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Do you find reaching your pleasurable bits, gripping a vibe for an orgasm-inducing length of time or holding a heavy vibe tricky?

You’re not alone.

Reduced mobility is something that millions of women find makes them have to reassess themselves sexually or navigate the world of sexual pleasure without much help from the medical or sex industry.

We received a call the other day, which brought this home.

‘Now listen dear’ boomed the voice through the telephone, before we’d hardly had chance to say ‘How can we help?’ ‘I’ve got a frozen shoulder and can’t reach meself – what have you got that can help me?’ came the enquiry,  with a directness that only a combination of age, plus a life-time raised in Yorkshire, could bring.

Finding you have difficulty reaching yourself during masturbation, whether from an injury, arthritis,  a frozen shoulder, or something more permanent, doesn’t have to mean the end of self-pleasuring.

Top 10 Vibrator Recommendations for Reduced-Mobility Disability or Manual Difficulties.

  • If You Have a Disability that Makes REACHING YOURSELF Difficult.

If you can’t reach down to pleasure yourself, or find it tricky, tiring or painful to do so with your fingers or a small vibe,  a vibrator with a long handle or “arm”, such as the Flexi Wand Vibe, will give you that all-important extra reach to stimulate your vulva & clitoris more easily.

8.25 inches long, with a simple on/off push-button on the base, this wand-style toy is also good if you have trouble gripping a strongly buzzing vibrator as the length of handle dissipates the  vibrations of the “head”, making it easier to hold the base.

The middle portion of the Flexi Wand is flexible so you can bend it into whichever position you find the most comfortable.

It was this style of vibrator we sent to the Yorkshire lady, who wrote us back a short note of typical Northern frankness; ‘I hereby certify that  this vibrator works if you have a frozen shoulder!’



  • A Disability that Makes HOLDING a Vibe Tricky…

Curved G-Spot Vibrator £22
Curved G-Spot Vibrator

The slim handles of most vibrators can be a real challenge if you have a disability or mobility issue with hands, fingers or ability to grip.

But that’s not to say all these style of vibrators are out-of-bounds to you

Take a regular tennis ball and cut a hole in it slightly smaller than the diameter of the vibrator’s base.

(If you have trouble doing that – ask someone to do it for you.  There’s no reason to say *exactly* what it’s for – it could be to help you hold *any* household implement, such as veg peeler)

Working any classic vibrator into the hole in a tennis ball will provide you with a much larger surface which is easier to grasp.



  • A Disability or Reduced-Mobility that Makes HOLDING *ANYTHING* Tricky…

Cordless Wand
Cordless Wand

A wand vibrator is the best choice if gripping anything for any length of time or holding a vibrator is tiring or tricky.

This may seem like a contradictory choice as wand vibrators ( that are, or based around, traditional back massager styles) are amongst the heaviest vibrators going!

But their large size is an advantage to you; A wand massager is easily wedged into place, using pillows.  Lie on your back, with the ball-head of the massager resting against your vulva  and its handle-base anchored with a pillow or two between your open thighs, and viola – hands-free self-pleasure!

You can also lie on top of a wand massager; a position that some women (whatever their able-bodiness) find their only, or their best way, to orgasm. BUT we say this with 2 cautionary notes:

  • Not for *too* long
  • *don’t* fall asleep!

Wand massagers are super-powerful and can get hot.  Mains-powered versions even more so.  And a hot vibrator covered completely by your body can potentially overheat.

The intense  power of a wand massager is beyond that of  any other vibrator, which is why Sex Educators around the world recommend them especially to women who have difficulty reaching climax. This super-charged toy can deliver explosive orgasms which, of course can make you drift off into immediate snooze-mode.

If you are going to lie on top your wand, make sure you turn it OFF before your drift off…



  • Difficulty Women-Handling Anything That’s HEAVY….

