Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

“I tried one of them rabbit vibrators once, but I didn’t like it…it got tangled in my pubes.”

Rabbit vibrators, and all versions thereof, may be the most popular sex toys in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. The comment above just goes to show that one rabbit in the bush isn’t always better than two in the hand… Rabbit vibrators aren’t usually classified as Health & Safety Risks, but we suppose that depends on how it is used. :p

Rabbit Ear Vibrator - Used purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..

And talking about rabbits, this super-cute, ergonomically-shaped bunny vibe with 10 settings is a perfect Easter treat and has been very popular with customers in the shop this week. It’s designed for external use only, and if you work it out per orgasm, you’ll find the value is *much* better than any money spent on a chocolate egg…

I tried that Tenga Egg. I didn’t like it.” The male customer looks at our surprised faces – this is unexpected: a man who doesn’t enjoy a session with a Tenga Egg? Really?!  We’re keen to find out more and ask him what it was that didn’t work – not being penis-owners ourselves, we have always imagined that Tenga Eggs are literally the best sex toys for men ever. “It chafed my penis,” he replies.

It takes a few horrified seconds before the penny drops and we ask if he used the lube that is handily packed inside every Tenga Egg. “No, I didn’t use the lube,” he replies and wanders off before we have a chance to ask more questions. Suddenly the chafing makes a lot of sense – he’s rubbed himself raw by not using the all-important lubricant… Ouch! Always add a generous drizzle of lube, people!


We are very excited about the Easter Egg Hunts we have planned for Good Friday and Easter Saturday – we’ve been hatching clues for teams to hunt Tenga Eggs in our shop in Hoxton. We’ll keep the competing teams plenty lubricated with glasses of fizz as they hunt high & low, and the winning team will walk away with a hamper of sex toys to keep them occupied for the rest of the Easter holidays.

Fun Fact: it is a rare day when no one buys sex toys, but Easter Sunday is the annual day of no sex. No one (we repeat: no one) buys sex toys on Easter Sunday. It is the one day of year when family commitments & religion wins over the pleasures of the flesh.

But then it’s Bank Holiday Monday and all is well again.

Bank Holidays do seem to heighten arousal, and strap-ons and kink paraphernalia practically fly off the shelves. We find that couples are keen to try new things on Bank Holidays (or as we like to call them, “Bonk Holidays”) and many customers reach for the butt plugs, for example. Whatever you get up to over the weekend, we hope you have an eggciting time!

We’ll leave you with this gem from a rather thirsty new member of staff:

Newbie: “Ooh, they look nice! What are they? Are they energy drinks??”

Manager: “No, they are masturbation cups for men…”

Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14







How to use a g-Spot Vibrator

How to Choose a Rabbit Vibrator

Whether called Jessica Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, Rampant Rabbit or Rabbit Pearl, rabbit vibrators are, for many women, an amazing erotic discovery…. and that’s the reason why they are the most famous vibrator in history!

But how on earth do you choose a Rabbit Vibrator, especially if you are new to it’s charms?

We’ve cherry-picked from huge range of Rabbit and rabbit-style sex toys on the market today, to bring you the best of their kind, but still, we know that understanding the benefits of different styles can be overwhelming, so read on to find best rabbit vibrator bunny for you.

Rabbit Vibes come in 2 models; Rabbit Ear Clitoral Vibrators and Dual Stimulation.

Rabbit Ear Vibrator - Used purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..
Rabbit Ear Vibrator – Purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..

Rabbit Ear Clitoral Vibrators

Not what most people thing of,  when they think about buying a rabbit but if there is one thing women rave about, it’s the way the two bunny ears deliver intense, but diffused, vibrations to the super responsive sides of the clitoris rather than directly on it.  No wonderas this is the area of the clitoris that most women are most responsive to…

In fact, even with a classic, dual-stim Rabbit, a surprising number of women ( around 40%)  don’t use the shaft portion during masturbation. We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve heard ‘it’s ALL about the bunny!’ from beaming women in-store and it’s for these women we’ve selected some great clitoral-only rabbit ear vibes.

