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Sh! have some very exciting things in the pipeline!

Following our crowd-funding campaign (launch mid-Sept) we’re creating an App. We are going to be running customer research workshops over the coming months, to get feedback from all types of Sh! customers, to help us build the best app for you! Interested in joining? Please fill in the below form…

If you attend one of the sessions, we will give you a £20 Sh! Voucher to say thank you for your time and feedback.

We’re Crowdfunding Soon!

We’re Crowdfunding Soon!

We are launching an equity crowdfund campaign in September 2019 and would love your investment (of whatever size!) to help us achieve the next exciting chapter in the Sh! story.


The trusted advice, welcoming, inclusive environment and fun, fearless nature of Sh!, creatively communicated, so people worldwide can seamlessly access the Sh! experience and be empowered by their own sensual wellbeing journey (minimum viable product stage).


Curated and commissioned short-form audio content centered around, and celebrating female pleasure.


A place for coffee and cake, creativity and community. Meet for a cuppa, stay for a book launch, a cabaret or a panel of inspiring speakers… The vibrant environment will give visitors a landmark place to gather.


Our 27 years of knowledge expertly molded into a range of courses, covering all aspects of sensual wellbeing and women’s health.


Playful, celebratory events, tailored to fit the occasion, and the attendees’ sexuality and gender orientation.


Corporate workshops on wellbeing, equality, consent, sexuality and gender rights.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not committing to anything at this stage, but knowing the level of your interest will help us track progress.

We will send you a special code, which will allow you to invest during the closed ‘Friends & Family’ period, before our campaign goes public

If you would like to learn more about our plans, please come to one of our BITESIZE PITCHES

Alternatively, email with any questions or to request an individual presentation.

Sh! is a pioneering brand dedicated to female pleasure and is on a mission to help women, and those that love them, to discover their true sexual selves, whatever their age, sexuality, health or relationship status.

Understanding that a healthy sexuality is key to self-esteem, well-bein, and happiness, we passionately believe that women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire and their bodies, free from pressure and stereotypes.

By providing tailored advice, unique pleasure-enhancing products, trusted information, fun and inspiring classes, Sh! is a safe haven where honest conversations about sexual well-being are encouraged within a comfortable and judgment-free environment.

Sh!’s vision has been supported by over half a million customers, healthcare professionals and like-minded educators in sexuality and sex-positivity (along with the occasional prime minister’s wife, A-List Hollywood actress and Michelin Star chef!).

Crowdfunding is a way for people,  and businesses to raise money.
It works through a community of individuals or organisations who invest in a crowdfunding project in return for a potential profit or reward, such as shares in the company. Crowdfunding is accessible to all with the ability to invest from as little as £100 up to £100,000+.

Seedrs is the online platform Sh! has chosen to crowdfund with. The leading equity crowdfunding in the UK & the 1st to be authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Seedrs enables all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success.

Their ground-breaking secondary market gives investors the opportunity to convert investments into returns or buy more shares outside of funding rounds.

You will need to register on Seedrs in order to invest in Sh!

This new phase of our journey has been awarded EIS Advance assurance approval from HMRC.

EIS is a generous tax relief scheme created to encourage investment into new growth businesses. You must be a UK taxpayer, buying brand new shares and hold them for 3+ years to qualify. You can’t be connected to the business (or be immediate family members ), nor invest more than £1M into the scheme in any 1 year.

Briefly, below are the major benefits for investors, but you can read more, with examples, by clicking here.

30% Tax Relief

An investment of £10k can save you £3k in income tax. £1k investment = £300 tax relief, and so on…


Say your £10k investment triples over 3 years and is now worth £30k, which you’d like to sell. There’s no tax to pay on the £20k gain


Generally, 100% Inheritance Tax relief can be claimed after EIS shares have been held for 2+ years.


If you lose money on your investment. you can claim loss relief, equivalent to the highest rate of income tax you pay.

Sh! was established in 1992, borne out of founder Ky Hoyle’s nightmarish failed attempt to buy a vibrator and a drive to make a change that female sexuality should no longer be ignored. Sh! has since grown into a multi award-winning brand dedicated to women’s sexual wellbeing, revolutionising the UK’s sex toy industry and leading a seachange in attitudes towards female sexuality.

