Top 3 Sex Trends in 2017

The world of sex is one that is always evolving, and we are always excited to discover new toys (often), new positions (less often) and all sorts of excellent tips & tricks for getting off.

Sex may not seem like something that should be ‘trendy’ but much like the latest pubic hair style (fluffy, if you’re asking – it’s cold!) or knickers (tummy-hugging – still cold!), different types of sex goes in and out of fashion.

2017 has been a particularly juicy year for sexual discovery, but we have managed to narrow it down to three major trends during 2017 – check it out:

Men Enjoy Anal Stimulation

Going by what our customers are asking about, it seems to us that men are becoming more open to the idea of having their back entrances played with.

However, when journalist and all-round badass Violet Fenn recently wrote an article about pegging, readers of Metro were quick to shut down the notion that the prostate gland could indeed be a pleasurable body part, with one reader suggesting Ms Fenn should be sacked for such an outrageous suggestion. We, of course, salute Violet & Metro for their ballsy approach – and not just coz we’re in the article! :p

‘Pegging’ is a term that has been used for some years now, originating in the U.S (take that, Mr President!), and it has slowly made its way over here. By definition, pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on and anally penetrates her partner with the dildo. It may not be for everyone, but we can reveal that more couples than ever are getting their rocks off this way.

Our Vibrating Strap On Dildo Kit (below) has everything you need to get started, so why not see the year out with a bang and try something new?

Best Pegging Dildo Set

Suction Sex Toys Are Blowing Minds

You might have read the word suction and have been instantly put off, but bear with us:  these marvellous air tech toys have been true showstoppers in the world of sex toys of 2017.

Suction sex toys feature a small, round-ish silicone tip that nestles around the clitoris, creating a rumbling effect with vacuum-style suction for quick, high-intensity orgasms. With 8000 nerve-endings at the very tip of the clit, these toys offer incredibly pleasurable stimulation and are very reliable for banging orgasms.

We sent a member of staff home with a couple of different designs, as we wanted an unbiased comparison between market-leaders Womanizer and Satisfyer Pro (it’s a hard job, but someone gotta do it!). Read her post on the differences between the Womanizer vs Satisfyer Pro here.

If you’re looking for something slightly smaller and cuter looking, we recommend taking a look at Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Suction Toy below.


Beyond the Binary

‘They’ are becoming more common as ‘her’ or ‘him’ doesn’t feel right for everyone, and is often seen on social media profiles to ensure correct pronoun be used. It will take a while yet, but maybe it’s time to introduce a specific word like the Swedish “hen” (which fits in nicely with hon/her and han/him).

A large portion of our shop customers identifies as queer in its newer meaning (it has evolved from ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ to encompass a wider reference of gender and/or sexuality) and we expect this group will continue to grow.

The term ‘pansexuality’ has been used a lot this year and it seems we are reaching a point where more people feel comfortable being attracted to a person regardless of their gender. We realise this could be a result of cosmopolitan living and it may not be the case where you live; input from non-Londoners would be interesting.

We have always been big advocates of fluid sexuality and we’re embracing this new wave of acceptance and exploration of gender. Let’s hope there is plenty more in store for 2018!


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Dress Up Blog Post

5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Dressing up and role playing are great ways of ensuring the bed sheets stay sweaty and rumpled long after new-relationship-energy (NRE) has worn off and with this in mind, we have complied a list of our Top 5 costumes for a hot Halloween celebration.

Create your own trick or treat scene with one of these sexy slip-on & slip-off costumes that you can easily accessorise for full effect.

Rest assured that on Halloween night, even the spookiest of witches won’t come a-knocking if they can hear bed springs a-rockin’!

Be Their Queen of Hearts

fever-lingerie-sweetheartSaucy and romantic, the Queen of Hearts costume lets your inner ruler radiate!

Designed to flatter the body, this chemise set has a lengthening and slimming effect on the wearer.

Made from black soft spandex and luxurious red velvet ribbon trim, embellished with embroidered red hearts down the central panel and on the bottom of each front suspender strap. The removable suspenders allow you to accessorise with stockings or go bare-legged if soft skin is a preference…

The tie-neck can double as a collar if submission is part of your Halloween-plan.

Time for Confession

fever-lingerie-sexy-nun-costume-frontA Sexy Nun Costume is perfect for a night of role-play fantasies, be they saintly or sinful. Submit to your partner or awaken their desires to fall to their knees and yield to your divine self…

Wearing this fiendish yet angelic sexy dress, your partner will find it hard to not be holy truthful about their sexy secrets.

Made from soft mesh and lace with a silver cross centre feature, this ensemble comes ready with collar, removable suspenders and panties to complete your heavenly look.

Spread ‘Em!

Sexy Police OutfitThis super-sexy Police costume gives you sass & authority, and your lover won’t argue with being kept under house-arrest.

Exude power with this fun and raunchy costume made from sheer black mesh polyester and spandex material. The dress leaves (very) little to the imagination, and comes complete with an official ‘Special Police’ badge on the hem.

Accessorise with sexy black stockings & handcuffs to complete the look.

Feeling Better Yet?

fever-lingerie-nurse-costumeTend to your partner’s every need in a sensual role-play bedroom scene.

This sexy nurse uniform will raise the temperature and accelerate the pulse in no time!

The Nurse Feel Better Dress ties with a halter neck fastening and comes with embroidered red and white cross features seductively placed over the nipples. Complete with cute panties and nurses cap to really fulfil the role of Nurse Feel Better.

For a super-cute look, accessorise with a pair of white hold-up stockings.

Side-affects: the patient may choose to stay in bed…

I “Maid” the Bed…

fever-lingerie-maid-closeFeel flirtatious & frisky in this seductive & sexy Maid Costume.

This cute Maid one-piece bodysuit is trimmed with delicate lace and ribbon for an elegant touch, and includes a teasingly transparent mesh centre front.

Complete with adjustable suspenders, matching stockings and frilly maid headband, this ensemble is a slinky twist to a classic Maid fantasy.

Accessorise with a feather duster, which also doubles as a soft and teasing all-over body-stroker. (Handy, that!)



Creative Juices: Flora’s African Exploits

Today we welcome Flora Titian to Creative Juices! Flora has generously offered us all two free chapters of her second erotic novel in the Flora series. The chapters are juicy and suggestive, and highly enjoyable… *wink*

For more of Flora Titian and her writing, head over to her blog at www.thevelvetpurse.com.  Follow Flora on Twitter: @thevelvetpurse.

