Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

With Fifty Shades Darker there is no better time to start gathering inspiration and start planning the hottest weekend to date. But before you start the prep, why not take a few minutes to read this excellent blog piece on smashing sexual boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones and upping the O-game for 2017. It’ll put you in good stead for what’s to come…

Dressing For the Occasion

This year, kink is all the rage and we have a fantastic selection of outfits and accessories that are guaranteed to get pupils dilating and pulses racing.

Our favourite, the beaded teddy with long sleeves and face mask, is outrageously kinky and demure all at once. Wear it under a suit, rolling the face mask down as a regular turtle neck, whilst the beads glide and rub deliciously between labia lips for stimulation that is likely to have you panting before you’ve arrived at your destination. When you are ready, slip off your outfit, pull up the mask and you’ll be ready for whatever the night might bring…


For an even more jaw-dropping look, the fishnet bodystocking with O-ring cups and mask is a sure choice. It’s not discreet, it’s not demure – but it is hella sexy!

You Are Mine

Traditional Valentine’s Day cards usually come with a  romantic message of “will you be mine?”

Bah, is what we say to that.

For this V-Day, up the ante and let your inner Domme or Sub out to play!

Adding a BDSM collar can turn an already hot encounter into a blazing inferno. Placing a beautiful collar on a willing partner is incredibly sexy as it signifies ownership (even for a short, consensual while). What is more sexy than boldly stating “you are mine” whilst looking deeply into the eyes of a lover?

Whilst wearing the collar and handing themselves over to the capable hands of their Dom/me, the submissive partner sends out an equally powerful message: “I belong to you.”

MAZE Tassel Choker is a stunning collar disguised as a fashionable choker. The tassels hand seductively between the breasts, and can be used as a lead too… Made from faux leather, it’s ethical kink and 100% suitable for Vegans.

If you want to go a step further, we recommend this sexy MAZE Vegan H-shaped Bodyharness. It highlights the breasts, which can be encased in a favourite bra or decorated with sparkly nipple jewellery.

Wearing masks is a great way of stepping into a different persona for a little while. This stunning mask from Bijoux Indiscrets attaches to the face with tiny skin-friendly dots and adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Or lack of.  Because let’s face it – you may prefer to play completely naked…

Play With Me

We have a stunning selection of toys and accoutrements suitable for kinky play on any level. Here are our Top Three kinky must-haves:

Satin Ties with D-Rings are long, sensual ties that feel great against the skin. The ties are durable and can easily withstand playful struggles. Handing over control to a partner is relaxing and arousing – all you need to do is lie back and enjoy. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Wax Play Candles with a low burn temperature for safety. Light the candle, let the wax start melting before dripping the meltlets on to your partners naked skin. Allow each pop of heat to subside before dripping again to give them a change to absorb the warm sensations. The candles are perfectly safe to use on nipples and genitalia, but go slow. Building up intensity is all part of the fun.

Wax Play Candles

Wartenburg Pin Wheel – the wheel may look sharp, but when applied to naked skin, all it does it wake up sleepy nerve-endings and ensure they are on full alert. Roll gently over arms, legs, backs or breasts – add more pressure only if your partner asks for it.


Watching sexy clips and porn can be a great way of getting hot & wet together. Downloading some sexy feminist porn is probably the best way to start – faking actresses and men wearing socks doesn’t make anyone happy, so make sure to go ethical and you might find yourselves wrapped up in each other before long…

Watching porn together can offer up new things to try, new positions and ideas for pleasure that hadn’t previously been considered. And – the search for suitable clips is a whole lotta fun on its own!

Following our simple tips above, you’ll have a Valentine’s Weekend that’ll be remembered forever…

Q&A: Help! How do I know if I’m sexting too much?

Q&A: Help! How do I know if I’m sexting too much?


So I don’t really know if I have a problem but I didn’t know who to ask. I think I sext too much. Like I sext my SO when we’re in the same house. It’s not like we don’t have sex, we do and it’s good but sometimes I feel like I’m sexting instead of having sex and I don’t understand why I want this so much. My SO hasn’t said anything yet, I think he enjoys it but I worry that he’s going to get bored of this or start feeling like our real sex life isn’t enough?

What should I do? How do I know if I’m sexting too much?



Hey R,

This is an interesting question! We’re glad you picked us to help talk you this through.

Sexting is becoming increasingly common and, as you’ve discovered, can be a great fun. It doesn’t sound like your sexting habit is impacting on your relationship or your partner has expressed any concerns.

So go ahead, enjoy your sexting, get creative with it, and indulge your habit.

If you have any concerns about how your partner is feeling then ask him how he feels about it, communication is such an important part of sex and relationships. But from your letter it sounds like he’s as happy as you are, so try and bring it up in a low key way, this is not a problem and you shouldn’t treat it as one. You’re just checking in with how he feels and letting him know you’re listening.

However, it might be worth thinking about what you love about sexting?

