Review satisyer Pro2

Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro2

An absolute must for the ‘gal on the go.’ Zero to orgasm in about three minutes flat! The Satisfyer Pro2 is so quick and effective, everyone with a clitoris should own one.

It is really easy to use –   I can easily cope with just one button! The best thing is you don’t really have to do anything, just pop it on the clitoris and let it do its magic.

There are a few settings, each more stimulating than the last. At first I wasn’t so sure, it seemed a bit too intense and just tickled, then suddenly my thoughts of, ‘this isn’t going to work for me’ and ‘It is doing nothing, just tickling’ were over powered by one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, not only that but it made me squirt, for the first time ever! One of my lives ambitions completed!

satisfyer-clitoral-stmulator-fully-waterproofThe only downsides are that it looks a bit like a hairdryer for a doll and the fact that it is pretty noisy. You soon get over both of those things when you feel what it can do (just maybe wait for the flatmates to leave!).

Satisfyer Pro2 is fully waterproof and makes an excellent shower buddy.

For other exciting airwave-technology toys, check out Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Womanizer and Womanizer Pro W500.




Toy Review: Twizzler

Over time, toy testers become adept at judging toys by size, depth of vibration and volume; you can often deduce if a vibrator is going to hit the spot, so to speak, before it’s anywhere near your private parts.

When Sh! MD Ky handed me the Twizzler, I eyed it with suspicion. Bearing in mind I suspected it was going burn off my clit long before an orgasm was forthcoming, you might understand my hesitation – I’m quite fond of my jewel. It has served me well over the years.

Looking closer at the Twizzler, I was baffled. Dual stimulation toys I’m onboard with – but a peculiar, pink beret decorated with raised bumps where the rabbit ears should be… I wasn’t convinced the session was going to end well, but I took Twizzler home for a hesitant test drive.


A longer shaft, nice and firm with enough bend in it to keep it comfortable. A ridge placed mid-shaft offers pressure against the G-spot. It’s not too girthy, although I understand this is subjective. I’d say the widest part of the tip is just over two fingers wide and the body then slims down towards the part where the clitoral stimulator joins the shaft.

The clit stim is well-placed and the arm is very flexible – it can be pressed closer to the body during play, or you can gently move it to the side if direct stimulation feels a tad too much.

The design is ergonomic and Twizzler rests easy in the hand. The three buttons can be controlled with the press of a thumb, which is a bonus. The Twizzler is a rich, pink colour and whilst I know many *hate* pink sex toys, I think it’s a happy colour so thumbs up for that!

Made from hypoallergenic silicone, like most of my favourite toys, Twizzler is smooth to touch and very easy to keep clean. Just remember to gently remove the “buttons” and clean them too.

Vibration & Twizzlers

Twizzler offers a deep, rumbly vibration which works perfectly for me; high-pitched buzzing (bullet vibrators) does absolutely nothing for my spoilt muff. For women who are keen on experimenting with G-spot play, a deep vibration often works best. The vibration throbs its way around the whole genital area, and the G-spot tends to rise to the occasion.

With the vibration comes a certain level of noise, but nothing too annoying. I didn’t feel the need to turn on telly or music, and my neighbors haven’t complained so… 🙂

The Twizzler come with two soft “twizzlers”, or pleasure buttons. I found that my clit did not have a preference for the ridged Twizzler or the nobbly Twizzler – it was the motion rather than the textures that worked for me. In the end, I found that the Twizzlers were both so soft I doubt any irritation could possibly occur, despite my initial misgivings.


Well, yes – this is a category all of its own. The whole point of sex toys is pleasure!

Feeling worried about the swirling ‘button’ stimulator, I added a fair amount of water-based lube. And then a little more – just in case. I was about to start counting the seconds until my clit started smoking – in a bad way – when something odd happened… It felt…good… The button felt good! Nay, great! 

That was mighty unexpected, I tell ya.  From having feared the pink thing, I suddenly realised it was creating magic in my muffkin!

Scrolling between the various patterns (6), I worked out that a slight building wave motion with the Twizzler swirling back-and-forth worked best for me. There are five levels of intensity to choose from and I’m going to be honest: I set it to *powerful*. Might as well go out with a bang, right?!

The length of the shaft reaches in to stimulate the A-spot, located close to the cervix, the ridge presses against the G-spot and the pink beret twizzles & sizzles against the clit – the quality of that first test-drive orgasm was stunning! I wouldn’t be surprised to find out my eyes were rolling around in their sockets. 🙂


For £89 you get a fantastic dual stimulation-style vibe, rechargeable and waterproof + it comes with a 1 year warranty. Value for money, I’d say!

