How to find and pleasure the G-Spot

How to find and pleasure the G-Spot

Ah, the G-spot. The rare and unrivalled superstar of female orgasms. So special and precious that some even doubt its very existence! But after all our years of experience in advising women on the discovery of their ‘happy place’, at Sh! we definitely know better!

So, maybe you’ve been fantasising about the ultimate in penetrative sensation, or you’ve just heard your friends talking about how amazing G-spot stimulation and orgasms are, but you’re still struggling to hit your peak or maybe even find your G-spot!

Never fear! We’ve put together a short guide to shed some light on the ins and out of your G-spot, how you find it and the moves you need to be making for maximum satisfaction. Maybe you’ll discover it’s not so elusive after all…

How to find your G-spot

Finding your G-spot takes a lil’ bit of time and exploration, but baby the journey is the destination! Don’t put pressure on yourself if you can’t find the Holy Grail straight away, relax and enjoy the sensations of exploring. Getting to know your own body and being comfortable is key to understanding your own ‘process’ when it comes to reaching orgasm. There are no wrong answers here so feel free to move along as quick or as achingly slow as you desire! The beauty is, the G-spot ‘wakes up’ with arousal and will become easier to find the more you’re enjoying yourself.

It’s often best to begin your exploration simple, with fingers and lube. This can be fun with a partner you trust and communicate with well, but it’s often best to start your research alone and at your own pace. This way you’ll have some idea of the sensations, how they make you feel and what to expect – meaning you’ll have a more confident and fulfilling time with a partner and your G-spot further down the line! Make sure your fingers are clean and your nails are free from dirt and snags for a far more pleasant experience.

The G-spot area is located on the front wall of the vagina, about half-a-finger inside and up. You’ll find your fingers will naturally follow the inner slope of your body, but as a guide curving them upwards towards your belly button will give you a better angle. Often, new explorers make the mistake of delving a little too deeply – blame mainstream porn and the idea that ‘bigger/deeper is better’ – the sacred pearl of the G-spot is often not as far within as you’d expect! We wish we could draw you a map to the exact spot, but here every woman is unique, and like we said you’re bound to have fun figuring out what works best for you!

The G-spot is actually erectile tissue that swells and becomes firm as you become aroused, ready for stimulation.  As you feel around, try and find a cluster of tissue that is slightly more hard and bumpy than the typically smooth surface of your vaginal walls. You should notice a gently significant change in sensation. Feeling that? Bingo! You’ve just found your G-spot!

Remember as we mentioned, we are all different and unique goddesses! Your G-spot may be higher up inside or could be larger in size (easier to find! Lucky you!). G-spots can vary from the size of pea to a walnut – all are completely normal, natural and loaded with the potential to send you into orbit!

Can’t quite find it? Don’t give up hope! Orgasms take time to build and the G-spot itself can take a while to respond. Up your chances by seeing to it that you’re nicely relaxed and incredibly aroused. Give yourself lots of attention and you’re sure to have a great time practising. Still no luck? Just try again another time. Women of all ages frequently visit Sh! to tell us they’ve just discovered their new super power! It’s really never too late.

All this being said, it’s true that G-spot stimulation just doesn’t cut it for some ladies. This is completely fine! There are plenty of other types of stimulation out there. But you’d be doing your wonderful body a disservice if you didn’t at least give it a try.

Increasing sensation alone or with a partner

So now you’ve found your special spot, it’s time to experiment with it and find out how it likes to be stimulated. Oh yes, now the fun REALLY begins! You might choose to do this alone or with a partner, but either way there is a special technique that you can use that has been shown to work for a lot of lucky G-spot owners:

Work your finger (or fingers if you prefer more than one) in bit by bit and massage the G-spot firmly. Remember to use plenty of lube in order to keep your movements smooth and deliciously swooping. You want to get your fingers into a curled position and use them to massage the wall of your vagina in a ‘come-hither’ motion (also known as your ‘new favourite’). It can be tiring to do this on your own, so a G-spot toy can be helpful. Yes, this technique is so legendary that toys have been crafted to replicate its exact movement. For ease, it’ll have a handle to hold and a tip that curves upwards towards your hot-spot.


If you’re experimenting with a partner, try lifting your knees towards your chest, which will give them better access for finding your G-spot and allow you to simply lie back and enjoy. Rather than having them thrust their fingers in and out vigorously, ask them to firmly massage the area instead – we call this ‘juicing the G-spot’,  and from here the view is so spectacular that your partner might enjoy it just as much as you do. (Almost!)

Best positions for G-spot stimulation

Now you’ve got to grips with things and know whereabouts your G-spot is located, it’s time to ramp things up and work on using different positions to keep hitting your pleasure spot and maybe even achieve some toe-curling orgasms!

Doggy style is a great position for G-spot stimulation and is also perfect if you enjoy the feeling of being dominated. Being on all fours with your back arched ensures your G-spot is receiving maximum attention. A lot of women also find that riding ‘on-top’, cowgirl style is key to a penetrative orgasm, as from here you control the pace and the spot that gets hit! For that intensely intimate eye-contact with your partner, try lying on your back with your legs in the air as they penetrate you. Ride that rocket ship into orbit baby!

woman-BW- blogpost

3 Sex Tips To Drive Her Wild

For many men, the female body can be a challenge to navigate around at the best of times, and pleasing a woman sexually can seem nay on impossible at the worst.

We know this, because our customers share so many intimate details with us. Sometimes customers share because they are over the moon (“I had my first orgasm last night!”), and other times they share out of frustration (“Why doesn’t he just do it the way I want it?!).

