It comes in a range of colours and sizes to suit all your strap on and pegging needs.

You can buy yours now for just £45.

Strap-On Sex For Lesbians

Strap-On Sex For Lesbians

Whilst we know strap-on sex isn’t for everyone, we want to highlight all the fun that can be had with strap-ons for those who of you who are interested in giving it a try. Using a strap-on is a learned skill – but we’re sure you’ll agree the time it takes to master is time well spent!

Why would you use a strap-on?

Well, there’s a simple answer to that: coz it’s fun!

A dildo worn in a strap-on creates a toy for any couple who enjoy penetrative sex together
A dildo worn in a strap-on creates a toy for any couple who enjoy penetrative sex together.

Using a strap-on is a magnificent way of getting close to and pleasuring your partner in a whole new way. Wearing a strap-on is super-sexy, and there is every possibility that the wearer may orgasm from the sensual rubbing of the harness against her labia and clit as she rocks and rolls against her partner.

Flipping the coin, the partner on the receiving end gets to enjoy pressure, thrusting and rocking, and may well orgasm from this stimulation too.

Bonus: both partners has hands free to play with nipples, clits or any other body part within easy reach!

A little bit of anatomy and biology is needed here: when a woman becomes aroused, the outer third of the vagina narrows and becomes tighter, whilst the inner two thirds balloons and ‘lifts’. This lifting effect can make the woman feel like she wants something inside, something that fills her. At this point it can feel fantastic to have something to squeeze against, like a finger or a dildo.

Squeezing the PC muscle around a dildo can help heighten arousal and likelihood of reaching orgasm, and the pressure of a dildo against the G-spot could potentially result in a wet orgasm. This is nothing to worry about – just put a towel on the bed and carry on coming!

Many women love having their cervix stimulated, and this is best done with the help of a longer toy. The C-spot has become a “thing” and we have a guide to the A-Z of Hot Spots if you fancy learning more about erogenous zones.

First things first: for strap-on sex, you’ll need a well-made harness.

Here are a few helpful tricks for choosing a harness for strap-on sex.

Choosing a harness may seem tricky – we know this from conversations with customers in our shop; there are so many different types to choose from! So therefore, we have put together a short handy guide to help you find one that’ll work for you.

2-strap harness
Adjustable 2-strap harness
  • Are you likely to share the harness?

If the answer is yes,  you need to choose an adjustable harness. The harness needs to fit the person with the wider hips; the other person can easily tighten the straps to make the harness fit them too.

  • Do you want to wear your harness under clothes?

If you want to be ready for action at a moments notice, Superman-style, a thong harness or a panty-style harness is for you. These types of harnesses can only be shared if you are the same size, otherwise the harness will be too small for one and too large for another. They are great for occasional use, but if you want to use your strap-on regularly, we’d suggest investing in an adjustable harness as they’ll work even if you put on a few pounds.

  • Do you have lovely curvaceous hips?

If you or your partner are curvy, we recommend getting a harness with a wider back as this will sit more comfortably over your nice upholstering. There are even harnesses with beautiful corset-features to choose from!

  • Do you want to wear a large, heavy dildo?

Choosing a harness with a wider back will offer more support for your tool. Wearing a slim-backed harness with a heavy dildo may cause what we like to call dildo-droop – i.e, the dildo will point downwards.

  • Have a bad back?

Opting for a thigh harness is your best option. Your girl can easily sit on your knee and rock her way to fantastic orgasms… Also, by wearing a thigh harness each, you can easily penetrate and pleasure each other simultaneously.

Once a harness has been chosen, it’s time to move on to choosing a dildo.

How to choose a dildo?

Freshly Made DildosChoosing the right size dildo may seem mind-boggling, but we have a few handy tips.

Always choose a silicone dildo. Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous, and by far the best material for sex toys. Silicone is easy to keep clean, it warms up to body temperature in no time and it feels pretty much like skin.

So that’s easy to remember. But what about choosing the right size?

  • How big?

Actually, a dildo doesn’t need to be big to feel great; a small-size dildo can be equally pleasurable. It depends on the desires of the person on the receiving end, and these should always be taken into account – even if the wearer fancies herself wearing a King Dong…

We measure toys in fingers, so if you know how many fingers feel “just right”, we can help you find a dildo that fits. Is it one finger? Or maybe two fingers? A whole fist? Consider this, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the best dildo for you.

  • What about shape and length?

Again, the person on the receiving end needs to have a say in this. Do they fancy a long dildo or a short dildo? A girthy one? A  dildo with a built-in clitoral stimulator perhaps? The great thing about dildos is that they come in so many shapes and sizes, and there is one that’ll fit your needs perfectly!

Choosing a dildo that is slightly longer usually works well – an inch or so will be lost once the dildo has been placed in the harness. Factor in space between the bodies too, and a short dildo may become too short.

  • Good vibrations!

Millions of women rely on vibration to get off,  and if you belong to this group, it’s well worth upgrading to a vibrating dildo. With our vibrating dildos, you’ll both feel the beneficial buzz: a small bullet vibe slips into the base of the dildo, quickly transforming it into a silicone love wand of magic proportions! The wearer will feel the thrills over her pubic area, and the receiver will feel the vibrations inside. Yum!

  • Do you want a dildo to enjoy too?

No problem – we’ve got you covered! A dildo accessory allows the wearer to enjoy the feeling of penetration during strap-on sex too. Choose a slightly shorter dildo as it’ll be tightly strapped to you – a long dildo may be uncomfortable. The dildo accessory is also a great option if the wearer wants vibration, but the receiving partner doesn’t fancy it.

If you feel inspired and thinking about buying your first strap-on kit, we have a great selection on our website. Also, if you find yourself in East London, you may want to come along to one of our fun strap-on sex erotic classes – not only will we help you choose a strap-on, but we’ll serve bubbly and cup cakes too!

P.S: Don’t forget about the lube. Adding a drizzle of a lovely water-based lube to the strap-on dildo will only enhance and heighten the experience!