Sex Shop Diaries: Hens Gone Wild

Over the years, we have seen our fair share of Brides & Hens at the shop. Many plan a visit to Sh! as part of what is often a packed day out, and others just happen to find us during bar crawls around trendy Hoxton – either way, these groups are always great fun.

The hen party season is already in full swing, and we’re looking forward to more Bridal mayhem this Summer.

Thinking back to a few of the more memorable groups, the first hen party that springs to mind is that of a Bride & Bride Hen Do at Clink78 in Kings Cross. Set in an old courthouse where punk band The Clash once stood trial, we arrived as unobtrusively as possible. We’d been asked to “arrive discreetly” so as not to offend other guests, but there is only so discreet you can be when you travel with a suitcase full of crops and cuffs!

Quickly directed to a room – a former prison cell, no less – we were slightly alarmed to find ourselves faced with a lightly dressed woman who invited us to come in and make ourselves “comfortable” amidst the unmade beds. A tad uncomfortable, we wondered if the hen making the booking had misunderstood what kind of service we offer – it really does not involve getting comfortable on beds…

As it turned out, the hen was fresh off a flight from Germany and hadn’t been told that entertainment had been booked; she’d simply assumed we were guests staying in the shared room. Phew!

Following her into a dark, hot cellar, we unpacked enough kinky paraphernalia for all guests to part-take in a Bedroom Bondage Soiree. Wrists were cuffed, bums were spanked and hot wax was dripped in the blistering July heat. It was a sweaty afternoon, but so much fun!


Butlers In the Buff

We recently found that West Londoners are equally mad for a wild hen party. We stood outside a beautiful building in Queensway,  just taking in the loud (LOUD!) whooping, shouting and cheering.

We knocked on the door and waited politely.

Two butlers-in-the-buff opened the door, tiny aprons covering their modesty and cheeky grins on their faces. Heading back into the melee, their bare bums sashayed away from us.

Orgasmic ClassWe followed the wiggly butts and found ourselves in a room full of giggly women.

The hens completely ignored us (well, there were half-naked fellas serving alcohol)  – until we started unpacking our trusted suitcase. Vibrators, lubes and arousal oils quickly made their way around the room and we ended up SHOUTING ourselves hoarse in order to be heard… Our voiceboxes were thrashed by the end of our Orgasmic! class, but again – so much fun!

The Bride has a Wedgie

A group of hens wearing black Minnie Mouse ears on their heads trooped into the shop, before revealing the Bride at the end of the line – dressed as a wedge of cheese.

We don’t remember much of the afternoon as this was a while back, but as a group-look, this one wins hands down. Not many women can pull off the Edamer look, but this “cheesy” bride totally rocked it!

Father of the Bride

Going against tradition, this next group of hens decided to invite the Groom & his Stags without telling the Bride. Also invited was the Father-of-the-Bride, which left us in a bit of a predicament: we’d been booked for a Spanking class, meaning the Bride would end up tied to a chair and spanked with a number of implements… That sort of thing can be awkward when parents are present.

Spanking Paddles

However, we hadn’t counted on the sheer coolness of Papi.

As the evening wore on, the Bride, in a PVC catsuit, was spotted swigging Prosecco straight from the bottle whilst her brother was kneeling in the middle of the floor, shirt wide open and with clamps attached to his nipples. The Groom, dressed in pvc shorts and vest, crawled around on all fours and nipped at our ankles like an unruly pup. Guests were climbing on the furniture.

Dad didn’t bat an eyelid.

In fact, we later found him blindfolded and cuffed whilst a strapping young lad rubbed melting wax into the bare skin on his arm.

Afterwards, Papi wanted his picture taken with us.

At the end of this wild class, we wrung out our satin cuffs which had been marinated in alcohol, downed a tequila shot as a good-job-treat and left the wide-eyed waitresses to clear up all the smashed glasses…

And if you want a hen party to remember too, why not book a Sh! Soiree as part of the day? It’s an experience your’ll never forget! We’ll tailor the Soiree to suit you & your guests, and everyone will receive a thrilling gift.


Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

Sex Shop Diaries: Eggciting Times

“I tried one of them rabbit vibrators once, but I didn’t like it…it got tangled in my pubes.”

Rabbit vibrators, and all versions thereof, may be the most popular sex toys in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. The comment above just goes to show that one rabbit in the bush isn’t always better than two in the hand… Rabbit vibrators aren’t usually classified as Health & Safety Risks, but we suppose that depends on how it is used. :p

Rabbit Ear Vibrator - Used purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..