A common complaint is that male partners, in particular, are going at it too fast, too hard or in all the wrong places.

What many men haven’t yet realized, is that women need their parts stimulated in the right way for the right amount of time in order to orgasm – and the right way for the right amount of time varies from woman to woman, and even from one sexual encounter to the next.

A number of despairing female customers have asked us to put together a little print-out-and-keep-guide for their guys, so grab yourself a cuppa and settle down coz here we go!

(And, of course, these tips work for any lover of women – not just fellas!)


Nipple sensitivity varies from woman to woman, but for most of us, the nipples are a great place to start. A word of warning here: a lot of guys like to handle the nip-tips like they’re tuning in a radio but trust us, few women enjoy this manhandling move…

Instead, start off gently, teasing, cupping and stroking her breasts. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Once she pushes closer to you, it’s time to get lips and tongue involved.

For added fun, why not drizzle some caramel or chocolate sauce over her nipples – you can then spend however long you like licking it off.

As her breathing increases, lick and suck faster for added intensity. If you really want to excite her, a gentle nibble every now and then will do the trick.

These hands-free nipple massagers are great fun and come highly recommended. They attach directly to the skin around the nipple and offer gentle suction whilst you work your way down her body…


The Clitoris

The clitoris is the holy grail of sexual discovery for most women and it’s also the route to many toe-curling, pillow-grabbing orgasms.

While it is the one place most men head to when they want to pleasure their woman, many go about it the wrong way – thus chasing off the orgasm rather than encouraging it to come gushing on…

How to give her clitoral pleasure

First of all, no one likes a chafed clit so trim your nails, lash on the hand cream and crack open a bottle of vagina-friendly lube: this is all part of your prep.

The clitoris has around 8000 nerve-endings sitting atop it, and these nerve-endings will cry out in pain if you go in all guns blazing: it simply doesn’t work.

Orgasms are a build-up of energy that is released, and therefore the best course of action is to go slow (very slow) (even slower than that) and build up. Think of it as an orgasmic marathon rather than a sprint – pace yourself.

Starting off with oral sex – if she is comfortable with this – is a good idea. The tongue is soft and moist, two things that most vulvas are partial to.

You can add a drop or two of the vagina-friendly lube to the labia lips, clitoris and opening, even if she is feeling rather juicy to the touch. Lube makes tongues, fingers, penises & toys more sensual, and that’s always a bonus!

The most important thing to do is to keep steady with whatever movement she seems to like best. Caress her clitoris using the whole of your tongue, and add in some sucking motions here and there. Nibble on the labia lips, blow gently on her clit (not into the vagina though) and keep your rhythm steady. If she seems to like it, do it again. And again.

Many women worry that they take too long, so reassure her by letting her know there is no place you’d rather be.

Fun Rabbit Ears VibratorWant her to have a truly delicious time? Our Fun Rabbit Ears Vibrator with its vibrating bullet works wonders in the clitoral region. Add a little lube to the soft ears of the rabbit, turn it on and stroke gently around the clit.

Think of the clitoris as a clock-face, and work out what time her Happy Hour is. Many women prefer stimulation of 10-11 or 1-2, but take your time (no pun intended) and work your way around the clit-clock. There will be one or two spots that are far more receptive to your soft touch, and this is where you should focus your attention.

Direct stimulation of the clitoris can be overwhelming, so unless she specifically tells you she wants direct pressure, always tease around the sides of it instead – and this is why the Fun Rabbit works so well, the flexible ears slide along the sides of the clit rather rather than directly on it.

The G-spot

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the G-spot. Does it really exist or is it just a myth? Where is it located?

Well, we certainly believe in its existence, although it would be fair to say not all women respond the same to stimulation of it.

The area of the G-spot (the Grafenberg spot, named after the guy who ‘discovered’ it) is located about half-a-finger on the front wall of the vagina, a surface that feels less smooth than the rest of the vaginal walls. Blood flows to the area during arousal, and the G-spot becomes easier to locate and stimulate.

Your G-Spot

How to Stimulate Her G-spot

Add a drizzle of lube (see, we told you the lube would come in handy!) to one or two of your fingers, before sliding them into her. Curve your fingers upwards towards her G-spot and stroke in slow but firm come-hither motions. Remember to not go harder or faster until she asks for it.

If penetrative sex is on the cards, it’s worth noting that many women find that woman-on-top positions work best for experiencing intense sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Let her straddle you, and then tilt her hips backwards or forwards (whichever feels best for her). This will allow her to find that sweet spot and she’ll get the pressure she wants.

If you found this helpful and would like more tips & tricks on how to have her hollering the house down with pleasure, just book yourself a ticket to our Guy’s Guide to Female Pleasure!



WIN Abby G

WIN a Fun Factory Abby G Vibrator Worth £70!

We have a fantastic giveaway for you this month: Abby G – a shapely G-spot vibrator in vibrant turquoise worth £70!

Designed by Fun Factory in Germany, Abby G  is stylish, strong and so much fun to play with.

This stunning vibe is a delight not only for the eyes, but for the G-spot too; pronounced ridges along the shaft and a curvaceous tip offer sensational pleasure!

The G-spot often responds better to deep vibrations and Abby G boasts a deeply rumbling motor for better orgasms.

Fully waterproof and with a 2-year guarantee, Abby G is a winner in our eyes!
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The Low-Down on Abby G

This clever vibrator takes regular batteries or rechargeable batteries (and knows the difference between them), and can even be upgraded to a rechargeable toy with the addition of a Hybrid Kit!

