Creative Juices: Flora’s African Exploits

Today we welcome Flora Titian to Creative Juices! Flora has generously offered us all two free chapters of her second erotic novel in the Flora series. The chapters are juicy and suggestive, and highly enjoyable… *wink*

For more of Flora Titian and her writing, head over to her blog at  Follow Flora on Twitter: @thevelvetpurse.

Chapter 1

I love airports, well actually I love travelling in whatever form it takes.  In my experience, and I believe I have travelled enough to be able to profess to have some, the journey can be even more interesting and exciting than the destination. It seems I always manage to meet someone who is willing to indulge my need to turn a mediocre voyage into an unforgettable adventure.  Take, for example, the time I took the ferry from Patras to Ancona; this had the possibility to be the dullest 24 hours of my life, instead, fate intervened and I got chatting to twins, Demetrius and Giorgos – funny, engaging and drop dead gorgeous .  Identical – in every way, as I later discovered – we decided to share a cabin, save some money, and have some fun.  Double trouble turned out to be doubly amazing and I was treated to orgasm after orgasm and shagged over and over again, until finally, even I, was begging to be allowed to go to sleep – as past lovers will attest, I never prioritise sleep over sex, but those boys were insatiable.  Thinking back that was a crazily intense journey, I was walking like a cowboy for about a week after docking in Italy, totally worth it though – kind of wish I had taken their telephone number or at least an address.

As I walk forward to the check-in desk I can’t keep the huge smile from my face, I am going to Africa, god, I am so excited right now.

“Good evening madam, passport please.”

Taking my passport out of my bag I glance up and find myself looking into the face of possibly one of the most stunningly attractive women I have ever seen.  Skin beautifully smooth and the colour of melted chocolate, her huge, dark, soulful, eyes are framed by long luscious lashes, with beautifully full lips completing the package – I freeze, passport in hand, mesmerised.  Aware that I am probably staring open mouthed, and no doubt blushing a deep red, I give myself a mental shake, look away and hold out my passport in her general direction.   Wow, she was amazing, I have to take another look; taking a breath I raise my head, only to have her eyes lock with mine and send a bolt of desire shooting straight down into my groin – okay, that was interesting, totally unexpected, but definitely interesting.  Still caught in her gaze I notice a smug smile playing across her mouth, this gorgeous creature is obviously well aware of the effect she has on other people, and I was proving to be no exception – urgh, I hate being predictable.

Now, I guess, if I had to put a label on it – which I don’t like to do – then I would refer to myself as heterosexual, and this is only because, up until now, it has been interactions with men that have got me hot and wet.  I have, however, never ruled out the possibility of having sex with a woman, in fact I have always thought it would be rather cool.  I mean I check women out all the time, who doesn’t, they are splendidly beautiful, but it’s more with admiration, or, yes I admit, sometimes jealousy; I might think wow she has got the most amazingly gorgeous long legs, or, oh my god I wish my tits were as big and perky as hers.  I have, however, never, had the thought – fuck me I would love to have that girl’s tongue lapping at my pussy – until today that is.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Her voice brings me out of my reverie and she is looking at my passport – not a great shot of me if I am honest.

“Although I think they are even more beautiful in person.”

Staring directly at me I feel my stomach drop and don’t have a clue what to say next.  Come on Flora, think of some sexy, flirty, come back, show her what you are made of.

“Your eyes are very beautiful also.”

She snorts with laughter and I feel as though I have just failed some kind of test, gauche girl rather than worldly woman.

“Well thank you Flora, that is very sweet of you to say.  Flora, you look like the kind of girl who usually travels business class.”

It is now my turn to snort, business class, yeah right, my mom booked this ticket for me, so I am just relieved that they aren’t telling me I am travelling in the hold; not that she can’t afford business class, just that she wouldn’t spend the money on me.

“An obvious oversight when booking the ticket I imagine.” She smiled and winked – wow great teeth as well. “I am upgrading you Flora, a gorgeous girl like you doesn’t belong in coach, you need to be relaxing and sipping champagne – with me attending to your every wish.”

Attending to my every wish. My heart starts beating quicker and I feel the flush return to my cheeks. My every wish – now that is definitely interesting.  I look down from her face and take in her white blouse, tightly stretched over impressively full breasts which are inadequately restrained by a lacy black bra, her pert nipples pushing enticingly out through the fabric. I know what I want to do, I want to run my fingers down from her throat, moving over her breasts and circling over those nipples, feeling them harden further under my touch. I want to slowly undue the buttons, enjoying revealing more of her, my fingers grazing her skin until I have opened her blouse fully, dragging it off her shoulders, I leave it halfway down her back; arms now effectively pinned against her sides I have full access and delight in pinching her nipples through the lace, my hands playing with each of her breasts, her groans of passion encouraging me.  Then, unable to wait any longer, bra straps would be dragged down to meet the blouse and her gorgeous tits, now fully exposed, would be mine for the taking.  Leaning forward and flicking her nipples with my tongue, emboldened by her moans I would take her breast deep into my mouth, alternating, first one and then the other, hands and tongue, hungrily feasting at will.


A high pitched voice from the side jolts me out of my fantasy and I look across startled.  Wow, fascinating, long straight hair, dyed jet black, and pulled into a bun so tight it gave an instant face lift, green feline eyes are beautifully framed by long eyelashes, black eyeliner and perfectly sculpted brows, this boy has some serious makeup skills, and those huge, red, pouty lips could give Steve Tyler a run for his money; unfortunately, the fake tan shade, pure orangutan, was just hideous.

” Sweetie, I get that you, as mighty Cabin Crew, are only slumming it on check-in for today, but there is rather a long queue building.  If I get this flight off on time, I please the Captain, and oh god how I love to please him.” Winking suggestively at me I couldn’t help but snigger. “So please, stop cruising the passengers and get a wiggle on babe.”

Seemingly unconcerned with the comments, not affording him a response, she leisurely attached the baggage tag to my case.  Holding out my boarding card and passport towards me, I reached out to take them, watching as her hand slid forward to touch mine.

“I very much look forward to seeing you on board Flora.”

No hint of a smile this time, her eyes held mine for what seemed like the longest of moments, and I felt my desire dripping out of me.  This woman had turned me on just by checking me in for a flight, what then would she be capable of at 30,000 feet armed with champagne and a hot sandwich – I was really rather keen to find out.


