No One Wants to Know Victoria’s Secrets

November 8, 2018, publish onto their site an interview given by writer Nicole Phelps with the chief marketing officer of L Brands (the parent company of Victoria’s Secrets, or VS), Ed Razek, and the executive vice president of VS Public Relations, Monica Mitro.

The wide-ranging interview primarily focused on the brands’ relevance in an increasingly inclusive lingerie market that’s heralded by Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty. Seemingly unthreatened by such competition, Razek explained their choices for not including a more varied body-type in their selection of models:

“Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show?”

Razek: “No. No, I don’t think we should”.

“Well, why not?”

Razek: “Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special.”

Reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s People Magazine cover, the article almost broke the Internet. Bloggers, activists, influencers and just about anyone with a Twitter account were furious and staged a virtual riot. Razek’s PR team went into a meltdown and he was forced to publicly apologise – an action that leads back to the interview, in which Razek explained his thinking behind making certain business decisions with the self-directed question, “And did we include them to shut up a reporter?”

The VS show itself didn’t air until December 8, 2018, upon which it received its lowest ever ratings. ABC reported that their viewers had plummeted from 5 million the year before to a meager 3.3 million. This occurred despite their inclusion of social media influencers who have ten times that amount of followers on Instagram, such as Kendall Jenner or the Hadid sisters.

In the weeks that have followed, there have been numerous trans activists and models speak out against the incident. Carmen Carrera has had a petition started for her to be included in the show. Nikita Dragun went on to release a fiercely sexy video in which she dons wings and lingerie, captioned “dear Victoria’s Secret, you said trans women can’t sell the “fantasy” so here I am as a TRANS WOMAN selling the FANTASY!” It’s utter sauce.

Nikita Dragun dressed as an Angel in her video


Neither of these women would look remotely out of place in a 2019 VS line-up. They’re both insanely beautiful, with legs comparable to sky scrapers, perfectly round boobs and tiny waists. Their appearance is almost totally in tune with the 70-year-old Razek’s vision of how a woman should look.

Yet, what about the women – trans and cis – who don’t fit into this lingering physical ideal propelled forward by a patriarchal society?

In 2016, Ashley Graham was actually ignored by VS after posting onto social media an illustration of her as their first plus-sized model to walk this show – despite the image reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Bear in mind that Razek’s response to this is that L Brands have segregated larger models to another lingerie brand, Lane Bryant, and tried to televise a plus-size show back in 2000 but “No one had any interest in it, still don’t”.

Yep, he has been using the same argument for almost twenty years.

Ashley Graham with her photoshopped Angel’s Wings


Disabled models haven’t even had a look in yet with their inclusion into the fashion industry being even slower than that of trans and non-binary people. Madeleine Stewart told Teen Vogue that it would be her “biggest dream” to be the first model with Down’s Syndrome to be featured in the Victoria’s Secret exclusive line-up.

Yet, with declining ratings and a muddied reputation, why do women still want to represent or support VS? These being a company who have made their name with the creation of a glorified beauty pageant. The Instagram generation are pushing for realist representations from brands. The international lingerie market is blossoming with inclusivity, with brands such as Savage X Fenty, Lonely Lingerie and TomboyX leading the way. Meanwhile, ThirdLove, a label that was invested in by an ex-VS CEO claims to create “Bras and underwear for every body” with their #WeAreAllAngels social media campaign. There’s still a long way to go for the lingerie market to be more woman-friendly and intersectional, but why don’t consumers and influencers start by supporting brands who truly support and promote them – rather than try to resuscitate a cis-man’s wet dream.

If Victoria’s Secrets want any hope of staying relevant, it’s time for them to make space for the female fantasy.




4 New Year’s Sex Resolutions For 2019 

Once the last few Christmas chocolates have been scoffed and the last of the NYE’s Champagne corks have been popped, many find themselves making a series of New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, these resolutions involve lifestyle changes like healthy eating, going to the gym, and generally doing less of the enjoyable things in life. Few stick to these promises past January; ourselves included. 

This got us thinking. How about making some resolutions this year that we all actually want to keep, and best of all, enjoy keeping them

We’re not promising to eat healthier, nor are we likely to go to the gym more often or cut down on the indecent amount of Prosecco we drink in any one year,  but what we solemnly swear to do for ourselves in 2019 is increase our orgasm quota! 

Sounds good?

Here’s the plan:

Love My Body

One New Year’s resolution we hope everyone is going to work hard to keep is learning to love the bodies we are in. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and embracing the uniqueness of yours should be top of the list of things to achieve in 2019.

Not only accepting but also loving, every bump and curve will build body confidence that’ll have you power-walking into the bedroom before stretching out on the bed, stark naked in broad daylight. Before you know it, you might even take a little peek at your lusciousness in the mirror – which incidentally is a fun way of indulging in a bit of me-time…

Every time the inner voice gets in the way, let’s endeavor to quieten it, or even better – teach it to celebrate all that is you!


More ‘Me’ Time

With work, friends, families and all of the other stuff that stops us treating ourselves as a priority, it’s can be hard to find the time to make ourselves feel good. Of course, me-time means different things to different people, but in this instance, we’re talking about polishing the pearl. Jerking the Johnson. Wanking.

Spending hours and hours enjoying sexy time with partners is fantastic, but sometimes it’s really nice to not have to focus on someone else’s pleasure. Taking the time to just think about yourself and do things as slowly or as hard as you like, is pretty damn fantastic too.

Masturbation reduces stress levels and helps us discover more about our own bodies; it’s the best way of learning what brings us immense amounts of pleasure. 

For 2019, let’s all agree to make our own satisfaction a priority by whipping out favourite toys and lube whenever the opportunity arises. 