Abby G offers 4 speeds and 6 pleasure patterns, all easily controlled with one hand only. The FUN button located on top of the battery compartment functions as the ON/OFF switch and the + (plus) &  – (minus) buttons scrolls through the various speeds and pattern.

Like many other Fun Factory vibrators, Abby G features a travel lock which is handy for storing too.

Made from body-safe silicone, Abby G is easy to keep clean with a spritz of toy cleaner or a wash with anti-back handwash and warm water.

Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions
No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.


How to use a g-Spot Vibrator

Q&A: How Do I Use a G-spot Vibrator?

So I bought a g spot vibrator but umm I don’t know how to use it, how far inside should it go, because it can not go inside… like less than a quarter of if can, and it hurts, so I give up and uhg, i really want to use it but its painful and hence i think im using it wrong. thank you and i’m sorry for this REALLY awkward question, wait i haven’t asked my question, sorry, how do you use a g spot vibrator?

Hello there,

Many thanks for your email.

We are a little concerned about the vaginal pain – we’d recommend getting that seen to, first of all. It might not be anything serious at all – perhaps a little tear in the delicate membranes – but any and all muff-pain should always be checked out by a professional.

A little bit of knowledge on the G-spot itself is a good place to start.

G-Spot picture

The G-spot is located close to the entrance of the vagina, about half a finger in and up on the front wall. Have a feel with a lubed-up finger – the ridged area is the G-spot.

Always use a good lube for all sex play, including when experimenting with using G-spot vibrators. Add lube to fingers, toy and muffkin – you might find this makes a huge difference.

Are you comfortable with other kinds of penetration, i.e with fingers and/or penises? It is possible that the girth of the toy is wrong for you – a toy that is too big will be uncomfortable. An intact hymen could also make things a little painful.

It’s important to be fully aroused before going G-spotting. The G-spot grows with arousal, making it easier to find and stimulate. Inserting a toy into a body that isn’t yet ready for it can make the experience uncomfortable and painful – not good.

demona-wave-vibratorA toy designed for G-spot pleasure doesn’t have to go very far in to be able to stimulate the right area. The important part of the design is that the toy has a bump or an upwards curve on the tip  – this bump or curve is the part that can work magic. A G-spot orgasm takes time but is worth the extra effort. 😉

We recommend “juicing the G-spot” – firm, circular motions on the area. Make sure you’ve emptied the bladder beforehand so you can just relax and enjoy the sensations.

Good luck!

Love, Team Sh! xx

If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll answer you privately.

We may also share Q&A’s so others may benefit, but if we do it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in to identify you – promise!


Sex Toy Review: Demona Wave Vibe

It fell on me to take Demona Wave Vibrator home for a test drive – it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it, right? To be fair, I didn’t have much on and it seemed like a fun way of spending an evening.

Little did I know…

First things first: Demona Wave is USB rechargeable which is handy, especially if you like to charge your sex toys as you are working. Multitasking is a buzzword these days, and we all like to save time. Just plug the vibe in to a laptop or PC – easy! So full marks for that.

Material: Demona is covered in soft, strokeable silicone which is hypoallergenic, non-porous and a pip to keep clean. A good wash with antibacterial hand-wash and hot water is all it takes to keep Demon clean and germ-free. Again, full marks.

How can you put a price on an orgasm?

Style: Luxurious, definitely. But at a better price. At £86 (at point of writing), Demona Wave is much purse-friendlier that similar toys from Lelo, for example. I didn’t actually pay for this toy (nor did I steal it, in case you are wondering). No, it was given to me in exchange for a fair review. Still, £86 is very fair for what you are getting and I would pay full price for this vibrator.

Volume: Demona Wave packs a punch – a triple-whammy of pleasure – and for that, I can forgive the noise-factor.  The wave-motion does cause a whirr, there is no way around that. (Well, actually, there is a way around that: turn up the music or TV if you have thin walls or the noise irritates you.) It’s not too bad though: it’s not the noisiest toy I own, but nor is it the quietest. I doesn’t bother me too much, but I’m deducting a point for volume.

Design: Ergonomically curved and well-designed, Demona Wave follows the internal curve of a woman’s body. The shaft lays flat against the G-spot, and if you don’t believe in the G-spot, this vibrator might just change your mind… More about that later.

In use: The handle rests comfortably in your hand, and the 3-button interface is easy to use with only one hand.

I think this toy needs to be renamed; Demona doesn’t to it justice. It should be called ‘Nora’, as in “Bloody Nora!”


Being a dual stimulator, Demona has a shaft for internal pleasure, but also a small, soft clitoral stimulator that reaches over to tease the clitoris. It’s flexible, meaning it can be positioned where you want it for best stimulation. 8 different modes offer plenty of variety to suit all tastes. Personally I’m a bit too lazy to spend hours experimenting – I’m much likelier to opt for the setting I know will work wonders every single time.

If you choose to use Demona  as a standard vibrator without the wave-motion activated, you’ll find that the firm shaft presses against the G-spot area and deliver a deep, rumbly buzz that feels fantastic.

If you enjoy vibes that shake you to the bones, you got it!

Activate the wave-motion and you have a whole new party on your hands and in your pants: the shaft moves and presses against the G-spot area in slow, deliberate strokes. A friend said she thought the come-hither strokes looked far too slow to offer pleasure, but I disagree. The slowness gives you a chance to focus on each movement, inching you closer and closer to what you just know will be a crazy intense orgasm. Bliss!

