Rope Bondage 101 Erotic Class

Attending an erotic class can feel exciting and daunting at the same time: What happens? Who attends? How do I know if it’s for me?

The first thing to know is that our educators are all super-friendly, professional and keen on passing on tips & advice to ensure you have great fun both in class and once you get back home.

Our classes are designed to build confidence, give a solid understanding of safety and encourage creative thinking (slapping a pair of handcuffs on someone is the easy part. The harder part is working out what you’re going to do with your willing submissive once the cuffs are on!).

What to Expect at Our Rope Bondage Class

Before the class starts, we’ll offer fizz and French Fancies to help settle any nerves.  However, rope play is best enjoyed with a clear mind, so we’ll cut off the alcohol supply before anyone gets too merry!

Our rope bondage class is suitable for beginners, and our friendly team will start with safety (what kind of rope to use, safewords and positioning) before moving on to the planning of a scene.

After this, there’ll be a practical part, where guests will learn to tie basic knots. For this segment, guests will need to work in pairs: if you’re attending with a partner, you’ll practice on each other. If you’re attending on your own, we’ll pair you with another guest (female) or a member of our team (depending on availability).

This class doesn’t include a lot of bending or moving, and there won’t be any floor work.

There will, of course, be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the class.

After the class ends, guests will be invited to make the most out of the whopping 20% discount that’ll be offered.

In case you are wondering – because many do – the class is fully dressed at all times, including during the practical.

Sounds like fun? Then book a ticket (or several, as we offer discounts for group bookings) for the Rope Bondage 101 Class here: Sh! Rope Class

Please note: this class is for women & couples only. If you are a lone male wanting to attend, we ask that you come along with a female friend.


Seduce Yourself Class

10 Ways to Seduce Yourself – Workshop with Immani Love

Single, in a relationship, or simply want to get better acquainted with yourself? This course is for you!

Learning to seduce yourself can be easy if you understand the little details that matter. This workshop will give you 10 Ways to Seduce Yourself and perhaps some ideas for spicing up a relationship as well!

Immani-Love-Book-at-Sh!Immani Love, Author, Erotic Poet & Love Goddess will host this hot class on how to turn yourself on in no less than 10 different ways because let’s be honest: it’s always fun to change things up…

Following Immani’s recent party to celebrate the launch of her new book Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace (signed copies available in the shop!), we can’t wait for this second evening at Sh! before she heads back home the States.

If you missed her fierce performance the first time around, you gotta join us for this one!

Join Us!

More about Immani Love

Immani-Love-POetryImmani Love was born in Philadelphia, Pa and is currently making her home in Florida, regularly performing in several places in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia when booked.

Named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and invited to perform in the UK Black Pride in London, England, as well as EuroPride 2014 in Marseille, France and EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, now her popularity has grown! She has traveled throughout Europe every summer since 2014 and includes stops as far as Australia, England, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

Follow Immani Love on Twitter



NEW: Kink 101 Erotic Class

Got kink on your mind?

Join experienced psychotherapist Deborah Fields of Greymatters Psychotherapy for an evening of delving deep into the psychology of kink: Why does it feel so good – or bad?

Debs, a qualified and experienced psychotherapist as well as an established workshop teacher on the kink scene, will share her extensive knowledge of the topic and she’ll probably have you giggling too!

This brand new workshop is for everyone who loves and or hates that word. More so for those curious. Take some first steps into the real 50 Shades and realise it’s an awesome rainbow versus grey. Let’s look at what you could want from sex and kink. This will explore the basics from a personal and professional perspective.


Debs-Kink-101An established workshop teacher, Debs is a therapist and supervisor with a successful private practice, who also happens to be human and a mum.

She is also known for running multiple workshops on the fetish scene and at therapy conferences.

Follow Debs on Twitter.


Sign up for some laughter with a woman with her own experience of life, sex, and kink, personal and professional.

Are you a psychology professional?

If so, attending this class will get you a CPD certificate!




V-Day Blog POst

Kinky Cupid’s Class For Creative Couples

Surprise your lover with a kinky date night at Sh! for Valentine’s Day!

We will be hosting an exclusive class for only 5 couples, and our Kinky Cupid promises that the evening will be ‘Hotter than a flaming Sambuca, spicier than a Cordon Bleu curry and more sizzling than a Teppanyaki hotplate’!

Be the top (or bottom) of your lover’s dreams and learn how to plan a ‘scene’, where one of you takes control and the other deliciously relinquish for a Valentine’s date that is off the Richter Scale.

Gentle restraining for sensual power play, erotic teasing with soft ostrich feathers and hot wax drizzled onto bare skin all makes for a fantastically sensory experience for both you and your date.

Prosecco and delicious truffles will be served by our friendly team as lovers take turns to thrill, tease & tempt each other.

Each couple will receive a bondage gift, lovingly handmade by our artisan team in our studio in London.

Spaces on this exclusive class are limited to five couples only, so booking early to avoid disappointment is advised.

Tickets are £120 per couple.




Sh! Soirees at Lynda Wallis

Sh! Soirees at Lynda Wallis

Female Arousal, Orgasm & Ejaculation Class

Our Award-Winning Store Manager & in-house Sexuality Educator Renee will be giving two wonderful classes at Lynda Wallis’ glamorous barn location in Essex!

Lynda is a designer & maker of luxury silk lingerie like you’ve never seen before. Ronja, representative of luxe toy brand Lelo will join Renee & Lynda, for an hands-on demonstration of Lelo’s amazing toys.