Chapter 1

I love airports, well actually I love travelling in whatever form it takes.  In my experience, and I believe I have travelled enough to be able to profess to have some, the journey can be even more interesting and exciting than the destination. It seems I always manage to meet someone who is willing to indulge my need to turn a mediocre voyage into an unforgettable adventure.  Take, for example, the time I took the ferry from Patras to Ancona; this had the possibility to be the dullest 24 hours of my life, instead, fate intervened and I got chatting to twins, Demetrius and Giorgos – funny, engaging and drop dead gorgeous .  Identical – in every way, as I later discovered – we decided to share a cabin, save some money, and have some fun.  Double trouble turned out to be doubly amazing and I was treated to orgasm after orgasm and shagged over and over again, until finally, even I, was begging to be allowed to go to sleep – as past lovers will attest, I never prioritise sleep over sex, but those boys were insatiable.  Thinking back that was a crazily intense journey, I was walking like a cowboy for about a week after docking in Italy, totally worth it though – kind of wish I had taken their telephone number or at least an address.

As I walk forward to the check-in desk I can’t keep the huge smile from my face, I am going to Africa, god, I am so excited right now.

“Good evening madam, passport please.”

Taking my passport out of my bag I glance up and find myself looking into the face of possibly one of the most stunningly attractive women I have ever seen.  Skin beautifully smooth and the colour of melted chocolate, her huge, dark, soulful, eyes are framed by long luscious lashes, with beautifully full lips completing the package – I freeze, passport in hand, mesmerised.  Aware that I am probably staring open mouthed, and no doubt blushing a deep red, I give myself a mental shake, look away and hold out my passport in her general direction.   Wow, she was amazing, I have to take another look; taking a breath I raise my head, only to have her eyes lock with mine and send a bolt of desire shooting straight down into my groin – okay, that was interesting, totally unexpected, but definitely interesting.  Still caught in her gaze I notice a smug smile playing across her mouth, this gorgeous creature is obviously well aware of the effect she has on other people, and I was proving to be no exception – urgh, I hate being predictable.

Now, I guess, if I had to put a label on it – which I don’t like to do – then I would refer to myself as heterosexual, and this is only because, up until now, it has been interactions with men that have got me hot and wet.  I have, however, never ruled out the possibility of having sex with a woman, in fact I have always thought it would be rather cool.  I mean I check women out all the time, who doesn’t, they are splendidly beautiful, but it’s more with admiration, or, yes I admit, sometimes jealousy; I might think wow she has got the most amazingly gorgeous long legs, or, oh my god I wish my tits were as big and perky as hers.  I have, however, never, had the thought – fuck me I would love to have that girl’s tongue lapping at my pussy – until today that is.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Her voice brings me out of my reverie and she is looking at my passport – not a great shot of me if I am honest.

“Although I think they are even more beautiful in person.”

Staring directly at me I feel my stomach drop and don’t have a clue what to say next.  Come on Flora, think of some sexy, flirty, come back, show her what you are made of.

“Your eyes are very beautiful also.”

She snorts with laughter and I feel as though I have just failed some kind of test, gauche girl rather than worldly woman.

“Well thank you Flora, that is very sweet of you to say.  Flora, you look like the kind of girl who usually travels business class.”

It is now my turn to snort, business class, yeah right, my mom booked this ticket for me, so I am just relieved that they aren’t telling me I am travelling in the hold; not that she can’t afford business class, just that she wouldn’t spend the money on me.

“An obvious oversight when booking the ticket I imagine.” She smiled and winked – wow great teeth as well. “I am upgrading you Flora, a gorgeous girl like you doesn’t belong in coach, you need to be relaxing and sipping champagne – with me attending to your every wish.”

Attending to my every wish. My heart starts beating quicker and I feel the flush return to my cheeks. My every wish – now that is definitely interesting.  I look down from her face and take in her white blouse, tightly stretched over impressively full breasts which are inadequately restrained by a lacy black bra, her pert nipples pushing enticingly out through the fabric. I know what I want to do, I want to run my fingers down from her throat, moving over her breasts and circling over those nipples, feeling them harden further under my touch. I want to slowly undue the buttons, enjoying revealing more of her, my fingers grazing her skin until I have opened her blouse fully, dragging it off her shoulders, I leave it halfway down her back; arms now effectively pinned against her sides I have full access and delight in pinching her nipples through the lace, my hands playing with each of her breasts, her groans of passion encouraging me.  Then, unable to wait any longer, bra straps would be dragged down to meet the blouse and her gorgeous tits, now fully exposed, would be mine for the taking.  Leaning forward and flicking her nipples with my tongue, emboldened by her moans I would take her breast deep into my mouth, alternating, first one and then the other, hands and tongue, hungrily feasting at will.


A high pitched voice from the side jolts me out of my fantasy and I look across startled.  Wow, fascinating, long straight hair, dyed jet black, and pulled into a bun so tight it gave an instant face lift, green feline eyes are beautifully framed by long eyelashes, black eyeliner and perfectly sculpted brows, this boy has some serious makeup skills, and those huge, red, pouty lips could give Steve Tyler a run for his money; unfortunately, the fake tan shade, pure orangutan, was just hideous.

” Sweetie, I get that you, as mighty Cabin Crew, are only slumming it on check-in for today, but there is rather a long queue building.  If I get this flight off on time, I please the Captain, and oh god how I love to please him.” Winking suggestively at me I couldn’t help but snigger. “So please, stop cruising the passengers and get a wiggle on babe.”

Seemingly unconcerned with the comments, not affording him a response, she leisurely attached the baggage tag to my case.  Holding out my boarding card and passport towards me, I reached out to take them, watching as her hand slid forward to touch mine.

“I very much look forward to seeing you on board Flora.”

No hint of a smile this time, her eyes held mine for what seemed like the longest of moments, and I felt my desire dripping out of me.  This woman had turned me on just by checking me in for a flight, what then would she be capable of at 30,000 feet armed with champagne and a hot sandwich – I was really rather keen to find out.


Chapter 2


Impatient to see her again, I distracted myself by wandering around the airport shops, trying on outrageously expensive sunglasses that I had no intention of buying, drinking endless Espressos, and finally ending up in Wetherspoons for a glass of wine and flirty banter with a rather raucous stag party.  Still ridiculously horny and very wet, I considered a quick trip to the bathroom, there was an hour until the gate opened, so more than enough time for an orgasm.  I found myself, however, in the unusual position of wanting to wait, to find out what she had planned for the flight; although for the life of me I couldn’t imagine how anything was going to be possible once we were on board, I mean planes were hardly suitable for private trysts, were they?

