3 Top Tips For Injecting Some Fun Into Your Erotic Activities

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and something everyone should look forward to as a form of release, a way to connect with a partner and to increase self-confidence.

That is the dream, anyway.

We all know the reality can look very different. Busy schedules and long-term relationships often mean that couples find their sex lives become stagnant or even non-existent.

Whether it is due to a lack of excitement or adventure or simply not having the time to roll around in bed for a whole weekend, having a healthy and satisfying sex life can feel like a luxury that is somewhat unattainable.

If you’re feeling as though your sex life is dwindling, check out our tips for spicing things up and ensuring your fire is one that stays lit!

Explore an area that you haven’t before

Anal stimulation can be extremely erotic and if you’ve never tried this before, it’s well worth considering giving it a gentle go.

Thinking of it as a fun, new adventure and a chance for you both to explore yet-to-be-discovered parts of your bodies, will help to make it seem less intimidating.

Before dipping your fingertips in, so to speak, make sure to have smooth nails, a bottle of anal lube uncorked and lines of communication open.

Start off slowly by using only a finger for stroking, teasing and tapping around the anus before slipping deeper in.

As you both gain confidence and get hotter for more, lubed-up anal beads slipped into the tush one-by-one can offer amazing sensations for the partner on the receiving end.  For a truly mind-blowing experience, insert the anal beads and gently remove them just as they (or you!) are about to reach orgasm.

sh-anal-beadsPlay dress up

Our day to day lives are full of responsibility so sometimes it can be refreshing to pretend to be someone else for a few hours. Let this expand to your bedroom sessions by dressing up for your partner.

There are too many options to count; you can be a sexy maid one day and a formidable Dominatrix the next… Choosing a roleplay persona that fits with your personality makes it a little easier to pretend, but choosing a persona who is your complete opposite is also lots of fun. If you are shy in real life, being a hard-ass cop for a couple of hours could spark all sorts of erotic fires!

Keeping it fun with a bit of roleplay will aid the excitement and mean that neither of you can wait to rip each other’s clothes off and get started…

Sexy Police Outfit

Read erotic books or watch films together

Seeing or reading about other people having sex can be a real turn on and is also a great way to learn a few new moves in the process.

Be sure to talk to your partner about it first and agree on something that you both find sexy. We stock a wide range of erotic books that will be perfect for some bedtime reading.

Tip: Setting your partner the task of finding something you’ll like will give them cart blanche to watch as much porn as they can possibly find time for, as they’ll be searching for something that’ll turn you on. Be as specific as possible – this’ll make it harder to find the right clip or film and they simply ‘have to’ watch lots and lots of sexy stuff – and they’ll be keen to gain your approval once the mission has been completed!




Dress Up Blog Post

5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Dressing up and role playing are great ways of ensuring the bed sheets stay sweaty and rumpled long after new-relationship-energy (NRE) has worn off and with this in mind, we have complied a list of our Top 5 costumes for a hot Halloween celebration.

Create your own trick or treat scene with one of these sexy slip-on & slip-off costumes that you can easily accessorise for full effect.

Rest assured that on Halloween night, even the spookiest of witches won’t come a-knocking if they can hear bed springs a-rockin’!

Be Their Queen of Hearts

fever-lingerie-sweetheartSaucy and romantic, the Queen of Hearts costume lets your inner ruler radiate!

Designed to flatter the body, this chemise set has a lengthening and slimming effect on the wearer.

Made from black soft spandex and luxurious red velvet ribbon trim, embellished with embroidered red hearts down the central panel and on the bottom of each front suspender strap. The removable suspenders allow you to accessorise with stockings or go bare-legged if soft skin is a preference…

The tie-neck can double as a collar if submission is part of your Halloween-plan.

Time for Confession

fever-lingerie-sexy-nun-costume-frontA Sexy Nun Costume is perfect for a night of role-play fantasies, be they saintly or sinful. Submit to your partner or awaken their desires to fall to their knees and yield to your divine self…

Wearing this fiendish yet angelic sexy dress, your partner will find it hard to not be holy truthful about their sexy secrets.

Made from soft mesh and lace with a silver cross centre feature, this ensemble comes ready with collar, removable suspenders and panties to complete your heavenly look.

Spread ‘Em!

Sexy Police OutfitThis super-sexy Police costume gives you sass & authority, and your lover won’t argue with being kept under house-arrest.

Exude power with this fun and raunchy costume made from sheer black mesh polyester and spandex material. The dress leaves (very) little to the imagination, and comes complete with an official ‘Special Police’ badge on the hem.

Accessorise with sexy black stockings & handcuffs to complete the look.

Feeling Better Yet?

fever-lingerie-nurse-costumeTend to your partner’s every need in a sensual role-play bedroom scene.

This sexy nurse uniform will raise the temperature and accelerate the pulse in no time!

The Nurse Feel Better Dress ties with a halter neck fastening and comes with embroidered red and white cross features seductively placed over the nipples. Complete with cute panties and nurses cap to really fulfil the role of Nurse Feel Better.

