Feminist Christmuff Party with My Body Back Project

Join Sh! and My Body Back Project for a fun, festive & feminist Christmas Party!

Vulva-ArtAs you know probably know by now, Sh! and MBBP are all about respecting, exploring and celebrating our bodies and all the wonderful things they give us, and if you want to join in our celebration of self-love this December, then this is the party for you. Come along and let’s celebrate the baetriarchy!

My Body Back Project is a small charity and they get by primarily on the goodwill and dedication of volunteers and supporters. But the amazing team really need your help to raise as much money as possible this Christmuff; this will ensure clinics and workshops stay open. It will also fulfill ambitious plans to develop healthcare that’s sensitive to the needs of people who have experienced sexual violence.

There’s lots of fun stuff lined up for the evening: Open mic readings, feminist jewellery making, plenty of time to browse & shop all the goodies Sh! have to offer, em-power ballads, cocktails, coffee, cakes and much more…

So, grab yourself a ticket (or two. Or three!) to what will be a fantastic Christmuff Party and support My Body Back’s crucial work.

Celebrate Christmuff!

Muff-in-tastic Bake Off!

Bake your way towards self-love by making a cake of your favourite body part. It might be because of the way it makes you feel, the way it looks, what it enables you to do or anything else! We’re thinking nipple cakes, vulva cakes, legs, lips, tongues, bums, tums – whatever. The more glittery, colourful or innovative the design, the better!

Our judges will choose the best three cakes and crown the Queens of Christmuff!


To enter the Christmuff Bake-Off, book a special Muff-Maker ticket (only £3.50!), get cracking with recipe ideas to steal the show from any mere muff-ins, and get ready for a warm reception! Soggy bottoms welcome.



Pouring Bubbly

Looking for a unique & engaging party experience?

The annual festive season is just around the corner, and maybe you feel a little blah about it: there are only so many times you can sit out the company Christmas do in the local pub, right?

It’s time to level up and suggest something more unique and engaging this year: a fun get-together at our warm, welcoming shop!

Plush Vulva

Whatever the age, sexuality, or style of guests, we’ll ensure everyone has a great time. Our friendly team will be on hand to serve bubbles, fancies and we’ll even throw in a 20-minute sexpert class of your choice!

The masterclass, hosted by one of our friendly Sh! Sexperts will ensure everyone leaves equipped with the best tips & tricks from the professionals in female sexuality. Booking a Sh! Soiree will ensure an original and deliciously different event with lasting benefits long after the party has ended!

Vibe Table


Guests will feel no obligation to buy anything,  just to enjoy the experience and have a hoot mingling with friends and colleagues

Should guests feel inspired and wish to buy themselves (or partner!) a new treat, they will of course benefit from a discount – our collection of sex toys is cherry-picked to be the best in the world.

Price of a Sh! Soiree

Prices start from as little as £5 per person.  Email Sh! Soirees with dates and number of guests, and we’ll tailor-make a Soiree that suits your group.