Twenty seven years ago I went shopping for a toy. As a young, liberated woman I believed it was my right to explore my sexuality, but I found that wasn’t the case. Everywhere I visited was about all male gaze, fantasy, and pleasure. There was nowhere I felt comfortable, so I stomped home, determined to make a change… A couple of months later, with just £700, I opened Sh!, the UK’s 1st ever ‘women’s sex shop’ to the press’s astonishment and the collective relief of women everywhere

They came from all over London, of course, but also all from over the UK. Visitors from Bradford to Brighton, and everywhere in between, making special day trips to Sh!  We’d see worldwide visitors too. From Sweden to Saudi Arabia, a trip to Sh! breezily or bravely weaved into holiday itineraries.

The story is still the same. Singularly, with their friends or with their partners, women seek us out. Why? Because, from Day 1 to today, our mission is to do things differently – we do everything differently!

We put female gaze and female pleasure at the fore. Without stereotype or assumptions. From the simple act of offering tea to the intensive, expert training of our team, we actively work to create a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages exploration, curiosity, and questions.

Sh! is a place for intimate, honest conversations. We recognise that sex makes us ALL feel naked (and not just in the physical sense!) and that it’s intertwined with vulnerability, insecurity, taboos, and even shame. Of course, Sh! is all about the fun aspects; the playfulness, the pleasure, and the orgasms!

But we acknowledge there can difficult issues too; For things like painful sex, which can affect 1 in 10 women, we created user-friendly products for vaginismus, which are highly rated against the NHS alternatives by clients & Sex Therapists alike.

Long before the #metoo movement, and because we were shocked to learn that nothing existed to help, we co-founded Café V, a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to talk about enjoying sex again, reclaiming their bodies and pleasurable sexuality.

We treat ALL sexualities as equal. From day 1, long before equal marriage rights and shock-free same-sex storylines in Soaps, the LGBTQ community has been a strong, visible and proud part of our world. But sexuality equality isn’t just about ‘alternative’ relationships. Older women, women of colour, women of size or with disabilities, and a myriad of others who don’t fit the young, slim and western ‘ideal’ are often invisible, stereotyped or ridiculed.

At Sh! we believe it is every woman’s right to explore and to own their own sexuality and recognise that sexual wellness is a vital part of overall health for everybody. We’ve fostered links with the NHS, Oncology departments, Sexual Health, Menopause, HIV & FGM charities as well as individual Dr’s , health professionals & therapists, who often send their clients to us, because they know they are in safe hands.

So, apart from wanting to change the world, why do we do what we do? Because every visit to Sh! is an empowering, liberating experience.  And, in a world that tells us not to talk about real experiences and instead works to create silence, hype or wild misconceptions around sex and pleasure, we are continually inspired by those who trust us with intimate conversation and insights into this most personal area of their lives.

‘Fabulous, honest, kind advice; it was like speaking
with a very close friend…’
(Trust Pilot Reviews  May 2019)

Imagine making what happens at Sh! accessible globally to all women, and those that love them?

We have, and this is why we are crowd-funding.

We want to make our online presence as uniquely consultative and experiential as it is instore; advice in every format, specialist guidance from healthcare professionals; empowering pieces from award-winning journalists and authors…

We also want to expand our classes into an academy and deliver a program of education covering every sensual topic, tailored for everybody; from newbies to sex educators.

And expand our space and make Sh! a destination for coffee, cake and inspiring, empowering events, that can also be accessed online.

As an Investor, you’ll own a piece of Sh! (not only a piece of pioneering history but a unique company, full of integrity and huge potential) and you’ll also be investing in female empowerment, sensual liberation and helping to build legacy for future generations – with so much sex misinformation and so many teens learning from porn flooding internet, it’s never been so needed!

I hope you will join us in our vision and journey.


DIVA 2019

And the DIVA Choice Award Goes to…

“Tonight’s DIVA Choice Award goes to a committed explorer of the senses.

Back in the days when the concept of “Sexual Wellness” was just a glint in Gwyneth Paltrow’s eye, tonight’s winner was toiling away at the coal face of female sexual pleasure.

Indeed, come the second sexual revolution, (not too far off now thanks to this mystery woman) when Queen Megan is handing out awards for Distinguished Services to Strap Ons, tonight’s visionary will be at the head of the queue.

This Yorkshire pioneer and maverick (she didn’t go to business school; she went to art school) opened the UK’s first ever female-focused erotic store in 1992. She’s spent a day in Soho looking for inspiration in the sex shops of the time, but the landscape was sleazy and male-focused.

High points include introducing the women of Britain to the Jessica Rabbit vibrator, setting up Café V, the UK’s first support group to help sexual violence survivors reconnect with their bodies and working with the NHS to bridge the gap between sexuality and overall health.

Established on an investment of £700 and originally specializing in sexy yet comfortable strap-on harnesses and gender-free silicone dildos, her business has grown into a multi award-winning brand dedicated to women’s bodily enjoyment and has created a sea change in attitudes towards honest female sexuality.