What the Twizzler taught me was that books (or vibes, in this case), should not be judged on their cover (design) – sometimes something really surprising comes along and you might miss out eye-popping pleasure just because it didn’t fit the standard mould at first glance…


Sex Toy Review: Demona Wave Vibe

It fell on me to take Demona Wave Vibrator home for a test drive – it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it, right? To be fair, I didn’t have much on and it seemed like a fun way of spending an evening.

Little did I know…

First things first: Demona Wave is USB rechargeable which is handy, especially if you like to charge your sex toys as you are working. Multitasking is a buzzword these days, and we all like to save time. Just plug the vibe in to a laptop or PC – easy! So full marks for that.

Material: Demona is covered in soft, strokeable silicone which is hypoallergenic, non-porous and a pip to keep clean. A good wash with antibacterial hand-wash and hot water is all it takes to keep Demon clean and germ-free. Again, full marks.

How can you put a price on an orgasm?

Style: Luxurious, definitely. But at a better price. At £86 (at point of writing), Demona Wave is much purse-friendlier that similar toys from Lelo, for example. I didn’t actually pay for this toy (nor did I steal it, in case you are wondering). No, it was given to me in exchange for a fair review. Still, £86 is very fair for what you are getting and I would pay full price for this vibrator.

Volume: Demona Wave packs a punch – a triple-whammy of pleasure – and for that, I can forgive the noise-factor.  The wave-motion does cause a whirr, there is no way around that. (Well, actually, there is a way around that: turn up the music or TV if you have thin walls or the noise irritates you.) It’s not too bad though: it’s not the noisiest toy I own, but nor is it the quietest. I doesn’t bother me too much, but I’m deducting a point for volume.

Design: Ergonomically curved and well-designed, Demona Wave follows the internal curve of a woman’s body. The shaft lays flat against the G-spot, and if you don’t believe in the G-spot, this vibrator might just change your mind… More about that later.

In use: The handle rests comfortably in your hand, and the 3-button interface is easy to use with only one hand.

I think this toy needs to be renamed; Demona doesn’t to it justice. It should be called ‘Nora’, as in “Bloody Nora!”


Being a dual stimulator, Demona has a shaft for internal pleasure, but also a small, soft clitoral stimulator that reaches over to tease the clitoris. It’s flexible, meaning it can be positioned where you want it for best stimulation. 8 different modes offer plenty of variety to suit all tastes. Personally I’m a bit too lazy to spend hours experimenting – I’m much likelier to opt for the setting I know will work wonders every single time.

If you choose to use Demona  as a standard vibrator without the wave-motion activated, you’ll find that the firm shaft presses against the G-spot area and deliver a deep, rumbly buzz that feels fantastic.

If you enjoy vibes that shake you to the bones, you got it!

Activate the wave-motion and you have a whole new party on your hands and in your pants: the shaft moves and presses against the G-spot area in slow, deliberate strokes. A friend said she thought the come-hither strokes looked far too slow to offer pleasure, but I disagree. The slowness gives you a chance to focus on each movement, inching you closer and closer to what you just know will be a crazy intense orgasm. Bliss!

If you are new to G-spot play and G-spot orgasms, this slow wave motion is a good way of finding out how it all works.  Clench your pelvic floor muscle in time with the internal waves and you might find yourself cresting much sooner than expected…

On first use, Demona Wave Vibe caused female ejaculation to happen – completely unexpected but much enjoyed!

As a non-regular ejaculator, this was a fun bonus that threw me a little bit. So, a word of warning – it could happen to you too. 😉

All in all, Demona quickly became one of my all-time favourite vibrators and comes highly recommended by my muffkin.

*Always use a good waterbased lube like Sh! Pure when using Demona Wave Vibrator.



UG Solo Play

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex

Here at Sh! Towers we receive boxes full of goodies every week, and whilst many of them are good – great, even – we are always on the lookout for something that truly stands out from the rest; that special book or toy that we just know will make a difference to women everywhere.

When The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex by Jenny Block arrived, I spotted it and immediately snatched it before anyone else got a look in – “I’ll read this one!”

All You Need to Know About Masturbation

Having just finished “O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm” by the same author, I was keen to see what lay in-between the black & white covers of this one – with a subtitle like all you need to know about masturbation, I was more than a little intrigued!

