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Quick Sex Tips

Long-term lovers naturally get into a groove. Sex calms down after “new couple” fever and life takes over. Add children, mortgages and the weekly shop into the mix and it’s easy to get into a sexual rut.

Anything that is habitual will loose its thrill, so the way to spice things up is to break the routine. If you always get jiggy in the missionary position on a Friday night, then ravish your lover on a Tuesday morning in the en-suite. Send a sex-text. Introduce a sex toy. Have a massage date. Approach spicing-up as a fun and playful thing to do, not as a comment on the state of your sex life, as pressure to perform can be a libido-killer.

Keeping it light and surprising will ensure it will be spicy and hot - here are a whole heap of our best quick & fun sex tips for you to try out:

Sex Tips - Buzzing Pants!

Some chain store panties have gussets which aren't sewn in at both ends, creating a very handy pocket in which to tuck a bullet vibe for hands-free buzzy delight!


Sex Tips - Hot Lips!

Waking up your lover with a hot (not too hot!) mouthful of tea - warm liquid over freshly woken genitals will set anyone up for the day!


Sex Tip - Other Hand!

Masturbate with your other hand - it'll feel like someone else!


Sex Tip - Clit-o'Clock!

If the clitoris were a clock face, many women's top pleasure time would be ten-to-two!


Sex Tip - Grapes!

Try popping grapes into your mouth when giving head - two if the recipient is male, one if female!


Sex Tip - Cheap Bondage!

Cling film makes a cheap and great bondage material.


Sex Tip- Feel the Fizz!

The fizzing of sherbet or champagne in your mouth whilst you explore your lovers body can feel oh-so-very-good...


Sex Tip -  Lucky Dip!

Discover sizzling scenarios that you'd normally feel too shy or embarrassed to try. On slips of paper, write out a few fantasy roles or specific sexual activities that turn you on and put them in a bag. Your lover gets to do the same. Take turns to pick from the bag and do as the lucky dip're allowed only one refusal!


Sex Tip - Minty Fresh!

Go down on your lover with a smooth mint rolling around in your mouth then roll it up and down and around their sensitive bits - it will feel cool and VERY hot!


Sex Tip - Ice Cream Licks!

Rather than quick flicks or tongue twirls, try applying long soft licks; just imagine you are slowly licking an ice cream (and if you lick too hard, it will slide off its cone and down your jumper!). These long slow licks feel delicious anywhere so don't just limit it to oral sex but lick up arms, down thighs and remember - the armpits, often overlooked are an erogenous zone.


Sex Tip - Porno Show!

Perform in your very own porno with  just one or two props - a vanity mirror and a torch!


Sex Tip - Make Bread!

Massage buttocks as if you're deep kneading dough - not only does this feel swooningly good, it also helps relieve tension and helps break down cellulite!

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