If you are new to G-spot play and G-spot orgasms, this slow wave motion is a good way of finding out how it all works.  Clench your pelvic floor muscle in time with the internal waves and you might find yourself cresting much sooner than expected…

On first use, Demona Wave Vibe caused female ejaculation to happen – completely unexpected but much enjoyed!

As a non-regular ejaculator, this was a fun bonus that threw me a little bit. So, a word of warning – it could happen to you too. 😉

All in all, Demona quickly became one of my all-time favourite vibrators and comes highly recommended by my muffkin.

*Always use a good waterbased lube like Sh! Pure when using Demona Wave Vibrator.



The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

So it’s not quite a full alphabet but this is your complete guide to everything from your A-Spot to your U-Spot, taking in the clitoris, G-Spot and Nipple Orgasms on the way…

The A-Spot

What is it?

The A-Spot (aka ‘anterior fornix erogenous zone’/ ‘AFE zone ‘ ) is a located at the deepest point of the vagina on the upper  wall, above your cervix, where the vagina begins to curve upwards.  That’s where the name comes from it’s your ‘anterior erogenous zone’. It’s been described as the ‘female degenerated prostate’ whatever exactly that means, but just think of it as a fun spot to explore. So basically it is right at the back of your vagina, beyond the G-Spt and above the cervix entrance. To explore, draw your legs in all the way and feel around a little, when you touch this spot you may feel an instant increase in lubrication along with possible  intense pleasure and contractions.

What do I do with it?

When touched the A-Spot can generate instant wetness, a session of A-Spot play can produce an orgasm that’s very similar to a G-Spot orgasm. If you have any problems with vaginal dryness this might be one to cultivate, as repeated stimulation is said to increase your levels of natural lubrication.

Toy of choice:

Because of where it’s situated the A-Spot can be a little hard to reach, unless you have long fingers. So we’d recommend using a long toy like this Swell vibrator (recently and enthusiastically reviewed by the lovely Emmeline Peaches). Try sitting with your legs pulled up against your body for maximum reach and full pleasure.


The Clitoris

What is it?

Well we hope you know what your clitoris is but if you’re not quite sure here’s a quick catch up. The clitoris is your most sensitive erogenous zone, it sits underneath your clitoral hood at the top of the labia, but the clitoris is a bit like an iceberg, it also extends below the surface. The clitoris is made up of erectile tissue so it will swell when you’re aroused.

What do I do with it?

Whatever you like! You can stimulate your clit with your fingers, a vibrator or a willing partner. If you’re new to clitoral stimulation we’d suggest exploring with a finger and some lubricant to gauge what you enjoy. Some people prefer direct stimulation, whilst others find that off-putting or even de-sensitising  and prefer stimulation to the sides of the clit. Everyone will have different preferences and that will affect which toy is right for you.

Toy of Choice

Vibrators can be one of the easiest ways to achieve a clitoral orgasm and, in general, vibrators with a ”higher pitched” vibration make for better clitoral toys and those with a lower, heavier, deeper vibration are better for penetration.

If you’re not keen on direct stimulation, a rabbit vibrator that stimulates the sides of your clit and has a range of vibrations to explore could be a good choice. If you have difficulty achieving clitoral orgasms you might want to try a wand massager; a study in 2008 found that over 93% of a group of 500 women who struggled to orgasm achieved The Big O with a Wand and the Betty Dodson Method.



The G-Spot

What is it?

Your G-Spot is probably the second most well known erogenous zone. It’s located a couple of inches inside your vagina on the anterior wall, so towards the front. If you feel around with a lubricated finger you should be able to locate a small patch that feels different in texture, slightly rougher than the smooth walls around it. It doesn’t feel like much now but once it’s swollen with arousal the G-Spot can deliver powerful orgasms.

What do I do with it?

We’d recommend being thoroughly aroused before you go near your G-Spot. Take as much time as you need to make sure you are thoroughly warmed up, you might also want to take a bathroom break before you settle down for some G-Spot exploration.

The same nerves that sends G-Spot sensations to the brain also sends messages from the bladder. For many women a G-Spot orgasm is accompanied by a pleasurable gush of liquid; sometimes enough to hit walls and soak the bed! This is called female ejaculation or ‘squirting’ and is not the same as urinating so don’t worry. But for peace of mind you might want to put a towel down and nip to the loo beforehand.

The G-Spot responds best to firm pressure, you can try applying pressure with two fingers or a toy. If you’re using your fingers try a firm ‘come here’ motion, you might want to try squatting or all fours, play around until you find a comfortable position. As always, remember to use lots of lube.

The G-Spot can also be a source of multiple orgasms, keep stimulating the G-Spot through your orgasm, then take a short, 20 second break, and resume stimulation. However, G-Spot orgasms can be hard work so, patience is key.

Toy of choice:

There are plenty of toys designed to stimulate your G-Spot, like a G-Spot Vibrator or to provide G-Spot and clitoral stimulation for the best of both worlds and maybe a ‘blended orgasm’. Something firm like a glass dildo can also work very well for the steady stimulation needed to achieve a G-Spot orgasm.


Nipple Orgasms

What are they?

Apparently Nipple orgasms are the most common type of orgasm after clitoral, which might come (no pun intended) as a surprise, considering that the G-Spot orgasm is more widely known. Your nipples are jam packed with nerve endings, even if you don’t experience nipple orgasms this is another erogenous zone you can explore and enjoy.

What do I do with them?

This is another one that’s wide open. It’s up to you! Do what feels good is the mantra of today (and every day, especially National Orgasm Day).

A good way to demonstrate what kind of stimulation you enjoy can be to try it out on a partner, squeezing, stroking, nibbling or licking can all feel good. Oral stimulation might be the best way to experiment with your nipples orgasmic capabilities, starting with a light touch and moving up to firm sucking. Other than that, play, explore, enjoy!