Jenny Block, a frequent contributor for a number of high-profile publications such as Huffington Post, Curve Magazine and Cosmopolitan, takes her job as a sex-positive ambassador for women’s pleasure seriously. Having attended one of the infamous BodySex workshops held by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross, she practices the self-pleasuring she preaches.

Whether you are happily single, coupld, monogamous or poly, Block has the very best advice on how to pleasure yourself masterfully.

Betty Dodson – “I Invented Masturbation”

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex has its foreword written by the doyenne of self-pleasure, Betty Dodson. Boldly stating “I invented masturbation“, Dodson started her now infamous masturbation classes for women in the 70’s and, through these, discovered exactly how magic the Magic Wand really is. Betty Dodson has single-handedly done more to break the taboo surrounding women’s solo pleasuring than the rest of the world’s sex-positive educators put together.

Block’s previous book O Wow”  explicitly shares how Betty Dodson helped her manipulate a barbell for an explosive orgasm in a group setting, whilst simultaneously cheering her on – such fantastic passion for the female orgasm must be saluted and celebrated!

(The fact that Betty Dodson’s name is glaringly misspelled on the cover of the Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex, well…)

Masturbation Is A Marvellous Thing

Whether by yourself or with a partner, masturbation is a marvellous thing. It teaches you about your body and what it likes, and dislikes, when it comes to sex. Pleasure is good for your skin, it relaxes you and it can help you sleep when you’ve spent far too many hours tossing and turning. The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex is a celebration of women’s self-pleasure, and it’s also a much needed guide to getting off.

I was thrilled to see some actual masturbation techniques in this book, as so many sex guides omit this (weird, right?). There may be a vague reference to gently touching oneself, but what women really want – and need – are explicit techniques that’ll get them off!

Part of Block’s research for the book included a masturbation survey, and speaking to women about their experiences of solo play. Real women, sharing real experiences. It’s liberating and sexy and fun and, sometimes, sad: staging an intervention with the local priest when you find your daughter indulging an a little self-love is never acceptable…

All You Need To Know About Getting Off

The participating women share stories of age of first fiddle (some as young as 3 or 4, others in their 20’s), where they prefer to play (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…) and how they like to play; laying on the front, lying on the back, sitting up, sitting astride, standing up… With fingers, or toys or other implements. Dressed or undressed. Short and sharp or long and slow – it’s all in there!

Realising that there are so many different ways of masturbating is mindblowing – there is so much to try!

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex is a great read for any woman who’s interested in exploring self-pleasure and the many (many!) different ways this can be enjoyed. And – as an extra bonus, there is a selection of delectable short erotic stories to get the juices flowing.

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Play by Jenny Block is £11.99 and available both in store and on our website.

“I was twelve years old and it felt like finding gold”


BWE15 Final

Book Review: Best Women’s Erotica 2015

We were delighted when our blushing postie delivered a a discreet parcel from Cleis Press last week – boxes from Cleis means one thing and one thing only: NEW BOOKS. Being the voracious readers that we are, we can never resist a brand new title; glossy covers and clean, unmarked pages… *sigh*  On this occasion, the generous guys & gals sent us a free copy of Best Women’s Erotica 2015 to review. This is the kind of homework we don’t mind!

Edited by award-winning editor and sex author Violet Blue, the Best Women’s Erotica anthologies are an annual treat; a selection of the most delectable stories for women.

Erotic and titillating, the books can be read from cover to cover, or if you prefer to savour your treats, you can dip in and out at your own speed.

Best Women's Erotica 2015Best Women’s Erotica 2015 offers 18 well-written stories by female authors.

In our humble opinion, we find that erotica written by female authors is much better – descriptions are better, sex scenes are hotter and vocabulary used is less crude and more…seductive. (We’re happy to be proved wrong though – male authors, feel free to send us copies of published works. We like a challenge!).

Violet Blue has put together a good mix of established authors and new names, which is always exciting.

Newly penned stories by favourite authors are always a treat, but we love finding out about new writers too.  One name we were unfamiliar with was Valerie Alexander, the author of the opening story.

Alexander’s offering, The Ghostwriter, had us salivating from page 1. The scenario starts off not unsimilar to a bestselling book we’re sure you’ve heard of. A handsome, financial genius with a slightly dominant, menacing charisma  meets submissive young woman (no prizes for guessing which book we’re hinting at), but read on and you’ll find yourself deeper into Kinkville than Christian Grey can ever hope to be…  It’s freaking hot. And that’s all we’re going to say.