Fun Fact Q&A: Why does my rabbit have a bunny-shaped clitoral Stimulator?

We have Japanese Shogun law or simple custom ( it’s unclear exactly which) to thank for creating a toy that spoke to clitoral pleasure in this way. This law, or sensibility, decreed  sex toys should not be made to look like human genitals. Fast forward to the 1970’s and a Japanese manufacturer started to create the first vibrators with clitoral stims, and in line with custom ( or law!?), they were made to look like cute animals;  beavers, dophins and even humming birds… but it was the cute rabbit, and those divided bunny ears, that worked for most women – a total flook, perhaps, but a very happy ending!


Dual Stimlation Rabbit Vibrator - with clit stim + penetrative shaft designed for double pleasure and 'blended orgasm'
Dual Stimlation Rabbit Vibrator – with clit stim + penetrative shaft designed for double pleasure and ‘blended orgasm’

Dual Stimulation Rabbit Vibrators

This is the style most people think of, when they are  choosing a rabbit vibrator.

With a shaft for internal stimulation and an external clitoral stimulator, it is this style that is most likely to bring on a ‘blended orgasm’ – a type of orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside and outside, at the same time.

Apart from the essential clitoral stimulator, some of  best rabbit designs feature rotating beads or pearls, inside the shaft, which deliver massaging sensations vaginally.

Fun Fact Q&A: Why does my  Rabbit vibe have a face on it!? 

Look closely at many a rabbit vibe and you’ll notice, whist the shaft may look somewhat phallic, it’s actually a totem of a women with her (and its)  head sporting a lovely page-boy hairstyle, complete with coyly, smiling face.

This clearly harks back to that Japanese law/custom mentioned above – a creative way to create a  toy that may initially look quite phallic but gets around it  with some creative styling.

When we first discovered our first rabbit way back in 1993, it was called’Roger Rabbit’, in manner of all double-entendre sex toy names of the time. Once we saw that it was actually shaped like a woman, we re-christened it  and Jessica Rabbit was born. The rest is history…

What’s the Difference between Dual-Stimulation Rabbit Vibrators?

Since their popularity explosion, bunny vibrators have bred! Hundreds have come hopping onto the market, each claiming to be the best rabbit vibrator – many of which we’ve tried, and tested (and lots we’ve rejected!)

Dual-stim rabbits come in 3 styles:

Simple Rabbits

Feature a fixed, non-rotating shaft, along with the all important clitoral stimulator. Often small or slim, these offer easy, user-friendly penetration.

Simple Rabbit Vibes=Fixed ( non-rotating) shaft
Simple Rabbit Vibes = Fixed ( non-rotating) shaft. From £11

Top 3 Best-Selling Simple Rabbits:

Classic Rabbits

Feature a shaft that twirls around. They are often filled with beads or pearls and deliver massaging sensations.

Classic Rabbits have a rotating shaft, often filled with beads or pearls for massaging sensations
Classic Rabbits = Rotating, often beaded, shafts From £25

Most classic bunny vibrators feature the fabulous rotating beads and bunny ear clitoral simulators so loved by women. BUT! “What’s the difference between these rabbits?” – we hear you ask (it’s one of the most frequently asked questions in our London store).

Classic rabbit vibrators have rotating shafts with either pearl or metal beads inside

The very first rabbit vibrator resembled a sweetie machine, with colourful beads in a pocked at the base of the shaft, which massaged the vaginal entrance; an incredibly responsive area in most women.

Pearls feel more erratically massaging than metal beads and it’s this free-flowing sensation that many women prefer. The other advantage is that pearl shafts are not as ‘fixed’. This means you can, very gently and slightly, bend the shaft to give a wider arc as it twirls around…


Rabbit Vibrators with pearls in their shaft provide a more free-flowing, massaging sensation...
Rabbit Vibrators with pearls in their shaft provide a more pronounced massaging sensation…

Top 3 Best-Selling Pearl Rabbits:






Later models adopted fixed metal beads:  often further up the shaft. This makes the shaft more rigid and the massaging sensations more even and regular-feeling.