Chapter 2


Impatient to see her again, I distracted myself by wandering around the airport shops, trying on outrageously expensive sunglasses that I had no intention of buying, drinking endless Espressos, and finally ending up in Wetherspoons for a glass of wine and flirty banter with a rather raucous stag party.  Still ridiculously horny and very wet, I considered a quick trip to the bathroom, there was an hour until the gate opened, so more than enough time for an orgasm.  I found myself, however, in the unusual position of wanting to wait, to find out what she had planned for the flight; although for the life of me I couldn’t imagine how anything was going to be possible once we were on board, I mean planes were hardly suitable for private trysts, were they?

Sitting at the gate I suddenly felt insanely nervous, what if I had misconstrued the situation, what if she was just being friendly and I had wrongly interpreted the open warmth of an African personality, and presumed that it meant she fancied me; well, I was about to find out, wait finally over I joined the queue, eager, despite my fears, to get on board and see her again.  I found my place and marveled at how much room I had, business class was seriously the way to travel.  Unable to resist playing with the seat controls, I delighted in all the gadgets around me, and when my childlike excitement finally dissipated, I stared, absent-mindedly out of the window, a ground crew guy immediately catching my eye, fuck what a great arse – breath on my ear made me jump and I felt my body react as her perfume filled the air around me.

“How do you like your seat Flora?”

I turned my head towards her, her face inches from mine, oh those lips, so full and kissable, the urge to lean forward and snog her was overwhelming.  Several hours fantasising about what I wanted to do to her, and what I wanted her to do to me, had resulted in desire overriding all sense of appropriateness – of which, to be fair, I didn’t have much at the best of times.  Come on Flora, get a grip, you aren’t going to kiss this woman now, not with all these people walking past, reluctantly I moved slightly away and she stood back up into the aisle.

“Thank you so much for the upgrade, this is just the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, this seat is seriously amazing.”

“You are most welcome, I want you to be very happy and relaxed Flora, you have got a long night ahead of you.”

Leaning, once again, towards me, she placed her hand on my shoulder, her shirt falling forwards, giving me an unobstructed view of those glorious breasts; my breath caught as she slid her hand downwards from my shoulder, fingers grazing my nipple, before she slowly pulled away and stood up.  Panting and breathless with desire, my nipple tingled from her, albeit brief, touch, oh god I was totally at this woman’s mercy, completely in control of the situation she obviously had a plan of action, and I found this unbelievable hot.  Squirming in my seat, she stood there, staring at me, the intensity of her eyes on mine making me writhe with passion, desperate to be touched.  As if reading my mind she suddenly smiled at me.

“Soon Flora, very soon, I will give you what you want.”

Reaching up into the overhead locker she pulled something out and threw it into my lap, surprised I looked down, a denim skirt, what the hell? I looked back up and raised my eyebrows questioningly.

“It’s mine.  When the plane is in the air and the seat belt sign has been taken off, I want you to go to the bathroom in front of you, I want you to take off your jeans and knickers, and I want you to put this skirt on instead.  Can you do that for me Flora?”

All coherent thought now totally overridden by desire, I nodded, and she smiled.

“Thank you Flora, that will help me a great deal in making sure you have a very pleasurable flight.”

And with that, she was gone.

I didn’t see her again for the next half an hour and presumed she was busy helping other passengers and preparing for take-off.  Come on Captain Jack or whatever your name is, let’s get this bird in the air, the waiting was making me crazy.  Finally airborne, I sat, staring at the seat belt light, gripping the skirt tightly in both hands as though someone might come and take if off me, the ‘bing’ sent me flying out of my seat like a greyhound of out a trap and I dove into the bathroom and locked the door.

Staring back at me from the mirror was not the sexy goddess I had hoped to see, face flushed with lust, my hair looked like a birds nest from where I had been twisting strands around my fingers for the last few hours in frustration.  I splashed some water on my face and clawed through my hair, attempting to pull it back into some semblance of a style.  Needing to wee I pulled off my jeans and knickers and once finished I took my hand and pumped soap and water onto it, I wanted my pussy squeaky clean for the fun ahead.  Wow, it felt good to touch myself, god, I was burning hot and so wet, not wanting to wash away too much of my grool, I carefully patted myself dry and pulled on the skirt.  Fuck me it was short, I tried to get a look at the back to check my arse cheeks weren’t hanging out below the hem, but the tiny, blurry, mirror was hardly conducive for this and I had to give up.  Tugging it ineffectively down, conscious of my lack of underwear, I took a breath and let myself out of the bathroom, scurrying quickly back to my seat, jeans and knickers in hand.

So now what?  No sign of her.  The coolness of the cabin was chilling the wetness dripping out onto my thighs and making me even more aware of my state of undress.  Pulling my legs together I leant forward, hugging my knees with my arms.


She was back, finally.

“I like your skirt.  Can you sit back please so that I can take a better look at it.”

Letting go of my knees I sat back into the seat and let her inspect me.

“It looks great on you, a perfect fit.”

Reaching forward she pulled at the hem as though examining the cloth, I gasped, her fingers now achingly close to my pussy, instinctively I opened my legs, desperate for her touch.  My eyes closed in anticipation of feeling her fingers on me, and I groaned in frustration when I felt her hand move away.  Looking up I was met with a smirk.

“It isn’t going to be quite that easy Flora.  There is something I need you to do for me first.”

What the hell was she on about now, if it wasn’t for desire clouding my brain I might have got irritated at the delay, lack of patience being a constant struggle for me – sighing, I nodded, fine, whatever she wanted, I was going to do it.

“I want you to walk along this aisle for me Flora, nice and slowly, and keep going all the way along until you reach the back of the plane.  And then, when you get there, I want you to go into the bathroom, I want you to stick two fingers into your pussy and get them dripping wet from your sexy grool, and then, I want you to walk back here to your seat where I will be waiting.”

Oh my fucking life, she can’t be serious, this skirt barely skims my arse, I know that now as when I sat down my bare skin hit the seat and I had to hold on to the front to keep from exposing my muff to everyone.  If I walk along the aisle anyone paying attention is going to be afforded glimpses of my bottom – if not more.  Fuck.  What to do?  From the way she is looking at me this is non-negotiable, and then what, this just ends here, oh no, no, no, no, I am way too turned on now, past the point of no return, I have to keep going.

I nod, and she moves to one side to let me out into the aisle in front of her.  I turn to face the back of the plane, hesitating at the sight of all those people I need to get past, in an hour or so they would all, probably, be asleep, but now they are still settling, looking around the cabin, bored and in need of distraction.  I jumped as I felt a tug on the back of the skirt, fingers grazed the cheeks of my arse, and her breasts pushed against my back as she leant towards me.