Alison Tyler almost had us reaching for the ginger root with her A-Not-So-Subtle-Spice (thankfully we thought the better of it before things got out of hand) and Click-Click-Click by Annabeth Leong had us in a flush… A sexy tale of setting up a scene for a voyeuristic friend (the word “friend” used in its vaguest possible sense, seeing as the protagonist has never met him – in this age of social media and online lives everything is possible), and enjoying the “is-he-isn’t-he watching”. If you’ve ever fantasised about playing the exhibitionist role you’ll love this story!

The Kissing Party by Rachel Kramer Bussel is an oh-so-sweet-but-superbly-kinky piece, and Tryst of Fate by Lydia Hill has a great, unexpected twist. The tales on offer varies from  the sweetest, lightest scoop of vanilla to rich chocolatey dollops of kinkery. There are singlesomes, couplesomes, threesomes, foursomes… Something for everyone. The really great thing about anthologies is the variety. If there’s one story you’re not so keen on, you can skip straight to the next!

Read Best Women’s Erotica 2015 in the bedroom, in the bathroom or on holiday. Share with your friends, pass it on to colleges or why not your mum! We recommend keeping a vibrator handy – you may find  yourself…ahem…inspired!

At time of writing, Book Lovers Day is just around the corner (Sunday 9th August)  and as we have a copy of Best Women’s’ Erotica 2015 to give away (Thanks Cleis Press!), why not hop on over and enter: Win Best Women’s Erotica 2015 on Book Lovers Day.


Review: Lelo Luna Smart Bead

Review: Lelo Luna Smart Bead

I have been a fan of doing pelvic floor exercises ever since I realised that strong vaginal muscles equal strong orgasms, long before I actually needed to do them. I’m forever banging on about the importance of doing regular kegel squeezes, and in this instance I practice what I preach.

Doing your squeezes benefits not only in a pleasure sense but also in a “business” one. As in, it takes care of business.

A strong pc muscle offer more control, which in turn help take care of accidental leakage. Running around after kids, enjoying a good belly laugh or a surprise sneeze can all have damp, inconvenient effects in the gusset area.

I usually use weighted balls for my pc exercising as I find the additional weight is good for toning, plus it can be really good fun with the ball/s rubbing up against the G-spot whilst doing housework.

I had heard there was a new, cool kegel exerciser in town – and a vibrating one at that! – so I jumped at the chance when my Boss asked I wanted to try one for testing purposes.

But as soon as I had Luna Smart Bead in my hand, I had several questions:
  1. What’s with the “belt” half way down the shaft?
  2. Why is Luna Smart Bead battery operated?
  3. Why is  Luna Smart Bead so expensive?
  4. Why isn’t Luna Smart Bead remote controlled?

In my opinion, these are all design flaws. I think Lelo has run with a great idea and released it out on to the market  long before developing it to its full potential  – Luna Smart Bead is not yet where it could be. Or should be….


Here’s the low-down:

LELO_Femme-Homme_LUNA-SMART-BEAD_product-1_deep-rose_0Like all other Lelo products, Luna Smart Bead is made from super-smooth silicone and thus feels great to touch.

Despite the soft, sensual material, I recommend adding a good measure of waterbased lubricant before inserting the Smart Bead. Trying to insert it without the added lube will ensure a tight, uncomfortable squeeze and nobody wants a sore muff…

The bottom part unscrews in order to slip in 1 x AAA battery and when you put it back together again,  you are left with a small, white “belt”. Like an indent.

This indent is hard to clean and whilst the Smart Bead is waterproof to the depth of 1 meter; lube, juices and water can – and do – sneak inside. Because of this it’s best to separate the two parts, and remove the battery, before cleaning. Make sure both parts are fully dry before assembling again.

Covering Luna Smart Bead’s entire body in silicone and making it a rechargeable product that doesn’t need taking apart would easily take care of this problem.

All other Lelo luxe products are rechargeable, which is one of their main selling points. Luna Smart Bead is battery operated, but the price (around £70) is high-end and what I’d expect to pay for a rechargeable vibrator.

The Price is an Issue.

For the price, the customer isn’t getting much to be honest. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s silicone. Yes, it’s Lelo. But it’s still a product that runs on 1 x AAA battery, which in the world of sex toys isn’t all that.

Luna Smart Bead emits a gentle vibration, and for me personally, the vibration is far too low for any kind of pleasure.