Rabbit Vibrators with with fixed metal beads in the shaft, provide a regular, even, massaging sensation inside.
Rabbit Vibrators with fixed metal beads in the shaft, provide a regular, even, massaging sensation inside.



Top 3 Best-Selling Rabbits with metal beads:





 Battery & Controls

Rabbit Vibrators with integrated batteries, housed in the main body are now the most common style and these compact designs offer more settings and sensations.
All-in-One Rabbit Vibrators are  compact designs that offer more settings & sensations.


Many people assume that rabbits with integrated batteries & controls  are better because there’s no wires.

Whilst they are more compact and neat, they can also be trickier to operate and heavier to hold than one with a separate batter/control pack.

But the positives outweigh the negatives.

Integrated rabbits are quieter and often deliver LOTS more sensations, including escalating and pulse settings, along with regular vibration and rotation, which is why the majority of rabbits we offer are these all-in-one styles.




A Rabbit Vibrator with a separate battery pack can make  concentrating on your fantasy easier…

Most rabbits these days have ditched the separate control unit, in favour of integrating the batteries into the main body of the vibrator.

The Rabbit Pearl is one of the last remaining, good-quality, rabbit vibrators to keep this feature and it does have its advantages.

  • The larger the batteries, the stronger and more long-lasting the power. This takes 3 x C batteries – no other rabbit takes such meaty batteries.
  • With several feet of cord running between the vibrator and the control unit, it’s great if you want to hand over the controls, or lie back, close your eyes and get into fantasy,  rather than scrabbling between your legs,  button twiddling!



Ultimate Thrusting Rabbit
Ultimate Thrusting Rabbit £44


Thrusting Rabbit is different: the beads move up and down inside the vibrator to deliver a unique thrusting sensation.

[There are bunny vibrators on the market that actually do piston up and down, but after much exhaustive testing, we found these tended to have a short lifespan which is why we don’t carry them]




Remote Rabbit Vibrator £87
Remote Rabbit Vibrator £87


Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator is, well, remote-controlled!

With a range of up to 25 feet, you can hand controls to your partner and let them take you on a journey of teasing sensation…. from afar.

Having said that….

All rabbits can be played together!

With your partner in charge of the sensations you receive, and with so many different sensations on offer, they can tease out a long-build orgasm, one that playing solo, you may not be able to stay the course ( the most common  ‘criticism’ we hear about rabbits is that they are just too damn effective!)

… and the longer the build-up, the stronger the orgasm.




Luxury Rabbits

Often don’t look like rabbits at all! Usually made of silicone and rechargeable, they are a modern-day alternative to the classic dual-stimulation design.

A luxury rabbit is an investment. If you already love the dual stimulation of a rabbit-style vibe but would like one with more modern styling they are a great buy, especially worked out orgasm per £. We’d generally recommend luxury bunnies as an upgrade, rather than a first-buy if you are a beginner, just starting out on an exploration of whether double-pleasure sensations are for you…

Luxury Rabbit Vibrators =  Fixed, Pulsing or Wave-Motion shaft. From £65






Top 3 Best-Selling Luxury Rabbits:


Despite the claims, silent rabbits don’t exist – sorry!

So, a quick word about rabbit volume. The bottom-line is that anything with a motor will emit a slight hum, even if it’s very quiet.

 ‘Almost-silent’ rabbits are generally luxury rabbits, with their superior build quality and materials, plus top quality motors and advanced technology all work to deliver

Simple Rabbits can also be be quiet and discreet, as these generally offer just vibration and don’t have the whirling shafts that require a lot of power to ensure an effective rotating motion.

It’s this twirling action that, especially if the motor also has to force beads or pearls around with it, that makes many rabbits audible (but worth it!) playthings. So for sensations over sound, we recommend you look at classic rabbits, then lock the door, turn up the music and enjoy!