Pair Finger Tip Vibrators £15
Pair Finger Tip Vibrators 

For a compact clitoral vibe, try the Feelztoys Finger Tip Vibrators , which are  petite and incredibly lightweight ( weighing in at only 5 grams) so there’s no heavy lifting! They simply slip on your finger to add a magic buzz anywhere you point to… A  finger vibrator  will add a delicious, easy-lifting buzz right onto your digits, which also makes these tiny toys fabulous for an alternative thrill when pleasuring a partner, if you find anything more – ahem –  ‘vigorous’ somewhat tiring!




  • If You Have A Disability or Reduced Mobility where ANYTHING with Hands is tricky.

Takeaway any need for handling, by placing the buzz directly where it’s desired – right on your sensitive bits!

Happily there’s quite a few options for this style of direct approach;

Butterfly Vibrator £25
Butterfly Vibrator 



A Strap On Vibrator, such as the Butterfly Wearable Vibrator, that you slip on just like a pair of panties offers totally hands-free stimulation.








Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10
Sh! Bullet Vibrator 


Many regular/high street knickers have a  natural ‘pocket’, between the outer material and the cotton gusset, which is just perfect for slipping a small bullet vibrator inside.

(do we hear a stampede of women off to rummage in their underwear drawers to check!?)

At  only 1.5 inches long by   0.5 inch diameter, our Sh! Bullet Vibrator is perfectly tiny-size for creating just such party in your your M&S pants! (other high-street brands are available and adaptable 😉




Remote Vibrating Knickers £35
Remote Vibrating Knickers 


If you’d prefer to opt for a more specialist soiree, there are vibrating panties that have been specially designed for hands-free pleasure.  They can be operated remotely, if you’d like share your pleasure with your partner, or simply turn them on and enjoy….


(of course any of the vibrators featured here, and on  our shopping site, can be used by an able-bodied partner to pleasure you , themselves or both together…)





We Vibe £85
We Vibe 


The We-Vibe, the world’s first ‘wearable’ vibrator was designed especially for couples to use during intercourse, but it’s also a great hands-free pleasure-provider for solo sex too. The C-shape design cups you internally and externally, with the larger end pressing on your clitoral area and the smaller arm delivering pressure to your G-Spot. With both ends vibrating to the tune of 9 different settings, this is a top-notch solution to enjoying a hands-free sexperience.




For More hands-free penetrative pleasure…

Rabbit Wand Attachment £16
Rabbit Wand Attachment


Whilst  most women don’t always , or ever use their vibrator  internally during a self-pleasure session ( despite what most porn films and many sex toy manufacturers would have us believe! ) some do enjoy this, so what are the options for hands-free penetrative pleasure?

The Rabbit Wand Attachment fits on the ball head of a wand massager, allowing you to enjoy rabbit-style dual pleasure whilst enjoying the attentions of your wand in the tips above.




Dual Dildo Strap-On Cuff £18
Dual Dildo Strap-On Cuff 

For pleasure tailored to your own specific penetrative cravings, a Dual Dildo Cuff attaches a dildo to the leg straps of a harness, to hold it inside you.Most of our 35 plus sizes of silicone dildos fit, giving you lots of choice from petite right through to plentiful..

And if you’d like vibration on top of penetration, you can opt for the vibrating version each dildo is offered in.

Not a cheap alternative as it’s necessary to invest in both a strap-on harness, your perfect dildo and a Dual Dildo Cuff to enjoy such bespoke hands-free penetrative pleasure.




There are a shocking lack of books and info about disability or differently-abled sexuality.

Luckily one of the few is also one of the best 🙂

For a detailed, intelligent and down-right perfect perspective on all things sex and disability, have a flick through The Ultimate Guide to Sex & Disability.

We believe that EVERYONE has a right to the pleasures and self-esteem that a fulfilling sex life brings; whoever you are, whatever that (consensual) pleasure is for you and wherever you are in your sexual journey…

Society and the media often puts out messages, whether overt or subliminal, that sex is only for the young, the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘able-bodied’

High-time this is challenged we say.



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