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Beginners Guide to Anal Beads – How to Use & Enjoy Them to the Max!

Anal Beads, along with butt plugs, are one of the most popular anal sex toys for beginners. They also having a large fan-base among more experienced anal-players, who enjoy the unique sensations they deliver. Anal beads, sometimes known as Thai Beads,  are a string of bead-shape balls, either completely round, or elongated,  which usually start small … Continue reading Beginners Guide to Anal Beads – How to Use & Enjoy Them to the Max!

How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

Whether a sex-toy virgin, looking for a first vibrator or budding sexpert seeking new toys, the most important thing to think about, when choosing a sex toy, is what you want to get out of your toy. Ask yourself; What is the main type of pleasure I want from my sex toy ? It’s easy to get boggled or … Continue reading How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

First Sex Toy Recommendations

Looking forward to purchasing your very first sex toy, but bewildered by vast amount of shapes, sizes and materials?  Or perhaps looking for something to share with a partner who’s never played with toys before? Sex toy shopping can be daunting, as well as very exciting. In order to make it as easy as possible, we’ve put together … Continue reading First Sex Toy Recommendations

Does the G-Spot Really Exist?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the G-Spot, so we decided to take an expert look at a few of the most frequently asked questions. I heard the G-Spot doesn’t exist. Back in January 2012, the media declared that the G-Spot doesn’t exist, based on a study done by scientists at King’s College in London. The study in … Continue reading Does the G-Spot Really Exist?