Q&A  Travelling with Vibrator – Airport Security!

Q&A Travelling with Vibrator – Airport Security!

Dear Sh!

I recently purchased two of your items  (the Discreet Vibrator and the Easy Egg Vibe); I will be returning to the USA in June and was wondering …

How I should go about packing the vibrators in my luggage, especially for screening at the Airport?

I have been looking up different sources and some say pack your sex toys in carry-on, others say pack in checked luggage. Either way, I just want the safest means of transportation of the vibes as possible without having them get scanned at Security Check point or worse, taken from me.


Sh! Easy Egg
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Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch and what a good question! We had to do a bit of research ourselves to answer it. We found out that there is something to say for both options.

Packing your vibrator or sex toy in checked baggage

If you choose to travel with your vibrators packed in your checked-in luggage, we would recommend that, first of all,  you take the batteries (if there are any) out of your toys. You don’t want them to suddenly start buzzing as they go through the scanner and the Security Guards thinking they’re a bomb, rather than innocent little toys!

When airport security removes a vibrator, it’s typically because they don’t know what it is, so it’s a good idea to pack your vibrators in  a way that makes them easily identifiable.

We recommend packing your vibrators in a see-through bag
with a little note identifying what they are.

Alternatively, if you still have the original packaging,  pack your toys in that.

airport security notice

Taking your vibrator or sex toy in hand-baggage

If you choose to take your vibrators on the plane, in carry-on luggage, check  any restrictions on items for air travel with your flight company.

The US Travel Security Administration is a good yardstick for which rules will apply for luggage items in general. The TSA states that “tools” with a length of 7 inches (about 17cm) are suitable for carry-on luggage. As you’re travelling with petite vibes, you should be fine!

In the rare case your baggage does get searched, you don’t want one of the TSA’s gloved goons groping your personal playthings, so again,  pack your toys in clear plastic bags.

On top of being a sanitary storage option during travel, see-through bags allow security agents to easily identify your sex toys as the harmless electronic devices they are!

In worse case scenario, if your carry-on baggage DID get stopped and an airport security agent asks ‘what’s in your bag?’ or for you to explain unidentifiable items on the x-ray display; tell it to them straight.

This will save you being pulled aside for further questioning and
perhaps also avoid them having to rummage through your bag.

Embarrassment is really a non-factor because these people handle thousands of articles every day; your sex toy won’t even qualify for tea-break gossip! 🙂

Given that NOT loosing your toys or having them confiscated is your highest priority,  we recommend packing your vibrators  in your hand luggage (take the batteries out!) and carrying them with you onto the plane.

Airport security agents have seen thousands of vibrators coming through security scanners, so there shouldn’t be
any issue. If they DO have any questions, you’re on hand to explain, which will put the risk of losing them very low.

If you put the vibrators in  checked-in luggage there’s always a risk that security remove them from your luggage, if they can’t identify them as vibrators.

Carry-on or checked, they will be scanned, so you can’t escape that 🙁

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us advice@sh-womenstore.com

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