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Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Gone (and good riddance!) are the days when a woman wanting a little thrill in her life only had the choice between a medical-looking massager or a pretend willy vibrator.

Top-end vibrator designers, like our friends Lelo and Je Joue, have brought luxury vibrator style, along with top quality motors, premium materials and inventive sensations to our bedrooms.

Desire Vibrator
Desire Vibrator £49

And we have our own range, in the form of our best-selling Desire, Secret and Excite.

Just like other designer goodies, a luxury vibrator will cost more, but women have always known that longevity, good looks and top performance are way better than cheap thrills…

A luxury vibrator is on many women’s wish list, and can be well worth saving up for…

Thinking of buying a luxury vibe? Here’s what you’ll get for your money:

  • Functionality; A designer vibrator offers many different vibrating patterns, many of which you can individually control the intensity of – fabulous for exploring lots of different sensations from the lightest of touches to a rolercoaster ride of thrills.
  • Body Safe Materials: Most are made from body-safe silicone; super-tactile and strokeable, it feels very skin-like to touch.
  • Quality Motors: A top-end vibrator is very different from mass-manufactured, cheap vibrators – looked after with care, a luxury vibrator will last you for years and years…
  • Rechargeable: Most luxury vibrators are rechargeable via wall socket or USB – charge your toy whilst you’re working…now that’s an incentive we can all get onboard with!
  • Volume – Most luxury  vibrators are quiet – some nearly silent. This is a bonus in a quiet bedroom, or if you have keen ears next door…
  • Waterproof – Most are 100% waterproof – this makes bath time so much more fun!

Luxury Vibrators

  • Extras – When you purchase a designer vibe, you’ll find they come presented in beautiful  boxes, often with extras such as free lube.

In addition to the delights inside, this stylish packaging makes a luxury vibrator a great gift.

So, taking all of the above into consideration, the higher price tag of a designer vibrator doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Or, as our shop team often put it: Worked out per orgasm, they’re worth it!’



Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators

Sh! Rechargeable Vibrators

Our customers love rechargeable vibrators and our own model, Desire Vibrator has been at the top of our shop best-seller charts for months.

Along with their green credentials, the fact that a rechargeable vibrator doesn’t require batteries is the main attraction – no more raiding the TV remote or running flustered to the corner shop…

But there are other advantages too, like better build quality and lots of interesting settings and sensations.

Many are waterproof, which also mean they are super easy to keep clean.

Rechargeable vibrators are some of the most innovative and beautiful vibrators on the market today.

Some have their own chargers to sit in, quietly powering up.

Most, however will need to be plugged in to charge, either using a USB cable or a wall plug.

Of course, there has to be downside and with a rechargeable vibrator it’s the price; these babies will never be able to compete in price with a battery-powered vibe.

We have two sensual rechargeable vibrators that are exclusive to Sh!

Desire Rechargeable Vibrator           

Desire Rechargeable Vibrator
Desire Rechargeable Vibrator £49

Made from top grade silicone, Desire is a beautiful toy, sensually curved and eminently strokable…

A soft, slender body containing double motors, Desire provides 20 different vibration patterns throughout the length with amazing intensity resounding from the tip.

For all this power, its a quiet vibrator, emitting just a low hum..

Desire’s sensually curved form is functional as well as beautiful; whilst it’s inside you,  the base of the vibrator will also thrill your clitoris, offering the chance of a blended orgasm…




Excite Rechargeable Vibrator

Excite Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
Excite Rechargeable Vibrator £45

Also made from top grade silicone, this time coated over a firmer body, Excite has a modern, ergonomic design and a sensually curved body.

Easy to use and compact like Desire, it’s simple to operate, with 3 beautifully illuminated buttons.

Don’t be fooled by its velvety-smooth body, there’s a strong motor in there offering 20 powerful vibration patterns throughout the ergonomic arc for concentrated clitoral stimulation.

Because it’s smaller in size, with the same powerful motor, Excite is louder than Desire, as the vibrations are so concentrated.




Sh! rechargeable vibrators hold their charge…

Both vibrators contain a large-capacity battery, which promise 4+ hours of play.

We were quite impressed with this when we commissioned them, and even more  chuffed to find that, actually, they  hold their charge even better than this!

As best-sellers in our store, they are turned on and played with a LOT and we find that we don’t have to put our tester models onto to recharge as often as other rechargeable toys.