“Your arse is incredibly sexy Flora, this skirt is just the perfect length to show it off, I think many of your fellow passengers will watch you pass by with enthusiasm.”

Desperately turned on I pressed back as her fingers became more insistent, now stroking deeper and grazing my pubic hair, but falling, agonisingly short, of where I wanted them to go.  As the hand was removed I had the irrational urge to stamp my foot like an irate toddler.

“Now off you go, I will be watching, and waiting here for your return.  Don’t forget what I need you to do with your fingers, if you forget you will have to walk back again, I will be checking – oh, and don’t dry yourself off in the bathroom, I want to see the wetness dripping down your thighs.”

A slight shove from behind got my reticent feet moving and I started walking self consciously along the aisle, after a few paces I looked back over my shoulder and was afforded a wide smile and a nod of encouragement, swallowing, I turned back and carried on.

Talk about a walk of shame, keeping my gaze firmly on the ground, I could feel people’s eyes on me as I approached, the shortness of my attire, I am sure, eliciting a plethora of responses, shock, approval, desire, distaste; I cringed feeling people swivelling around in their seats as I passed, no doubt wanting to see if the back view was just as revealing.  Well they wouldn’t be disappointed, I could feel the hem of the skirt skimming my bottom about three quarters of the way down, so my arse was most definitely out for all to see.  After what seemed like an interminably long walk I finally reached the bathroom and plunged inside.  Leaning my back against the locked door, I released the breath that I hadn’t realised I was holding, Oh fucking hell, I have got to walk back again in a minute – what the hell have you got yourself into Flora?  Could I be arrested for indecent exposure, after all I was in public and, effectively, naked from the waist down?   Concerns aside I couldn’t help but admit that it was rather intoxicating, knowing she was watching and getting off on other people inspecting me as I passed – god I love a bit of kink.  Remembering my other task I move my fingers onto myself and am shocked at how wet I am, grool is literally dripping out of me onto my thighs, just as she foresaw it would – am I that easy to read?  Pushing two fingers deep inside, my slippery wetness allowed easy access, and I groaned, desperate to stroke my now pulsating, rock hard clit, but instead, eager to return, I removed my fingers and resisted the urge to dry off my legs  – okay, time for the long walk back.

Surprisingly, instead of mortification, the whisperings, this time, make me feel sexy and powerful; I am enjoying  people checking out my arse, and the thought that they might, also, be able to see my hot, wet, pussy makes it even more of a turn on.  She is standing there, waiting for me, and as I approach I can’t help but smile and raise my eyebrows, triumphant in my daring.  She nods towards the seat and I collapse down into it, now what?

“Well done Flora, you did amazingly well, you had lots of admiring glances, and many people desire you now.  But they can only look, they can’t have you, you are mine, do you understand?”

Oh this is seriously sexy, I nod my consent, my breathing now shallow and fast, as feel my passion growing exponentially.

“Now did you do the other thing I asked you to do?  Did you put your fingers inside your pussy for me Flora?”

I nod, and she holds out a hand towards me; hesitating for a moment, unsure, I then put my hand in hers and watch as she wipes my fingers under her nose.

“Mmmm, you smell good Flora, now I wonder how you taste?”

Eyes never leaving mine, her tongue slowly licked the wetness from my fingers, and then taking them deep into her mouth, she sucked hard, causing me to gasp as a new eruption of passion exploded within my groin, and had me dripping, unrestrainedly, onto the seat.  Oh my god, okay, whatever I have said before, I was wrong, this is officially the most erotic moment of my life – well, you know, so far.  Feeling myself tense, I wonder if I might actually be able to orgasm like this – now that would be a first – to cum without any actual stimulation to my pussy, I close my eyes, edging closer to climax, as her mouth and tongue continued to fuck my fingers.

My eyes fly open as she lets go of my hand, and I sit their panting, waiting for the next move. Pulling my skirt up towards my waist, I am fully exposed for her perusal.

“Open your legs a little more for me please.”

I moved my legs apart, moaning in frustration – just touch me already.  Her standing there, looking my pussy, was unbelievably sexy, my lips heavy with lust were clearly visible under my pubic hair, now soaking and sticky with grool.

“Look how wet and swollen you are, desperate to be touched I imagine?”

I nodded frantically, “Yes please, please, I need you to touch me.”

Smiling she released my skirt and stood up, leaving me still exposed, throbbing and aching to be stroked.

“You are not quite ready for that, yet, but it will happen soon, very soon, I promise.  Now I need to do some work, but I will be back with champagne for you, just relax Flora – all things come to those who wait.”

It was seriously all I could do not to scream, this was torture, exquisitely seductive torture, but torture nonetheless.


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10 Erotic Books to Inspire You

10 Erotic Books to Inspire You

Books. Don’t you just love the smell of them? The feel of a brand new hardback in your hands? Untouched pages, brand new and shiny… Or maybe you’re more of a used-paperback-kinda-gal? Some spend hours, days even, searching through secondhand shops for that perfectly worn copy of a favourite title… Or – you might be in favour of shopping from the comfort of your sofa and ordering bestselling e-books directly to your Kindle?

All of the above are excellent ways of getting your hands on reading materials, but actually, it matters more that you take the time to immerse yourself in a good book, than how you came by it. Whatever your preferred way of shopping, we have done a little bit of the hard work for you and shortlisted 10 books that should be given prime space on your shelf.

Here at Sh! we’ve been championing female sexual pleasure for years, but the acceptance of talking and reading about female sexual fantasy began in 1973 with Nancy Friday’s multi-million-selling collection of real women’s fantasies, My Secret Garden. Forty years on from Friday’s masterpiece, sex writer Emily Dubberley curated a brand new female fantasy classic for the modern era: Garden of Desires. The stories are red hot, all original, and very likely to make your heart beat a li’l faster…

We cannot not include Nancy Friday herself – everyone should, at some point in their lives, read at least one of Friday’s groundbreaking works like Forbidden Flowers: a celebration of a new freedom, where women joyfully accept and rejoice in the awareness of their own inner sexual lives. Liberating and arousing, you won’t be able to put it down.

Sexual Life of Catherine M
Sexual Life of Catherine M

The Sexual Life of Catherine M is the autobiography of a well-known Parisian art critic who likes to spend nights in the singles clubs of Paris and in the Bois de Boulogne where she has sex with a succession of anonymous men. The book is outrageous and liberating in equal measures, and whilst Catherine was perhaps ahead of the times, more and more women are now taking charge of their sexuality and goes to get whatever it is they want. Amen to that!