In comparison, our Mini G-Spot vibrator, which also takes 1 x AAA battery, has several settings to choose from, is made from silicone and retails at a fabulous £18.

Making the product rechargable would also improve the intensity of the vibrations, ensuring that Luna Smart Bead could be used as a sex toy. We are all for multi-tasking products!

A Good Reminder

Luna Smart Bead is perhaps best aimed at those who forget to do their pelvic floor squeezes and need a gentle reminder (albeit from within!).

There are 5 cycles to work through, each harder then the last, and Luna Smart Beads remembers which level you are on. As your muscle strength improves, Luna Smart Bead takes you up to the next level.

The Smart Bead emits a low vibration in a pre-programmed pattern, and this is your cue to squeeze your pc muscle. This can easily be done in front of the telly of an evening.

It’s like having a personal trainer for your vagina!

Better Control

LELO_Accessories_REMOTE_product-1_cerise_2xLastly, I’d like to see a remote controlled version of Luna Smart Bead. This would allow the user to start, or finish, the exercise at their leisure.

As it is, you slip in the egg and then wait 30 seconds for the exercises to begin.

Should someone step into the room at this point, you have no way of switching Luna Smart Bead off – this could lead to all manner or fun/not-so-fun situations!

A remote control would also let you control intensity manually, which would be great if you wanted to use Luna Smart Bead as a sex toy.

All in all, Team Sh! have unanimously agreed that Luna Smart Bead with its tricky leakage vs cleaning issue and over-pricedness won’t make it on to our cherry-picked product list.

For now, we’ll be sticking with weighted love-balls. Sorry Lelo!























Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square. London N1 6PB

Reviews of Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

Every day, we see happy customers skipping out of our store with with all the goodies that they’ve treated themselves to….

Judging by the smiles, we’re confident that most of our visitors are happy with our friendly, expert advice, tailored customer service and cuppa-making skills, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t *love* hearing about your experiences with us in-store.

As most of you know, Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium is a london sex shop , based in Hoxton Square,  but we also sell sex toys online  – the same specially selected vibrators, dildosbondage gear, boys toys and more, as we offer in-store …

We’re tried as much as possible to replicate the Sh!  shopping experience in our on-line store, giving you all the advice you need to make your choice, as well as full technical info and even a sex tip for each cherry-picked product. We even offer FREE delivery, all over the world, which is automatically given in checkout ( UK free on orders £20+ / EEC Free £100+ and US & Worldwide free £120+)

The problem with online shopping is that we often don’t get to hear from the customer directly about their experience, which is why we love being sent reviews of Sh!


It really makes our day when customers take the time to write about their experiences both in-store and online, and we just have to share some of the lovely comments, as well as tell you about ways that you can leave reviews of Sh! to let us know how we’re doing.

Reviews on visiting the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium Store

We have a guestbook in store, where peeps can write their reviews of the Sh! experience as well give us feedback and suggestions. – here’s some snippets…


  • “Amazing store. Love the Hoxton shop. Don’t buy anywhere else. Staff are darlings and so helpful. ” Sue
  • “The service in store each time I have visited just gets better and better each time from the staff who has dealt with me who are very friendly, welcoming and quick to put you at ease. The Sh! website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.” 
  •  “Amazing shop, one of a kind, I love your products and your attitude to your customers!” 
  • “Great shopping experience – visited you in Hoxton a few weeks ago and it was wonderful – friendly, helpful staff and great environment – sadly my student loan hadn’t gone in though, so I left empty handed! Thank god it has now!” 
  • “love this place – letting everyone know where you are xx”
  • “I’ve been a semi-regular customer almost from the start (1993 I think). Here’s to many more years!”
  •  “Amazing store! Luv it! Thistlegirl33
  • “After browsing through your website, went into the shop at the weekend to pick up some goodies… was really impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and helpful, unembarrassable staff. Very happy with the service and the goods – thanks” Vicki 
  • “Went to the store and got fitted for a corset by the charming Becca last Wednesday – my birthday present from my partner. A highly recommended experience, loved my new waist and now feel like a total sex goddess, partner totally impressed with the look of my breasts in corset!”  Padma 
  • We have visited the shop and bought from the website a few times, which has also been great although going to the shop for hands-on experience is the best option. We have also had advice over the phone and the gal we soke to was great. Keep up the good work. 
    Ruth and Kirtsy xxxxx
  • Please keep on with the good work !! We’ll keep on being faithful customers… Fabio B
  • I’ve bought several things from you over the years. Perfect toys for girls 😉 Thank you for being there and always being great. Kate
  • ” I remember being so excited when you opened and I’ve bought from your shop and site for years. I’ve never been disappointed…here’s to many more years” Clare
  • “Funtastic & the staff are great too” Carol
  • “Totally the best sex shop in the world (and I’ve been to a few… ) “
  • “Came all the way from Malta – couldn’t NOT visit your store!! Sonja & Stef 
  • “Thanks – felt very comfortable here… would like to send my mum here” Annie
  • “So helpful and relaxed staff. Wonderful corsets!” Anna & Vince 
  • “What wonderful staff! Lovely atmosphere. Thanks xx” Zoe 