Sitting at the gate I suddenly felt insanely nervous, what if I had misconstrued the situation, what if she was just being friendly and I had wrongly interpreted the open warmth of an African personality, and presumed that it meant she fancied me; well, I was about to find out, wait finally over I joined the queue, eager, despite my fears, to get on board and see her again.  I found my place and marveled at how much room I had, business class was seriously the way to travel.  Unable to resist playing with the seat controls, I delighted in all the gadgets around me, and when my childlike excitement finally dissipated, I stared, absent-mindedly out of the window, a ground crew guy immediately catching my eye, fuck what a great arse – breath on my ear made me jump and I felt my body react as her perfume filled the air around me.

“How do you like your seat Flora?”

I turned my head towards her, her face inches from mine, oh those lips, so full and kissable, the urge to lean forward and snog her was overwhelming.  Several hours fantasising about what I wanted to do to her, and what I wanted her to do to me, had resulted in desire overriding all sense of appropriateness – of which, to be fair, I didn’t have much at the best of times.  Come on Flora, get a grip, you aren’t going to kiss this woman now, not with all these people walking past, reluctantly I moved slightly away and she stood back up into the aisle.

“Thank you so much for the upgrade, this is just the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, this seat is seriously amazing.”

“You are most welcome, I want you to be very happy and relaxed Flora, you have got a long night ahead of you.”

Leaning, once again, towards me, she placed her hand on my shoulder, her shirt falling forwards, giving me an unobstructed view of those glorious breasts; my breath caught as she slid her hand downwards from my shoulder, fingers grazing my nipple, before she slowly pulled away and stood up.  Panting and breathless with desire, my nipple tingled from her, albeit brief, touch, oh god I was totally at this woman’s mercy, completely in control of the situation she obviously had a plan of action, and I found this unbelievable hot.  Squirming in my seat, she stood there, staring at me, the intensity of her eyes on mine making me writhe with passion, desperate to be touched.  As if reading my mind she suddenly smiled at me.

“Soon Flora, very soon, I will give you what you want.”

Reaching up into the overhead locker she pulled something out and threw it into my lap, surprised I looked down, a denim skirt, what the hell? I looked back up and raised my eyebrows questioningly.

“It’s mine.  When the plane is in the air and the seat belt sign has been taken off, I want you to go to the bathroom in front of you, I want you to take off your jeans and knickers, and I want you to put this skirt on instead.  Can you do that for me Flora?”

All coherent thought now totally overridden by desire, I nodded, and she smiled.

“Thank you Flora, that will help me a great deal in making sure you have a very pleasurable flight.”

And with that, she was gone.

I didn’t see her again for the next half an hour and presumed she was busy helping other passengers and preparing for take-off.  Come on Captain Jack or whatever your name is, let’s get this bird in the air, the waiting was making me crazy.  Finally airborne, I sat, staring at the seat belt light, gripping the skirt tightly in both hands as though someone might come and take if off me, the ‘bing’ sent me flying out of my seat like a greyhound of out a trap and I dove into the bathroom and locked the door.

Staring back at me from the mirror was not the sexy goddess I had hoped to see, face flushed with lust, my hair looked like a birds nest from where I had been twisting strands around my fingers for the last few hours in frustration.  I splashed some water on my face and clawed through my hair, attempting to pull it back into some semblance of a style.  Needing to wee I pulled off my jeans and knickers and once finished I took my hand and pumped soap and water onto it, I wanted my pussy squeaky clean for the fun ahead.  Wow, it felt good to touch myself, god, I was burning hot and so wet, not wanting to wash away too much of my grool, I carefully patted myself dry and pulled on the skirt.  Fuck me it was short, I tried to get a look at the back to check my arse cheeks weren’t hanging out below the hem, but the tiny, blurry, mirror was hardly conducive for this and I had to give up.  Tugging it ineffectively down, conscious of my lack of underwear, I took a breath and let myself out of the bathroom, scurrying quickly back to my seat, jeans and knickers in hand.

So now what?  No sign of her.  The coolness of the cabin was chilling the wetness dripping out onto my thighs and making me even more aware of my state of undress.  Pulling my legs together I leant forward, hugging my knees with my arms.


She was back, finally.

“I like your skirt.  Can you sit back please so that I can take a better look at it.”

Letting go of my knees I sat back into the seat and let her inspect me.

“It looks great on you, a perfect fit.”

Reaching forward she pulled at the hem as though examining the cloth, I gasped, her fingers now achingly close to my pussy, instinctively I opened my legs, desperate for her touch.  My eyes closed in anticipation of feeling her fingers on me, and I groaned in frustration when I felt her hand move away.  Looking up I was met with a smirk.

“It isn’t going to be quite that easy Flora.  There is something I need you to do for me first.”

What the hell was she on about now, if it wasn’t for desire clouding my brain I might have got irritated at the delay, lack of patience being a constant struggle for me – sighing, I nodded, fine, whatever she wanted, I was going to do it.

“I want you to walk along this aisle for me Flora, nice and slowly, and keep going all the way along until you reach the back of the plane.  And then, when you get there, I want you to go into the bathroom, I want you to stick two fingers into your pussy and get them dripping wet from your sexy grool, and then, I want you to walk back here to your seat where I will be waiting.”

Oh my fucking life, she can’t be serious, this skirt barely skims my arse, I know that now as when I sat down my bare skin hit the seat and I had to hold on to the front to keep from exposing my muff to everyone.  If I walk along the aisle anyone paying attention is going to be afforded glimpses of my bottom – if not more.  Fuck.  What to do?  From the way she is looking at me this is non-negotiable, and then what, this just ends here, oh no, no, no, no, I am way too turned on now, past the point of no return, I have to keep going.

I nod, and she moves to one side to let me out into the aisle in front of her.  I turn to face the back of the plane, hesitating at the sight of all those people I need to get past, in an hour or so they would all, probably, be asleep, but now they are still settling, looking around the cabin, bored and in need of distraction.  I jumped as I felt a tug on the back of the skirt, fingers grazed the cheeks of my arse, and her breasts pushed against my back as she leant towards me.

“Your arse is incredibly sexy Flora, this skirt is just the perfect length to show it off, I think many of your fellow passengers will watch you pass by with enthusiasm.”

