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British Made Sex Toys by Sh!

When we first started out way back in 1992, most sex toys were such awful quality and design that we simply *had* to start making our own!

We design and hand-make an exclusive range of products in our studio in east London. These UK-made pleasure products can never compete in price with those churned out in the Far East; Each  dildo, strap-on harness and bondage item is poured, stitched and studded all by hand,  so if you’re looking for high-quality, ethically produced, lovingly-made sex toys, you’ve come to the right place!

Silicone Dildos – Bristish-Made & Hand-Poured

Freshly Made Dildos!
Freshly Made Dildos!

Our silicone dildos are sold in stores as far away as Madrid & Tokyo, but in the UK you can only buy them in our london sex shop or here online.

Sh! was the first ever company to start producing silicone sex toys in the UK/EEC and we still offer that largest  range.

Our unique collection is hand-poured in silicone, the best sex toy material and, because we know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to dildos, we offer over 40 different shapes and sizes to suit every individual preference.

Each one is ergonomically pleasing  100% body-safe and phthalate-free, warms quickly to body temperature, non-porous, and super easy to keep clean or even to sterilize.

In every dildo design,  you can choose between a regular dildo or a vibrating dildo.  which comes with a bullet vibrator that slips in the base to offer subtle vibration and extra stimulation.

Each dildo features our signature heart-shaped base which makes it compatible and comfortable to wear in a harness as a strap on, as well as totally safe for anal play.

Our Best-Selling Dildo - Cupid 3 (£44)
Our Best-Selling Dildo – Cupid 3 (£44)

Our best-selling dildo is Cupid 3 which is available in 4 different colourways, including purple marbling which will give you a totally unique dildo as no two marbled dildos are ever the same.

It’s also available in 3 special edition colours of white with a tiny heart on its base, ideal as a  wedding present, white and red hearts for Valentines and a spooky glow in the dark!





Strap On Harnesses – British-Made, By  Hand

A dildo worn in a strap-on creates a toy for any couple who enjoy penetrative sex together
A dildo worn in a strap-on creates a toy for any couple who enjoy penetrative sex together


Like a horse and carriage, a dildo goes with a harness to create a strap-on marriage!

No wonder our strap on harness come a close 2nd to dildos in being the most popular toys we produce.

Hand-made using the highest quality leather and rubber, our strap on harnesses are world-famous and we send them all over the globe!

Designed by women who actually *use* strap-ons, we pride ourselves on providing you with your perfect harness; one that is comfortable to wear, practical and stable in use and incredible durable, with many customers reporting over ten years of strap-on play with a Sh! harness.

Whilst black is the most popular choice,  we also offer our soft leather strap on harnesses in a variety of beautiful colours; Purple, red,  pink and in some cases stunning white and gold leather, to satisfy those of you who really want a statement strap-on.


2 Strap Harness Hand-made in our London Studio & available in a wide range of sizes and colours £45
2 Strap Harness Hand-made in our London Studio & available in a wide range of sizes and colours £45



Sizes vary with styles, with each having a large adaptability within the size;

Our best-selling 2-Strap Dildo Harness has the widest sizes available; from XS ( up to size 10) – XXL ( 20-24)



Corset Strap On £62
Corset Strap On £62

Our Corset Strap On, is Sh!’s 2nd best-selling harness.

It features a wide, supportive back, with corset-style lacing, and is incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear.

Fully leather-lined, with an interchangeable dildo ring, it’s available in 8 colours and 2 sizes; SM  fits up to 12 / ML 14-20.





A strap-on is a classic lesbian sex toy of course, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular for straight couples who are into pegging , where the woman don’s a strap-on to satisfy her male partner.






Bondage Gear – British-Made, By Hand

We also hand-make our own range of super quality bondage cuffs , collars and spankers to ensure your restraint games are the best they can be.


Leather Bondage Wrist Cuffs (£30)
Leather Bondage Wrist Cuffs (£30)


Our crafted leather bondage cuffs are  handmade with tough leather hide and riveted, with strong nickle  & chrome fixings & buckles.

We then line them  in soft, premium quality faux fur

This ensures maximum comfort whilst providing much needed durability during play.

Our classic leather bondage collection comes in 3 colourways; of Black, Red and Pink and available as wrist and ankle cuffs as well as matching  2″ collar & slim studded and spiked ‘princess’ collar & bondage chain sets.

Our  Luxury Bondage collectio comes in  6 colours  of black, purple, Red, Cerise, Royal Blue & White. These are paddedand leather lined inside and are decorated with a flash suede trim to really make a statement. Available in wrist and ankle cuffs as well as matching  2″ collar.