And both vibrators recharge fast too; simply plug into a USB port or power socket and leave to charge for an hour or two.

Both  come in their own luxurious gift box, with full instructions,  recharging  equipment (USB, Smart UK plug & US plug)  and a free sachet of lube to get you going…



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best sex toy for couples advice

Best Sex Toys For Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for singletons, they’re fab for enhancing sex as a couple too.  As toys loose their stigma, more and more couples are discovering that playing with sex toys together can turn good sex into GREAT sex.

Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can feel intimidating, if you are unsure of your partner’s response, but it’s important to remember that a toy is simply a TOY … not a replacement or comment on your sex life.

For women, toys can add an intensity that better guarantees an orgasm and for men they can add different kind of thrills…

For new couples, toys are a great way to explore all the different ways to delight each other and start the relationship the way you mean to go on, with a creativity that goes far beyond the missionary position..

And for long-term partners, toys are a brilliant way to spice up sex and re-kindle the excitement of new-lust fever…

But what makes a great sex toy for a couple?

In our London store, we advise and match couples to the right toy everyday, and understand what are the turn-ons and the turn-offs – here we bring you the top 5 toys for couples to share.

1. Best for Every Couple & Every Kind of Sex!


Sh! Pure Lube £10
Lube enhances every kind of sex you have together…


Our No 1, all-time best ‘toy’ for couples is lube. Lube enhances every kind of sex you have together, bringing a new slipperiness, and sensitivity that natural wetness simply doesn’t match – no matter how copious!

From erotic massage, breast-play, hand-jobs to intercourse, by way of every intimate touch in between, lube makes your two bodies connect and glide sensually together and liberates all worries of staying wet, no matter what you get up to or for how long!


2. Best Discreet Couples’ Toys.

Every toy in our website can be shared by couples – there are no rules, so if something catches your eye together, go for it!

But if you are just starting out on the toy-front, it’s best to choose something that doesn’t feel like you’ve imposed a threesome.

A couples’ sex toy shouldn’t make either one of you feel inadequate or left out. Nor should it be intimidating – we don’t recommend surprising your partner with a large penetrative toy!

Lelo Lily £99 Gorgeous design-led toy that can be cupped in hand or laid over your clitoris during sex
Lelo Lily – £99 – Gorgeous design-led toy that can be cupped in hand or laid over your clitoris during sex


Designer vibrators are popular among couples as they add stylish buzz to the bedroom without either one of the couple feeling replaced or intimidated. A luxury vibrator is simply beautiful pleasure object that feels like a sophisticated addition to the love-life you share together. They are beautifully packaged too, which makes them the best toy to buy your partner as a gift.




Jimmy Jane Hello Touch £46 Turns your hand into a vibrator!
Jimmy Jane Hello Touch £46 Turns your hand into a vibrator for skin-on-skin thrills
Feelztoys Tongue Toys - £26 - Two tiny tongue vibes, one for each of you!
Feelztoys Tongue Toys – £26 – Two tiny tongue vibes (one for each of you!)


A vibrator slipped onto a finger or tongue makes a great toy for couples, adding a tingly vibe wherever it touches…

These toys simply add a different sensation to oral or manual play; a sensation your finger or tongue ( no matter how expert!) can’t deliver on its own. Playful and novel, they are made for couples sex!


Dual Bullet Vibrator - £24 - Tiny, intense and one each!
Dual Bullet Vibrator – £24 – Tiny, intense and one each!


Secret Vibrator £35 can be cupped discreetly in the hand to deliver its thrill where it touches..
Secret Vibrator £35 can be cupped discreetly in the hand to deliver its thrill where it touches…
Sh! Bullet Vibrator - £10 - Teeny, powerful and perfect for extra strong clitoral stimulation during sex
Sh! Bullet Vibrator – £10 – Teeny, powerful and perfect for extra strong clitoral stimulation during sex

An egg or bullet vibrator also makes a good toy for couples to share. Small and discreet they can be cupped in the hand, held against the cheek or nuzzled against your clitoris during sex, without ‘getting in the way’

Less of a financial investment than a luxury, designer vibrator, these toys are ideal if you would like to explore adding a buzz without breaking the bank.