And talking about rabbits, this super-cute, ergonomically-shaped bunny vibe with 10 settings is a perfect Easter treat and has been very popular with customers in the shop this week. It’s designed for external use only, and if you work it out per orgasm, you’ll find the value is *much* better than any money spent on a chocolate egg…

I tried that Tenga Egg. I didn’t like it.” The male customer looks at our surprised faces – this is unexpected: a man who doesn’t enjoy a session with a Tenga Egg? Really?!  We’re keen to find out more and ask him what it was that didn’t work – not being penis-owners ourselves, we have always imagined that Tenga Eggs are literally the best sex toys for men ever. “It chafed my penis,” he replies.

It takes a few horrified seconds before the penny drops and we ask if he used the lube that is handily packed inside every Tenga Egg. “No, I didn’t use the lube,” he replies and wanders off before we have a chance to ask more questions. Suddenly the chafing makes a lot of sense – he’s rubbed himself raw by not using the all-important lubricant… Ouch! Always add a generous drizzle of lube, people!


We are very excited about the Easter Egg Hunts we have planned for Good Friday and Easter Saturday – we’ve been hatching clues for teams to hunt Tenga Eggs in our shop in Hoxton. We’ll keep the competing teams plenty lubricated with glasses of fizz as they hunt high & low, and the winning team will walk away with a hamper of sex toys to keep them occupied for the rest of the Easter holidays.

Fun Fact: it is a rare day when no one buys sex toys, but Easter Sunday is the annual day of no sex. No one (we repeat: no one) buys sex toys on Easter Sunday. It is the one day of year when family commitments & religion wins over the pleasures of the flesh.

But then it’s Bank Holiday Monday and all is well again.

Bank Holidays do seem to heighten arousal, and strap-ons and kink paraphernalia practically fly off the shelves. We find that couples are keen to try new things on Bank Holidays (or as we like to call them, “Bonk Holidays”) and many customers reach for the butt plugs, for example. Whatever you get up to over the weekend, we hope you have an eggciting time!

We’ll leave you with this gem from a rather thirsty new member of staff:

Newbie: “Ooh, they look nice! What are they? Are they energy drinks??”

Manager: “No, they are masturbation cups for men…”

Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14







Sex Shop Diary

Sex Shop Diaries – Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived – hello sunshine! – and sex is high on the agenda again. Fruity couples are furtively squeezing each others’ buttocks when they think we can’t see them – hello CCTV! – and old sex toys are being dusted off. We recently recommended an annual spring clean of the toy drawer and it seems we have inspired a good clear out. As you’ll find, we have most definitely gone above and beyond standard customer service requirements with some of these!

One enthusiastic customer showed up with her entire vibrator collection in a bag one morning, suggesting they may all be faulty. Clearly beyond the 30-day guarantee, we still slipped on latex gloves and politely set about inserting batteries into each vibrator. We found that each toy was working perfectly. “Oh good“, she said, “I just wanted to make sure before I used them“.

Another customer posted back a near-empty bottle of lube, wanting us to exchange it for a full one. We decided it must be an elaborate April Fools’ joke and promptly popped the jiffy bag in the bin.

We got a call from a customer wanting advice on how to best deal with her “smelly dong”.  Turns out she’d brought a rubber dildo to a sex party, and managed to offend other guests with the smelly item. After she emailed us a photo of the dong, our suspicions were confirmed: a product sold by a competitor less concerned with body-safe materials. The only advice we could give was to throw it away. We offered a good discount on a Sh! silicone dildo instead, so next time she parties, she can proudly show off her non-smelly, body-safe plaything.  Lesson learned: if it smells fishy, it probably is…

Sh! Spring Dildos
Body-Safe Sh! Dildos

It’s your lucky day!

The customer beams at the shop assistant, who is looking a little confused. And maybe uncomfortable.

The customer hands over three full bags, with tail-ends of a couple of crops sticking out of one. This particular shop assistant is new to the job, and it’s clear she doesn’t quite know what to do. “You can have it – it’s great stuff!”  The shop assistant takes the bags and starts to look through them, tentatively. A fine collection of  BDSM gear is stuffed into the bags; paddles, cuffs, a leather thong…and a small teddy bear in a kinky outfit.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do with used products, we can’t resell them. So instead, the bags are shipped off to our warehouse for disposal. It was a very kind thought, lovely customer, but we are unable to keep the used toys. However, for anyone reading this and wondering what to do with unwanted playthings; we have a good article on how to recycle sex toys here.

leather BDSM
Returned BDSM equipment

A gentleman comes in, leaning heavily on his crutch. He’s looking to buy a new dildo for his female partner, and we ask if he knows what style & size she might like. We discuss the various designs and he settles for a dildo of a not-unsubstantial size. We suggest adding a bottle of lube to make the experience more comfortable and he eagerly obliges. As he leaves, he is practically skipping out of the shop – leaving his crutch behind.