Reviews on shopping & service online

  • “Good website – liked the sex tips” Graham 
  • “Just wanted to say how amazing this site was!! really proves why women are so much better than men! I thought all the information you have put on this site is extremely useful and has helped me alot as a ‘newbie’I’m definitely going to buy from you! i feel at ease already and you have put my mind at rest, with a few things! your fabulous girls!!”  Gilly x 
  • “Interesting site – I will recommend it” Sam
  • “Very good site and very informative, your prices on goods are very reasonable as well” Gill
  • “Good solid site with great info. The prices are very fair and the advice I had from the phoneline was very helpful and human. I think this is one of, if not the best online UK sex store there is and I will support it with my custom in future. I wish you all the best in future, and only hope that someone will produce a store of similar quality for men. cheers!” AM
  • “Great service very professional! you kept me up to date with our order and payments…. Keep up the good work, will be back soon. Natz
  • Bought a Layaspot vibe last week but TNT couldn’t get into flats where I live. Sh! resent it – free of charge! – via Royal Mail. I’m so impressed – 10/10 for service and lovely e-mails. I’m a first time customer and will definitely be returning. And as for the vibe… oh… my… god… wish I’d discovered it sooner. The best ever (and, believe me, I’ve wasted money on quite a few that didn’t hit the spot!)and I shopped around first – and Sh! was the cheapest. Thanks for giving me back faith in internet shopping … and for some of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in years!” Vanessa
  • “Fantastic site/store, been using online store for about 5yrs, visited store once. Really think its time you SH! Girls opened a store in Manchester as we only really have bloody Anne Summers which is so run of the mill. Give the Golds a run for their money and get girls doing SH! Parties!! If your stuck for somebody to run a Manchester store, I’m your girl!” Willow 
  • “I just stumbled across your website and went thru most of your pages. I thought them very well put together and I look forward to visiting more often” Susan 
  • “Great site, wonderful shop’ Mara
  • “Bought an ultra vector egg from you guys; what can i say? Had my first orgasm after 34 years. I’m a happy bunny! 🙂 Advice on your webpage is excellent, and written from a Womens’ point of view which is sooo important. It’s because of this i made he right choice when buying my first vibe. Thank you!” Chrissie 
  • ” Great sex tips will be getting my husband to read them as well. I’ll let you know how things have improved later!! 
  • “Wonderful-goods ordered Sunday delivered to my door on Tuesday. Great! Will be back” Na
  •  “My partner and i love all our games and toys we buy from u. Thanx guys u re the best!!!!!!!! xx Alana 
  • “read the tips, who says you dont learn something new every day!” Elaine 
  • “this site is BRILL! Elly 
  • “Very informative! I was unsure what to buy, now i know for sure! Thanks” Susie 
  • “Thanks, great site for sex toy info, I know what to get now” Yvonne 
  • “Great to know about you” Alison
  • ” staff should be congratulated for the job they do, saints!” Cheryl 
  • “Love the site! Its sooo informative and I love the sex tips” Key 
  • “We’ll certainly be trying some of the top tips….!” Julie 
  • “A revelation. Lots of informative fun” Dom and Manky 
  • ” Hi Folks:) Just wanted to say thanks sooooo much for your wonderful services & products that I recieved a while ago 🙂 We were very pleased 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and will buy from you again…and again…without hesitation From the initial phone convo{…} to the delivery of products the service was wonderful and very friendly:) And the whirly girly hits the spot every time!” Bev
  • “Hi, …I’m sure you appreciate product feedback …. Wow! the vibrator I bought at last Brighton pride is the best I’ve EVER used ( and I’ve worn a few out! Until this one I’d never used one at anything less than full power. So in comparison, this one is a Ferrari!” Nicky
  • “Dear Madam, Excellent to hear you are still going strong – I ordered a couple of products off you a while back and was very pleased with the results!! Cheers” Maria
  • “Dear Sh! – my recently placed order arrived today! Excellent service. The wrapping (in my fav colour) is a beautiful bonus! I have no doubt that my lovely partner, come xmas day, will love everything also! Many thanks again”  Sean.
  • “Good Morning Everyone, I am just writing to thank you for your assistance over the recent weeks. I have now placed two orders with you and have found everyone I have dealt with helpful & professional. Even when I had a ‘small’ problem with the last order, you dealt with it in a prompt and efficient manner” David
  • “Thanks again – you generate an atmosphere which makes me want to do business again. You also manage to imply fun when dealing with you. So sad I am ‘only’ a man- would be great to come and visit you all!!! Phil