3. Best Hands-Free Toys to Enhance Intercourse.

Intercourse features top of the menu for most M/F couples, but less than 20% of women can climax through penetration alone. This isn’t anything to feel inadequate about, just a fact that women usually need external clitoral stimulation in order to reach the Big O.

So any toy that stimulates your clitoris during intercourse makes a great sex toy.

Lelo Noa £65 - Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time...
Lelo Noa £65

An intercourse vibrator is specially designed for you wear inside, whilst still leaving enough room for him to slip inside too

Toys such as the We-Vibe or Noa will stimulate your clitoris and G-Spot at the same time, delivering amazing hands-free, dual stimulation.



LurveHeart Vibrating Cock Ring £9
LurveHeart Vibrating Cock Ring £9

These toys are an investment, so another good option is a vibrating ring worn on his penis will vibrate your clitoris during penetrative sex, adding that all-important extra stimulation. For him, they deliver a pleasurable squeeze to keep his erection stronger, for longer.

Both of these toys will give him a vibrating thrill as well – now that’s sharing!



4. Best Toys to Spice-Up Dates.

Great sex is all about shared intimacy and playfulness, so what better way for couples to add an extra thrill to date-night but to play with a remote-controlled vibrator, with one of you controlling the buzz and the other receiving.



Remote Play Vibrator £35
Remote Play Vibrator £35
Remote Vibrating Knickers £35
Remote Vibrating Knickers £35


A remote-controlled vibrator or pair of remote vibrating panties can be worn, and played with, discreetly in public.

Operating with many meters of distance between you and delivering a  range of escalating and throbbing patterns to surprise, delight and tease, no matter how far you or your playmate wanders, you’ll both feel connected with a shared sense of secret ‘naughtiness’

… and there’s no reason why the bullet can’t be slipped into his Y-fronts and you control the remote!



5. Best for Long-Distance Love Affairs

We-Vibe connects to the We-Connect App for remote-control pleasure from anywhere in the world!
We-Vibe connects to the We-Connect App for remote-control pleasure from anywhere in the world!
Kiiroo Onyx £150 Bluetooth 2-Way Interactive Internet Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men
Kiiroo Onyx –  Bluetooth 2-Way Interactive Internet Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men
Kiiroo Pearl Bluetooth Vibrator - Interactive Internet Sex Toy for Women
Kiiroo Pearl Bluetooth Vibrator – Interactive Internet Sex Toy for Women


Technology has finally caught up with the fact that many a modern relationship is often separated by miles between you or may even be a purely interweb affair.

Sex toys that can be controlled by and operated within secure apps address this by introducing intimate thrills and shared connection even when couples are continents apart.

Not cheap (and certainly not for technophobes!) these toys are playthings for a brave new world!



Vibrator Design Awards

Nomi Tang’s Better Than Chocolate vibe has joined the Fun Factory Delight as a winner of the Red Dot Design Award – and here at Sh!, we think the awards are very much deserved for these two design-led vibrators

Fun factory Delight
Fun Factory Delight

The Fun Factory Delight, a winner in 2008, was the first luxury vibrator to be recognised for it’s innovative vibrator design and awarded a prestigious by Red Dot Design Award. It had a delicious G-spot curve plus clit stimulator, it was perfectly ergonomic and made of body-friendly materials, and it came with its own case which doubled as a charger.(Fun Factory have refined the vibrator design even further since)  The Delight now comes with the revolutionary Click and Charge charger technology, so they’ve dispensed with the case and reduced the price accordingly to £79.99). The Delight also offers 8 speeds and three pulsating settings for extra fun, and it’s one of the hottest G-spot toys we know of!

by Nomi Tang
Better Than Chocolate

Nomi Tang’s design vibrator is another example of good vibrator design;Small and smooth, it’s made of sensuous TPE and polycarbonate, and has a curvy shape that’s great for all sorts of stimulation. Added to that, we love the controls – you can switch it on and off, speed up, slow down, switch to a different pulsating pattern of vibration and lock on your favourite speed…all with one touch. The control pad responds to your touch just like an iPod. The shape means it’s a perfect clit toy, or a couple’s toy – it even works as a boy’s toy! Both these gorgeous prize-winners are part of a revolution in sex toy design that’s been going on quietly for a few years. Luxury erotic toys are more and more in demand, and manufacturers like Fun Factory, Lelo, and Je Joue are coming up with stylish, classy, and very sexy toys – and here at Sh!, we love’em!