Ridiculously noisy rabbits are rejected at Sh! and we select only audible ones that are worth the pay-off.

A bunny out of the box may sound loud, but…

The good news is that once a rabbit is cushioned inside you,  the noise is (ahem) ‘muffled’!

You can use the volume filter to whittle down rabbits into ‘quiet‘ ( [slight hum, not audible from across the room] and ‘medium’ [like a mobile phone vibrating, but unlikely to be heard from the next room] and in  on each product page, the Technical Info tab will tell you how the toy is rated for sound.

We carry only body-safe, phthalate-free rabbit vibrators in TPE/Elastomer or Silicone

But other companies do still stock rabbit vibrators made of Jelly: a soft, squishy sex toy material which is a mix of PVC and Phthalates (a questionable material which has raised health concerns)

If you do own a jelly rabbit, we recommend using a condom on it.

We’ve also seen (and rejected!) rabbits that claim to be made of silicone (the safest material for sex toys) when only a little silicone is mixed with the jelly.

If avoiding phthalates is, like us, important to you, we’d recommend doing the ‘sniff and feel’ test on any bunny you buy anywhere else. If, straight out of the box,  it smells strongly of chemicals or feels clammy it’s probably got phthalates in it …

Read More: The Rabbit: Design Icon

clitoris advice

How to Choose a Clitoral Vibrator

The size and shape of a clitoral vibrator is less important than the sensations it delivers.

Any vibrator can be used for clitoral pleasure and most women use their vibrator solely on or around their clitoris and vulva during masturbation. But we all have different sensitivities and responses, so getting the right kind of stimulation is key; A vibrator that is too powerful for one woman and desensitizes her might be just the thing for the next women, who needs strong intensity to get off.

So, when choosing a clitoral vibrator, it’s good to think about how much clitoral stimulation you need to become aroused or to orgasm.

If orgasms come easily to you through clitoral stimulation and you know the level of stimulation you enjoy; mild, medium, strong or wowser! – Use the ‘intensity’ filters (on the left hand side of our category pages) to take your pick of any  vibrator that takes your fancy.

If you are new to the whole idea of dedicated clitoral pleasure and have little idea of the kind of stimulation you might like, then we recommend exploring with your fingers and some lubricant first.

This way you can get some idea of the sensations you enjoy and how firmly or fluttery you might enjoy them.

If you are unsure of the kind of clitoral stimulation you enjoy, use your fingers and lube to explore and discover...
If you are unsure of the kind of clitoral stimulation you enjoy, use your fingers and lube to explore and discover…


It may seem like the most obvious statement in the book, but you will only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation if that stimulation is pleasing to you!

In the same way that a milder vibe might be too subtle for some, a super powerful vibe can be a turn-off for for others. The wrong-type can lead to frustration or  even ( horrors!) vibrator-rejection but the thing to remember is, like women themselves, vibrators come in all sorts of intensities.

In general, vibrators with a ”higher pitched” vibration make for better clitoral toys and those with a lower, heavier, deeper vibration are better for penetration.

We have rated all our vibrators for these two types of intensity: High Intense  &   Deep Throbby.


For those who enjoy full-blast power, feel they need strong, firm clitoral stimulation or have reduced sensation ‘down there’, a vibrator with a ‘high intense’ rating is likely to be the best choice.

Vibrators with a ‘Strong’ or ‘Wowser’ rating are some of the most powerful vibes know to woman, and most likely to bring about a spontaneous clitoral orgasm.

Sh! Bullet Vibrator - £10 - Afordable, powerful and perfect for extra strong clitoral stimulation during sex
Sh! Bullet Vibrator – £10 – Afordable, powerful and perfect for extra strong clitoral stimulation during sex
Ultra 7 Egg Vibrator £30 Extreemly Powerful Vibrating Bullet: 7 Settings
Ultra 7 Egg Vibrator £30 – Extremely Powerful Vibrating Bullet: 7 Settings
Love Bullet Silver Lipstick £25
Love Bullet Silver Lipstick £25 – Discreet, Rechargeable Mini Vibe: 8 Vibrating Settings



Remember, whilst our clitoral vibrators have all been chosen because they are shaped or particularly recommended for external pleasure, ANY vibrator can be pressed into clit-pleasing service, so you may wish to browse our full range.