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Best Women’s Erotica 2013 Book Review

Best Women’s Erotica Anthology 2013

I’m a huge fan of the Best Women’s Erotica anthology series and have religiously read every copy I could get my hands on for the last four years. So, as you can imagine, I was super-excited to be reviewing Best Women’s Erotica 2013 , edited by Violet Blue, for June’s Book of the Month.

“The desires range form deliciously vanilla to spiced with kink. Best Women’s Erotica 2013 will expand your palate… and your mind.”
– Erotic Readers & Writers Association

Best Women’s Erotica  is a yearly anthology of short stories, with something for everyone to choose from, whether you’re a first-timer or a connoisseur of all things erotica. With eighteen female authors to choose from, there is sure to be at least one story to suit you, whatever your taste.

Erotica is a Literary Aphrodisiac

“Hot scenarios by cream-of-the-crop writers, literary porn that doesn’t fade out when the sex starts. Instead, each tale is fast-acting aphrodisiac. I hope you use this book like the sex toy that it is.”
– Violet Blue

Just glancing over the contents, I noticed that there were many authors whose work I was not familiar with, and I was looking forward to slipping between the pages and indulging in an evening of discovery. I’ve now added plenty of authors to my ‘favourites’ list, and look forward to exploring more of their hot stories.

Team Sh!  favourite, Lucy Felthouse, whet my appetite with her short story, Meet Me at the Spanish Steps. Lucy’s Italian treat is the perfect balance of sex and spanking, in an exotic European setting. We love hearing Lucy’s erotica at our book readings and launch parties throughout the year. Info on these readings and launches can be found on our News Page on the Sh! website.

We love a bit of safer sex in our erotica, so it was exciting to see mention of condoms, lube and dental dams in Mary Borsellino’s Blush. Many erotic authors don’t mention latex in their work, but we think safer sex is hotter sex.




Bondage Bow

Bondage Bow Review

When we received the brand new Bondage Bow from Rare Assembly – we really wanted to give people an idea of what it could do and how it could improve sex lives, so who better to turn to than our ever adventurous Facebook pair, Caroline and Chris, who have great experience of putting adult paraphernalia through it’s paces, so we caught up with them to see how they got on.

bondage bowCaroline: From the beginning we were excited about receiving the Bondage Bow as it was something we felt was different from other things we had tried in the past. A lot had been made about the presentation of the bow and along with Sh! own presentation style it lived up to the promise. The bow looked divine and rather sensual and in it’s clear packaging, really, very decorative and not unlike a corsage.

Chris: As an item of pleasure for a long time Bondage Tape has been a staple item in our collection and something I’ve recommended to others over the years and so were intrigued so see how it would compare.

How to use the Bondage Bow?

Caroline: First off, I was really impressed that it didn’t in anyway smell of latex, the smell we’ve become accustomed to these days with sex toys. We have put the Bow to good use a number of times as it is so versatile.

Chris: For clarity, Caroline has put the Bow to good use having been on the receiving end of it most of the time.

Caroline: Truly, very guilty – what can I say! At first we tried some

soft play as Chris bound my hands before exploring me. It kept my hands tightly together, I couldn’t struggle even if I had wanted to. What I really enjoyed was the softness of the bow mixed in with how tight it could hold me, the contrast between feelings played on me well.

Chris: Being the restrainer, I really liked that there was so much length to play around with, I could fully bind Caroline’s hands and still have enough left to attach something else, like the bed post.