27 years ago, tonight’s winner was seen by a lot of the mainstream media as the pervy weirdo lesbian who ran THAT East End sex shop. But she stuck to her beliefs and those beliefs have borne fruit. She has become one of the UK’s leading exponents of sex-positive feminism and has brought orgasms and succor (and the new wave of clitoral suction sex toys) to thousands of women.

The struggle to point out that female sexual pleasure is a right and not an indulgence is on-going. But this powerhouse continues to push boundaries, spreading her message passionately on TV, radio and panels around the world.

The winner of tonight’s DIVA Choice Award is the founder and managing director of Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, Ky Hoyle!”
Victoria Broom, Stephanie Theobald, Ky Hoyle, Rachel Shelley
Getty Images

The transcribed introduction above was given by none other than Stephanie Theobald, a journalist at Guardian & Sunday Times, and author of Big Clit Energy memoir Sex Drive.

About the DIVA Awards

Diva, the leading monthly mag for lesbians and bisexual women hosted its annual Award ceremony at Waldorf Hilton on Friday 7th of June. The Awards, hosted by Rachel Shelley and Victoria Broom, honour those who help make a difference to the lives of lesbians, bisexual women, and trans people.

“The DIVA Awards is a fantastic event that honours those who are committed to raising awareness for the lesbian, bisexual and trans community. We’re proud of everyone who won big tonight and all those on the shortlist – each and every one of them make a difference to the LGBTQI+ community.”

Linda Riley, founder of DIVA Awards

There were plenty of celebrities at this year’s fancy bash, and there may even have been some fan-girling involved when the team got to meet Sinitta (no introductions needed!) and London-based singer & song-writer Ronnie-Martine

Gentleman Jack star Suranne Jones *swoon* presented Bake Off host & TV presenter Sandi Toksvig with a shiny gong for her advocacy on behalf of the lesbian, bisexual and trans community.

Loose Woman and proud mama Denise Welch collected the Ally of the Year award on behalf of her son Matty Healy, singer of 1975, who is a vocal and high profile supporter of LGBT+ equality.

Other winners included chef and activist Jack Monroe and outgoing Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt.

Victoria Broom, Ky Hoyle, Sandi Toksvig, Suranne Jones, Rachel Shelley
Sh! Image
Ky Hoyle Sans Award
Getty Images

A Win For One Is A Win For All

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of badasses cheering her on and at the forefront of the Sh! badass tribe is Sophie Walters, Ky’s business partner and co-owner of Sh! (aka Financial Director & Chief Purse Strings Holder)

A business doesn’t run itself (though sometime we wish it did!) and Sophie has provided magnificently strong shoulders (arms, legs and whatever else may be needed) in shifting heaven, earth & heavy boxes to support Ky’s vision for the li’l slice of heaven that is Sh!

Not usually one for late nights out on the town, our Sophie made an exception for the DIVA Awards and not only did she look dapper AF for the occasion, but rumour also has it that she thoroughly enjoyed the fine wine and good food on offer at Hilton Waldorf. 🙂 Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to convince her to join us for fun nights out a bit more regularly after this!

Sh! FD Sophie Walters looking Dapper AF
Sh! Image

Diva Awards 2019 – Full list of winners here.
Promo Video at Sh!

We’re Looking for You!

We are calling out to all those in the Sh! community who’d be willing to feature in short 3 minute film which will take our blossoming brand to the next exciting step.

To do this authentically and with inclusivity,  we need YOU, our wonderfully diverse Sh! customers and allies, to be involved…


Directed by award-winning filmmaker CampbellX (right)  the video will feature interviews with individuals and couples, of all ages and sexualities, talking about how Sh! has affected them.

We’re also looking for diverse couples and singles to feature in non-speaking roles for beautiful, non-identifiable shots of sensual closeness (no nudity involved).

Filming, which will take place in Hoxton, London sometime between 13-15 December, will be fun and non-pressured (just like Sh!).
If you’d like to show your support and feature in our short film, promo video, please email me giving a small introduction of who you are and why you’d like to be involved:
Ky Sh! MD
With Thanks
Ky Hoyle
Founder & MD

Sex & The Politics of Pleasure at Bloomsbury Festival 2018

Ky Hoyle, founder & MD of Sh! Erotic Emporium, the first female-focused sex shop in the UK, curates a rousing conversation around sex and the politics of pleasure with other sex-positive pioneers looking to inspire and empower women to find their true sexual selves.