It is clear: sunshine & sex really does make everything better!






Sex Shop Diaries – The Week Coming up to Valentine’s Day

Sex Shop Diaries – The Week Coming up to Valentine’s Day

The first two weeks of February are even more exciting at Sh! than usual. We admire new products, mould dildos with red hearts, order pretty lingerie and the shop, unsurprisingly, is full of activities.


To my surprise, 2 elderly nuns step into the shop. I almost schoo them out – I don’t know how familiar nuns are with pleasure products, and it feels improper that I should be the one to teach them..! They quickly get over their surprise, say it’s a ‘very colourful shop’ and then toddle back out, smiling.



tenga egg lovers editionI spend the afternoon writing about Tenga eggs – masturbation toys for men, basically. Not your usual type of masturbators, mind… There’s no pretend lady-lips (of either the upstairs of downstairs variety) just a fun egg, textured on the inside, for him top slip into and slide up and down…

I manage to seduce myself with my descriptive writing, and end up wishing I had the equipment required to enjoy them. If I was a man, I would have a whole row of Tenga toys and then just use them one by one.



Class days are always exciting, especially the Blow His Mind oral sex workshop that I’m  happy to say is one of the most popular, complete with specially made Sh! dildos and lots of flavoured lube! The group of ladies arriving are very excited and keen to learn – glass of bubbly in hand we start with studying hot spots Bob, the anatomically correct dildo and piece de resistance, before moving on to lubes, chocolate body paint and normal size dildos for the practical part.

No doubt their fellas are in for a Valentine’s treat!



Bubbly & CakeThe absolute highlight of the week was our pre-Valentine erotica reading in the shop, with fabulous writers Zak Jane Keir, Kristina Lloyd, K D Grace, Elizabeth Coldwell and Elena Hexthorne. It was a fantastic full house evening, the pink bubbly was free flowing, the cupcakes lovely as usual. The reading took an unexpected, wonderful turn when one of the guests’ husband started to translate all stories to sign language – and we begun to think that he has to be a fixture for all future reading, it was so sweet, thoughtful and funny.

Huge thanks to all the writers who contributed and everyone in the audience for coming as well – if you didn’t have a chance to come by, do click on the link above and read the tasters. You may find a great bedtime story for Valentine’s Day.



A new book has arrived – How to Talk Dirty- and I toy with the idea of doing a how-to-talk-dirty class. That would be fun and empowering.Thinking about classes, I email the supplier who sent me lollipops to use for the Blow His Mind workshop. The lollipops were absolutely huge – we couldn’t get our lips around them…which mostly defeats the purpose.
She replies immediately, promising to look into the possibility of having smaller ones made – so our classes may become even sweeter soon!


We hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s weekend! (Oh, and we are open as usual, just in case you need a last minute little something for your boo or yourself.)


Team Sh! xxValentine's at Sh!

Sex Shop Diaries – Celebrities in the shop, vibrators thrown about and female ejaculation

Sex Shop Diaries – Celebrities in the shop, vibrators thrown about and female ejaculation


Our favourite female celebrity and a group of her friends comes in (all looking absolutely fabulous) and we’re ridiculously thrilled that they have chosen a trip to Sh! as part of an all-girl all-day birthday celebration. They laugh and squeal, spank each other and discuss best practice for hand-jobs. We feel like the indulgent parents overseeing a girls get-together – although it must be said that most parents probably wouldn’t encourage their offspring to try on thigh harnesses, lick lube off their fingers or stroke the dildos… They debate whether or not to tweet about their trip to Sh! – of course, we’re all for it!


The crew filming for a Swedish documentary is causing chaos at the shop. Whilst disruptive, this is great exposure (a stampede of Swedes come over to UK for shopping every year) so we’ve agreed for the shop to be featured. It’s an episode about “porn & erotica with a would-be amateur-porn actress” (their words, not ours), which does sound like lots of fun.

40 minutes later and we’re  sorely disappointed; the would-be actress finds sex toys ‘cheesy’ and doesn’t want to be filmed with them, which makes the clip filmed on the shop floor rather dull.