Desperately turned on I pressed back as her fingers became more insistent, now stroking deeper and grazing my pubic hair, but falling, agonisingly short, of where I wanted them to go.  As the hand was removed I had the irrational urge to stamp my foot like an irate toddler.

“Now off you go, I will be watching, and waiting here for your return.  Don’t forget what I need you to do with your fingers, if you forget you will have to walk back again, I will be checking – oh, and don’t dry yourself off in the bathroom, I want to see the wetness dripping down your thighs.”

A slight shove from behind got my reticent feet moving and I started walking self consciously along the aisle, after a few paces I looked back over my shoulder and was afforded a wide smile and a nod of encouragement, swallowing, I turned back and carried on.

Talk about a walk of shame, keeping my gaze firmly on the ground, I could feel people’s eyes on me as I approached, the shortness of my attire, I am sure, eliciting a plethora of responses, shock, approval, desire, distaste; I cringed feeling people swivelling around in their seats as I passed, no doubt wanting to see if the back view was just as revealing.  Well they wouldn’t be disappointed, I could feel the hem of the skirt skimming my bottom about three quarters of the way down, so my arse was most definitely out for all to see.  After what seemed like an interminably long walk I finally reached the bathroom and plunged inside.  Leaning my back against the locked door, I released the breath that I hadn’t realised I was holding, Oh fucking hell, I have got to walk back again in a minute – what the hell have you got yourself into Flora?  Could I be arrested for indecent exposure, after all I was in public and, effectively, naked from the waist down?   Concerns aside I couldn’t help but admit that it was rather intoxicating, knowing she was watching and getting off on other people inspecting me as I passed – god I love a bit of kink.  Remembering my other task I move my fingers onto myself and am shocked at how wet I am, grool is literally dripping out of me onto my thighs, just as she foresaw it would – am I that easy to read?  Pushing two fingers deep inside, my slippery wetness allowed easy access, and I groaned, desperate to stroke my now pulsating, rock hard clit, but instead, eager to return, I removed my fingers and resisted the urge to dry off my legs  – okay, time for the long walk back.

Surprisingly, instead of mortification, the whisperings, this time, make me feel sexy and powerful; I am enjoying  people checking out my arse, and the thought that they might, also, be able to see my hot, wet, pussy makes it even more of a turn on.  She is standing there, waiting for me, and as I approach I can’t help but smile and raise my eyebrows, triumphant in my daring.  She nods towards the seat and I collapse down into it, now what?

“Well done Flora, you did amazingly well, you had lots of admiring glances, and many people desire you now.  But they can only look, they can’t have you, you are mine, do you understand?”

Oh this is seriously sexy, I nod my consent, my breathing now shallow and fast, as feel my passion growing exponentially.

“Now did you do the other thing I asked you to do?  Did you put your fingers inside your pussy for me Flora?”

I nod, and she holds out a hand towards me; hesitating for a moment, unsure, I then put my hand in hers and watch as she wipes my fingers under her nose.

“Mmmm, you smell good Flora, now I wonder how you taste?”

Eyes never leaving mine, her tongue slowly licked the wetness from my fingers, and then taking them deep into her mouth, she sucked hard, causing me to gasp as a new eruption of passion exploded within my groin, and had me dripping, unrestrainedly, onto the seat.  Oh my god, okay, whatever I have said before, I was wrong, this is officially the most erotic moment of my life – well, you know, so far.  Feeling myself tense, I wonder if I might actually be able to orgasm like this – now that would be a first – to cum without any actual stimulation to my pussy, I close my eyes, edging closer to climax, as her mouth and tongue continued to fuck my fingers.

My eyes fly open as she lets go of my hand, and I sit their panting, waiting for the next move. Pulling my skirt up towards my waist, I am fully exposed for her perusal.

“Open your legs a little more for me please.”

I moved my legs apart, moaning in frustration – just touch me already.  Her standing there, looking my pussy, was unbelievably sexy, my lips heavy with lust were clearly visible under my pubic hair, now soaking and sticky with grool.

“Look how wet and swollen you are, desperate to be touched I imagine?”

I nodded frantically, “Yes please, please, I need you to touch me.”

Smiling she released my skirt and stood up, leaving me still exposed, throbbing and aching to be stroked.

“You are not quite ready for that, yet, but it will happen soon, very soon, I promise.  Now I need to do some work, but I will be back with champagne for you, just relax Flora – all things come to those who wait.”

It was seriously all I could do not to scream, this was torture, exquisitely seductive torture, but torture nonetheless.


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Creative Juices: Tonight

Welcome to the very first story published on Creative Juices, the hub for creative writers and lovers of erotic stories! Here is where you get your juices flowing, your mojos growing – and we’re hoping you’ll get off spectacularly too…

Today we’re sharing a **hot** fantasy written by our friend Candysnatch. Whilst she’s an accomplished (and dedicated!) toy reviewer, she has chosen not to include sex toys in her story, opting instead for fingers… Enjoy!

TONIGHT by Candysnatch

Staring into the mirror I survey the damage, face in disarray, hair a shadow of the curled perfection it was when I left the house. Tugging at the lash strips adorning my lids I flash back to earlier. So much flirting, so much sexual tension. Alcohol always makes me horny but being around her is hard at any time.

Slowly wiping away my carefully applied make up my mind tip toes through a slideshow of images. Her fingers intertwined in mine as we danced, her hand in the small of my back as we stood at the bar, the way she flicks her hair behind her ears as she laughs. I wonder if she’s sat in her bedroom removing the mask she wore this evening.

Finally, bare faced I begin to unpin my hair. Soft curls cascade around my naked shoulders reminding me of her touch. Her fingers lightly stroking down my neck as we grow ever closer. Girly chit chat laced with heavy sexual undertones. She bites her lip as I regale her with my latest relationship drama. I find it hard to drag my eyes from her mouth. I want to bite her lip.

My bedtime ritual is over. All traces of my glamourous façade removed I sit in front of my mirror as naked as when I was born. No pretence. No filter. Closing my eyes, I flick through the slide show, fast forward to the good bit. The moment when alcohol made me brave. When I could take it no more and kissed her.

Her perfume fills my senses as her soft lips welcome me. Gently responding, unsure at first. I trace my fingers up her bare thighs, relishing the feeling of her skin. Mimicking the moment outside of my memory I part my thighs.

Suddenly she’s hungry, and she’s mine. Her warm wet mouth opening to me, her hands in my hair as she lets down that final barrier. Sat in front of my mirror I touch my own warm wetness remembering her passion.

