Sex Shop Diaries – The Week Coming up to Valentine’s Day

The first two weeks of February are even more exciting at Sh! than usual. We admire new products, mould dildos with red hearts, order pretty lingerie and the shop, unsurprisingly, is full of activities.


To my surprise, 2 elderly nuns step into the shop. I almost schoo them out – I don’t know how familiar nuns are with pleasure products, and it feels improper that I should be the one to teach them..! They quickly get over their surprise, say it’s a ‘very colourful shop’ and then toddle back out, smiling.



tenga egg lovers editionI spend the afternoon writing about Tenga eggs – masturbation toys for men, basically. Not your usual type of masturbators, mind… There’s no pretend lady-lips (of either the upstairs of downstairs variety) just a fun egg, textured on the inside, for him top slip into and slide up and down…

I manage to seduce myself with my descriptive writing, and end up wishing I had the equipment required to enjoy them. If I was a man, I would have a whole row of Tenga toys and then just use them one by one.



Class days are always exciting, especially the Blow His Mind oral sex workshop that I’m  happy to say is one of the most popular, complete with specially made Sh! dildos and lots of flavoured lube! The group of ladies arriving are very excited and keen to learn – glass of bubbly in hand we start with studying hot spots Bob, the anatomically correct dildo and piece de resistance, before moving on to lubes, chocolate body paint and normal size dildos for the practical part.

No doubt their fellas are in for a Valentine’s treat!



Bubbly & CakeThe absolute highlight of the week was our pre-Valentine erotica reading in the shop, with fabulous writers Zak Jane Keir, Kristina Lloyd, K D Grace, Elizabeth Coldwell and Elena Hexthorne. It was a fantastic full house evening, the pink bubbly was free flowing, the cupcakes lovely as usual. The reading took an unexpected, wonderful turn when one of the guests’ husband started to translate all stories to sign language – and we begun to think that he has to be a fixture for all future reading, it was so sweet, thoughtful and funny.

Huge thanks to all the writers who contributed and everyone in the audience for coming as well – if you didn’t have a chance to come by, do click on the link above and read the tasters. You may find a great bedtime story for Valentine’s Day.



A new book has arrived – How to Talk Dirty- and I toy with the idea of doing a how-to-talk-dirty class. That would be fun and empowering.Thinking about classes, I email the supplier who sent me lollipops to use for the Blow His Mind workshop. The lollipops were absolutely huge – we couldn’t get our lips around them…which mostly defeats the purpose.
She replies immediately, promising to look into the possibility of having smaller ones made – so our classes may become even sweeter soon!


We hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s weekend! (Oh, and we are open as usual, just in case you need a last minute little something for your boo or yourself.)


Team Sh! xxValentine's at Sh!

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