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How to Use a Butt Plug

A Butt Plug is an anal sex toy which is  designed to be ‘worn’ rather than moved in-and-out. It provides the wearer with a continual feeling of fullness, pressure and arousing awareness of the area. The nerves that surround the anus are super sensitive and a butt plug also offers constant stimulation to them. Butt … Continue reading How to Use a Butt Plug

Lube for Anal Sex

The lowdown on the best lubes for anal play… Using lube for anal sex is crucial as the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication of its own. Lube protects anal tissues which are more delicate and easily torn than those of the vagina. Using lots of lube during every kinds of anal play is absolutely … Continue reading Lube for Anal Sex

Q&A: Best Toy for Anal Sex: Butt Plug or Dildo?

Dear Sh! Please could you give me some advice on which is best toy for anal sex – a  butt plug or a dildo? I’m kind of new to all this and would appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance… Alex   Hi Alex, So, choosing the right kind of sex toy for anal play depends … Continue reading Q&A: Best Toy for Anal Sex: Butt Plug or Dildo?