A visit to Sh! should always be fun. Oh well.

A woman comes in, and we start chatting over a cup of tea. She tells us about her new-ish job, and that her boss has asked her to leave three  times so far,  but she refuses on he grounds that pay is too good. This has us in stitches – we didn’t know it was possible to refuse to be sacked!

The Swedish film crew should be filming this woman instead.


The phone rings, we pick up and a male voice states that he ‘needs someone for tonight’. 

We’re not entirely clear on what he expects us to do about it.


One of our favourite customers stops by. She’s a survivor of sexual assault, and comes in for advice every now and again. We talk about the toys we’ve recommended to her, and how much she likes them.  As it turns out, a recent session with one purchase caused her to ejaculate unexpectedly – we tell her this is cause for celebration!

She leaves with a smile.


We love hearing, or in this case, piecing together, stories behind the sex toys we sell. Here’s a tale of a vibrator that came a cropper; of an argument between husband & wife; of a man who turns from sarky to sheepish in just one day…

A fella calls up our store, arguing that he *must* visit this evening, albeit without his lady. Why the urgency? Well, him and his missus have had a *lovely* argument (his words), and she threw her Fun Factory Boss vibrator into the wall, and it broke. He hopes to get back into her good books by buying her a new sex toy.

When he doesn’t turn up, the Sh! team concludes that either she’s cello-taped her vibrator back up, or they are still arguing.

The next day, a guy calls up our store  in a fluster. The story is very similar; he and his wife argued over the weekend and all ended in tears… a vibe was thrown and now he is sheepishly coming to replace it.

Now, either this is the same bloke or women are throwing their vibes with wild abandon. We’ve heard lots of stories of victimised vibes and distressed dildos, of sex toys that don’t survive an argument or relationship breakdown. Not surprising really, that as voices are raised, toys are grabbed –the intimacy intertwined with a sex toy makes it a great weapon for cutting to the heart!

PS: The guy DID make it to our Hoxton store to replace his Mrs’s vibrator. We showed him some Lelo vibrators, which women LOVE and which make fab presents., but he chose a cheaper Fun Factory toy… He says he’s sorry, but not THAT sorry!

Hope to tell you more next week, or maybe see you in the shop?

Have a fantastic weekend,

Team Sh! xx

Sex Shop Diaries; Vulvodynia, Dominatrixs and in-store Domestics

Sex Shop Diaries; Vulvodynia, Dominatrixs and in-store Domestics


A young woman with Vulvodynia comes in. Her sexologist has referred her to Sh!, and we’re able to help her find a couple of suitable products. We want to post a link about Vulvodynia to our Facebook page, but internet is being temperamental so we’ll have to postpone that for nowc…

We find an article about the (non-)importance of penis size by Rachel Kramer Bussel but every time we try to read it, the till screen shuts it down.

We wonder if the powers that be have decided to limit our NSFW viewing, but then of course, pretty much of everything is definitely SFW at Sh!

Or it could be someone has switched on the parental control by mistake.


A professional dominatrix comes in to look at a bull whip we’ve ordered in especially for her. She looks very unassuming in the flesh – you’d never know what she does for a living. We like that. 😉


A couple walks in, and the male is not in the best of moods.

He takes offence to the colourful feather boas displayed along a wall. He calles them ‘PLO-scarves’ – we’re not quite sure what he means, but it’s clear it’s not good. His female partner tries to calm him down (this is how upset he is), but he refuses to listen. He demands to know why we have them in the shop, and we reply truthfully: feather boas are fun and seductive, and many of our customers like to wear them when dancing/stripping/seducing their partners.  He finds this outrageous, and says he’d hate it if anyone danced for him and wore a feather boa. 

The female partner intervenes and leads him over to the suspender belts. He doesn’t like them either; suspender belts are also quite offensive. 

They look at kinky section and she playfully spanks him. He complains to the Store Manager, perfectly serious. Apparently the Manager has provided the means by which his partner has taken liberties with him, without asking him if it’s ok.

At his point, the female has had enough and an argument ensues. She stroms out.

He blames us, and then storms out too.


We can’t win them all.


Lovely Swiss couple comes in. Against our rules, there is some playful  banter and flrting (Bad Team Sh!, very bad!). The couple leave with two bags full of goodies… Seems the flirting paid off!  