She Comes FirstThe tongue is far mightier than the sword – when it comes to sexual pleasure, anyway. She Comes First is a guide aimed at the sexually literate man, but we think all genders should read this book. Oral sex has long been considered an optional aspect of ‘foreplay’ (a word we’re not really into) when its real role is as core play. Oral sex is a dish best served moist and hot, and it should most definitely be the main!

Oral Sex Position GuideOral Sex Position Guide – what a goody bag of fun: 69 positions that make fellatio and cunnilingus fantastic and unforgettable! Granted, you do need to be rather nimble for some of the spicier positions, but even if you are not – looking at the photos is a lot of fun too. From mild to wild, each position offers specific benefits such as easier deep throat action, pleasurable prostate play, anal-play access, or maximum clitoral stimulation.

Female Ejaculation & The G-SpotFemale Ejaculation & The G-spot, a classic guide by the Doyenne of the Female Fountain, Deborah Sundahl. Clear instructions,  scientific facts, history and real-life experiences of women & their partners makes this book a must-read if you are curious about female ejaculation and squirting. It also includes a ‘training sequence’ if you fancy giving it a go.

The Art Of Lesbian Lovemaking: A Lesbian Kama SutraThe Art of Lesbian Love Making by Rose Black & Lilly Gluck is a self-published version of lesbian kama sutra, complete with non-stereotypical images – hurrah! This is an explicit and informative guide to authentic lesbian sexuality written to arouse, educate and reveal fresh possibilities in the world of sapphic sex… Extra bit of info for you: the authors are also the founders

 ZOOM Playing Well With Others by Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams PERFECT PARTNERS Sh! Bondage Tape SH! BONDAGE TAPE £9.00 ADD TO BAG Sh! Bondage Rope SH! BONDAGE ROPE £15.00 ADD TO BAG PreviousNext Playing Well With OthersPlaying Well With Others – your field guide to discovering, exploring and navigating the kink, leather and BDSM communities. In our opinion, this book could also function as a general life guide – that’s how good it is. Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams, with 30-plus years of experience in diverse kink communities: top, bottom and switch; gay, bi and straight; female, male and trans; white and POC, have written an inclusive, engaging and informative guide that could easily earn itself pride of place on your sex-shelf. 

New Book Of BottomingCarrying on the kinky theme, New Book of Bottoming by Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy offers an eye-opening exploration of what it means to experience the joy of surrender and the bliss of kink-induced endorphin rushes. A must-read for anyone thinking about stepping into a bottoming or submissive role, as well as anyone favouring a more Dominant position during play.

Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure £11.99
Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure £11.99

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure – the most comprehensive guide to the prostate and its pleasure potential to date. An indispensable manual to P-spot pleasure, this book covers both solo and partner play. You’ll learn about techniques for building trust and talking about desires, safety and hygiene information, massages, pegging -positions, toys and illustrated tips about achieving supercharged orgasms – wowzers!

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Erotic Book Reading: Kay Jaybee & K D Grace

Not one, but TWO award-winning authors will be joining us for an evening of sexy stories (from their books) as well as some funny, unsexy stories  (because there are always things that can’t be unseen) on March 24th.

Kay Jaybee & K D Grace; two peas in a pod, real-life BFF’s and wondrous wordsmiths. Longtime fans of both authors, we are beyond thrilled that they’ll be coming along to Sh!

Enjoy a glass of fizz whilst the authors read and recall anecdotes, and make the most of the trip to this beautiful shop by treating yourself to a new erotic book or thrilling plaything…

Date: Friday 24th March

Time: 6.30-8pm

Address: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

Price: FREE

Book your ticket here: Eventbrite


More about Kay Jaybee

With a background in history and archaeology, Kay Jaybee should be sat in a dusty university library, translating Medieval Latin criminal records, and writing research documents that hardly anyone would want to read. Instead, tucked away in the South West of England, Jenny Kane writes stories with one hand, while teaching creative writing classes for her company, Imagine…, with the other.


Kay spends most of her time in the local coffee shops, where she wrote the novels, The Perfect Submissive Trilogy – The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat and Knowing Her Place, Making Him Wait, and The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), as well as the novellas, Wednesday on Thursday,  Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man, Digging Deep, and A Sticky Situation.

Kay has also written seven anthologies and over 150 short erotic stories – she also writes mainstream fiction as Jenny Kane and medieval crime as Jennifer Ash

Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at

Wednesday on Thursday

WednesdayThere are rumours that the coffee guy has “a thing” about words.

Shrugging off her friend’s concern about the way the man in the cafe stares at her every lunch hour, Wednesday can’t see how his love of words could possibly be hazardous.

The fact is, Wednesday rather enjoys being the centre of an attractive man’s undivided attention. His dark blue eyes alone have provided her with many delicious erotic fantasies, a welcome distraction from the pressures of the real world and a dull job.

It’s totally harmless…

…until there’s an accident with a cup of coffee.

After soaking Wednesday with a hot latte, the coffee guy’s attention suddenly becomes far more enticing—and dangerous.

Drawn into a bizarre world of human behavioural research, where crosswords are used to initiate sexual experiments, Wednesday finds herself driven, not by a desire to further scientific research, but by the need to be rewarded for her hard work by the coffee guy’s captivating research assistant.

A stunning redhead by the name of Thursday…

The Perfect Submissive

The Perfect Submisive - new ropeHidden behind the Fables Hotel’s respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests.

When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel’s exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman’s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education.

Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with her unexpected training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly sexy exercise routine.

Temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable’s top floor by an enigmatic artist, Mrs Peters begins to plan how she can secure his obedient assistance, in grooming Jess into the perfect submissive…

More About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She loves mythology. She enjoys spending time in the gym – right now she’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells. She loves to read, watch birds and do anything that gets her outdoors.

K D Grace

KD has erotica published with Totally Bound, SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Sweetmeats Press and others.

Toys for Boys Blurb:

Boys with ToysAlpha nerd Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine dedicated to the latest gadgets to tickle a man’s fancy. Will is recording their adventures with the latest smart phone technology. Doc is reviewing the latest outdoor gear. The two quickly discover the great outdoors provides even better toys for boys, toys best shared al fresco, toys that, in spite of Will’s great camera work, will never be reviewed in Toys for Boys.

