Sex Toy Favourites This Week

One of the nice things about coming in to work at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium on a Monday is seeing what’s sold well over the weekend. so we’re looking at what are the sex toy favorites amongst our customers this week…

It’s always something different – sometimes a brand-new toy that’s been talked about in the papers or on the telly, and sometimes a well-loved favourite. There are some goodies that we just know will always sell fast, so we always have a good supply of them in stock, but occasionally, we’re suprised by what’s caught our customers’ imagination over the weekend. It’s the variation that makes life at Sh! HQ so busy and fun, and no two days are ever the same.

So, here’s what’s hot this sunny Monday – three faithful Sh! sex toy favourites have been selling very well this weekend, so we thought we’d share! If you bought one, you’re clearly in the know…if you didn’t, why wait?

The Silencer
A classic vibe, on the generous side size-wise and with a uniquely throbby vibration. The Silencer also boasts delightfully curvy sides for extra stimulation. Not quiet as quiet as the name implies, perhaps, but well worth trying – just turn the music up and away you go!

The Climax Bunny
Back on our shelves after a long absence, the Climax Bunny is the Rabbit Vibe that’s all rabbit! For those who just love the perfectly focussed clit stimulating bunny ears, the Climax Bunny is the toy to try!

Strap On Kits
Sh’s fantastic quality Strap On Kits all includes a strap-on harness, a dildo, some luscious Lush Lube, and assorted condoms, all presented in a classy gift box for the perfect pressie! From the number we’ve sold this weekend, we reckon there’ll be some very happy birthday girlz and boys out there!

So that’s just one Monday on the bustling Mail-Order desk, checking out what our customers are into this week. It’s nearly home-time for us, but keep the orders coming – we’d love to have another busy day tomorrow!

Nine of the best! Sex Toys that Stole the Show in ’09

No, not a post on spanking (though we will get round to it, don’t worry!) but an update on the Sh! Girlz’ favourite new sex toys of the past year.

2009 has been quite a year for innovations in the world of sex toys. We’ve seen the introduction of a wind-up eco-friendly vibrator, the glass dildo has come of age, and a vibe that remembers your favourite moves, so we just had to write a little bit about nine of the best!

4-Us Couples' Vibrator
4 us Couples Vibrator

9. The 4-Us Couple’s Vibrator

From creative sex toy designers, Rocks Off, this sexy silicone ring coupled with a very powerful bullet vibratormakes the innovative 4-Us, a fab vibrator for couples to enjoy togther.  It’s designed to give the base of his penis a pleasing squeeze – and the vibrations will really stimulate his most sensitive bits! The 4-Us also provides her clit some very focussed buzzing during penetrative sex. As the bullet is easily removable, the 4-Us also makes it a very stimulating  a clit vibe 4-Her alone!

Hands Free Vibrator
Look Ma! No Hands!

8. The Snugglepuss

A top seller ever since this year’s amazing Brighton Pride. the SnugglePuss is a completely hands-free vibrator, with the buzz being activated by the moves you make which provides an unpredictable but totally trilling experience.

The kitten ears tease and tantalise the clit, which the curvy body of the toy gives some great G-spot action … the Sh! Girlz have reports that this is an amazing toy to wear when out dancing – You shake it girl!

Don Wands Sweetheart Glass Dildo
A Glass Dildo for your Sweetheart

7. Don Wands Sweetheart Glass Dildo

Glass dildos have really come of age this year.

The Sweetheart is just one of Don Wands’ beautiful glass toys – and we found they were very popular around Valentines’ Day!

With a smooth, solid body, a curvy head, and a delicate design of little love-hearts all over, the Sweetheart is a really lovely gift.

Betterr than Chocolate Vibrator
A Vibrator thats better than choc!

6. Nomi Tang’s Better Than Chocolate Vibrator

This is so new the tester’s report still isn’t in, but we think this luxury vibrator is seriously sexy, plus it offers truly unique sensations.

The Better Than Chocolate Vibrator is a smooth, sensuous toy with a really luscious buzz – plus a revolutionary control which works just like an iPod.

The One-Touch panel can be used to switch to a different setting, speed up, slow down – all with a single touch!


The best Rabbit bar none!
The best Rabbit bar none!

5. Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

Classic Rabbit Vibrator got upgraded this year when we started stocking the Rabbit Pearl Vibrator . This is THE original sex in the city vibrator from top vibrator designers Vibratex, who manufacture high quality toys using top notch materials and motors.

Whilst universally loved, many rabbit vibrators are are cheaply made and naffly packaged, but not this one. With the separate battery pack that gives you perfect control, fully variable speeds, and a sexy, safe elastomer surface, what’s not to love?

Fun Factory Boss
Fun Factory Boss

4. The Boss Vibrator.

A little bit of a departure for the Sh! Girlz, who don’t tend to carry ‘realistic’ toys, the Boss was too gorgeous to resist.  ThisFun Factory vibrator is part of the brilliant Booster range.  The Boss has a super-smooth, velvety texture, in Fun Factory’s trademark high-quality silicone. The curvy head, which allows for powerful G-spot pleasure, is a sure bet for a whole lot of thrills, as it the eight-speeds, three-pulsations vibration, all at the touch of a button – plus the extra special Booster button, which turns the buzz right up to maximum!

The Earth Angel Vibe
Earth Angel Vibrator

3. The Earth Angel

The Earth Angel vibrator is a real green find – wind it up for four minutes and it will vibrate for half an hour. It’s also entirely recyclable (though we can’t see why you’d want to part with it!). Made of smooth, sleek plastic, with four speeds, the Earth Angel is the vibrator of the future!


Sasi Vibrator
Sasi Vibrator

2. Sasi Vibrator from Je Joue
Oh wow – an intelligent vibrator? One that can remember the moves you love, and make them over and over again? One with fifty different moves to choose from, and a whole range of vibration? Well, we thought it was too good to be true too, but it isn’t – it’s the amazing Sasi vibratorfrom Je Joue.

Look out for more great toys from Je Joue in 2010!

Lelo Ina Vibrator
Lelo Ina

1. Lelo Ina
The Lelo Ina, brand new to the Sh! range, is a dual pleasure toy with a difference!

Ina has a clit-stimulator with deliciously quirky clit and G-spot vibes…you can have alternate, one or the other, and both at once providing giddy delight to either and both pleasure spots.

With the same silky smooth surface and perfect elegance of every other Lelo vibrator – the Ina is a vibrator that demands and gives adoration!

So, that’s our top toys of 2009 – we’re looking forward to bringing you the very best in sex toys next year.

Hope all our readers have a Happy, Hot New Year, and we’ll be back in 2010!