Your Stomach is an Erogenous zone

Many people are unawares of the sexiness of the stomach. When massaged and stroked slowly and deeply, the stomach can offer wonderful pleasure. Here’s how to release the powerful energy that is stored within the erogenous zone of your or your partner’s stomach.

A Woman’s Stomach is an Erogenous Zone

Erogenous zones are areas of the human body rich in nerve endings that can transfer far more sensation when stimulated than the rest of the body. The skin is our largest sexual organ, packed full of nerve endings attached to one another in intricate ways, so spending time on the sexy erogenous zone that is a woman’s stomach makes a lot of sense.

Her belly button is a hugely erotic point: gentle tickling here offers very sensual sensations radiating out from the naval and downwards. The stomach is most sensitive just under the belly button, around two inches below it. Every touch of your lips, tongue or fingers there will helpfully rouse hot sensations in the nether regions, as well as relax muscles.

Press Firmly on Stomach to Stimulate G-Spot

Run your hands all over her stomach, from ribs down to pelvic bones. Using your fingertips, gently tease by circling from the hip bone to the top of the pubic area. Slow, soft licks and kisses down her stomach will lead you to on to other areas that also love stimulation. Firmly pressing underneath her bellybutton with the heel of your hand is a good way to externally stimulate her G-Spot during sex.

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Sexy Stomach Show

Using her favourite vibrator over her stomach area can really help relax her, especially if it’s *that* time of the month. Set the vibrations to a heavy throb rather than a high pitched buzz, and soothe away. Although you are concentrating your efforts on her stomach, the clever nerve endings will ensure it’s her vulva and vagina that feel it. Also, how about this: put on a show and let your partner watch you massage your own stomach with the vibe – it’s very sexy!

Belly Massaging can Increase Libido

On the emotional side, belly massaging and worshipping increases the libido and has helped women to overcome self-esteem issues and regain healthy feelings of sensuality and sexuality.

Good News: Dame Helen Mirren was voted as having one of the sexiest celebrity stomachs in the world, according to a survey done in 2008. At 60+ years, Dame Helen has one of the most fabulous stomachs around – so tummies clearly mature with age!




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