Win! Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set

Win! Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set

Wedding season is just around the corner and we’re want to joining in by giving away this fab Satin Seduction Bondage Set in wedding white!

The Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set  is the perfect gift box containing three essentials for sensual bondage: Luxury satin blindfold for surprise, satin ties for sensual captivity and feather pom for teasing…

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The blindfold and ties are handmade with love right here in our studio in London.

The blindfold is made from luxury satin and the tiebacks are 30 inches long, easily fastened behind the head with a playful bow.

The satin blindfold not only feels and looks sensual to wear, it also envelopes the wearer in total darkness. This, in turn, works to enhance and heighten all other senses. Every lick, kiss and touch will be felt ten-fold, working nicely to amp up arousal.

  • A seductive trick: lean in close and whisper sweet nothings in their ear – then enjoy watching the goosebumps forming on their skin…

The satin ties are 39 inches long and 2 inches wide, and secures with strong D-rings.

There are two of these long, versatile ties in the gift box. Tie up your willing slave before teasing them to the point of no return.

  • A seductive trick: tie up your lover and make them watch your hands stroking yourself; making sure to touch all of their favourite body parts whilst they can only watch helplessly and wish it was their hands touching your soft skin…

Small feather poms are fantastic for teasing and tempting a tied-up, blindfolded lover; stroke slowly over all sensitive parts and watch them squirm…

  • A seductive trick: mix it up a little. Use a simple kitchen fork (clean, obv) and alternate softly stroking the firm fork prongs and soft feather pom over their warm skin…


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National Orgasm Day Flash Competition!

National Orgasm Day Flash Competition!

We’re celebrating National Orgasm Day with an orgasmic flash giveaway!

The competition opens at 12am on the 31st July and will run through until 11.59pm. This means only 24 hours to get your entries in – so set your alarms and once the big hand ticks over the midnight hour – Go, go go! Enter as many times as you like to increase you chances…

So what will the lucky winner, actually win?

  • Womanizer (worth £129) – probably one of the most impressive toys for wall-to-wall orgasms in our toy-box. We’re not into ‘guaranteed orgasm’ claims, but lets just say we’ve yet to meet the woman for whom the Womanizer has not delivered! 🙂
  • On Arousal Oil (worth £15) – a Team Sh! favourite, this all- natural stimulating oil builds arousal, boosts wetness and activates a clitoral ‘buzz’ that pulses with pleasure for up to 45 minutes…
  • Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex ( worth £11.99) – This inspiring and empowering manual to all things female masturbation will give you lots of ideas on how to up your self-pleasure ante.

The whole she-bang adds up to £160 worth of climatic treats so…

Enter our giveaway to win your best ever National Orgasm Day, plus great orgasms for everyday!

If you like to know more about our most orgasmic recommendations, head over to read  our Top 10 Sex Toy Tips for National Orgasm Day, because if there’s ever a day to invest in a mind blowing treats, this is very much it!

Good luck everybody.

The competition closes at midnight and we will be announcing the winner on 1st August.

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Win this Ooh By Je Joue Her Name Is Rio Pleasure Kit

Win this Ooh By Je Joue Her Name Is Rio Pleasure Kit

A whopping 17% of you have been stopped whilst travelling with sex toys according to our twitter poll and 19% of you worry about travelling with your toys. If you’re looking for a toy to travel in style with look no further than this Ooh By Je Joue Her Name Is Rio Pleasure Kit, it’s perfect for some summer fun.

If you’d like to WIN one of your own enter our competition here:

Ooh By Je Joue Her Name Is Rio Pleasure Kit – Sh! Giveaway