Sexual Health Week

Sexual health week ( usually the first week of Sept, in the UK) is a time to focus on sexual health, so you’ll find all our advice articles to help keep yourself in tip-top health!

Sexual Health Week: Vaginal Health

When we googled the word “vagina”, we found more than 1000 euphemisms. Beaver, clam, ladygarden, cock-sock (really?) and muff are a few. Being the forward females that we are, we quite like pussy and the dreaded c-word too, but we realise those words aren’t for everyone so we’ll stick with vagina. Keeping your vagina happy … Continue reading Sexual Health Week: Vaginal Health

Sexual Health Week: Safer Sex & Toys

Today we’re going to share some important information on how to keep up the safer sex stuff when using sex toys. Keeping your toys clean is just as important as keeping your bits happy & healthy. No one would deliberately set out to catch an STI and attitude should be the same when it comes to … Continue reading Sexual Health Week: Safer Sex & Toys

Using Sex Toys Safely

Sexual Health Week is upon us, and as always, we’ll be doing our bit by separating facts from fiction. We’ll share information on how to choose sex toys wisely, how to keep your bits & bobs bacteria-free, and we’ll also squeeze in a shortie about sexually transmitted infections. Highlighting sexual health is important for so … Continue reading Using Sex Toys Safely