In The Flesh Blurb:

kdgrace-itf-finalWhen Susan Innes comes to visit her friend, Annie Rivers, in Chapel House, the deconsecrated church that Annie is renovating into a home, she discovers her outgoing friend changed, reclusive, secretive, and completely enthralled by a mysterious lover, whose presence is always felt, but never seen, a lover whom she claims is god. As her holiday turns into a nightmare, Susan must come to grips with the fact that her friend’s lover is neither imaginary nor is he human, and even worse, he’s turned his wandering eye on Susan, and he won’t be denied his prize. If Susan is to fight an inhuman stalker intent on having her as his own, she’ll need a little inhuman help.

Spaces are limited so make sure to book your place today!




valentine's Reading Slam

Valentine’s Reading Slam

Join us for a fun evening of aural frolics saucy enough to make ears burn and cheeks blush! There will be bubbles whilst you mingle and plenty of time to browse and shop our super collection of sex toys just in time for a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

We have a stellar line up for you: Zak Jane Keir, K D Grace, Charlie Forrest, Exhibit A, The Other Livvy and Ishmael Skyes are all ready with their hottest stories for your pleasure…

Date: Friday 10th February
Time: 6.30pm
Address: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
Price: FREE

The evening is a warm up for V-Day so make sure to book your FREE ticket now and we promise you’ll come away with some great ideas! *wink*


Guest Post: Love Balls, Saucy Dares & Writing Sex Toy Erotica

Today we are super-excited to have blogger, author and editor Jillian Boyd with us! Those of you who are familiar with Jillian’s work will know that she likes to serve up her sexy stories extra-hot – with a side of awkward. And we are sure that you, just like us, are always keen on having seconds!

Having taken a little peek at the various social media platforms she uses, we’ve found out she’s a big Dr Who fan, she likes baking and knows all the steps to ‘5,6,7,8’ by Steps – a woman after our own hearts!

We recently read her story Dare You To from the erotic anthology Come Again, and immediately knew we had to invite Jillian over to tell us about the story behind the story… Over to you, Jillian!

Somewhere in between the general clutter still left over from our house move is a box of sex toys. And in that box, along with enough condoms and lube to have a really, really fun Saturday night, is a pair of love balls. I won them a few years back in a Twitter competition – not too long after I started writing erotica but well before I wrote what still stands as probably my favourite story I’ve ever written.

And those particular love balls were firmly on my mind when I wrote it.

come-again-bookI don’t often write sex toys into my stories. Vibrators make it in on occasion, but for the most part I hadn’t actually considered cranking it up a notch. Giving toys a time to shine, so to say. Until two years ago, when Rachel Kramer Bussel – editing legend and all-round lovely sort – posted a call for submissions. She was looking for sex toy erotica – toys incorporated into your plot in whatever way you dreamt up.

The eventual spark of inspiration? Came in the form of an opening sentence. A scene-setter. My main character, at an important ad campaign pitch, trying to keep a level head while, unbeknownst to her colleagues, she’s wearing a pair of vibrating love balls. From that opener, the rest quickly came together. A couple of soon-to-be-weds, under such a stress from wedding planning that time or energy for anything sexy has flown out the window. The solution? A game of ever-escalating sexual dares – the vibrating love balls being the grand finale.

Mainly because I love love balls. I adore everything about them. The sheer aesthetic variation, the versatility in what they can do for you… and they seemed like a natural fit for the grand finale of the game my two main characters were playing. Love balls move as you do, twirling inside in response to your movements and providing not just teasing and massaging sensations but also a constant reminder that they’re there.

With my main character juggling planning a wedding with planning a major pitch, having her be dared by her future husband to wear them while she’s giving the pitch felt like the right thing to do. Only she knows they’re inside her – knows it very well, in fact – and spends the majority of her pitch trying to hide not just her escalating arousal but her escalating frustration at how the stress of the past few months has eaten into her sex life.

It is, as I said, my favourite story I’ve written to date. A perfect storm of sexual frustration, cosy love… and love balls, of course.

Now, I wouldn’t tease you like that without actually giving you a teeny-tiny snippet from my story! It’s called Dare You To, and can be found in Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press (available in store at Sh!).

His revenge, he promised, would be “sweeter than sweet”. He wasn’t kidding. A week after he jingled his bells at our florist appointment, I found the little red package containing the vibrating love balls. His instruction: to wear them at my presentation with the board.

I was, quite honestly, trembling with nerves. And arousal, but mostly nerves. David knew full well that this was an important meeting which could determine the future of the advertising agency I worked for; I’d been managing this project for as long as we’d been planning the wedding. It’s not a good sign when the hopes and future plans of the company rest on a woman who is desperately trying not to squirm and brush her hand against the crotch of her already soaking panties.

“Good luck today, Katarzyna.” said my boss, as she entered the boardroom. “You don’t need to be nervous.”

“Ooh, I’m not nervous, Mrs Sedgwick, not in the slightest, not at all.” I sputtered, as a particularly strong vibration coursed through my body. “I’m just trying to keep… keep my circulation up! Yes, that’s why I’m all hoppy today. Got to keep fit! It’s in keeping with the campaign!”

“Right…” she said, straightening her glasses before turning towards our clients. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. And welcome to Mr Defoe and Ms Brown from Cambridge Athletics…”

As Mrs Sedgwick spoke, I tried my best to not turn around and flash the heads of Cambridge Athletics with the wet spot on my skirt. Fuck, I really should have worn something darker and less conspicuous… I braced myself and started talking, trying to keep my voice level and not squeaky from the mounting arousal.

“Cambridge Athletics is a young brand, and as you’ll see, my team and I have worked very hard to… KEEP in touch with the TARGET MARKET.”

I took another deep breath before I started my slide presentation. This was going to be the longest hour of my life…

And if you’re looking for advice on how to choose and use love balls, or maybe some shopping inspiration, Sh! – aka a treasure trove for an erotica writer like me – has you more than covered.

Handy links if you fancy giving love balls a go:

A guide to choosing and using love balls.

Sh! Silicone Love Balls

Remote Vibration K Love Balls

Lelo Luna Beads Noir

Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo (recommended by me – these are the ones I own!)

September Stories Winners

September Stories: Read FREE Erotica

Last week we published the winning story from our Sh! September Stories Erotic Writing Competition on the theme of ‘Sex Over 50’.

This week we’ve got some more fabulous erotica for your edification and delight. These stories are from our runners up Scandarella and Megan Barnett.

Thanks to everyone who took part!



The front door closed behind me with a sharp snick, and I waited. Two whole minutes passed before I sighed, kicked my shoes off, and headed for the stairs. The dining room door was open, and I avoided looking at the row of brightly coloured cards on the sideboard. All of those huge glittery pink 50’s made me sick.