Panel Curator:

Ky Hoyle, Founder & MD of Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

Creator, founder, all round head girl and sexual retail pioneer of Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium; the UK’s first and only multi-award winning sex shop for women. Regularly invited to speak at events including International Women’s Day, Women of the World (Spotlight Debate Special exploring sex and sexuality), GenPol and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation conference ‘Can education stop abuse?’. Currently working on her memoir.

Twitter: @MD_ShWomenstore | IG: @kyhoyle1 |

Special Guests:

Nichi Hodgson, Author & Award-winning Journalist

Author, broadcaster, and journalist living in London. She regularly contributes to the Guardian, the BBC, and Sky News on civil liberties and censorship issues, gender politic, and love & dating. From court-reporting obscenity trials to interrogating the adult industry, Nichi makes frequent appearances in radio and TV documentaries and debates on sexuality and society, and recent documentaries for the BBC include ‘Being Bisexual’ for the BBC World Service, and ‘Can Porn Be Ethical?’ for BBC Radio 4.

Her first book, ‘Bound To You’ is a real-life 50 Shades memoir, and her latest book, ‘The Curious History of Dating, from Jane Austen to Tinder’ is out now in hardback and on Audible.

Twitter: @NichiHodgson  |  IG: @NichiHodgson  |

Stephanie Theobald, Author & Journalist for Guardian, Elle, Sunday Times

Novelist, journalist and broadcaster known for her playful and thoughtful work around sexuality and feminism. She writes regularly for the Guardian, the Sunday Times, and Elle and is the author of four novels. Her new memoir is called Sex Drive: On The Road To A Pleasure Revolution. Oscar-winning actress and writer, Emma Thompson has urged the curious to, “Read it and quiver.” She lives between London and Los Angeles.

Twitter: @stephotheo  |  IG: @dvdobald  |

Reeta Loi, Writer, Musician & DJ, Columnist at Diva Magazine, CEO Gaysians

Musician and DJ aka LOIAL. She is CEO of Gaysians (, the UK alliance of LGBT+ organisations supporting the South Asian community. She is a DIVA columnist, is writing her debut novel and has been selected by Penguin Random House as one of fifty writers to watch. She’s part of the UK Black Pride team, a Forbes 100 woman founder and in 2018 ranked in the Guardian Pride Power List.

Twitter: @r_e_e_t_a_  |  IG: @reetaloi  |

Nimco Ali, Co-founder of Daughters of Eve

A feminist, anti-FGM campaigner and professional over-sharer. She has spoken at events, including Women of the World, The Girl Summit, and the UN Commission on the Status of Women. She has also won numerous awards, including being named one of the Cosmopolitan’s Woman of the Year 2010, BBC’s 100 Women of 2013, Red magazine Woman of the Year 2014 and 6th on the Woman’s Hour Power List 2014. Most recently she was named by The Sunday Times as one of Debrett’s 500 most influential people in Britain. She continues to campaign against the practice of FGM and for women’s issues and currently works for the Women’s Equality Party and as an independent adviser on a number of government and non-government bodies.

Twitter: @NimkoAli  |  IG: @nimkoali

When:  – 

Where: Conway Hall

Tickets: Tickets are free but we strongly advise pre-booking.
Halloween Spooktacular at Sh!

Spooktacular Halloween Special

BOO! You are Invited to a Special Spooktacular Evening at Sh!

This is a FREE Invite-Only Event

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Gather all ye your friends and fiends
Because you know what Halloween means?
It’s the darkest, sexiest night of the year!
A night when thrills shift up a gear
A witching hour when anything goes…
A night for your naughtiest clothes
We have treats & tricks galore, in store
Playthings to tantalise yourself or your amour
Toys to bring out inner beasts and neck-biting passion
Because blood-stiring passion is always in fashion
‘La petite mort’ – the orgasmic rush
So come, come one and all, to Spooktacular Sh!

Start your you Halloween shenanigans with a visit to Sh!
and we’ll treat you to:

15% off purchases on the evening


Sweet treats

Tarot card & rune readings by Madame Vulva


This is a FREE Invite-Only Event

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Loyalty CardNo problem.

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 Happy Halloween!

VACANCY: Part Time Web Sales Operative

We are currently looking for an organised and cheerful person to join the Sh! HQ Operations Team.

Job Title: Part Time Sh! Web Sales Operative & Operations

Hours: Monday – Friday / 27hrs per week

Based at Sh! HQ, 374 Station Road, London E7 0AB

Purpose of Job: Processing mail order sales and support the day to day running of the Operations within the business, so as to maintain and develop sales in accordance with agreed business plans and ethos.