Toy of Choice

It’s  not all nipple clamps, there are all kinds of teasing sensations to savor. If you would like to explore nipple clamps you could try a vibrating option with just a soft pinch, enough to awaken never endings and start building sensations.

You could also try nipple suckers for some gentle but exciting stimulation. Cups softly attach around the nipple and areolas for a subtle sucking sensation.


The U-Spot

What is it?

This is another erogenous zone that you might not know much about. The U-Spot is located at the opening of the Urethra, that’s where the name comes from. Your urethra is where your pee comes out of. It’s located between your vaginal opening and the clitoris, towards the top. As always, get out some lube and have a feel around, this little spot fills with blood when you become aroused making it very sensitive to stimulation. It’s connected to a group of glands ‘Skene’s Glands’ that are thought to be similar to the male prostate and might be the source of ‘female ejaculation’, but more research is needed before we can say for sure.

What do I do with it?

Try exploring the area around your urethra with a lubed finger or a wet tongue. Stick to slow, delicate touches and find what feels good.

Toy of choice:

Here the best toy is a willing partner! The U-Spot responds best to a warm wet tongue although feel free to experiment with the content of your toy box and let us know the results!

Q&A: Help, I haven’t had sex in 8 years and now I want to try a vibrator.

Q&A: Help, I haven’t had sex in 8 years and now I want to try a vibrator.


I have been happily married for 37 years but am currently undergoing couples sexual counselling. I am 58 yrs old, have only had one sexual partner and have never used any sex toys or vibrators. I have not had sex for 8-9 yrs and my counsellor has suggested that using a vibrator might be helpful as we try to reignite our physical relationship. I have looked on your site but do not know where to start. Advice would be really appreciated.



[All names have been changed for the purposes of anonymity]

Hi Penny

Many thanks for your email!

A vibrator is a great way to help reignite sex drives that have taken a dive. And we agree – it can be really difficult to choose; there are so many different types…

Let’s see if we can break it down for you.

Sh! Easy Egg Vibrator (£19) Strong and quiet, with stimulating soft sleeve, 3 speeds + pulse settings.

Clitoral Vibrators

These vibes are usually small, but can still be very powerful. Their main use is to stimulate on and around the clitoris. They can be stroked, wiggled or just rested in place – try all of those moves to see what you like best.

The egg-shaped vibrator shown in the picture is called the Sh! Easy Egg, and is very popular with our customers. The vibe is covered in a sleeve with nodules on it, and these soft nodules offer extra stimulation. For women who need or like a harder vibration, the sleeve can easily be removed as and when.


G-spot Vibrators

These vibrators are designed for internal use (but they can also be used on the clitoris), and the built-in G-spot seeking curves will help find and stimulate the sensitive area just inside the vagina. It takes a while to coax the shy G-spot out, but it is definitely worth investing some time in exploring this area – you may find it creates fireworks!

For this, you could also try using a G-spot enhancing gel. The gel works by drawing blood to the G-spot, making it firmer, easier to find and much more sensitive to stimulation.


Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator £25
Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator £25

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have got a lot going on: a shaft for internal pleasure and a clitoral simulator for external play at the same time. They look a little tricky to use, but actually, rabbit vibes take care of all your pleasure zones at once – all you need to do is lay back and relax!

Rabbit vibes are the most popular vibrators of all times – it’s a favourite sex toy in millions of bedrooms across the globe. Many, many, women say they’ve had their very first orgasm with the help of the cleverly-designed rabbit ears.



Discreet Vibrator £12 - Quiet, Mini Black Vibe with Single Speed Vibration
Discreet Vibrator £12 – Quiet, Mini Black Vibe with Single Speed Vibration

Choosing the Right Vibrator

Which ever style of vibrator you choose, we’d recommend a opting for a smaller-sized vibe for your first sex toy. It’s been some time since you last had penetrative sex, and it’s not impossible that the sensations will feel “odd” to start off with. Anything too girthy could feel uncomfortable and put you off further exploration. It’s better to go small, as you can always add lengthier or girthier toys when you feel more confident.

Something like our Sh! Discreet could be just the thing for you. This vibe is a tad bigger than an average-sized finger, and it can be used both on the clitoris and internally. It has only one speed, but it’s a really good one… This little marvel can be rested length-ways along the labia, or stroked around the clitoris and also inserted if and when you feel ready.


Add Lubrication

Lube will enhance sensitivity and sensuality - we highly recommend it!
Lube will enhance sensitivity and sensuality – we highly recommend it!

Adding lube is essential for any kind of  sex play.  At 58, your vaginal membranes will feel drier and tighter – this is normal and natural. To avoid chafing or tearing of sensitive areas, adding a generous drizzle of our Pure Plus lube will be very helpful. Pure Plus is thicker and adds a lovely padded layer on delicate membranes. It’s paraben-free, and it has no taste or scent – just very clean, lush lubricant for more comfortable sex.

(Names Have Been Changed for the Purposes of Anonymity)

If you have any other questions please contact us at advice@sh-womenstore, include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’ if you’d like your advice from our new sex and relationship expert.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

Love, Team Sh! xx


Discover Double Dildo Review

Glass Dildo Questions

Many customers are intrigued by toys and dildos made of glass, being drawn to their glittering smooth forms in-store, like magpies…

Not only are glass dildos beautiful to look at, but they are also amazing to play with. Glass delivers uniquely sleek and weighty sensations that many G-Spots & Prostates respond to with aplomb!