The Art of Female Orgasm –  Covering all-important topics such as clitorises, G-spots and female ejaculation…
Thursday 9th March, 7:30 pm
The Old Stable Block
Pump House Farm
Kelvedon Hatch CM15 0LA

The Art of Seduction – Setting the scene, dressing (or undressing) for the occasion and tempting your partner into a heady night of pleasure…
Thursday 23rd March, 7:30 pm
The Old Stable Block
Pump House Farm
Kelvedon Hatch CM15 0LA

Luxury Silk Lingerie will be available to try on in the Boudoir
and experience the fragrances of ECoundray French Perfumes established in 1822.

Come join us for fun, educational and inspirational evenings, fully clothed, with a glass of bubbly, cup cake, a Sh! gift and 10% discount on all purchases on the night.

You will also be entered into the Lynda Wallis monthly draw!

For more information or booking please call 01277366388


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free class at Sh!

Free Class | Female Arousal & Orgasm | 26/01

How do you fancy a ticket to a FREE class on female arousal & orgasm?

A TV company is interested in showcasing our unique ethos and we need your help!

They would like to capture us doing what we do best; helping our customers discover their true sexual selves, away from societal pressures and through our classes and expert, tailored advice.

We’d love to show the full range of fabulous peeps who choose to shop at Sh!

More importantly, we believe it could make a pioneering, influential program if all ages, sexualities, cultures, body-types, from shy to extrovert, from those beginning their journey to those further down the line, were given a voice.

So, we’re holding a free class on female arousal & orgasm that would be filmed for commissioning purposes only (it wouldn’t be shown on TV or any public domain).

Where: Sh!, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

When: Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 6pm

You can choose to be featured as much or as little as you like and can comfortably opt-out any time…

Bubbly and cup cakes will be served, and each guests will be invited to make the most of the 20% after-class discount.

Interested? Please reply to or call Renee on 020 7613 5458.

If you can’t make the class but are still interested in being involved, please let us know.

SuperCharge your Sex Life

SuperCharge Your Sex Life – Sold Out!

Sorry this event is now fully booked! Please join our list, if you would like future invites..

Millions of women around the world start the new year with a list of resolutions: Gym. Swimming. Less chocolate. More reading. Finally completing that god damned Spanish for Beginners…

But if you ask us , we think the list should go something like this:

More orgasms. More powerful orgasms. More empowered orgasms. More self-owned orgasms. More mind-blowing-leg-shaking-mouth-watering orgasms. 

Make 2016 the Year of the Powerful Pelvic Floor

Exercise comes into it, but you don’t need a gym membership or pair of sweats to work-out and the benefits of toning-up are a billion times better than even the most manic spin class can deliver.

We’re talking the Fit Fou-Fou Club and we want everybody to join!

Like to know more? Visit us at the Sh! Store, sit comfortably with a free glass of bubbly, and let us do the work for you (though, not literally!).

We will guide you step-by-step through Kegel exercises, teach you how to tone your pelvic floor and  explain the  benefits of  the different styles of Love Balls & PC exercisers available.

We’ll also advise how a super-fit PC muscle is beneficial for your vaginal health and fundamental to those mind-blowing orgasms.

Date: 14th January 2016

Time: 6.30pm

Price: FREE

To book your place(s), please email 


This year, get fit with Sh! and discover the secrets to a super-charged sex-life.



Meg Barker

New Class: Non-Monogamy 101 with Meg Barker

Class Date: Thursday 6th February 2014
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Venue: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
Tel: 020 7613 5458

This class is for all people who live full time as women as well as genderqueer, non-binary, intersex and transmasculine people who feel that they have links to women’s communities.


In this workshop Meg explores the different forms of open non-monogamy that have emerged in recent years, including swinging, open relationships, and polyamory. We will consider the different reasons for people opening up their relationships, and the various different ways in which they have done this (which might work for different people, and at different times). Particularly we’ll focus on where you are on a continuum of sexual fidelity and one of emotional fidelity, and what this means for your relationships. We’ll consider the kinds of contracts that people do, and don’t, use in openly non-monogamous relationships, and how these work. We’ll discuss communication levels that people prefer, and how to talk about these possibilities with partners and others in our lives. And we’ll tackle key issues of jealousy and time management and how people manage these.

Dr. Meg Barker is a writer, academic, therapist and activist who works for the Open University and as a sex and relationship therapist. Meg has been researching openly non-monogamous relationships for the past decade as well as working with openly non-monogamous people in therapy. Meg’s book and blog Rewriting the Rules covers many aspects of doing relationships differently, including opening up relationships beyond monogamy.

On purchase you will be emailed confirmation and further info.

Classes will only go ahead if there are 10 or more bookings. In the event of a class cancellation, anyone who has already purchased tickets will be contacted and refunded.



December 2013 Loyalty Card Holders Party


When: Thursday December 5th 6-8pm 
Price: Free! 
Venue: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB, Tel: 020 7613 5458

Enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst browsing the delights Sh! has to offer. Plenty of discounts, offers and prizes to be won! Existing Loyalty Card Holders are entitled to a 20% discount during the Loyalty Card Holders Party (excluding tampons and books ~ sorry!).

Not a Loyalty Card Holder? Sign up in store for a *free* Loyalty Card to be eligible for all the offers at these fabulous parties…

**Any customers signing up for a Loyalty Card during the Loyalty Card Party will immediately receive 10% off everything in store (also excludes tampons and books)**

Of course, the store is open for all non Loyalty Card Holders too! Each month, during our Loyalty Card Party, we’ll be running a Sh! Hot Spot. These Hot Spots are your one-stop monthly micro-class, designed to titillate and tempt… Each 20 minute class is dedicated to exploring a different erogenous zone; from P-spots to G-spots, we’ve got it covered!

This month’s Hot Spot is devoted to…

Ben Wa Balls £10
Ben Wa Balls £10

Ben Wa Balls

Thursday 19th December


In this 20 minute quick-trick class, our Team Sh! will discuss the physical and sexual benefits of Ben Wa Balls!