Black maybe a classic for bondage, it can also be basic or intimidating which is why we offer our range in so many gorgeous colours. We aim to satisfy every preference, playful mood, bedroom or dungeon decor!



Spanking Paddles



For spanking and sensation play we also hand-make a range of sensual spanking toys.

Available in the same range of colours, to match all our bondage collections (we’re all about co-ordination!) our spankers come in heart-shaped and paddle-shaped.

They feature one side that’s studded leather ( leather range) or suede ( luxury range)  with the reverse lined with premium quality faux fur – perfect for stroking sore bottoms all better.

We also make classic tawse and school straps as well as padded and cut-out heart spankers, for those who want leave a romantic impression on a beloved bottom.




For those who prefer to steer away from leather, we also offer most of the above range of bondage gear, spanking items as well as tough and corset strap-ons in rubber too – Phew!


Crafts(wo)manship is alive and well in London and we are proud of the fact that we’re one of the few British manufacturers actually making sex toys in the UK. The Board of British Manufacturing were also quite impressed when they came to visit O_o!

We hope you too will be impressed and proud to own one ( or a few!) of them and that enjoy using them as much as we love making them.


Do you own any Sh! made goodies?

Anything you like the look of but have some questions?

Drop us a comment on the blog and let us know.


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The Best Strap Ons in the Biz!

A strap on is a the ultimate lesbian sex toy and in recent years has become an increasingly popular toy for straight couples wishing to explore the delights of pegging.

But back when we started, if a woman wanted to strap-on a dildo to pleasure her female or male lover, she had only two choices; either a ridiculous elasticated affair that twanged back on her every out-stroke, and so flimsy it couldn’t hold up a banana… Or a heavy leather/rubber strap on, complete with studs and buckles and about as comfortable as a medieval chastity belt!

Dildo-wise it was dick shaped all the way…

No wonder these toys turned a lot of people off strap on sex.

For many lesbians , ‘realistic’ strap-ons felt weird – after all,  many had been told for years that either they were trying to be a man (with their short haircuts and ‘manly’ boots!) or all they actually needed was a good seeing to by a man…

For most M/F couples ‘realistic’ strap-ons weren’t right either. Straight men were just beginning to discover the pleasures (particularly prostate pleasures!) of strap-on sex,  but being done by a dick-shaped dildo wasn’t always (or usually!) on their fantasy list.

When we first opened, we searched in vain for descent strap-ons to stock. Whilst innovative and colorful silicone dildos were being made by bespoke producers in the US and NZ, no one was doing it here.

Problem was, as hand-poured, artisan dildos, they were already not cheap, but for us to import them, would make them financially inaccessible to many of our customers.

So, we resolved to make our strap on harnesses and dildos instead.

Silicone Dildos
Sh! Silicone Dildos

Silicone is a very tricky raw material to work with. It needs de-gassing to remove all the air bubbles, otherwise you end up with dildos that resemble aero bars!

Silicone is also very sensitive to atmospheric conditions; too hot or too dry and it starts to set before you’ve finished pouring; too cool or damp, and you get permanently tacky sex toys (which is not a desirable unique selling point!).

For the first few months we were producing more dog chew toys than dildos, such was our failure rate. Our exasperation and frustration levels soared as our finances dwindled. Silicone is a very expensive raw material, and as the business started out on £700 and had no financial backing, each duff dildo batch took us nearer to the brink of giving up.

But slowly we learned how to understand and control the sensitivities of silicone and we were on our way.

Meanwhile we had addressed the designing of the perfect harnesses to accompany our  dildos. No longer were the women of the UK going to be forced into uncomfortable, unflattering  and often unpractical strap-on harnesses.

Our strap on harnesses are made in soft leather in easy to wear styles, without pinching buckles and gravity-defying weight.

From our simple 2 strap harness to our sassy corset harness to the inventive thigh harness, Sh! was the first company in the UK to produce quality strap-on’s and offer couples of all persuasions the kind of innovative and stylish sex toys they deserved – and wanted to play with!

We are now the largest manufacturer of silicone dildos and strap on harnesses in the EEC producing 40 unique silicone dildo designs and 10 styles of strap on harnesses in an array of cool colours.

Cool Strap-On
Cool Strap-On

We’re no longer pouring dildos in our shop basement but in a dedicated manufacturing unit.

Our dodgy dildo days are long gone – nowadays our strap-on dildos are requested to star in films, featured in TV shows and reviewed in major mags.

More importantly, long, LONG gone are the days of enforced  comedy strap-on dongs; Sh! strap-on’s have turned them into the cool, classy toys for sensual lesbian sex and pleasurable pegging.