Silicone Lube Lowdown

Silicone (sometimes spelled silicon) lubricant is very long lasting and doesn’t dry out – there’s none of the gloopyness or sticky residue that you can get with some water-based lube.


Lush Silicone Lube £10

Silicone lube fees like light baby oil* but with one difference; is is safe to use with condoms.

( *never raid your bathroom cabinet for added lubrication – many products contain mineral-based oil which will upset the delicate balance of the vagina)

A little goes a long way; a few drops is all you need, which is why silicone is a  good lube-choice when super lubrication is required: anal sex, shower/bath/jacuzzi sex (thou’ the oiliness of silicone can make surfaces slippery so be careful not to slip!) and marathon sex sessions.

If you’re looking for a lube to play with sex toys (and you should, because lube makes all sex toy play even better!) don’t choose silicone lube for a  silicone toy as, over time,  it can damage the surface of your sex toy.

Silicone lube  can be difficult to wash off, whether from your body, clothing or bedding – this is not a lubricant for squirting with abandon!



There’s lots of conflicting opinion on whether a silicone lube is a good choice for an “everyday” vaginal lubricant.

Some say it’s actually better than a water-based lubricant as it won’t typically cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation, whereas ingredients in some water-based lubricant (ie parabens or glycerin) can cause allergic reactions/create a haven for yeast infections.

[NB: We stock our own water-based paraben-free lube]


But here’s the thing:

Because silicone is water-resistant, this lubricant won’t flush out of the body as easily or quickly as a water-based lubricant.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ; coat it in oil (albeit a safe one) and surely this will inhibit its ability to self-cleanse and keep itself healthy?

Some of Team Sh! love silicone lube, some don’t and we’re in a bit of a quandary about how best to advise around using silicone lube as an everyday lube.

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