Sh! Voted Best Individual Store 2016!

Sh! Voted Best Individual Store 2016!

The annual ETO (Erotic Trade Only) Awards are always a fancy affair and no less so this year.

Taking place in Birmingham in June each year, the ETO Trade Show & Awards are highlighted on every adult retailer’s calendar – preferably with a gold star so it can’t be missed!

On the day, we left London slightly later than planned after an impromptu rouge-bra hunt around East London (it happens), and promptly got stuck in a traffic jam on the M1 as there’d been an accident in the heavy rain.

Feeling a little worried that we’d miss the 7.30pm dinner call, we fetched make up and other paraphernalia from the boot of the car and set about beautifying ourselves whilst waiting for traffic to move. As we arrived at our hotel, half-made up with partial strips of fake eyelashes glued on, we were glowing with foundation and stress…

ETO DInnerSlipping into our finery, complete with sparkly heels & clutches, we made our way to the venue, Resorts World. Confusingly located inside a shopping mall, the venue is nontheless very glamourous and overlooks the Pendigo Lake.

We had lovely company around the table, and both conversation and wine were flowing freely.  A scrumptious 3-course dinner was enjoyed, and then – finally time for the Awards!

As much as everyone pretends winning doesn’t matter, it is always exciting to see whether your name/business will be called up. Practically rushing the stage in our excitement to collect the award for Best Individual Store, our brains froze (still thinking about that rouge bra) and our Thank You speech was less than eloquent. The stresses of the afternoon (and, let’s be honest, the wine) got to us, and we were a bit giggly…

ETO Awards and BottleWe’ll let Ky (founder & MD) speak instead: To receive a similar amount of nominations as the big boys in the industry is a huge honour for our small (but perfectly formed!) company and to actually recieve ETO Awards which we’ve done year on year thanks to everybody’s wonderful support is the cherry on top. So thank you to everybody who nominated and voted for Sh! – it’s such an uplifting endorsement from our peers that thrills us to bits!

We were delighted when our friend Tabitha Rayne won the award for Best Erotic Author 2016. This year is definitely Tabitha’s year, what with the fantastic Ruby Glow vibrator receiving a nomination for most innovatie toy. Tabitha is the brains behind this awesome vibe, which incidentally scored an impressive 2nd place in Good Housekeeping Magazine a couple of weeks ago.

Along with her fellow Brit Babes (Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Victoria Blisse and Lexie Bay), Tabitha took the dancefloor with storm, and celebrated with some very sharp moves.

The after-Awards parties are legendary; everyone finally relaxes and hair gets let down. This year, a pair of panties were flung across the room, two merry men were energetically tonguing each other on the stage until security removed them (booo – we were enjoying that!) and champagne corks were popping in every direction.

The Morning After

man cunt lubeVisting the ETO Trade Show is a lot of fun. This year we got to try a new arousal drink for women (yep, it works – lady bits were twitching!) which will be ready for shoppers in about 2 months. We  were given tiny Doxy Massager keyrings (always useful!) and a bottle of…ahem… ManCunt…lube. It’s “white, creamy and fun to play with”.

We spotted a number of products we think you’ll love, such as the new rabbit vibrator with a moving nubbin, or the flickering tongue toy. We’ll order the Doxy Massagers in sparkly cover (perfect for Christmas!)  and we found some deliciously-scented massage creams.

So all in all a very successful trip!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us.

ETO Awards: Sh! Crowned Most Innovative Retailer 2013

etologoWe’ve only gone and done it again!
Sunday night saw us take away our 3rd consecutive ETO Award for Most Innovative Retailer. To just be nominated for such a prestigious award is amazing in itself, but to actually win? We’re over the moon!

We take great pride in our little pink shop and being recognised for all the pioneering work we do here at Sh! is the cherry on top of the cake.
We put in a lot of hard work to make sure we uphold our empowering female-focused ethos and to deliver unparalleled customer service to each and every person who wanders through our dusky pink door.
We offer so much more than your average sex shop: classes, events, exhibitions, hand-made sex toys and expert advice all finished off with a cup of tea. Winning this award once again is a fantastic reminder of why we do what we do here at Sh! and that all our effort is worth it.

This is our first award for 2013 but the year isn’t over yet! ky

We’re excited to see what the rest of the year will bring and, until then, we’re busying ourselves by dusting our trophy cabinet and clearing a space for our shiny new award!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and hearty congratulations to all other ETO Award winners and nominees xx