I padded quietly up the narrow staircase, wondering if Jack would still be in a mood with me.

He felt like I’d been neglecting him lately, and had grown quite jealous of the book our daughter had bought me for my birthday.

He’d accused me of being obsessed with it that morning when he’d shuffled into the kitchen and found me reading it over my first coffee of the day. But what could I say, other than it was a damned good book! Still, he’d rolled his eyes at me and questioned what a married woman could possibly garner from reading a cheap novel that was aimed at sad, lonely women, and I’d retorted that the better question would be, what could a balding missionary position loving, fifty five year old man with a beer belly learn from it.

The door to our room swung silently open with a gentle push of my hand, and I heard a loud cry. Jack jumped up from the bed and shot across the room, staring at me like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He looked so sheepish, standing there by the window with his hands behind his back, it was all I could do to not laugh out loud. Not once in twenty five years of marriage had I seen him look so guilty.

“What have you been up to?” I asked, hanging my scarf on the little rail he’d screwed to the inside of the wardrobe door for that exact purpose. I loved scarves, and he bought me a new one every other month.

Stepping a bit closer to the wall he muttered, “Nothing. Well, nothing you need to worry about anyway.”

I opened my mouth to question him further, but he spoke over me. “Are you headed for a shower? You look all hot and bothered.”

I narrowed my eyes. He knew I showered after work whatever the weather, he didn’t need to ask. Something was amiss, but he was right, I was hot and bothered, and didn’t have the patience to get to the bottom of his shifty behaviour there and then.
“Yes, I am,” I sighed. “Did you feed Elspeth?”

The en suite door closed on his answer. I wasn’t being rude, I just didn’t need to hear it, because I knew he had fed the cat, and I knew the pot roast would be ready by the time I’d dried my hair. It was routine.

It didn’t take me long to shower, and I was soon back in the bedroom, blowing my greying hair all over the place, just to take the dampness off. I pulled on a loose dress and made my way to the door, pushing my wardrobe door closed as I passed. I could have sworn I’d closed it after I’d hung up my scarf.

Jack was in the kitchen, waiting for me. I was surprised to find him shirtless, but didn’t comment. Just as I was reaching for the fridge door, his hand wrapped around my wrist. I jumped, and stared at him like he’d lost his mind. What was he up to?
Silently, he drew me from the kitchen, straight into the dining room. I grimaced when I saw the cards strewn on the table. He must have finally decided it was time to put them away, though he was doing an untidy job of it. And he’d been drinking too, if the half full wine glass and bucket of ice was anything to go by.

Once I reached the table, Jack spun me around, and something soft and familiar brushed over my hand. It was my favourite scarf, the chiffon one with the little pandas on it.

He didn’t speak as he bound my wrists together, and neither did I. I was too stunned to form a sentence.

My eyes popped wide when he picked me up and lay me on the table, right on top of the cards. I knew immediately what I’d caught him doing when I’d entered our room, and a thrill of excitement ran through me. He tied the loose end of the scarf to one of the heavy chairs, giving me a look he hadn’t given me since our wedding night all those years ago.

Even though I knew it was coming, I still gasped when he lifted my dress to my neck, and despite my best efforts, I still cried out when I felt that first zing of coldness of an ice cube skimming my stomach.

Oh god, I knew this! This was the scene in chapter nine that I’d been reading before I’d left for work that morning. Jack had wanted to know what interested me so much, and now he did. He’d been reading my book when I’d come home, and he was showing me what he’d learned.

Each drip of the ice sent a shiver through me, and I tensed, knowing that its destination was my nipples. But to my surprise, the ice didn’t move up my body. It moved down, and stroked shockingly chill lines from my clitoris to my butt and back.
“Jesus, Jack!” I yelped. That yelp turned into a moan when I felt the freezing ice vanish, just to be replaced with a warm, wet tongue.

“Chapter twelve!” I gasped, widening my thighs while my husband sucked and licked. The ice cube was half melted now, but it still felt huge when he pushed it just inside of my vagina. His finger moved it around, his lips wrapped around my clit and he sucked harder, and I dug my heels into his back and had the strongest orgasm I’d had in years.

Jack straightened, and pushed the book toward me with a wet finger. “The pot roast will be ready in five, then for afters we’re having chapter nineteen. You’re right, it is a damned good book.”


 Megan BarnettErotic Books Post

Thirty years is a long time; a life time. We were so young, so full of wonder, and together we navigated this curious world. We scrimped and saved, we worked long days, and finally when the time came we were able to spend more of our days together. We satiated our appetites in all senses of the phrase: we travelled, we tried new cuisines, and we explored each other in every way we desired.

Time may have left its mark, but our naked bodies tell a story, each wrinkle an anecdote to be remembered. Over the years, I have learned to love my body, and how to love with it.


Like footprints we have made on our journey together, each caress, every touch has been etched into our skin, gone but never forgotten.

Tastes may change, but there are some things that you never grow out of. He knows that if he tilts my face to look into his with fingertips so light that they are barely touching me, that tingles will run down my skin, awakening my desire.

The smallest of gestures can spark the darkest of fires.

When we were younger, we were greedy; we would devour each other, hungrily feasting on our naked flesh, our inner beasts unleashed. He would take me roughly, grappling at my buttocks as he would thrust his throbbing member deep into my heated core. I would dig my nails into his back, urging him to go faster, harder, to send me to dizzying heights of pleasure.

Over time we learned that you can still enjoy the ride if you slow down the pace.

He is still firm with me, knowing that his purposeful grip is a give away for his desire. He still wants to touch me, to have me, to make love to me; this does nothing more than fuel the fire- to be desired after all this time is a highly arousing sentiment.

When he kisses my neck now, he savours the taste of my skin. He traces his kisses slowly down my chest, cupping my breast, excited by its fullness and bites at my nipple, sending the blood rushing to  my swelling bud.

He takes his time; he fondles each breast with appreciation, as if they were works of art, and he nibbles and sucks at my nipples in turn, swirling his hot tongue around them. I squirm and moan, my clitoris throbbing like a distant rhythmic drum.

He will trace more kisses down my stomach, which may be softer now, but his eyes will still drink me in and I can see the hunger lingers, but he wants to savour me. He will gently push my thighs apart and I will tense with anticipation, eager for the dam to burst but he will tease me. He will plant kisses up and down my thighs, lapping at them with his clever tongue.

The feeling as I tip over the edge will never change.