Be More Honest with Myself and My Sex Partner/s

Being more honest with ourselves and our partners/lovers/friends-with-benefits should be on every list of new year’s resolutions.

We’re probably all a bit guilty of not speaking up when something doesn’t feel great, just as we don’t like admitting to ourselves that we get intensely turned on when fantasizing about scenarios that aren’t quite pc. 

By being more open and honest about what works for us sexually, we stand to get the most out of intimate encounters. Sometimes, this means taking time to reflect on past sexual experiences and working out what was so hot that particular time. Sharing these thoughts with partners – and asking them to do the same – creates intimacy and a new openness. Discussing desires openly can only work to make sex better! 

This year, let’s work out what turns us on the most and then share the findings with significant others, who might just be open to reciprocating…


Try New Things 

Opening ourselves up to new experiences is one of the best things about life, but you don’t need to go further than your bedroom door to try new things. 

Depending on your experiences to date, trying something new can be as soft and luxurious as allowing a partner to massage your skin with sumptuous oil, or as dominant and intense as donning a strap-on and hopping onboard for a pegging session.

This year, why not push your erotic boundaries a little bit further by trying something that seems a little wild or naughty? Food play is messy but so much fun, giving or receiving a spanking is an excellent release after a long day, and anal play can be downright delicious when you take the time to savour each stroke…

2019 is the year for saying ‘YES’ to new adventures!


We wish you all a happy & healthy sex life all the way through 2019 xx



Fat Sex Blog Post

Big Love: Secrets of Fat Sex – Free Class

If you believed everything you read and watched in mainstream media then you may think that fat people are unlovable, don’t have sex … and if they did (heaven forbid!) they should definitely NOT enjoy it!

This, of course, is totally untrue. Anyone and everyone are entitled to a wonderful fulfilling sex life regardless of shape, size or sexual orientation.

Athena-Mae-profilePolyamorous goddess of all things fat sex Athena Mae invites you to a fun, friendly, fully clothed inspirational evening of chats and tips to help you embrace your inner goddess in the bedroom.

This is a safe and welcome space open to plus-sized Women-only. Come on your own or with friends, bubbly and fancies served.

Please note that this event will be filmed for a BBC3 Documentary and spaces are very limited.

  • Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Address: The brand spanking new Sh! Store on Pitfield Street in Hoxton. Full details will be given to guests beforehand.
  • Price: FREE
  • Book Here:  To book please contact our friendly producer Carly Aston on



4 Tips for Boosting Your Body Confidence

A brand new year is just around the corner and like many of you, we’re keen to kick this off with some resolutions – only this time we’re aiming for something we’ll actually be able to stick to.

  • Giving up sugar? Nah. A new doughnut place has just opened up around the corner so we can see we’re going to fail this one.
  • Alcohol? Would be good, but cancelling our standing order of Prosecco (for the erotic classes, obv) could prove to be the downfall of the local wine shop.
  • Sex? (You crazy?!) It’s a free, feel-good past-time that puts colour on our cheeks, a spring in our step and perhaps a bruise or two on our tushies… No, we’ll keep doing that.

Instead, let’s throw caution to the wind and start loving ourselves that li’l bit harder!

Feeling good about our bodies and the way that we look can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. From constantly being bombarded with photoshopped standards of beauty in magazines to the increasing pressures placed upon us to present ourselves as attractive and desirable on social platforms and dating apps, feeling good about what God gave us isn’t always the easiest. (Preach, Sister!)

If you’re struggling to find your inner goddess and constantly feel down in the dumps when you look in the mirror, check out our top tips for boosting your body confidence.

Delete your apps

Social media is heaving with people who, it would seem; only exist to make the rest of us feel inadequate. Most of us are incessant scrollers these days, and wasting an entire evening staring at other women’s cellulite-free thighs (but are they though..?) wondering why yours aren’t as toned or tanned is easily done.

To avoid this, delete any and all apps that lead you to obsess over bodies – your own and others. (Hallelujah!)

Wiping apps will also work to free up some time in your evenings, so why not put those extra hours to better use by getting stuck into a juicy book or relaxing in the bath? (Both at the same time is our favourite.)

Avoid conversations about appearance

Most of us are obsessed with talking about our appearance and physical attributes, and while it can be tempting to talk to your friends about your wobbly butt, doing so leads to more negative thoughts and will eventually end up sucking the sunshine out of even the cheeriest of human sunbeams – you!

Instead, steer clear of these conversations and focus on discussing positive things like how strong your last downward-dog was or the tough targets that you’ve been smashing at work.

Be kind to your body

We all enjoy indulging from time to time, and doing so is a really great way to boost your confidence and make sure that you appreciate your body. Whether it’s getting a massage, enjoying a facial or simply taking some time out to rest, respecting your body and listening to what it needs will help you to feel better and happier in general.

Make room for exercise and a healthy diet

A bagful of takeaway Maccy D’s can make anyone feel happy for a short while, but the joy is short-lived and tends to be followed by feelings of regret and promises to do better. (Been there, done that.)

As dull as it sounds, healthy food can be really tasty – just ask our FD Sophie, who’s recipes gets copied time and time again. If it looks and tastes great, who cares if it’s healthy! :p

We’re not gym-bunnies by any means, but even we’ve worked out (post-Prosecco haze, it must be said) that regular exercise makes us feel better – and this will probably work for you too.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean hours sweating away in a gym, it can be a brisk walk in fresh air or a swim at the local leisure centre. An activity you enjoy that’ll get the blood pumping for around 30 minutes works really well (ahem…we’ll delicately throw in another suggestion here: sex is excellent for getting the pulses racing!).

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy & Exciting New Year!