On the grapevine, we hear that the Operations Manager will be joining us for drinks this evening. We rush to call her as we need a couple of bits. She doesn’t pick up, so I think she might be with the Financial Director discussing important money stuff. We have no qualms about interrupting, so we call the FD’s number instead, only to find that our colleguae has left already. 

“On no, that’s a shame – we really need some clit clamps for tonight”.

(*For a customer. We promise.)

The FD laughs so hard we think she might be in danger of falling off her chair – whatever it was she expected us to say, it wasn’t that!


A CV comes through. We have to laugh – a guy has applied on his female partner’s behalf (we’re not convinced she’s aware of ‘her’ application, as he points out we must not contact her). He’d like her to work at Sh! so ‘she can wear high heels and leather skirts’.

We hate to burst his bubble, but the Team Sh!  is far more smart-casual when we rock up for work in the morning – think pumps, black jeans and black tops…

Hope to see you here next Friday too!

Team Sh! xx

Sex Shop Diaries; An ‘8 of 10’ Celeb, Senior Scouser and not so coy Lesbians

Sex Shop Diaries; An ‘8 of 10’ Celeb, Senior Scouser and not so coy Lesbians


An A-list female celebrity comes in, looking for ‘something fun’ as she’s been having a tough time after a much-publicised split with her long-term partner. She is very interested in all the products,  and we have a great time looking at the toys together. She’s friendly and chatty, and we are all bowled over by her charm.  The papers have recently mentioned a new love-interest, and we’re not surprised when she refers to her new fella (a well-known TV personality). Mid-conversation she slips in this little gem: “he gave me 8 of 10 for blow job – he says I’m great at sucking cock”!


We get a visit from a lovely Liverpudlian lady in her golden years. She says she’s visited the shop once before, just after it opened. She buys a bagful of thrilling goodies, signs up to our emailing list and promises to come back soon.  It’s wonderful to see that women (and men) of a certain age still have a burning lust for fun sex. 🙂  We hope she doesn’t leave it so long until her next visit! 


A lesbian couple comes in; there’s lots of wet kissing and touching going on. We discreetly leave them to it. Eventually they pick a good selection of sexy products. As they pay for their goodies, they tell us how much they are going to enjoy using them once they get home.

A couple of hours later,  a member of staff gets on public transport and plonks herself down on the nearest available seat. To her horror, she’s picked a seat directly opposite the frisky couple.

Sex shop etiquette dictates that we do not ‘recognise’ customers in public unless they acknowledge us first, in which case it’s fine to say hello. It’s obvious that the couple are uncomfortable with having sex shop staff in such close proximity in a public space, so our girl engrosses herself in a glossy magazine, determined to not make eye contact… Never has a journey across London been so long and slow! 


A young woman with Lichen Sclerosis (‘shrinking’ vagina) comes to see us. It’s her first trip to Sh!, and she’s here on the advice of her nurse.  We sit down with a cup of tea, and she tells us abut this devastating condition. We talk about various products that could be suitable for her, and she eventually purchases a Dilating Kit. This will be useful for keeping her vagina from fully closing. 

We ask her to stay in touch  – we hope we’ll be able to offer more advice and support when she’s a little further down her journey to a fulfilling sex life. 🙂


A local burlesque artist stops by, with her mother in hot pursuit. We always love it when mother & daughter combos visit the shop together. After chatting with them, we find out that the mother used to work in the adult industry, so the four sisters grew up discussing sex around the dining table. The mother shares a hilarious story about the youngest sister, who once asked (loudly, whilst waiting in a queue) if the mother had ever performed a blow job. We almost pee ourselves with laughter!

As you can see, the customers make our days here at Sh! We have so much fun, and we can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us.

Have a fantastic weekend,  and do stop by if you are in the neighbourhood!

Sex Shop Diaries; The Monday Morning Dildo Rush

Sex Shop Diaries; The Monday Morning Dildo Rush


We love Monday mornings – women & couples who’ve had a frustrating or boring weekend stop by to buy a li’l something to ensure their week starts on a more positive, pleasurable beat… and/or with a bang! 😉 

First up: a lady rings our doorbell before we’re even open. She’s on her way to Bristol and wants a Sh! dildo to take along to ensure a lush and loving west country adventure.  Her train departs in an hour, so, of course, we let her in and conduct a speedy tour of the dildo corner – no easy feat, as there’s over 40 different sizes and styles in our silicone dildo range. Best-sellers are pointed out ( always a good starting point for customers overwhelmed by choice) and the fastest dildo-sale in history is made before she harries out, Sh! bag in one hand, ticket in the other, to hot-foot it to the station. We hope she made her train!