I reach up and softly cup my tits. Rolling and pinching my hardening nipples between my fingers. Desperate to recapture the sensation of her hands sliding under my bra, the lust courses through me as my nipples remember her delicate pinching touch.

I move to my bed, filled with heady memories. Picturing the look on her beautiful face as I slid my hand between her legs and felt the soaked cotton of her thong. Stroking her, teasing her. I suck my fingers, savouring the last remnants of her taste.

Gently stroking my dampened fingers over my aching clit as my brain offers me an audio playback of her delicate moans directly in my ear. A hotwire to my cunt. Plunging my fingers inside myself, echoing the way I fucked her. Curling my fingers up to meet her need. Come to me baby, come for me. As my climax crashes over me I call her name lost in the sensation of memory.

Feeling inspired to pen your own sex fantasy? If you’d like to submit a story to be published on the Sh! blog, please hop on over to this page for more info on Creative Juices.


Cafe V – Writing Your Own Sex Fantasy

Reading erotica and watching porn can be fun, sexy and empowering activities. But sometimes, when doing those things, you might come across words and scenes that are downright unsexy and triggering – and before you know it, the relaxing evening you had in mind has upped and left the building.

It happens. A lot. Maybe you download a new book or what seems to be a hot online scene, but a few minutes in, you can tell it’s just not for you. The writing is terrible, the conversation stilted or the porn actor is wearing socks whilst the “orgasming” actress can’t wait to clock off… (Should that be “cock off”?)

What if you could make up your very own fantasy, precisely to your own perfecting specifications?

Children have amazing imaginations, as do authors (they make up stuff all day long!). Over time, we learn to not spend so much time fantasizing (unless you’re a writer, of course) because there are so many other things we need to spend time on (adulting, for example) until one day, we come to realize we have forgotten how to fantasize – usually when the two year old niece wants to play tea party and you have to pretend to be the Queen, drinking from an imaginary tea cup. It’s much harder than it sounds.

Creating a Sex Fantasy

Creating a fantasy is lots of fun, but it can be tricky to get started. It’s easy to censor oneself, but it’s important to let the mind wander as freely as possible. It may come up with the most amazing story if only you let it!

You may think that you’re not very creative and writing a sexy fantasy sounds too hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Break it down into small bite-size pieces and you may find the story starts writing itself. Starting at any one point is absolutely fine – you can easily build a sexy scenario around a name, or a word, or a sentence.


I recently did this exercise myself and I was absolutely stuck for words, until I started to think about the smells around me. In my fantasy, the strongest scent was of light summer rain, making everything smell green and fresh with a light hint of summer flowers. The fantasy took on its own life after that.

Smell Your Way Around

Scent memory is incredibly strong and we all have certain every day scents that we prefer. A quick poll in the Sh! Office brought up the following favorite scents:

  • Cinnamon – baking
  • Vanilla – warm and inviting
  • Strawberries – summer
  • Cotton – clean
  • Rain – fresh
  • Forest – after the rain
  • Fresh bread – tempting

These are just a few smells that may invoke feelings and memories. Thinking about how your fantasy smells is a great start and will give you plenty to work with.

Location, Location, Location

Where does your fantasy take place? Are you indoors? Outdoors? Let your inner eye take a panoramic look around – what can you see? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • 5-star hotel – luxurious
  • Beach – relaxing
  • Home – comfortable
  • Jungle – adventurous
  • Big Brother House – voyeuristic

Look a little closer at the location. If you are at a 5-star hotel; what can you see? The pool? The bar? Are there waiters and waitresses milling about? What are they wearing? Where are you in this fantasy? Are you laid out on a sun lounger with a cocktail in your hand, or are you sitting in the shade, watching as the scene unfolds?

In my fantasy, the light summer rain took me to the seaside in Sweden. There was a lot of happy, barefoot people around, chilling out and singing along to the music. I didn’t know this was my fantasy until my brain shaped it.

The Cast

This is your fantasy and you are the casting director. You can cast yourself in the leading roll or if you prefer, you can cast other people in the roles and allow yourself to concentrate on directing the scene.

why-adviceWho is there? Is it a woman, or a man, or maybe one of each – maybe there are several roles? Maybe it’s just the one person? Or an alien! Coz, you know, it’s your fantasy. You can make it into whatever you want it to be.

What are they wearing? Are they wearing clothes, or maybe towels? Or are they naked? Think about materials, and colours, and how it would feel to touch those materials. Is it silky? Velvety? The softness of well-worn denim… Or a sarong – easy to remove! Whatever you want them to wear is exactly what they will be wearing.

Are they talking? If so, what are they talking about? Are they flirting or is it more of an every day conversation? Are they complimenting each other? Using positive language and descriptive, sensual words are helpful when creating your fantasy.

  • Lushious
  • Voluptuous
  • Exciting
  • Sultry
  • Thrilling

Time of Day

This can make a big difference to what the characters are doing. Are they at work? Or in a night club? Ar they wide awake or sleepy? Feeling sleepy makes for great, languid sex whilst being wide awake could be more about bouncing around on the furniture. Is the sun going up, or is twilight settling in?

You could be even more specific: it could be lunch time or cocktail hour. Ordering a sandwich in the delicatessen around the corner could be a part of the fantasy: eyes meet over the deli counter, rude thoughts about fresh baguettes…

Is Anyone Having Sex?

Just because you’re building a sexual fantasy doesn’t mean there has to be sex right now. Maybe they are just cuddling.  Or sitting next to each other. Maybe there is eye contact or coy flirting. Maybe there is touching, but no sex. The almost-touching-but-not-touching can be incredibly sexy. This is your fantasy – there is no sex until you say so.

But – if there is sex; what kind of sex is it?

  • Romantic
  • “Dirty”
  • Vocal
  • Quiet
  • Tame
  • Wild

advice-couples1Are they in a certain position, or using sex toys? If so, why this particular position or sex toy? Is it their favorite position, or are they trying out something new? Is the sex explicit, or is it a gentler, more emotionally involved fantasy?

What are their orgasms like?

Well, in the fantasy they’ll be having fantastic orgasms, we suspect. Describe how it feels, how the bodies move, if their eyes are open or closed… All these seemingly small details adds up to one heck of a juicy story!

And, what about after-play? Are they cuddling, kissing or just snoozing? Great sex has a habit of making people ravenous, so maybe there needs to be snacks… Biting into a ripe pear can be seductive, or drizzling honey on fresh bread has the potential to result in more fun on the kitchen counter.