Caroline: Restrainer? Is that a real thing? Anyway, pushing things further, as we like to do, the next time I allowed him to tie ankles to my hands whilst laying on my back which was rather divine and left me feeling naked and rather vulnerable which is a good thing, especially when you’re with someone you trust. The other great thing I noticed was that sometimes my skin is sensitive to the touch and can find handcuffs or rope a bit too heavy on my skin but the Bow provided the right touch.

Chris: It was quite easy to tie too and it had a little bit of give in it meaning you could stretch it a little to give you a good purchase on the knotting.


What else did you enjoy about the Bondage Bow?

Chris: There is so much you can do with this Bow! It really did have us thinking beyond our usual boundaries and using our imaginations from strange places we could attach each other to, to positions we could tie each in or even together.

Caroline: Like some kind game of kinky Twister. Plus then there was the other things you could do with it like the spankings that could be dished out.


Who can use the Bondage Bow?

Caroline: The Bondage Bow would be great for a number of people, initially and importantly anyone tentative but inquisitive about restraint or kink play as it would provide a great introduction to the ways of being able to enjoy it without getting into anything heavy, but also give them lots of room to explore other avenues such as using it as a whip, without having to pay out a great amount of money.

Chris: Of course anyone who enjoys soft bondage play is looking for an excuse to add this to their box of tricks right now. What I can say is that it does add something different, new sense of feeling between restraint and soft material but also versatility that many other ties don’t have.

bondage tape

How does The Bondage Bow compare to Bondage Tape?

Chris: On the face of it, there is a number of similarities including versatility but they are versatile in different ways for example the tape can stick to itself but the Bow is able to be used as a whip, which the tape can’t.

Caroline: It’s also very discreet, we love having the Tape hidden around the house for just when and where we need it but the Bow is even more discreet. You can literally leave it anywhere without raising any suspicions. Having a number of these hidden around your home for just the right occasion for spicing up a quickie, impromptu bondage session or planning something
knowing exactly where it is. My imagination is working overtime right now.

Chris: The other great thing with the Bow is that there less mess than the tape.


Any Downsides to the Bondage Bow?

Caroline: The only thing I would say is that if you enjoy the more kinkier side of restraint and bondage then you may want something harder such as the Sh! Satin Ties with D-Rings although I can definitely see everyone enjoying the idea of being able to use a restraint as a whip. As for the product itself Rare Assembly have done a fantastic job, including the overall design. However, the only thing I would like is it for to be a little wider.



Caroline: I would love to give this to someone attached to the top of a present as an alternative to the usual bows. Not only does it look the part but it’s also got a great use, a lover or friend, a cheeky topper on a Hen Night gift or even a wedding present, you’ll be in someone’s good books.

Chris: Value for money-wise, it’s a fantastic product and allows you to really use your imagination and push your fantasies. Whether you’re new to sex toys or an old hand, you’ll find this brings a fresh new twist to your sexual exploration, coupling it up with a blindfold could really ramp up the stakes. Meanwhile, if I ever get a go we’ll get back to you.

Caroline: We won’t be getting back to you.


Chris is a Sex and Relationship Mentor and along with Caroline they are well experience at reviewing sex toys and other such products over the years. You can catch up with Chris at his website which is due to launch soon which houses a number of sex positive and mentoring projects.

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Playing Well With Others Book Review

Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather & BDSM Communities. by Lee Harrington & Mollena Williams

Explaining Kink Culture

Playing Well With Others
Playing Well With Others £14.99

Other books explain how to give a spanking or tie a half-hitch, but this is the first book that explains kink culture – the munches, parties, leather bars, conferences, workshops, fetish nights, exploratoriums and all the other gatherings that turn BDSM and leather from a bedroom predilection to a lifestyle and a community.

Playing Well with Others is warm, funny and full of helpful advice about how to behave when you find yourself in mind-boggling situations: What’s with the red hankies? How do I address a collared slave? And, would it be OK to sit back and enjoy the hot group scene about to take place in front of my very eyes even if I don’t know the players? All of those questions, and many more, are answered in detail.

BDSM Guide for Beginners and Active Players

Our reviewer says: “I haven’t been this excited about a how-to guide since I first came across Anal Sex Position Guide by Tristan Taormino – everyone should have a copy of this book in their bedside drawer!

It isn’t just a great read for those new to kink, but those already active on the scene will pick up useful pointers too. In my opinion, Playing Well With Others is not only a guide to BDSM & kink, but also a lifestyle guide as it addresses issues such as self-care and how to manage your own wants, needs and desires (as well as those of others); not only should we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated, but we should treat ourselves that way too.”