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Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Gone (and good riddance!) are the days when a woman wanting a little thrill in her life only had the choice between a medical-looking massager or a pretend willy vibrator. Top-end vibrator designers, like our friends Lelo and Je Joue, have brought luxury vibrator style, along with top quality motors, premium materials and inventive sensations … Continue reading Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators

Our customers love rechargeable vibrators and our own model, Desire Vibrator has been at the top of our shop best-seller charts for months. Along with their green credentials, the fact that a rechargeable vibrator doesn’t require batteries is the main attraction – no more raiding the TV remote or running flustered to the corner shop… … Continue reading Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators

Best Sex Toys For Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for singletons, they’re fab for enhancing sex as a couple too.  As toys loose their stigma, more and more couples are discovering that playing with sex toys together can turn good sex into GREAT sex. Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can feel intimidating, if you are unsure of your partner’s response, but … Continue reading Best Sex Toys For Couples