Not because there’s anything wrong with sexting, but so you can apply what you learn to other areas of your sex life.

Is sexting all about fantasy? Maybe you'd also enjoy reading erotica...
Is sexting all about fantasy? Maybe you’d also enjoy reading erotica…

Is it indulging a fantasy? Would you be interested in reading more erotica?

Do you feel more comfortable expressing your desires through sexting? The fantasy aspect of sexting can make it easier to say or do things we might otherwise feel uncomfortable expressing. Is that something you would like to work on with your partner?

A remote-controlled vibrator can take your sexy 'messaging' into new realms!
A remote-controlled vibrator can take your sexy ‘messaging’ into new realms!

Is it the feeling of having a sly little secret between you? Would you be interested in a remote-control sex toy  that could be operated from a distance by your partner…?

If you get a thrill out of interrupting what he’s doing with a sexy message, then maybe you would enjoy it back in the form of a thrilling unexpected buzz!

If you’re interested in finding out more about safe and sensational sexting you could also join us for our NEW erotic class in September.

The key point is as long as your sexting habit is enhancing your relationship, rather than damaging it, and you always remember to double check the contact before you press send, this is completely a non problem. Sext to your hearts content!

If you have any questions please send them to, if you’d like advice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Team Sh! xxx

All names are changed for the purposes of anonymity.

National Orgasm Day

Our Top 10 Orgasmic Sex Toys for National Orgasm Day

Would you be surprised if we told you that National Orgasm Day on 31st of July is our favourite day of the year? Probably not! Of course orgasms are good for you and we think they should be enjoyed as often as possible, and as many as you can manage to eek out in each session, but having a whole day dedicated to the marvellously pleasurable contractions that are orgasms – yes, count us in!

Orgasms can be brought on by all manner of things: fingers, pillows, partners, nipple stimulation (it’s true) and reliable power-showers to mention just a few, but millions of women (and men, it should be said) have their best and strongest orgasms with a trusted vibrator.

And for such a day, it’s only apt that we share our Top 10 Sex Toys for orgasms!

Ruby Glow

Ruby Glow is a fantastically inventive ride-on toy – you needn’t even use your hands! Simple slide it under you whilst sitting at your desk, for example, and rock against the clitoral mound. This works really well if you want to have your hands free for reading, sexy chat or just getting on with work…

Having won itself the mightily impressive place of 2nd Best Sex Toy in a recent vote by Good Housekeeping Magazine, we can only agree! Ruby Glow also featured on This Morning with Phil & Holly, and silver fox Phil was more than a little curious about this fun vibe that got GHK’s seal of approval.




Lelo Ina WaveLelo Ina Wave

Lelo are industry leaders for good reason – they take time to create toys that are as visually stimulating as they are clit & G-spot pleasing. Lelo Ina Wave is the ultimate in Dual Pleasure style vibes; the curvaceous clit-stim reaches over and buzzes against the clitoris, whilst the cleverly designed internal shaft waves in “come hither”-motions against the G-spot. All you need to do is lie back and relax whilst Lelo Ina Wave does the rest! Now, please excuse us whilst we pass out with pleasure…





Lily Remote Control ToyLily Remote Control Bullet £34

Whilst the vibrating bullet may resemble a buzzing tampon, it is incredibly thrilling to pop the discreet vibe in place – in your knickers, or inside you – and set off out for a fun afternoon in the sunshine. Hand over the remote control to a partner for extra spicy fun. Ordering ice cream whilst trying not to cross your eyes with pleasure is more difficult than it sounds, trust us!

A less intense way of using this little lovely, is to slip the small bullet into the pocket in the gusset of your panties. And – we should probably let you know that many remote controlled toys work on the same frequency, so you may find that women around you start wriggling when you press that on/off button…





We-Vibe 4We Vibe 4+ Couples Vibrator

We Vibe 4+ is the fourth generation of the bestselling couples vibrator.  The small pad slides in and against her G-spot whilst the larger parts sits snugly against labia and clitoris. All this – and he can slide in too! Enjoy the vibrations together in your favourite position – taking penetrative sex to the next level. And, did we mention it comes with a remote control for handy increasing of intensity at crucial moments? A constant bestseller in our  shop in Hoxton, We Vibe + gets both thumbs up from Team Sh!







Sh! Strap-On KitsBest Strap-On Kit (£99) All our best-selling strap on goodies, in a perfectly put-together kit

The best in the business, our strap-ons have helped many a couple towards that climactic peak of pleasure. Our silicone dildos come in a  wide range of colours, shapes and sizes (as do our harnesses), and you can even get dildos with built-in vibration – bonus! The vibration carries through the silicone and can be felt through the shaft, and also through the signature heart shaped base that sits over the pubic area when wearing the strap-on.

Sh! Strap-Ons are handmade in our studio right here in London, and if you look after your harness & dildo kit well, it will last you for years and years. (That’s a whole lotta pleasure!)




Fun Factory Stronic Drei

The name is more complicated than it needs to be, granted, but there is nothing else about this toy we don’t adore.