When he finally licks at my swollen bud I melt into ecstasy. As he explores my delicate skin with his mouth, he will slip a finger into my heated wetness, beckoning my orgasm with a come-hither gesture. He will listen to my body, respond as I writhe uncontrollably beneath his touch, and my hunger for him will grow and grow until it’s too much to bare.

Always eager, I will push him back on the bed, and I will snake my way down to his engorged erection. The sight of it, the size of it, it always turns me on.

As I take him between my lips, he will groan. I will slowly trace my tongue up and down his shaft, twirling it in tantalising circles, swirling it around the tip of his prick, the fire in my core pulsing. Hearing him moan and whisper my name will forever make me feel sexy, that I am capable of making him feel as good as he makes me.

As I suckle and lick on his shaft, I will massage his firming testicles and draw soft circles along his perineum with nimble fingers. Feeling his erection start to throb against my hot tongue, I can no longer wait for him.

I will lie back on the bed, my delicate skin in full bloom, inviting him to take me. Our hot mouths will crash, tongues exploring each other as he eases his engorged shaft inside me, inch by inch, and when we are fully as one I will groan.

With a slower pace than we may have once had, I can enjoy him more now, focus on the sensations rather than getting carried away. I still love the way his rock hard prick fills me up, how the weight of his body feels against me, but rather than demanding him to fuck me we find our rhythm and roll our hips in unison, and my orgasm will start to build, slowly but surely.

I will slip my hands up across his broad back, and down to his firm buttocks and push him deeper inside me. I will plant breathless kisses on his powerful arms as he thrusts a little harder inside me, pushing me closer and closer to the edge until I feel as if I might explode.

He will lay on his side, gently pulling my thigh towards him, and the gentle rhythm of our hips will pick up speed. Feeling more like stormy tides than gentle waves, it’s not long before we crash together in climax, chests heaving as we try to catch our breath.

We will stay entwined for a moment or two, drinking each other in, letting the world catch up with us.

Thirty years is a long time; time we have shared together. We still have time to share, moments to enjoy. The only difference now to all those years ago is that we don’t have to make the time for us any more: we have all the time in the world.

September Stories Winners

September Stories: The Winners

So this month we held our very own Erotic Writing Competition to help get you in the mood for our Essential Elements of Erotic Writing Workshop. The theme was ‘Sex Over 50’ and we noticed a definite couger vibe in the entries. If you’d like to hear the winning entries please come along to our FREE erotic event on Friday.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, we really enjoyed reading all your entries and we’re very excited to announce our winners.

In first place Cherry Bare, for her story ‘Our Holiday Saga‘ which caused much merriment amongst the Sh! Team.

Scroll down to read her winning entry, what really won it was this classic line:

‘Well, I like sushi and saki, so maybe I should try bukaki….”

Find out more about her writing at @Uksherka

Our second place award went to the wonderful Scandarella, we knew she could write a great sex toy review so it should be no surprise that her erotic writing was top notch.

You can check out her excellent reviews at or follow her on Twitter @ella_scandal

We’d also like to give an honorable mention to Megan Barnett @MooLoves for her story. You will be able to read both of the runners up in a blog post next week.


Our Holiday Saga – WINNER of the Sh! September Stories Competition

I rolled off Roger and fell back against the pillows, sated and content. He still had it, could still take me over the edge with those dextrous fingers, that eager tongue and his silky cock. Neither of us minded he needed a bit more help and time these days for his climaxes. He was in fine form for a man in his late 60s – god bless those little blue pills. As we relaxed I looked at my own 50-something body. My tits were still firm, stomach not too flabby. I knew that young guy next door looked at me when he thought I didn’t notice. Would his wife mind, I wondered. With two small children, she was probably too exhausted to care. I bet he watched MILF porn. Sometimes I’d watch MILF porn. My mind began to wander to youthful, broad shoulders, firm arms, tan, smooth chests, rock-hard abs and stiff cocks. Roger noticed I was getting activated again.

‘Shall I give you a toy, love?’ Such a thoughtful man, my Roger. I was off again.

It was a small ad at the back of the magazine, the print so tiny, I could hardly make it out. ‘Unforgettable holidays and cruises for over 50s’–that’s what I thought it meant to say. But what it actually said was ‘cruising’, as in ‘Come with us for an unforgettable holiday and cruising for over 50s’. They need a proof reader I thought. There was a web link for further info. The travel company was familiar to me, but I hadn’t noticed the ‘special interest’ tab before. Amidst the bird watching and foodie offers was something called ‘Fun For Over 50s’. ‘Prepare to let your senses explode’ was how the page began. It then continued in delicious detail on the ‘more info’ PDF. As I read I began to feel flush at what was on offer. Had a mainstream site really gone this much outside the box? Enquiring minds wanted to know. And so reasonably priced!
‘Wanna give this a go, dear?’ I said to Roger as he sat reading the paper at breakfast the next morning. I dropped the printed pdf into his lap, ‘accidentally’ brushing his cock. His face popped around the newspaper. ‘Hmmm….?’ I gestured for him to have a read. There was nothing for several minutes, then he put down his paper. ‘Intriguing,’ he said, ‘but it sounds like a lot of work.’ I tried not to look disappointed. After a pause he said, ‘Why don’t you go with your friends.’ Now it was my turn to say ‘Hmmm….? You understand it’s a two week package.’ I said. ‘Tell me all about it when you get back,’ and Roger went back to his reading. ‘You will be rewarded,’ I told him and began to formulate a plan.

Marcie’s 50th could provide, the perfect opportunity for a holiday— she was the last in our group to enter the Fab 50 club.

We’d serenade her through this key life event. If anybody needed a partner pass, they could simply say this was a girls-only affair. Which was certainly true.
To my delight the girls were completely up for it—even Sonia who blushed all the way through ‘Calendar Girls.’ I thought Linda might balk at the thought of leaving Stan behind, but she got the ball rolling. ‘I’m ordering package Number 3: ‘Twenty-four hour beach-side sex at your convenience. Includes meals and wine.’
‘They must be quite young if they can offer round-the-clock cock,’ Jenny mused. ‘I might do the ‘Up all night’ experience. I’d want to swim and read during the day and work on my tan. It still offers all-day cocktails.’
‘There’s a gym offering classes called ‘Sexercise’!’ Gaby exclaimed. I think I might check out the advanced level. Since I dumped Larry, I could use a good workout–though I am very tempted by package 11: ‘Loads of Bang for your Buck.’ I’ve always had a thing for drummers!!…’ We nodded our approval. I couldn’t help but feel pleased as we oooh’ed and ahhh’ed over the offerings, giggling and guffawing like schoolgirls.

