Sexy Board Games

We have just taken delivery of exciting, new products and amongst the sex toys were a trio of fun board games with an erotic twist.

Path to Pleasure £22
Path to Pleasure £22

Sexual Discovery Game

Go on a journey of sexual discovery where sensual pleasure is the ultimate destination. Follow the instructions on the cards (“nibble”, “handcuff” or “tease” to name a few) and gradually build arousal and anticipation.

Discover and enjoy together, learn more about each others likes and dislikes, and by answering intimate questions and following the sexy acts, you’ll both have an fantastic time playing this erotic game.


Game for Two

You & Me £20
You & Me £20

This great game for two players include 45 forfeit cards for each person, a dice and a timer. With no less than 90 bedroom challenges, there is almost no limit to the sexy pleasures you can offer each other (and thus win points).  You’ll be tied up (ahem!) for hours.


Board Game for Groups

Tease board Game £25
Tease Board Game £25

Tease, an adult game for couples or groups of close friends, combines a classic drinking game with extra features such as massage and lapdancing, as well as rewards, forfeits and fantasies. Start off with ice-breaking activities to get everyone comfortable, and then ramp the heat up as you go.




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