Using these prompts will help you to create your very own sex fantasy to enjoy. Writing it out on fancy paper, in a diary or printing it out are great ways of keeping your personal sex fantasy handy for those moments when you want a little extra to get your juices flowing.

Before we start, we’d like to highlight that some readers may feel triggered by the paragraphs below. If this is the case, please stop reading and practice self-care. Maybe have a cup of tea or phone a friend – or both! You can always come back to this part at a later point if you want to.

Rape Fantasies

Rape fantasies are very common, but can feel unsettling and plain “wrong”. This goes for survivors, but also for women who have not been assaulted. A person experiencing rape fantasies might feel it goes against core values,  feminist perspectives or equality within relationships, and it’s not unusual for the person to end up feeling disgusted by their fantasies.

Many survivors use rape fantasies as a way of working through their traumatic experiences. It can be a way of controlling the situation and changing the outcome – turning into one the mind is able to cope with.

For others, it’s purely sexual. The thought of rough sex can be a massive turn on and being taken passionately against one’s will can easily be romanticized.

It’s not uncommon for women to feel concerned and ashamed about their violent sex fantasies, as if they somehow are “asking” to be raped. It’s important to understand and accept that this is not the case. There is a *vast* difference between creating and enjoying a fantasy in ones own mind, and actually being sexually assaulted.

In a fantasy, you have all power and control. You decided when, how and who. You decide what they look like, how they smell and what they do. In a fantasy, you are in charge of every single move.

In a real life situation, everything that happens is out of your control. That’s why it’s non-consensual; you have not consented to having sex with that particular person at that particular time at that particular place in that particular position.

If your rape fantasies are bothering you, it could be a good idea to speak to a psychosexual therapist. They will be able to help you unravel unsettling thoughts, and perhaps help direct them in ways that you feel more comfortable with.

There is nothing wrong with having rape fantasies, if you enjoy them. Many people do. Don’t shame or judge yourself or someone else for it. It doesn’t mean that you’d want your fantasy to happen in real life.

Any fantasy, including rape scenarios, can be exciting and thrilling, and can add layers of pleasure to solo or partnered play.

Whatever your fantasy is it can be exciting to explore your desires in a totally safe and controlled way. This can be important in helping your to re-explore your sexual life.

Valentine's Day

My Valentine’s Dream Date

“So, what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, nothing much. He shows me love every single day of the year, so Valentine’s Day is his day off.”

This is without doubt the most romantic thing I have ever heard. A woman who doesn’t buy into V-Day and all the pressure that comes with it. I’ve seen, up close, what a lack of romance can do to someone on this one day of the year. A colleague once asked me to buy and post her a Valentine’s Day card, so our other colleagues would think she had a lover (sorry guys, it was only me). She didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t receive a declaration of love (there was around 2000 employees in the building so she was unlikely to be as alone as she felt – but it goes to show the effect Valentine’s Day can have on those who aren’t single by choice).

This has made me reflect on the smaller things. Having someone special make a call so you can wake up to their honey voice rather than a jarring alarm clock; having a bath ready and waiting for you after a long day or a favourite drink already fixed for when you get out of said bath… Those are all every-day signs of love.

Which isn’t to say I would say no to a sexy Valentine’s Day.

I can be swayed.

And swept off my feet.

And tied up to a four-poster bed at a swanky hotel in Paris.

Actually, if I’m honest, my dream V-Day date would take place right here in London. London has everything I need for a perfect day – and night.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson notoriously had the ultimate first date – an intense, rock & roll 24-hour extravaganza that left them panting (and getting married on a beach, but I’ll skip that part).

For my Dream Valentine’s date, I want to make the most of the full 24 hours too.

There is only one way to start off; a champagne breakfast. I don’t much care where, as long as I can drink expensive bubbles in the nude. That’s non-negotiable.

We’d go for lunch, and then take a leisurely walk through St James’s Park, my favourite spot in London. Do it the right way and it’ll take you past Buck House, the pond, Big Ben and you’ll end up at Trafalgar Square where you can mingle with both pigeons and tourists.

Dinner – nothing too heavy; what I have in mind for the evening requires energy drinks, so tapas, at most.

You see, my favourite part of a Valentine’s Day dream date would be to spend the night at my place of work – locked in. And alone with my date.

Locked into a sex shop, with full access to all toys, whips and massage candles… It’d be a feast for the senses!

kinky-banquetFull use would be made of blindfolds, wand massagers and tongue toys. We’d break out the Njoy toys, glass dildos and the strap-ons would get paraded around too… Nipple clamps would be tested, bums would be paddled and we’d use the wax play candles to drip gorgeous patterns onto each other. We’d read erotica out loud, and then act out the best scenes.

It would take all night, of course.

We’d leave in the morning, looking dishevelled and worn out, delightfully f*cked, high on love and endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers – nothing illegal).

Well, that’s my fantasy. I can’t say what my boss would make of it all, or who’d do the cleaning up but that’s the best part – a fantasy can be whatever you want it to be.

What’s your Valentine’s Dream Date?



unable to orgasm advice

Unable to Orgasm?

Being unable to orgasm is given the scary medical term of Anorgasmia, but we prefer to use “pre-orgasmic” instead – a  more proper definition and much more positive!  Anorgasmia may sound like something our of a Woody Allen film, but the inability (or seeming inability) to orgasm effects millions of women.

Anorgasmia, is then broken into two categories; primary (never had an orgasm at all)  or secondary (can’t orgasm, after being able to before) .

Becoming Orgasmic
Becoming Orgasmic £9.99

The most important thing is to know you are not alone. From magazines and movies, it may seem like everyone else is multi-orgasmic and having super-easy, wall to wall orgasms, but this honestly isn’t the case.

There’s all sorts of statistics bandied. 10% of women say they’ve never had an orgasm, from any kind of stimulation. We’d probably put this higher.

Around 70-80% of women don’t orgasm through intercourse alone.

The second thing to note is that whilst we have a word for it, it’s actually really difficult to describe what an orgasm feels like and it is certainly not a universal shared sensation- far from it! We’re all unique and that goes for the kind of stimulation we like and how our body responds to it.  Orgasm can vary from little peaks to crashing crescendos to a warm envelopment of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is the key word here.

However hard it maybe, it is best to take the focus off orgasm and put it onto pleasure, because pursuing orgasm as if it is the Holy Grail actually creates further problems, as disappointment is followed by frustration, lack of self esteem, lack of enthusiasm for sex and tension.