But glass, as a sex toy material, also raises a lot of queries and some worries around their use, so, here, we answer the most common questions we are asked about glass dildos.


Are Glass Dildos Really Safe?

The number 1 question we’re asked about toys made out of glass, is whether they’re 100% safe to use as sex toys – little wonder, as putting anything that could cut or hurt your most delicate area is an understandably scary notion.

Rest assured peeps, glass toys are perfectly safe and will not crack inside you, no matter how passionate your moves become.

Any glass dildo you purchase from Sh! is extremely tough and durable and will not break when used to massage your soft areas.

But saying that you do need to handle glass dildos carefully, away from the body. Even toughened, Pyrex glass is will chip or break if bashed about.  Handle carefully around hard surfaces, such as taps,

Glass G-Spot Dildo (£37) Our Best-selling Glass Dildo
Glass G-Spot Dildo (£37) Our Best-selling Glass Dildo

when cleaning. Be careful not to drop it, especially onto a hard floor. Store your glass dildo in its padded bag after use. With careful handling and safe storage, you should have no problems at all with your glass toy.

However, for your own peace of mind, we recommend checking your dildo before and after every use.

Run your hands and eyes over it, examining for any chips or cracks, before getting down to play. In order to fully enjoy any toy, you need to be confident that it couldn’t possibly hurt you, so checking your glass dildo is still as strong, tough and undamaged as the day you bought it,  is important physiologically as well as physically.


Are Glass Dildos Hygienic?

Any sex toy or dildo made out of glass is super-hygienic and body-safe.  Glass is 100% non-porous, which means it won’t absorb any body substances or lube residue, making these toys very easy to keep clean.

You can even sterilize a glass dildo, which is useful if you plan to share your toy with a partner or play with it anally, as well as vaginally ( you can go from vag to bum in one session, but never the other way around in the same session)


Do I Need to Use Lube with Glass Toys?

We always recommend using a good lube with any toys, including those made from glass. Even though it’s sensually sleek to start with, a drop of lube will transform your glass dildo into a divinely silky plaything, quite unlike any other…

Because glass is non-porous, you can use any lube type like; water-based lube or silicone based.

Just a small amount will go a LONG way; turning  your glass dildo into a super-slippery pleasurer provider AND making your lube bottle last a long, long time!


Glass Eggs for Kegel Exercise

Kegel Glass Eggs £20
Kegel Glass Eggs £20

Love balls made of glass can be used for your daily PC Muscle Exercise with great effect. Glass is heavy, and you have to do extra-tight squeezes to keep these weighty balls in.

These love balls, in a beautiful teardrop shape, are also great fun for sexy pleasures – pop them in, squeeze in time with masturbation or clitoral stimulation, and you may well find you hit that orgasmic peak sooner than usual.


Glass Dildos for G-Spot Play

Flower Glass Dildo £39
Sh! Flower Glass Dildo £39

Glass dildos are versatile toys and you can have great fun with them. Glass dildos are amazing for G-Spot stimulation, for example. The G-Spot tends to prefer the firm pressure that hard toys deliver, so glass is perfect.

Choose a glass toy with a gentle upwards curve or a bulbous end for more accurate stimulation, and use a ‘juicing’ motion (round and round constant massaging) rather than an in & out motion.


Glass Toys for Anal Play

Sh! Rose Glass Butt Plug
Sh! Rose Glass Butt Plug £34

Glass Butt Plugs clearly have been designed for delivering anal pleasure.

Glass dildos, too,  can be used for anal play, as long as they have a flared base or long handle to hold on to, for safe anal play.

Even with these safety features, it’s still important to be very careful keeping a very firm grip on a glass anal toy, simply because they can become SO super slippy, so much so that they can slip away from you.

Wipe lube from fingers and the base of the toy before play and keep extra vigilant on your grip…

As toys made of glass are firm and inflexible, they may feel a little overwhelming for anal play newbies.  We would recommend beginners to anal play start with something softer and more flexible, like butt plugs made of silicone.


How Should I Clean & Care for My Glass Toy?

Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner £5
Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner £5

Most glass toys will come in a soft, padded pouch – it’s best to keep your glass dildo safe and protected in these, when not playing.

The padding offers extra protection just in case you should happen to drop your toy or knock it about in your drawer…

Glass dildos are super easy to keep clean.

For instant bedside cleaning, you can give it a spitz of Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner and wipe off.

Or wash your glass dildo thoroughly with soap and hot water. Use an old, soft toothbrush if it has any nooks and crannies.  Rinse and either air-dry or polish dry with a lint-free cloth.

Only when absolutely dry should you store away in its padded bag.

Some glass dildos can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher ( without soap or pots and pans!) but probably the easiest way to sterilize is to drop it in a plastic bowl of boiling water. Be very careful when taking it out though – glass will become very hot! Take it out carefully and allow your glass dildo to cool down fully before play.


5 Glass Dildo Sex Tips

  • On a hot day, why not pop your glass dildo in the fridge before use – this is sure to cool you down!
  • If it’s cold and you need to warm up, run your glass dildo under warm (not hot) water for a couple of minutes.
  • Add a vibrating ring for additional clitoral stimulation during play. Simply slide the ring over the shaft of your toy and voila! You have a new, exciting toy to play with.
  • Glass dildos have two ends, both of which are for use. Experiment with both ends – you may find one end more exiting than the other!


advice reasons

5 Steps to a G-Spot Orgasm

1: Be Physically Responsive to G-Spot Pleasure

Being physically responsive to your first G-Spot orgasm means being really, REALLY turned on!