For a super-cute look, accessorise with a pair of white hold-up stockings.

Side-affects: the patient may choose to stay in bed…

I “Maid” the Bed…

fever-lingerie-maid-closeFeel flirtatious & frisky in this seductive & sexy Maid Costume.

This cute Maid one-piece bodysuit is trimmed with delicate lace and ribbon for an elegant touch, and includes a teasingly transparent mesh centre front.

Complete with adjustable suspenders, matching stockings and frilly maid headband, this ensemble is a slinky twist to a classic Maid fantasy.

Accessorise with a feather duster, which also doubles as a soft and teasing all-over body-stroker. (Handy, that!)


Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

With Fifty Shades Darker there is no better time to start gathering inspiration and start planning the hottest weekend to date. But before you start the prep, why not take a few minutes to read this excellent blog piece on smashing sexual boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones and upping the O-game for 2017. It’ll put you in good stead for what’s to come…

Dressing For the Occasion

This year, kink is all the rage and we have a fantastic selection of outfits and accessories that are guaranteed to get pupils dilating and pulses racing.

Our favourite, the beaded teddy with long sleeves and face mask, is outrageously kinky and demure all at once. Wear it under a suit, rolling the face mask down as a regular turtle neck, whilst the beads glide and rub deliciously between labia lips for stimulation that is likely to have you panting before you’ve arrived at your destination. When you are ready, slip off your outfit, pull up the mask and you’ll be ready for whatever the night might bring…


For an even more jaw-dropping look, the fishnet bodystocking with O-ring cups and mask is a sure choice. It’s not discreet, it’s not demure – but it is hella sexy!

You Are Mine

Traditional Valentine’s Day cards usually come with a  romantic message of “will you be mine?”

Bah, is what we say to that.

For this V-Day, up the ante and let your inner Domme or Sub out to play!

Adding a BDSM collar can turn an already hot encounter into a blazing inferno. Placing a beautiful collar on a willing partner is incredibly sexy as it signifies ownership (even for a short, consensual while). What is more sexy than boldly stating “you are mine” whilst looking deeply into the eyes of a lover?

Whilst wearing the collar and handing themselves over to the capable hands of their Dom/me, the submissive partner sends out an equally powerful message: “I belong to you.”

MAZE Tassel Choker is a stunning collar disguised as a fashionable choker. The tassels hand seductively between the breasts, and can be used as a lead too… Made from faux leather, it’s ethical kink and 100% suitable for Vegans.

If you want to go a step further, we recommend this sexy MAZE Vegan H-shaped Bodyharness. It highlights the breasts, which can be encased in a favourite bra or decorated with sparkly nipple jewellery.

Wearing masks is a great way of stepping into a different persona for a little while. This stunning mask from Bijoux Indiscrets attaches to the face with tiny skin-friendly dots and adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Or lack of.  Because let’s face it – you may prefer to play completely naked…

Play With Me

We have a stunning selection of toys and accoutrements suitable for kinky play on any level. Here are our Top Three kinky must-haves:

Satin Ties with D-Rings are long, sensual ties that feel great against the skin. The ties are durable and can easily withstand playful struggles. Handing over control to a partner is relaxing and arousing – all you need to do is lie back and enjoy. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Wax Play Candles with a low burn temperature for safety. Light the candle, let the wax start melting before dripping the meltlets on to your partners naked skin. Allow each pop of heat to subside before dripping again to give them a change to absorb the warm sensations. The candles are perfectly safe to use on nipples and genitalia, but go slow. Building up intensity is all part of the fun.

Wax Play Candles

Wartenburg Pin Wheel – the wheel may look sharp, but when applied to naked skin, all it does it wake up sleepy nerve-endings and ensure they are on full alert. Roll gently over arms, legs, backs or breasts – add more pressure only if your partner asks for it.


Watching sexy clips and porn can be a great way of getting hot & wet together. Downloading some sexy feminist porn is probably the best way to start – faking actresses and men wearing socks doesn’t make anyone happy, so make sure to go ethical and you might find yourselves wrapped up in each other before long…

Watching porn together can offer up new things to try, new positions and ideas for pleasure that hadn’t previously been considered. And – the search for suitable clips is a whole lotta fun on its own!

Following our simple tips above, you’ll have a Valentine’s Weekend that’ll be remembered forever…

Hen Night Goodies From Sh!

Flashing Badge for the Bride!
Bride To Be Badge

It’s the season for weddings… so lots of our lovely readers will be getting together celebrations for their friends who are on walking down the aisle this summer. Here at Sh!, we think we’ve got just the goodies to make a hen night go well!

Badges for the Bride and Hens
These cute badges, completes with feathery edging and flashing lights, can be donned at the start of the evening to show the world there’s a special evening going on! Plus, the flashing lights mean it’s easy to find your mates!

Hen Party Sashes and garters
Fancy going a bit more dressing for your night out with the girls? Hen party sashes and garters are pretty in pink, and a cute way to syncronise outfits with your friends…