Filtering results on our main vibrator pages to show all toys with a ‘Strong’ or ‘Wowser’ rating, will give you the most choice, whilst doing the same on the sub categories ( clitoral vibrators/rabbit/wands etc) will whittle them down…



Cordless Wand Massager £50 Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator with Soft Flexible head: 10 Settings
Cordless Wand Massager £50 Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator with Soft Flexible head: 10 Settings

If you are one of the many, many women who sometimes find their mind or body unresponsive to sex, keeping a really high-powered vibe buzzing away on your clitoris can be a good way of awakening your body’s response

And where the body leads, the mind will often follow…

Many Sexologists recommend a Wand Massager for women who find orgasm tricky or illusive because they offer so much more power and intensity than a battery-operated vibe.






Sh! Rabbit Vibrator £25 - Slim Dual Pleasure Bunny Vibe: 12 Vibrating Settings
Sh! Rabbit Vibrator £25 – Slim Dual Pleasure Bunny Vibe: 12 Vibrating Settings

If you know that you are sensitive ‘down there’ and prefer a soft, subtle touch to caress your clitoris, try a soft-feel vibe that has the variety to offer gentler vibrations.

Many women swear by the clit-pleasing bunny ears of Rabbit Vibrator as they stimulate the sides of the clitoris, rather  rather directly on it.

This is better if you prefer a more diffused clitoral touch or find direct clitoral stimulation actually turns your clit off…

Cute Rabbit Ears Massager £35 - Vibrating Pink Silicone Clitoral Bunny: 10 Settings
Cute Rabbit Ears Massager £35 – Vibrating Pink Silicone Clitoral Bunny: 10 Settings

Many women have told us they use their regular bunny vibrator purely for clitoral stimulation ( ‘I don’t even bother with the shaft thingy!’) so for a dedicated bunny-ear clit vibrator, there’s the Rabbit Ears Vibrator.

For advice on how to choose, use  and enjoy rabbit vibes, check out our rabbit vibrator advice.

If you find a vibe too intense, simply wrap it in a piece of fabric to soften the vibrations.

You can filter for ‘Gentle’ or ‘Medium’ intensity rating on our vibrator pages.




Secret Vibrator £35 - - Small Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Egg: 20 Powerful Settings
Secret Vibrator £35 – Small Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Egg: 20 Powerful Settings

In general, most women need sustained clitoral stimulation to orgasm and on average, for 20 minutes or more.

A vibrator can certainly speed things up ( if you want it to!) but the other variant among women is the kind of consistency they need to orgasm.

Some need stimulation to consistent and changing the stimulation can, like a snakes and ladders game, take them back to square one.

Other can find they become too accustomed, or even bored, by lots of samey clit stimulation.

Thankfully, these days most vibrators offer different patterns of vibration, as well as a steady, regular buzz, as standard.

For women who want to be taken on a journey  of different sensations, a high-tech clitoral vibrator like Secret Vibrator offers 20 ( yes -20!) pulsating and escalating settings to keep you, and your clitoris, surprised and, we hope, delighted!


Lily Remote Control Bullet £34 - Vibrator Small, Slim Vibe Controlled by Wireless Handset: 7 Vibrating Patterns
Lily Remote Control Bullet £34 – Vibrator Small, Slim Vibe Controlled by Wireless Handset: 7 Vibrating Patterns

Or you could really rev up the anticipation by playing with a remote controlled vibe with your partner controlling the vibrator’s buzz – that will certainly keep your clitoris alert!




We hope this has helped you choose the best clitoral vibrator for you and be sure to read how to use a clitoral vibrator to get more ideas on how to play. 

If you would like any more advice, fee free to get in touch for individual advice and recommendations