All these feelings that won’t help you to feel aroused and in that ready-to-orgasm state of relaxation in the first place!

The reality is that however much you may feel like you cannot reach climax, for the vast majority of women, learning to orgasm will be possible. But how?

Every year we advise 100’s of women who’ve told us they’ve never had an orgasm…

(And often they’ve come back to the store, beaming or written to us to tell us they now have!)

Masturbation is the key, because the full definition of Anorgasmia is the ‘inability to orgasm without adequate stimulation

We will always recommend pre-orgasmic women to get a vibrator. The intense stimulation that a vibrator delivers has helped thousands of women “get off” for the first time. We will talk through the different options and discuss how to choose a vibrator that suits them.

It can take a long time to get the ‘adequate’ stimulation to orgasm. and again every women is different. The average is said to be somewhere between 15-40 minutes – a wide window that’s only an an average, which means a lots of women take a lot longer!

Hands can tire (and minds can wander…) which is why the sustained stimulation of a vibrator can help.

Stressing about ‘taking too long’  is one of the most common barriers to orgasm. Over stimulation, where your clitoris either becomes  too sensitive to be touched or actually feels numb is another.

As most women’s orgasms are clitoral, this is the area to concentrate on first,  so we will primarily advise on choosing a clitoral vibrator and how to use it for clitoral pleasure.

Physical/practical pre-orgasmic questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I know where my erogenous zones like the clitoris and my G-Spot are?  Do I know which bits of myself do I most like being stimulated, which what kind of intensity and for how long…?
  • Am I worried about letting go in case I pee? Many women stop themselves orgasming because of this. As you become aroused , but it could be the onset of female ejaculation.
  • Have I ever tried exercising my PC Muscle? Learning to rhythmically squeeze this muscle can help women learn to orgasm
  • Do I tense up when near orgasm? – Many women do, but learning to breath deeply, rather than taking shallow breaths can help.
  • What would make me feel more relaxed when I’m masturbating or having sex?

We will also recommend a bottle of lube. 9/10 women say lube makes sex better. Making everything super wet downstairs feels incredibly sensual, as well as heightening sensations and ensuring it stays that way for as long as you need…

Along with lots of unpressured ‘me-time’ with their lube and vibrator ( ensuring no chance of interruptions and with the shower or music on, if worried about neighbours or family hearing…) the other thing we’ll recommend is to fantasise.

Learning to ‘be in the moment’ is key to female orgasm and fantasising is a great way making your mind be on sex ( rather than worries or distractions) which can help tip you over the edge.

My Secret Garden is a ground-breaking collection of women’s fantasies and we’ll often recommend this book also because it covers every kind of fantasy your could ever thing of, plus a lot more, so it’s a great resource for fantasy-material.

Reading other women’s deepest desires and wild imaginings can also be incredibly liberating.

Note:  If you’ve suffered any sexual assault. it does contain fantasies that could be triggers. In this instance, we’d always urge women to get help by contacting rape support.

In a world that teaches women to be the ‘givers’ rather than the ‘receivers’, that has been ignorant of female pleasure and anatomy for so long  and where the taboo of female masturbation is still rife, our focus and expertise is on the physicality of learning to orgasm.

And physically giving yourself a break from a single-minded quest for orgasm, whilst putting yourself on a dedicated journey of self-pleasure is the best first step, which has worked for the many many women we’ve advised…

But there  could also be environmental, psychological or medical factors that play a part, so…

Other questions to explore if you’re unable to orgasm;

  • Do I feel guilty about sex or have any negative feelings or attitudes towards sex?
  • Do I have a problem with my relationship – unresolved issues or dissatisfaction? Do I like the kind of sex I’m having with my partner? Do I feel embarrassed or nervous about what I’d like in case of rejection?
  • Have I got unresolved issues stemming from abuse or trauma?
  • Am I taking medication,  using recreational drugs or perhaps drinking too much? These may make lubrication more difficult or may interfere with arousal and ability to orgasm.
  • Have I been affected by any surgery, trauma or illness that may have altered my physical responses?
  • Am I the sort of person who always needs to be in control? Am I afraid of losing control?


If you think any of these issues maybe at the core of being unable to orgasm,  it maybe time to consult your doctor or get professional counseling.

Check out Net Doctor: Who to Contact for Sex Therapy.

Another good post from Net Doctor is: Are You Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm; A Guide for Women




Q&A: I Want Better Orgasms!

Dear Sh!

I’m so disappointed with my orgasms – they are nothing like the earth-shaking orgasms I keep reading about… Mine are merely little blips – nothing that would register on the Richter-scale. I want to come harder!

Hi There,

Many thanks for your email. This is something we hear regularly – women wanting better orgasms – stronger and longer. Here’s how to go about amping up the intensity of your orgasms:

For better orgasms, think BBC!

No, we’re not talking about the national treasure that is telly without the adverts, but Build-up; Breathing and Continuity.

Focusing on these 3 things should help you learn to take your orgasms from ‘little blips’  to ‘blimey O’Riley!’  but remember the key word here is ‘learn’ – there are no fast tracks and tackling the process with grim determination won’t do you any favours.

Learning about our body’s responses is a life long journey, as our bodies, our confidence, and responses to both, all change over time. For many women,  responses can differ throughout the month, in relation to menstrual cycles; what works around your period, maybe a total turn-off mid-cycle, or visa versa!

Think of it as a journey or exploration and  discovery, rather than being results-driven, and you won’t go far wrong…

Build Up to Orgasmic Bliss

Quickies can deliver instant gratification, just like a fast-food burger can quell hunger, but for a real feast you need courses!

The longer the build up, the better, stronger and more long-lasting the orgasm.

Love Balls can help build arousal & strengthen your PC Muscle
Love Balls can help build arousal & strengthen your PC Muscle


So, don’t just dive for your clitoris, with a vibrator on at high-power or your fingers in ‘this is how I do it’ mode.

Build arousal with fantasy and lots of warm-up play.

You could even start better-orgasm build-up by wearing loveballs during the day.

They will help strengthen your PC Muscle, Having strong PC’s and learning how to flex them during sex is the basis of all multiple orgasm techniques.


Breathing Life into Your Orgasm

You may not be conscious of it, but holding your breath or taking small, shallow breaths can really impede orgasm.

Concentrate on breathing deep-down into your body, as this will increase oxygen, blood-flow and lubrication which in turn increases sensations, receptiveness. relaxation and your ability to really ‘let go’.

