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The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

So it’s not quite a full alphabet but this is your complete guide to everything from your A-Spot to your U-Spot, taking in the clitoris, G-Spot and Nipple Orgasms on the way… The A-Spot What is it? The A-Spot (aka ‘anterior fornix erogenous zone’/ ‘AFE zone ‘ ) is a located at the deepest point of the … Continue reading The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

Unable to Orgasm?

Being unable to orgasm is given the scary medical term of Anorgasmia, but we prefer to use “pre-orgasmic” instead – a  more proper definition and much more positive!  Anorgasmia may sound like something our of a Woody Allen film, but the inability (or seeming inability) to orgasm effects millions of women. Anorgasmia, is then broken into two categories; … Continue reading Unable to Orgasm?

How to Use a Clitoral Vibrator

Many clitoral vibrators are shaped to mirror the shape of your lips (labia), so they can be rested, externally long-ways to stimulate the whole vulval area –  an often overlooked region, that is, in fact, highly sensitive. Learning all about your clitoris and how to pleasure it is key to getting the best from your vibrator, because much of … Continue reading How to Use a Clitoral Vibrator