Starting out wielding your new G-Spot toy with grim determination will get you nowhere. The difference between “Oh! Wow!” success and “This is doing nothing…” disappointment is all about arousal, receptiveness and lots and lots (and lots more on top!) build up.

For many of us this will mean at least 30 minutes, if not an hour, of “foreplay” with your toy, before going G-Spotting!

For many women being responsive to G-Spot stimulation also means firing up the body AND the mind. Tease yourself into a state of pillow-chewing readiness with your fingers or toy, fire up your fantasies with a hot read like Nancy Fridays classic My Secret Garden, or perhaps a sexy DVD or porn-film, if you enjoy visuals.

Your clitoris and vagina will now be swollen, pumped full of blood and ready for action…


2: Be Mentally Responsive to G-Spot Sensations

To be responsive to your first G-Spot orgasm you have to get past the feeling that you are going to pee.

The same nerves that sends G-Spot sensations to the brain also sends messages from the bladder.

For many women a G-Spot orgasm is accompanied by a pleasurable gush of liquid; sometimes enough to hit walls and soak the bed! This is called female ejaculation or ‘squirting’.

Although this liquid is not urine (it’s actually similar to the fluid in male ejaculation – without the sperm obviously!) it is very easy to feel scared that it might be. Being scared makes you tense up, stop breathing and dash your chances of actually having a G-Spot orgasm.

Getting past this feeling is vital to a G-Spot orgasm. Visiting the loo, before you start and putting a towel underneath you during your G-Spot session are two practical ways you can so you can relax away from distracting worries about peeing the bed.


3: Be Firm with your G-Spot

Curved G-Spot Vibrator
Curved G-Spot Vibrator

Although we’re all individual with individual responses, there are some universal rules shared by most of us.

One is that our clitorises enjoy a lighter, subtle touch whereas our G-Spots cry out for much firmer stimulation.

So find a position you can comfortably satisfy your G-Spot’s need for this; on all fours or on your back with your legs drawn up to your chest are good positions to try.

Start putting lots of lube on your G-spot toy and sliding it somewhere between 1-3 inches  inside and pressing firmly, towards your tummy, with a little circular motion.

Some women find pressing down just above their pubic bone with their other hand increases G-Spot sensitivity.

Also try rubbing, in firm circular movements, around your urethra (where your pee comes out of) as  some women find they can be externally stimulated to  G-Spot orgasm here.

Whilst it all might feel swooningly pleasurable, tune in to your sweet spot that feels different; that’s it – you’ve found the G Spot!

Your body will tell you when to increase the pressure of the stimulation. Try pressing the toy deeper onto your G-Spot, moving it back and forth (in doing so quite firmly bumping your G-Spot) or a mixture of the two. Also try squeezing your PC muscle in rhythm with your G-Spot stimulation.


4: Enjoy your G-Spot Journey

Learning how to have a G-Spot orgasm is more usually a process of discovery that a moment of eureka, so it’s important not to get too hung up on the destination and enjoy the journey.

Identifying and enjoying this special spot maybe as much as you can hope for (and that’s a lot!) the first few times you try.

As you get used to the sensations, bigger and better things WILL come…


Be Open to Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are more likely to be G-Spot rather than clitoral.

The clitoris can become too sensitive to be touched soon after orgasm, whereas the G-Spot can take more stimulation soon after orgasm.

If you are lucky enough to experience the deep throbbing release of a G-Spot orgasm, it’s possible to enjoy more very soon after.

Keep stimulating your G-Spot throughout the orgasmic contractions, (usually between 5 – 10 seconds).

Once they subside, rest for a short period (about 20 seconds) and resume firm stimulation with your toy.

You may have another G-Spot orgasm quite quickly. You can keep going, stimulating throughout your orgasm and resting briefly as soon as they’re over (it can feel uncomfortable without the pause)…until you can take no more!

Good luck!

Beginners Guide to Buying first Strap On

Buying Your First Sex Toy

Are you boggled with choice? Overwhelmed by all the different types of sex toys available? Don’t know where to start?

It’s usual for first-time sex toy buyers to feel overwhelmed, but don’t give up!

Follow these simple tips to get started on your sex toy discovery…

For your first sex toy; Go with what you know…

If you are totally new to playing with sex toys, we advise you choose a toy that suits the kind of pleasure you enjoy best… or if you want to discover a new kind of pleasure, choose a toy that is dedicated to that pleasure area.

[We’re keeping this article quite simple, and concentrating on the main ‘never bought a toy before’ questions that arise in our London Store and the advice we give, but if a style of toy or pleasure centre isn’t covered, click here for all our My First Beginners Sex Toy Guides ]

  • Ask yourself: What do I enjoy or what am I looking to explore?

clitoris advice

Clitoral Pleasure:  If you particularly enjoy clitoral stimulation (and most women do!) ,  never had an orgasm or find they can be frustratingly hit-or-miss, a vibrator is the best first sex toy for you.

The majority of women buying their first sex toy at our London store will buy a vibrator for clitoral pleasure.

Each of our  vibrator pages has advice articles ( on the left hand side of the page) which will guide you through what to look for when choosing a particular style of  vibrator.

The most important thing to remember is that ANY vibrator, whatever it’s size or shape can be used for clitoral pleasure, so you don’t need to get too hung-up on size and shape at this stage.

Vibration is a whole new and different type of clitoral stimulation and one that many, MANY women love and it’s not uncommon for women to have their first orgasm with added vibration.

Clitoral and Bullets & Eggs Vibes are the place to head for dedicated clit-pleasing vibrators.