‘I’m curious about package Number 4,’ Sonia said, surprising us all. ‘Really?’ Linda asked. ‘Are you sure that’s your thing, honey?’
‘Well, I like sushi and saki, so maybe I should try bukaki….Do you think I’d like it?’

‘You might want to choose something else,’ I advised. ‘It’s rather messy.’
‘There’s something called tarmacking…’
‘Even messier!’ I said. ‘Choose again.’
‘What are you going to have, Ange?’ Linda asked me. ‘This was your idea. I hope you’ve picked something fabulous.’ I had. ‘I’m going for the all-night double-dip delight, featuring chocolate and vanilla.’ The girls whooped in excitement.
We then turned to Marcie. She’d been studying the pamphlet intently and hadn’t been quite as exuberant as the others. I feared it was her Catholic upbringing still meddling with her mind and guilting her soul. ‘Marcie, birthday girl, what sounds good to you?’ I asked. ‘Don’t hold back. Choose whatever you like.’
‘I’m not completely sure,’ she stuttered. ‘A lot of this is new to me. Fred and I didn’t exactly experiment…’
‘That’s fine. You can now. That’s the whole point.’
‘Well,’ she said, taking a deep breath. ‘I’d really like to try bubble and squeak.’ There was a moment’s silence while we considered this.
‘Show us on the list.’ Linda said. ‘I don’t remember that option.’
Turns out she meant package Number 6: Slap and Tickle. There were appreciative murmurs all around. ‘I’m going to be the one slapping and tickling,’ she said. ‘Probably more.’
‘Well you’re the birthday girl,’ I said. ‘Your wish is their command.’
Marcie’s eyes were bright. ‘I’ve always wanted to wear boots. The ones that come up high with a heel…’
‘Like the ones we saw in Kinky Boots?’ Linda asked.
‘Yes! With tights and a corset. Maybe even a mask…’
‘Excellent choices,’ I said. ‘Anything else? A riding crop perhaps?’
‘Do you think I could have a pet while I’m there?’
‘You mean a dog or a cat….?’
‘No…but he would need a collar…and a lead…’
‘Go for it.’ Linda said. ‘You only live once!’ And we all cackled like hens.
‘50 is going to be so much fun!’ Marcie said, clapping her hands in glee. ‘It’s a whole new start! I can’t wait!
‘We have some presents for you,’ I said, ‘which might help you get through the wait. There was a rustling of wrapping paper.
‘Oh! A holster! With so many pockets….’

‘For all your new toys!’ We spent the rest of the afternoon sipping Prosecco, giggling about men and sex, and admiring Marcie’s gifts.

There were dildos, butt plugs, love balls, vibrators, tubes of lube, nipple clamps and much more–all the necessary goodies a woman needs to pass the time in a most pleasurable way.
We’re all packed and ready to go now. Roger’s taken us to the airport. In his best Mary Berry voice he’s told us to get our lady fingers good and soggy and says we must tell him all about our adventures on our return. ‘He’s such a star, your Roger,’ Linda tells me. ‘We should really give him a little something on our return.’
‘With enough Viagra I think he’d like that,’ I said winking. ‘He’d like that a lot!’


Book Launch: Silver Desire – Erotic Stories of Older Women

You are all cordially invited to join author and editor Zak Jane Keir for a wonderfully juicy evening of loud readings for the launch event of  Silver Desire – Erotic Stories of Older Women. Zak Jane Keir will be reading, as well as her special guests Jilly Boyd and Charlie Powell. We have it on good authority that there may be surprise guests reading too!

Zak Jane Keir is an award-nominated writer, editor, feminist, atheist, morris dancer. And porn star. Catch up with her at Dirty Sexy Words.

Date: Friday 16th September

Time: 6-8pm

Venue: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square London N1 6PB

Price: FREE

Book your space by email:


Here’s a little teaser to get you all in the mood…

The Boys In The Band.

She was upfront about her ‘wild’ rock chick past, both in the preliminary messaging and on the first date, and most of the men she met up with seemed to find it appealing. There were some, who were roughly her own age, who were more interested in recounting their own exploits, and a few younger ones who, she suspected, simply didn’t believe her stories. Still, a fair percentage turned out to be worth more than just dinner or a drink, and she got what she described to herself as the itch being scratched, from time to time. She carried lube, she carried condoms. It was as well to be prepared. In the days of running from club to club and gig to gig, she’d always had condoms, a toothbrush and a clean pair of knickers, because you could never be sure where you were going to end up.

She’d bonded with Alex over this issue, the first time they met: though he was a good few years younger than her, he was old enough to remember the days when most of London had its live venues and rock clubs, and he’d had his share of fun and games. He’d been a part of the world she had loved and subsequently lost. They had three dates, and the third one ended up back at his flat. The sex was really good: she’d had some embarrassingly bad encounters in this second – what would you call it? Blossoming? Re-animation? – along with plenty of enjoyable but forgettable ones, but Alex had an enthusiasm and dexterity she liked, as well as an unusually skilful tongue. She hadn’t needed the lube, at all.

zak jane keir

Enter our September Stories Erotic Writing Competition

Enter our September Stories Erotic Writing Competition

We have all kinds of exciting erotica events happening in September. We’ll be holding a workshop on writing erotica with the fabulous KD Grace and Kay Jaybee.

And before that we really think you should get in some practice.

That’s right, we’re asking you to send us your stories for our Erotic Writing Competition.

The theme will be ‘Sex Over 50’, so go wild with that, explore any and all avenues. We’re looking for around 1000 words but we won’t punish you if you are a little under or over.

Submissions should be sent to with the subject line ‘September Stories’.

What do I get ?

We will, of course, be rewarding you for your stunning flights of erotic fancy. The first place winner will be published on our blog and in our newsletter (which goes out to over 6000 people) as well as on social media. And may also take part in one of our erotic readings.

And you get an actual prize to! We’ll give you a £15 Sh! voucher so you can extend your erotica collection and also a Sh! Cordless Wand Massager for when you need some less mental stimulation.

The second prize winner will also be mentioned in  our social media and receive a £15 Sh! voucher.

So get your fingers tapping and send us your inspired words, the competition is open to everyone, whether you’ve been previously published or never written a sensual word in your life.


The deadline for your entries is midnight on the 6th of September, which is Read A Book Day. Winners will be announced shortly after.