A Columbian couple just landed in the UK and their first stop was, of course,  Sh! (We like it when people have got their priorities straight.)

They bought enough sexy stuff to keep themselves busy for their week-long stay; we’re guessing this couple don’t want to waste valuable time standing around outside “Buck House” or Big Ben!


A woman over on business from Kenya is thrilled to find the shop. She stocks up, and is absolutely *delighted* to find the Moon cup.


In the middle of a conversation about the length of our rubber whips, our customer pulls down her top to reveal her bra. Black silk, AA-cup, M&S, she informs us. We weren’t wondering about her undergarments, but feel it would be rude to point this out. Instead we admire her bra and say we could do with new ones too. We all look at her fancy bra until she eventually decides to put it away. Just as well – it’s easier to talk to strangers when they are fully dressed.


A couple comes in.  We find them rather fascinating, because they communicate only by saying ‘hmm’, ‘mmm’ and ‘aah’ in varying tones. A lighter ‘hmm’ is obviously better than a darker ‘aah’. Words are not necessary and we deduce they must have been together for a very long time.

Eventually she tells me (in words) that whilst they have a great time in the bedroom, they would like something ‘fun’. We show them the cock-rings. Lots of ‘aahing’ in lighter tones (they like the idea of those). We show them some vibes. Lots of ‘mmm’ in darker tones. Not those, then (we’re getting the hang of it). We work our way around to anal toys, at which point his humming is off the scale. He clearly likes the idea of some bum-fun!

He starts smacking her bottom. He simply can’t stop himself; there are lots of smacks and lots of ‘mmhmm’. As his arousal mounts, we leave them to it and go stand behind the counter (our safe area). He smacks her towards the remote vibrators and by the positive sounds, we gauge that we’re adding one of those too. 🙂

As he pays, he utters a whole sentence; it’s time to take her home for some fun and games. 

With straight faces,  we nod in agreement. Yep – we think so!

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon,
Team Sh!

Sex Toy Boundaries & Individual Recomendations

The Sh! Girlz

Today has been full of spring fever 🙂

The day so far has been buzzing ( pardon the pun) with plenty of happy customers looking for some sunshine fun. Strap on sales have been really high today and lots of out-of-towners have travelled in to shop with us.

Fab group of ladies pop by to try on corsets. They are fun, giggly and pretty excitable, especially around the vibe table ( it tends get women that way!) They ask one of us if she uses the vibrators on show. This is always a difficult one. Sharing experiences with other women is exactly what we’re about.  This is why we are known as “Team Sh!”; a collective persona which allows us to share without revealing individuality.


There are peeps for whom individual boundaries are a mystery or a challenge; some don’t just step, but positively leap over them. Sharing personal experience can blur boundaries. And then there are the phone calls, not just from guys, which start with us with delivering straightforward advice to the caller’s questions and then the penny drops when they ask “..and which one do you use…” Warning bell. Pervy territory.

The other downside to offering recommendations is what feels good for one women may not be for another. A newbie especially, is often bowled over by the choice of toys which can her feel overwhelmed, a little insecure and, unfortunately, ripe for being “sold” pretty much anything….

But we want our customer to take home a toy that’s right for her, not one that’s right for us. No point in one of us gushingly recommending a g-spot vibe, when the customer is a clit-girl, through and through (even though she may not yet know it 😉 Selling her a £100 vibrator, when she’s never used one and is on a budget is also a no-no. Better she takes home a toy to satisfy her AND her purse and she’s likely to return to us when she’s ready to upgrade…

Suppliers too have been known to over step boundaries; supplying the team with free models in the hope  push more of their toys doesn’t work at Sh! Team Sh! cannot be bought!

The Sh! handbook trains us on boundaries and how to safeguard our own and our customers’ personal space and safety. Probing questions can be just as threatening to customers so we never launch straight in with a “do you want your vibrator for clitoral stimulation??” We’re taught to explain differences and to ask indirect questions which helps the customers choose the right toy without ever feeling quizzed.

So, to the giggly group of ladies, we reply “Oooo we’ve tried quite a few!” along with a cheeky wink. This opens up the discussion – and the vibe table –  to much exploration of pleasurable experiences, rather than restricting choice to the individual preferences of one member of the team.

Later they all skip downstairs ( another thing we’ve noticed – a visit to Sh! often does that to a lady’s step!)

The shop is suddenly filled with squealing – they have discovered the nipple pumps and are all giving them a go…