As you inhale,  really focus on taking your breath right down to your lady-garden and exhale the same way… This will naturally make you take long, deep breaths and have the added benefit of making you hone-in on the sensations there.


Continuity – Most of us need uninterrupted stimulation to have blockbuster orgasms.

This doesn’t just mean physical stimulation.

Recent MRI studies on the female brain have shown what women have known forever; that all the ‘right’ buttons can be pressed, but, if a worry or distraction pops up into our head ( Can the neighbors hear? Is that the kids back from school? Damn! I didn’t pay the gas bill! …) it can be a sudden off-switch to our orgasm.


Fill your head with sex, and there’s less room for worries or distractions…

Here’s where fantasy come’s in. Visual porn can arousing for many women ( and a great trigger for women who find orgasm really difficult or impossible) but finding the right sort of feel-good porn, isn’t that easy….


Reading erotica help turn all thoughts in your head to sex....
Reading erotica help turn all thoughts in your head to sex….


So we recommend reading erotica to really fire up your fantasies and help focus your brain on the sexy stuff.

You don’t need to actually read during solo sex  ( one-handed sessions can be tricky to co-ordinate!) but a hot book or reading other women’s sexual fantasies can provide thrilling material to re-run in your head.

In terms of touch, whilst it’s great to play around with different sensations and positions during build-up..

Once into the home run, don’t deviate from the sensation that are really doing it for you.

Of course we’re all different, so this is not a hard and fast rule ( there’s NO hard and fast rules in pleasure!) but it seems to be something shared by a lot of women – a change of touch or intensity at the wrong moment, can be a hand-brake turn that breaks the spell.

Most of us need uninterrupted stimulation of our clitoris to orgasm and fingers can tire, especially, if like many women, you need a lot of stimulation, for a long time…

We have a couple of products, we’d recommend in any quest for a better orgasm, which have stamp of approval from the many women who have tried them.

Rabbit vibrators have given more women, more orgasms than any other vibrator
Rabbit vibrators have given more women, more orgasms than any other vibrator



Rabbit vibrators are famous for ‘blended orgasms’ – an orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside (vaginally) and out (clitorally) at the same time.

They deliver lots of different sensations so, so they can help free you from being stuck in an orgasm rut.




The Womanizer is a powerful clitoral toy that uses vacuum/ suction to amazing effect
The Womanizer £129

The Womanizer is totally different.

It’s a powerful clitoral toy that uses vacuum to amazing effect.

From all the women who’ve tried it, we’ve heard the same feedback – ‘WOW!’

It also seems to deliver a totally different kind of orgasm. Using strong suction to pull in the clitoris, it make her perky and super receptive to pleasure almost instantly and draws our a deep-feeling clitoral orgasm in no time


Both these toys are fabulous for giving women powerful orgasms.

Perhaps easier… but probably not longer as,  the collective feedback is that they are super effective at  their jobs!

Sh! Pure Lube £10 - Lube enhances all rabbit vibrator play, increasing glide, sensuality and intensity...
Lube enhances all play


No matter how wet you get naturally, lube is the best enhancement to pleasure you can buy, as whether with fingers, penis or toys, it increases glide, sensuality and intensity.

For added zing, there’s stimulating lube

And for increasing  bloodflow to your most orgasmic spots, there’s clitoral stimulating gel and G-Spot stimulating gel.

Finally to explore all the different ways to orgasm, there’s The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm. Written by Mikaya Heart.


She’s also written a How to Have Stronger Orgasms in 10 Steps guide for us.

Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women
Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women £12.99


Have fun!

Team Sh!

KD Grace & Kay Jaybee

Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Reading Erotica

By K D Grace & Kay Jaybee

Read Erotica Surrounded by Your Fav Sex Toys

KD: Whenever possible, read erotica with your feet up, surrounded by your favourite sex toys. This will remind you of the versatility of erotica. If you’re in it to play, well you already ready! If you’re in it for a good read, you’ve assumed the most comfy, readerly position. If you’re in it for both, it’s a great way to practice multi-tasking.

KJB: Of course- when we say toys, we are not talking cuddly bears here!

KD: Yeah! Right! Cuddly bears *Sniggers behind fingers*

2. Read Erotica in Public

KD: Never miss an opportunity to read erotica in a public place. With the new subtle covers and with eReaders, only YOU will know how much fun you’re having, and you’ll be having a lot more fun for being naughty in public.

KJB: It is great to read on the bus or tube- there is so much salacious pleasure to gain from doing anything in secret. Who said the process of reading itself shouldn’t be sexy!

Share the Erotica Pleasure

KD: Erotica is twice as much fun when you share it. Try taking turns reading it out loud to your lover and enjoy the heatwave!

KJB: And of course, if you both simply want to listen to keep those hands free, there are always audiobooks!

KD: Oh yes! Aural pleasure at its technological best!

Remember – Erotica is Fantasy!

KD: Lock your inhibitions away when you read erotica. Remember, it’s total fantasy, a fantastic opportunity to get hot and bothered over some totally different kink. It’s a chance to be sexually adventurous safely.

KJB: After all, when you’re in the world created by an erotica writer, you can be anyone you want to be!

Relish the Experience

KD: Enjoy! The erotica experience is where the written word and the human body collide with deliciously sizzling results. Take full advantage of the sizzle and have a great time!

Come to an Erotic Book Reading

KJB: So when you come to a Sh! reading, how can you make the most of the experience? Well, grab a glass of fizz, and let your eyes wander over all the beautiful toys and books on offer…then while you’re listening to the stories, you can contemplate if any of the playthings you’ve seen on the shelves, might be nice to accompany some more of the tale once you get home to read it yourself!

KD: And that glass of fizz is extremely important because it’s thirsty work listening to naughty stories surrounded by titillating toys!

KJB: If this is your first visit to sex shop, then fear not! Walking into a shop that focuses on sex can be scary the first time- but it isn’t a frightening place at all. We are a friendly bunch- look at us- just ordinary folk – who just happen to have over the top imaginations!

KD: And the Sh! Ladiez with their lovely smiles are absolutely the go-to-girls for any questions you have. Or for a caffeine filled cuppa, or a top-up to your fizz.

KJB: So why not come along- sit back, loosen your corset (although not too much, because a little discomfort rubs well with a little pleasure), nibble a cup cake, sip that fizz, and open your ears, and let our naughty words work their magic!

KD: Throw in the odd bit of spanking (only as needed, of course) and a night of readings at Sh! is a feast for all the senses!


If you’d like to join us for an Erotic Reading check out Twitter or our blog for details of the next event.