  • Good command of English language, both written & spoken
  • Excellent phone manner
  • Excellent  attention to detail
  • Excellent customer care skills

The role also involves seeing in deliveries, packing products & stock checking.

Please email your CV + Cover Letter to

Wrapped with love


Win a Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe – Worth £129!

A new month and a new fantastic competition with a prize that’ll make your toes curl:

Meet Womanizer 2Go!

As far as orgasms go, initial testing showed that an impressive 98% of women reached climax in less than 5 minutes when using the Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe. This is far beyond any other sex toy-testing stats we know of, but we can well believe it – air suction toys haven’t been out on the market for all that long, but they have created a panty-flapping stir for sure.

We have one of these fantastic toys to give away and YOU could WIN it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Womanizer 2Go is part of brand new sex tech for women – toys that don’t necessarily make contact with the super-sensitive clitoris but still manages to bring on orgasms strong enough to wake the neighbourhood!

The magic behind Womanizer 2Go is air suction; a gentle vacuum that sucks and thrills the 8000 nerve-endings on the clitoris. Some say it feels akin to a really great oral sex session, others say it’s indescribable. Either way, everyone agrees it’s marvellous!

Key Features of Womanizer 2GO

  • Sophisticated clitoral suction vibe with 6 levels of intensity
  • 100% waterproof for fun pleasure sessions in the bath or shower
  • USB rechargeable and made from body-safe material
  • Comes with 2 silicone nozzles for best fit over clit
  • 2 years guarantee


Suction toys are amazing tools for women who find it difficult to orgasm – the intense suction can help tip a temperamental clit into orgasmic bliss.

For women who like lots of pleasure (well – that’ll be most of us!), Womanizer 2Go can help you become multi-orgasmic. As it doesn’t directly touch the clit and over-stimulate it, many women find they can keep going and going and going…

The classy lipstick design makes this toy easy to store and perfect to take away on travels. Orgasms ‘2GO’ have never been easier 😉

Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

August is here and many of us have returned to work after a one or two precious weeks off. If you’re anything like us, your boss have probably already found you staring out at the British drizzle, daydreaming about sunny skies, hot sand and a jug of Sangria… Luckily we have a cool treat that’ll put a smile on someone’s (labia) lips: ice cream!

The cleverly-named I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator by Shiri Zinn is a super-cute vibe with 10 settings and a musical storage box (no, really!).

Worth £55, I-Scream could be all yours if you take a moment or two to enter our giveaway below…

Enter the I-Scream Ice Cream Vibe Competition here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Low-Down on I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator

10 pleasure patterns deliver throbby thrills in private places. Neck, nipples, inside of thighs, clit… Anywhere you like. Just add a drizzle of water-based lube and I-Scream will have you a-screaming with pleasure in no time!

Using the ball of ice cream will offer more diffused sensations, whereas using the tip of the cone offer pin-point pleasure. The waffle pattern offers interesting sensations and can be slid in between labia lips.

I-Scream is a USB rechargeable vibe, making it a perfect travelling buddy. Simply plug in, finish up that cocktail (or mocktail if you are a non-drinker) and you’re ready to go, go, go!

Good luck!


Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.


Assistant Store Manager – Join us at Sh!

Assistant Store Manager – Join us at Sh!

We’re looking for a  Assistant Store Manager  to join Team Sh!
This is a permanent, full-time position based at the Sh! Store London, working on a rota, including weekend and evenings (until 8.30pm)

Reporting to: Senior Store Manager


Key Responsibilities 
  • Increase sales whilst maintaining our 5 star service levels
  • Interview, train, develop and inspire the team
  • Supervise the  smooth running of the store.
  • Organise Team rota and Team Briefs
  • Create events and promotions to successfully increase footfall and conversions.

If you have a passion for selling , a fair for promotion and take 100% pride in delivering a customer service experience that goes above and beyond – Sh! needs YOU!

Feeling passionate about sex education is essential, as is taking an active role in our popular classes and events.

The role requires you to be able to communicate well and be fluent in English.  Ideally you will have proven retail experience working to KPI’s and surpassing targets. Previous supervisory experience is preferable and we’ll favour those with a genuine interest in women’s issues & sexuality.

If this is you , we love to hear from you!

What  we Offer

  • Competitive Salary + Bonus Scheme
  • 5.6 weeks annual leave (pro-rata)
  • Generous staff discount
  • Fabulous team spirit
  • A unique and inspiring environment that delivers lots of job satisfaction

This position has the potential to evolve and expand within the company and is a great opportunity for the right person.


Please email your CV, along with a covering letter outlining why you would make a valuable addition to Team Sh!