The Stronic Drei (meaning three in German, as the third in this exciting line) has cleverly designed magnets inside its silicone-coated, metal shaft which cause it to thrust, jiggle and pulsate, imitating the feeling of penetration.

Designed and built by Fun Factory in Germany, this vibe comes with an uber-sturdy motor and also the very latest in recharge technology. What’s not to love?





Oh sweet Lord – who designed this wonderful gem? Give him or her an orgasm award, quick! The Womanizer couples gentle vibrations with sucking (yes, sucking!) of the clitoris for an intense and mind-blowing climax that’ll wash over you within a few minutes.

The company behind Womanizer told tall tales (we thought) of how every woman who had tested them had reached orgasm. Bah humbug, we said. Until we tried it for ourselves. Now we can believe it!

Womanizer may be a little intense if you have a super-sensitive clitoris. For this, we recommend to wear out some of the charge – you may find the sensations only get better (and better) as the toy gets weaker. You can also win one in our National Orgasm Day Flash Competition.






Je Joue Her Name is Rioooh-by-je-joue-her-name-is-rio-pleasure-kit-packaging

A super-cute orgasm-kit suitable for travelling, Rio has three components: a small motor, a top for clitoral pleasure and a shaft for G-spot stimulation – just chop & change as you please!

Pop the motor in the chosen top, then lie back and let dreams of sandy beaches in faraway places take you away… Rio pleasure set is fully waterproof and rechargeable, making it a versatile vibe for fun any time the mood strikes. This luxury pic&mix kit gets our vote every time!

Of course, to ensure a wholly orgasmic experience, a good lube should always be on stand by. We recommend water-based lubes as they are body-friendly and are suitable for use with any and all toys.



Let’s not leave the boys out – everyone can join in the celebrations for National Orgasm Day party!

Men’s sex toys are often rather unattractive affairs with open lips, bums or fake boobs (why??). We think that men too, can and should enjoy sexy toys in body-friendly materials and we stock carefully selected toys for men both on our website and in our shop. We have two great options here:


Tenga Eggs Masturbation Cups

Tenga Egg (£10) make fun, cool gifts for menWe love Tenga Eggs – these are the most clever toys for the man in  your life! Simply unwrap the Kinder Egg-like shape, drizzle the accompanying water-based lube into the stretchy top, slip over the head of the penis, and slide up & down… Easy!






Rocks Off  O’Boy Prostate MassagerRocks Off O-Boy

Prostate massagers are becoming increasingly popular and this slim version from British toy designers Rocks Off is a great starter massager.

Make sure to lube it up before sliding into place, and once the vibrations has been switched on, he’ll be begging for more…

No sex on your wedding night?

No sex on your wedding night?

It’s officially wedding season! ‘Wedding night’ might conjure up images of luxurious hotel rooms and sensuous delights but are people actually having sex on their wedding nights?

According to a recent poll 52% of newlyweds don’t get around to having sex on their wedding nights and our informal research bears that out.

Common reasons seem to be:

  • We were too exhausted
  • LOL we didn’t even get time to eat
  • He was too drunk
  • I was too drunk

Less common reasons were :

  • My corset made me feel ill
  • All our family were camping in the same field
  • I cheated two days before the wedding and it made it kind of weird

Others bravely soldiered through with despite their exhaustion, showing a commitment to tradition that is admirable if not imitable.

So if you do actually want to get some action on your wedding night, what should you do?

1. Keep It Low Key

The most successful sex havers in our informal polling were those who were either on a second wedding, eloped or kept things deliberately low key. Do you want to sacrifice a fancy wedding for the sake of an amazing wedding night? It’s up to you! But the more people and effort involved in your special day they more likely you are to be exhausted by the end of it.

2. Remember to Eat and Drink

‘We were so busy trying to greet everyone and be everywhere that we didn’t even have time to eat.’ seems to be a surprisingly common refrain. Even if you have given up on an acrobatic night of carnal delights please remember to eat and drink, line up a friend to deliver you snacks on the go, order way too many canapes and shove all of them in your face whilst you meet and greet. You need to keep up your energy levels.

3. But Not Too Much

Ok, it’s you’re wedding. You probably want to drink and have a good time. You probably don’t want to drink so much that you trip over your stupid shoes and then vomit on your fancy wedding clothes. Your grandmother is here. Drinking like there’s no tomorrow is what Hen/Stag nights are for, so if you’re looking to have consummation sex keep a handle on the alcohol.

4. Don’t Get Over Ambitious

Slow, lazy fucks seem to be the order of the day. Save the bedroom acrobatics for your honeymoon.

5. Take Some Time Out

No matter what you do it’s going to be a tiring day, try and fit in some couple time with your partner. Arrive at the reception late and take a break for a couple of hours, or leave early. You don’t actually have to be present for every setting unless you actually want to.

And if it still seems like too much effort then you literally have the rest of your lives to have sex! Have a great day!


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