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The Sexual Life of Catherine M

Sexual Life of Catherine M The Sexual Life of Catherine M

The Sexual Life of Catherine M was an immediate best-seller when it was first published in France in 2001. It's a classic erotic novel; a woman's account of her sexual adventures in Paris, recounted with no guilt or regret, 'The Sexual Life of Catherine M' is unique in erotic writing for it's honesty and insight. The writer uses her knowledge of modern art to question and reflect on her sexual experiences, and writes about sex frankly and with a deep awareness of her own desires and those of the men she encounters. 'The Sexual Life of Catherine M' is a fascinating work of erotica, similar to The Story of O and Anais Nin's Delta of Venus. Worth reading as an intellectual work, or as a hot erotic book - it's got levels of both.



Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women's Sexual Fantasies

Garden of Desires £7.99 Garden of Desires £7.99

Following on from Nancy Friday's multi-million selling collection of  real-life fantasies in 1973, Emily Dubberly has curated a classic for the modern era. Exploring desire and changing perceptions of female fantasies, Garden of Desires is completely original. Having spoken to hundreds of women about their innermost sexual fantasies, Dubberly has created an honest account of modern sexual fantasies. Read, dream and enjoy your own private thoughts and fantasies...






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