Sex Toys and the Hite Report

In 1974 (18 years before Sh! opened its doors and gave women a chance to buy their own sex toys in a relaxed & informative environment), Shere Hite published ‘The Hite Report On Female Sexuality’, an account of the first large research project which had asked women about their experiences of masturbation and sex.

Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40
Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40

Hite was reacting against all the previous studies (made by male researchers) which assumed that ‘sex = heterosexual intercourse’. Hite researched women’s experiences of all forms of sexuality, including masturbation. Before the Hite Report, it was believed that only a minority of women ever masturbated. Hite’s research showed that 82% of women masturbated regularly and of them 95% had no difficulty reaching orgasm.

At the time this was a revolutionary statistic, as it was widely assumed that women were slow to get turned on and found orgasms difficult to reach, based on studies of heterosexual intercourse. Hite was the first to reveal that women can and do have satisfying experiences of masturbation, and that clit stimulation, rather than penetration, is the secret of satisfaction for most of us. Hite was able to categorise six different styles of masturbation. (The figures are a bit different today; this research was done pre-Rabbit-Vibrator, before That Madonna Video and pre-Sh!).

We have had a look at the list and come up with some suggestions for what style works with which of our fabulous toys.

Rippled Finger Vibe £18
Rippled Finger Vibe £18

73% of women said they masturbate by lying on their backs and stimulating their clits directly.

This classic style can be combined with a Finger Vibrator for an extra thrill, or with a small bullet vibrator.

5.5% of women described masturbating while lying on their stomachs.

This style is cosy and allows for lots of variations. An egg vibrator would be ideal with this style – they’re small, strong and have separate controls for easy access when you want to turn up the buzz. For a more direct buzz, try the Rabbit Ears Clit Vibe – rabbit ears are fantastic for focused clitoral simulation.

4% of women rub themselves on an object – soft or hard – without touching themselves with their hands.

Cordless Wand
Cordless Wand £50

Indirect stimulation can also be really sensuous – the whole genital region is very sensitive and some women find that rubbing gives them exactly what they need. Try combining this style with vibration – Je Joue Mimi Soft pebble vibe is a perfect shape for providing widespread buzz, or the Wand Massager, with its large vibrating head, is also great for women who like this style.

Other women masturbate by rhythmically tensing and relaxing their thighs to squeeze their clit.

This is a great style for long bus journeys, as it’s super subtle. To complement this style, we think reckon Love Balls would be fantastic to add a little G-Spot sensation, plus they give your PC muscles an extra work-out. Alternatively, very small bullets like the Sh! Bullet Vibe which is small enough to be tucked between your lips for a lot of buzz, are a great addition to this style.

Water Massage – 2% of women use the shower head.

This style can be combined with waterproof toys for a really luscious experience. Alternatively, to recreate the feel of water-massage on dry land, we’d suggest the Flexi Wand which has a gentle fluttery motion.

1.5% of women reported using vaginal penetration and more than half of them combined it with clit stimulation.

Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50
Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50

Rabbit Vibrators provides both in one cute package.  With a shaft that rotates, plus the fantastic bunny ears that give very focused clit vibration, the Rabbit vibes are great all-round toys. Sh! Cupid 3 vibrating dildo can be used for thrilling penetration plus a bit of buzz, and any dildo can be used to combine with manual clit-play, if your fingers work best for you.

11% of women reported using a combination of these styles

To play mix and match with stimulation, we still reckon the rabbit vibe has a bit of everything. Variations on dual pleasure vibes include the G-Spot Dual Vibrator, Fun Factory Paul & Paulina and the fantastic Delight vibrator, all of which give both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Hite’s research showed that women’s masturbation techniques are much more varied than was previously believed, and that penetrative sex isn’t the only thing that women can enjoy. We wholeheartedly agree – we reckon we’ve got something sexy for everyone!

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