Read More:


G-Spot Advice
G-Spot Advice

Penetration/G-spot pleasure:  If you’re more into internal stimulation, or would like to explore it, your first toy needs to be a penetrative shape (rather than a smaller vibrator designed for external/clitoral pleasure)

If you are playing solo, we  would advise the best first toy for penetrative or G-spot pleasure is also a vibrator (rather than a dildo)  because it will also give you option of vibration.

Rabbit and G-Spot vibrators are the places to head…

Again,  these pages give advice on choosing each style of toy, which is useful for newbies and seasoned buyers alike.

Read More:

Beginners anal advice

Anal pleasure:  We don’t give many commands, but safe pleasure is when we get bossy! Exploring backdoor play,  means buying a  dedicated anal toy – ie one that is specially designed for anal pleasure, with a shape that prevents it disappearing inside and potentially getting lost.

An anal toy must have a wise base, handle or finger-ring so you can keep a firm grip on it.  As an area rich in delicious sensations, but also one that can be painful if not done correctly, exploring anal pleasure can be a bit of a tightrope walk, so we would highly recommend reading through all our anal advice  to ensure yours is all pleasure and no pain.

Read More:

  • Beginners Guide: My First Anal Toy

Don’t feel like you have to spend ££’s on your first sex toy.

Until you’ve tried a toy, it’s impossible to know what will give you a thrill – and because every woman is different, there’s no magic one-toy-suits-all.

Like an expensive face cream, spending a lot on a first sex toy can give unreasonable expectations of what it will deliver.

If you are new to the sensations of vibration, for instance, starting with a simple battery-operated one will give you a introduction to what a vibrator feels like.

And there’s no point going for the poshest anal  toy on the block if you are going to back away from it every time it comes out of the box!


For your first vibrator; Think the 3 S’s – Sound, Sensations & Simple!

Sound: As a first-time toy explorer, a vibrator that is too loud may put you off enjoying it fully.  As a newbie, enjoying a buzzing bedfellow for the first time,  can feel embarrassing, especially in a shared house where kids, parents or housemates might hear.  No vibrator is completely silent (use the filter on the vibrator pages to show you quiet vibrators ) then lock the door, put on some music and enjoy!

Sensations: Some women need really strong stimulation to get pleasure, whereas others find this kind of touch desensitizing or even sometimes painful. The best way to cover all bases is to choose a toy with many different speed settings so you can explore. On each product page , the Technical Info Tab tells you what your vibrator offers.

Simple: A toy that’s complicated to operate or one that requires you to read a 10 page manual before you start, may put you off. We recommend beginners should start with one that has simple, intuitive operation.  We’ve rated each of our toys as Easy/ Middling or Tricky ( but worth it!) and we advise your first toy should definitely be ‘easy’!


For penetrative first toys; Think small!

Until you know your perfect size,  it’s better to think small.  This isn’t a competition! A toy that is too big will feel more uncomfortable than sexy.

Length: With a penetrative toy, you can always control how deep it goes inside, so one that is too long is not necessarily a problem…

Width: A toy that is too wide for you is likely to feel intimidating, thus unpleasurable and unlikely to get many 2nd outings. Certainly there maybe times when we may want to upgrade ( though in our experience talking to customers, not half as many as size-jokes and porn films would have us believe!) but for a first-toy newbie, start slim.


Remember, your first sex toy needn’t be ‘The One’ !

This is just the beginning of your journey, so don’t get too hung up on finding your perfect sex toy.  We know that the biggest obstacle to buying your first sex toy can be because you’re overwhelmed by choice ( even though we’ve cherry-picked the best for you!)  but, like any adventure, it’s best to just take the plunge and find a starting point.

That’s why we recommend starting small, inexpensive and simple. then later, if you find you want something stronger / gentler /  larger, your first choice will point you in the right direction for when you want to upgrade.

couples sex toy advice

lesbian sex toys advice

6 Tips for Buying a First Sex Toy for Partner

  • If you’re buying a toy to use with a partner, especially if they are new to toys, read How to Introduce a Sex Toy  which gives advice on how to bring up the conversation.
  • Partners can feel sensitive around sex toys, so it’s important to ensure that they feel included, and not replaced!
  • Browsing our website or visiting the Sh! store together is a great way to introduce the idea of sex toys to your relationship and it allows you to pick something you’d both like to try.
  • If you’re planning to surprise your partner, go for something playful and approachable.
  • If your partner is male, we would advise against introducing a first toy that is penetrative in shape as it can feel confusing (do you want to use it on him?!) or a criticism ( isn’t he enough for you?!)
  • A small external vibrator he too may enjoy or a cock-ring you can enjoy together during sex are both good first toys for playing with male partners.

Buying a first vibrator for a friend

6 Tips for Buying a First Vibrator for Friend

  • Buying a beginners vibe as a present can be THE best gift for a friend, especially if your friend might be shy about buying one for herself.
  • Receiving a first vibe as a present can help a friend discover new pleasures without feeling any embarrassment about having bought it for herself.
  • A first-toy gift should be fun and non-scary.
  • The Clitoral Appetizer Set contains everything needed to start enjoying a buzz all packed up in a gift box, ready to unwrap and enjoy…
  • We know of lots of women who recieved their first rabbit vibrator as a gift from a friend – to their eternal gratitude.
  • If you are giving a first vibrator or sex toy as a gift, only you know how is best to give it, but we’d never recommend making her unwrap it during a family dinner! Give sex toy gifts with the discretion they deserve!


If you have any questions or want advice on buying your first toy, please do Email Us or call us on 03333 444 005.